Shopping For Misunderstandings


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Scene Title Shopping for Misunderstandings
Synopsis Wealthy socialite Lori Levonian drops in on Kameron to do a good deed. The shopping trip she suggests takes a sour turn due to misunderstanding.
Date January 17, 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the* monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. -There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

Not long after having a pleasant lunch with some new people met at the market, Kameron returned home with Prince. She got headaches every now and again, mostly when she was trying to use her eyesight like normal. She was going to need to get a few more bottles. Heck, someone might think she was addicted to the nasty stuff since she bought three and four bottles at a time most of the time. Well that was neither here nor there. Prince was curled up on the dog bed napping contentedly, while Kameron was in the kitchen, putting away a few things - like the package of pork - in the refrigerator. It was one of those kinds of days that made you want to curl up on the couch with a pint of ice cream. Mm.

And then there's a buzzing at the bell as Lori arrives at Kameron's place. It's all that she can do thus far; these places get secured.

That's strange. Kameron wasn't expecting anyone - didn't really know too many people. "Bell bell, where's the bell," she mutters, bumping the refrigerator door shut with her hip and snagging her sunglasses to put them on. There's not much lighting in the apartment, and that's exactly the way she liked it. But guests will expect lights, so as she crosses the living room to the door, she flicks the light switch up. Prince is already on his feet and barking at the bell's buzzing. She waves a hand to hush him and he strots back to his bed, flopping down with a sigh, an alert eye following her progress.
One finger depresses the intercom, "Who is it?" .. she'll probably need Lori to repeat herself, because the first time is just too unreal to be believed. But! She'll quickly buzz Lori in and give her the apartment number, since it's rude to leave a guest out there waiting; especially one of Lori's status.

Well, it's the same voice, at the very least. "Hi, Kameron? It's Lori. Can I come up?" Once buzzed in, she heads in, dressed similarly to the other day to fight the winter chill. She goes in to Kameron's apartment, knocking at the door if it's not open.

Even when Lori says her name, and Kameron identifies it as the same (or a VERY good impressionist), Kameron spares a brief thought for wondering if the apartment is being mobbed by paparazzi because of her new friend's visit. Huh. She quickly opens the door, listening for the telltale footsteps that indicate Lori's approach, "Lori - I didn't expect to get a visit from you today. Please, come in - I'm sorry, the place is a bit of a mess," … it actually isn't. There's barely anything in the apartment to MAKE a mess.
Prince gives a friendly, short 'wuff' from where he's sprawled on the dog bed, tail thumping exactly twice. The only thing that could possibly qualify as mess, would be a few couch pillows that had been knocked off of couch, when Kameron forgot where she pushed it last time and tripped over it. At least no one saw that though. "Can I get you something?" Once Lori is inside, she pushes the door shut again.

Indeed, there's some paparazzi out there. But she took HER car today, not the limo, so there's not AS MANY. She goes inside, and looks around at the place, and smiles to Prince. "Hey boy! How's it going?" She'll pet him if he comes close. She looks back to Kameron. "Actually, I was hoping I could get you something. It just seemed totally unfair that you were here in the city and didn't have work, and had to deal with the cold and the snow, and all that stuff for just a sandwich." She leaves off the "that it looks like you could barely afford" part.

Prince does indeed get up to sniff at Lori and receive pettings, "Me?" Kameron turns with a puzzled look, "…That's extremely nice of you Lori, but you don't have to go so far - I mean, it's tough for everyone in the city nowadays.. and there are people who are a LOT worse off than I am. I at least have shelter, you know?" Plus she wouldn't know where to even begin. "I do plan on getting something maybe more stable, but there's not a lot of call for someone who can't really see. I'll figure something out; I do appreciate the offer though. I mean, you hardly even know me and here you're offering to help.
.. not to mention she feels kind of guilty accepting things from other people, when there -were- people worse off than her, and she need only ask her parents for money if she really needed it. "I have a few ideas that I haven't followed through on yet.."

Lori looks a little stricken. "But…" She's not used to being told no. Plus she's trying to do something nice! "Shopping!" She says as if that explains everything. "We can go out and get you some stuff. There's no harm in that!"

Awww, Kameron would feel like an absolute heel if she saw the look on the socialite's face. It's bad enough hearing that tone in her voice, and she's absolutely floored when Lori gives her suggestion. "S.. Shopping? Um.." Well she really -was- trying to do something nice, Kameron couldn't say no to that, right? Especially in a city where most everyone was out for themselves. "I guess not.." She can't argue with that. There -was- no harm in shopping. "Sure," a smile follows, "Okay, but I don't really need much."

Lori pffts. "Clothes aren't for needing. They're for wanting. And we might as well get you some groceries while we're out." She takes a few steps closer, to grab for Kameron's hand. "C'mon!" she says, good mood returned.

"For .. wanting?" This is as foreign a concept to Kammy as 'No you can't' probably is to Lori. Even though she came from money, her parents were often strict enough financially that she had to have a good reason for wanting or needing something before they would get it for her, and when she was old enough to have her own money, that trait stuck with her. "O-oh, okay," she waves a free hand for Prince to stay behind as Lori seizes her hand, moving to fall in step after the other woman.

Lori will tug Kameron along in her wake. "Yes, for wanting. We'll pick you up a few outfits." She'll play fashion consultant! And Kameron will probably learn Lori doesn't know the definition of "a few". "I wish I knew someone who was hiring musicians. What do you play?"

My my my! Well she has to admit, it did sound like fun; shopping with another girl was one of those experiences she never had. Mom's don't count. "All right, if it's a few," She's going to need a car just to transport her new clothing isn't she? "I play violin," Kameron answers - Lori may have noticed a case and a violin stand in the corner, not far from the window. "And a little bit of the piano, but I haven't played in years."

Probably. But Lori will make sure it gets delivered. "Oh! Like classical music." As if that wasn't what she'd thought of at all. "What about like, the orchestras and things like that?"

"Well.. yeah, kind of." Kameron answers, thoughtful. She hadn't thought about playing jazz or anything else on the violin. "Well ..I thought about the Philharmonic or something, but I don't have the kind of credentials that would let them accept me. I'm pretty sure their violinists at least went to music school, and all I had was a few years of tutoring." Granted she caught on to it rather quickly and would do well if she'd gone to school, but the fates didn't throw that card to her. "I was actually thinking about going to one of those ritzy restaurants and hotels - you know, the ones that have musicians playing in the lobby? I'm good enough for that at least. If nothing else, I might be able to work as a waitress or something." A blind waitress. Yeaah. Well why not? There are blind barbers!

AH! This is suddenly a problem that she can solve. She moves to open the door for Kameron. "Hop on in." And she's heading around to get in the driver's seat, and take out her cell phone.

She hears the click of the car door being opened, and unhesitatingly puts a hand on said door, easing her way in, feeling around with her free hand for the dimensions of the seat so she doesn't slide off or misjudge. Once settled, she pulls the door shut again and hunts for the seatbelt. Safety first! "So where are we going, exactly..?"

Lori looks thoughtful. "Groceries first." She says. See! She can have priorities. But she sets her phone to hands-free, and dials. The sound of ringing fills the air.

Kameron nods, scratching off anything that might spoil or melt - it would seem a little silly to go to get the groceries, come back to the apartment, then go out again, and it's not like Lori has a cooler in the back of her car. right? There's a puzzled expression on her face, even as she clicks the seatbelt in place and pulls her hair over her shoulder so it doesn't get caught. "Are you calling someone..?"

Lori nods…forgetting of course that Kam can't see that. She pulls out into traffic. "Ryan? It's Lori. Hey, I need a favor." "Sure, what can I do for you, hon?" "I have a friend, she's a violinist, and she needs to find something good. Poke around with some of the orchestras around New York, maybe some of the theater companies, and see about getting an audition, kay?"

The lack of a response almost has Kameron worried, until she hears Lori speaking again. "Wha -" It would be a cruel joke if she didn't think Lori was seriously on the phone with someone, trying to get hre an audition, "A-ah, Lori you don't have to do that..!" She's flustered and flattered- and part of her wonders, she may not be good enough for the companies in New York. Still she should at least try when people were going out of their way to help her. She still felt guilty though.

The voice on the other end replies "I—sure, Lori. Can you get me information, so I have something to work with?" "Totally. We're going shopping first, though. But I'll get something over to you by the end of the day. Okay, love ya, bye!" And she hangs up. "It's no problem!"

… she.. Kameron falls silent a moment in disbelief, "I.. I can't believe you did that. I've been trying to talk with the local theatre companies for weeks before I gave up - they wouldn't even talk to me." Man. And to think she gave UP the chance to have all the money she could possibly want or need. Come to think.. Lori is a bit like how she might have turned out if her parents had been more free with what she could and couldn't have, or if they'd never said no.
Now Kam really hopes that she makes it at the theatre, or she'll feel like she let someone else down. "… thank you, Lori."

Lori smiles. "It's no problem, really! We'll get you a really adorable, fashionable outfit to wear for your rehearsal, too." She drives on with Kameron. "And I can come over that morning and do your makeup." Cause she figures that Kameron can't do the makeup thing.

To think, Kameron would have been perfectly happy playing in a hotel or restaurant. Of course, there was the fact that even if she did get accepted by a theatre, she may not be needed all the time, not to mention other factors, so it would be nice to have something as a backup. Giggling faintly, Kameron nods, "O-okay, that sounds fair." She's thoughtful for a moment, "I don't think there's -too- much I need from the grocery store." It's an idle musing comment - admittedly most of her attention is focused on wondering what kind of clothes she's going to end up wearing.

Lori nods. "Oh, no problem. I just want to stock you up some, so you don't need to go trudging through the snow for a little. What do you like to eat?"

Kameron hrms. "Anything Italian. Pizza, pasta, that sort of thing. Chickenny meat by products too, but I'm already stocked up on those." She's silent again, considering, "I guess.. Oatmeal as well, for breakfast," very plebian palate, she has. "I usually call out when I'm not cooking," which is an adventure in and of itself.

And she suddenly looks stricken. "Oh my god!" She hadn't thought of that. She's not good on this blind thing! "Can you still cook? I mean, with your eyes?" If she weren't so clueless, it might be offensive.

Kameron tenses when she hears the sudden cry. And the following question gets a long silence that might be mistaken for offense. Truthfully, Kameron's trying not to laugh, amused that it took her -this long- to realize the potential problem a blind person might have with cooking. "Uh," Kameron clears her throat, "Y-yeah, I mean, so long as I know where things are I can make simple things." Until she got adventurous. Of course, being able to take five second glances at her surroundings helped quite a bit. "I mean I can do pretty much the same things a normal person can- just in a different way." Pregnant pause. "Except drive." Among other things, but driving would be the most obvious.

Lori feels awful. "Oh, god, I'm such an idiot. Never mind the grocery thing. I…" She'll have to figure some other way to get food to Kameron's house. "Let's just get you some cool new outfits." Her voice is a little tight now. She's mad, at herself.

Kameron feels guilty for making Lori feel awful! "Ah, I'm sorry, really," Kammy shifts uneasily, "Don't feel embarassed or anything. I mean, the fact that you forgot I couldn't see is a compliment! The last thing I want is for people to treat me differently because I can't see," most of the time.

Lori's actually a little teary, and thus, glad that Kameron CAN'T see her at the moment. "I'm sorry, I just haven't had a blind friend before." Lori wears her emotions on her sleeve, and right now they're showing.

Kameron shakes her head, "Don't be sorry, Lori, it's okay, really!" Stupid ability. "Well, you have a blind friend now," she reminds, even though it was just -weird- to call herself a friend to Lori. They were in vastly different circles! But the other woman was genuinely sweet (if a little clueless; not that Kammy's a lot better in that regard). "Don't be upset, you haven't offended me or anything. I'm glad you treat me normally, to be honest. Back home," Kameron sighs, "All I wanted was to be treated normally, and all I got was people treating me like I couldn't do anything for myself." It was extremely frustrating.

Lori looks back to Kameron, and sniffles once, wiping carefully at the corner of her eye and trying not to smudge her makeup. She's quiet as she drives, trying to get down to Saks and do some decent shopping.

Oh gosh, she really was crying. Um. Um. Maybe a change of subject will cheer her up. And the one subject that Kameron is going to take a stab at at cheering the girl up? Shopping! "So we're going to get some things for you too, right? I mean, it wouldn't be fair to just buy outfits for me. I'll feel greedy."

Lori says "I might buy some things if I see something." Yeah. Might, as in the sun might come up tomorrow. She pulls up to a stop at the valet parking. "Prince isn't here…do you…need to hang onto my arm, or?…" Cause she hasn't seen Kameron use a cane.

It's something that Kameron hadn't considered, since she normally does have Prince with her - she'd thought that they' stop off at a small, two dollar store or something. She realizes now that that was a stupid, stupid idea. "Do you see any long sticks around? I can use that as a cane temporarily," she mentions, again figuring they pulled up to a corner with a sidewalk, and not valet. "Otherwise I'll probably need to hold onto your arm, yeah.." Why, why, /why/ did she leave Prince behind? And why, why, WHY did she not bring a cane with her when she came to New York?

Lori looks thoughtful. "Or we could get you one of the little scooter carts." Which will not help her SEE at all. But once again, yes, she really is that clueless.

"Scooter carts?" Er.. .. .. .. that's such a bad idea, but the poor thing was trying! "Those things that are like bikes? I think?" She admits, she'd never seen one before even -before- she lost her sight. "Nah, I think that might be more trouble than its worth. Besides, I'll at least be able to get a lot of exercise, walking around." She could get an umbrella - one of the long ones at least.

Lori smiles. "Well, it's okay. I can keep hold of your arm. It's fine! It's like being sisterly!" She gets out, and heads around to Kameron's door. "Okay, come on!"

Kameron pushes open her door and starts to get out - only to jerk back because she forgot to unbuckle the belt. Dur. She feels around, unlatches that and -then- climbs out, her hand resting on the door for balance until she finds Lori's arm. "All right then. Funny, I've never had a sister," she muses to the comment, "Which store did we end up going to anyway?"

Lori answers that smoothly enough. "Saks Fifth Avenue. I figured it was a good place to start!" She reaches over, and takes Kameron's arm, so she can twine arms with her. "Let's go shop!"

"Saks?" Disbelief, though -why- she'd be shocked at this point, considering Lori's generosity thus far. "Isn't that place really expensive?" Her hesitence is dismissed when Lori links arms with her, and she grins, at least pleased that the other girl didn't seem upset anymore, "All right! Shirts and jeans, here we come." … riiiight.

Yeah. Riiiight is right. They're in Lori's world now. She starts looking through. Lots of dresses, a few blouses and slacks combos. Most of them are on the flashy end. Not necessarily trashy, but…attention-grabbing. It's punctuated by lots of "Ooh! This would look so good on you!" And she's rapidly accumulating things. "Okay! Let's go have you try on!"

Oh dear god, Kameron would have so many reasons to be terrified of the pile Lori is accumulating. She doesn't have anything even close to flashy or attention-grabbing in her closets. Most of what she did have were fairly conservative, "How much did you get?" Kameron laughs, turning to reach a hand out and feel for the pile of gathered clothing.

That's a lot of clothes. Lori's reply? "This is the first batch. We'll hit lingerie and shoes separately." She looks down at Kameron's feet appraisingly. "What size are you?" Hmm…fashionista awaiting the muse.

Lingerie? Kameron blushes faintly, "Ah, w-we don't have to get lingerie. Really. I'm good." There's a short pause while she waits for a bit more information from Lori, and when the girl doesn't specify what size 'what', Kameron fidgets. She really doesn't want to upset the girl by asking, so she coughs slightly, "What size…?"

An emphatic nod. Which, yes, again, she completely forgets Kameron can't see. "Yes, what size!" She repeats the question, as if it should be obvious. She's looking at your feet, duh!

Should she discreetly remind her new friend ..she.. can't see? Again? Nah, she'll do one better. "O-oh! Right, of course, well, .." And she gives Lori her sizes for her shirts, pants *And* shoes, which will be glossed over in pose, just because. That way, well, Lori'll have all the information she needs - except for lingerie, which Kameron isn't going to give anyway.

That's when the light finally dawns. She looks up at Kameron, wondering why she gave her more than her shoe size…and then sees the glasses. Good one, Lori. She starts separating the pieces into ensembles. "Go try!"

It occurs to her that she should probably have given her dress size as well - but they didn't get any dresses as far as she knew. "Okay," …which way was the dressing room? She gathers up a handful of outfits, turning so her back is to Lori, then dips her head just slightly, opening her eyes and taking a quick glance ahead of her. To the… left. She closes her eyes again, quickly, "This way?"she points in an approximate direction, and marches off.
She fortunately manages to pick a dressing room not already in use simply by knocking, puttering on inside a moment later. Man how embarassing would it be if she'd gone in when another person was in it already?

OOOOH yes they did. Some of them probably a little racy for Kameron. But nothing without style. Meanwhile, Lori lingers by the door. "Just open the door when you have each on, and I'll take a look." She suggests.

Goodness, it's probably a good thing she -can't- look in mirrors. Oh dear. "Okay," Kameron calls from within the dressing room, trying on the first outfit. Fortunately she's used to dressing herself without having to see what she's doing - there's a brief pause to check that the tags are in the -back- of course, but other than that, she's not having any trouble. The door swings open cautiously for Lori a few minutes later, "What do you think?" Kameron asks, giving the expected turn around in barefeet. She trusts Lori's sense of style, for the most part, even though she's getting a feel of what the outfit might look like by running her hands over the material. Ooo, soft.

Lori smiles. "That one looks good." The next while might as well be a montage. Lori approves of certain outfits, once she sees how they look on Kameron's frame and coloration, denies others, which end up not looking so good on her once they're actually on her, and in general, ends up selecting almost twenty new ensembles for Kameron. She smiles. "Now you need shoes!" She looks over to the clerk, and flags her over. There's quiet conversation as she gives over Kameron's address so the purchases can be delivered.

"Shoes, right, okay." Frankly her head is spinning over the approval and denial of certain outfits, and how quickly everything was happening. "What about your outfits? You haven't tried on anything yet -" Pause. "…. have you?"

Lori shakes her head. "Well, no." she admits. "But this is your day! And I'll get some shoes." Cause she's a shoe addict. Clothing selected…and yes, there is one nice black-and-dove-grey blouse and skirt combo in there for her audition…Lori moves to grab Kameron's hand again and drag her off willy nilly to the shoe department. Here's for dropping the big change.

She almost wonders just how many pairs of shoes a girl could possibly need. There is no answer to that question. Instead, she hustles along after Lori as she's dragged off to the next department, "But what about the clothes?" She missed that brief exchange between Lori and the salesperson arranging delivery.

Lori smiles. "It's handled! They're gonna deliver them! Okay…you sit here." She moves to guide Kameron into a seat, and then heads for the Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks. Why yes, her picks are all heels. Why do you ask? Doesn't everyone wear them?

Well.. most everyone probably does! BUT she hasn't worn high heels for yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaars. "Oh! That's convenient; when are they going to deliver them, later today? Tomorrow morning?" As guided, she cautiously feels for the seat first, and then sits down when she has a better idea where it is. Of course she FULLY expects that Lori will pick out something with a low heel, or sneakers. Her bubble is doomed to burst.

Sure enough. "I told them to bring them by tomorrow morning. I don't want to rush you today, or anything like that." The socialite looks at Kameron, and then takes off Kam's current shoes, before applying the first pair of cute, strappy heels.

Kameron leans forward against her knees, nodding, "Okay, thanks." … …wait, those shoes …feel very much -not- like proper, conservative shoes. She waits until Lori is finish putting the shoes on her feet, wiggling her feet experimentally. "O-oh, these are.." Not good. Just from feeling them she actually kinda likes the style, but she knows high heels are not a good choice to wear for her. Hrm. "These are … really cute..!"

They are decidedly not conservative. They're not stripper heels or anything; just expensive, high heels. "They are! They look really good on you! Ooh, we should get you a mani-pedi too."

You say, "A..mani pedi? No no, I'm horribly ticklish, and I'd ruin my nails when I play the violin anyway." Probably. She runs her hands over the heels again. Uh. Huh. She'd probably save herself a LOT of trouble and pain in the future if she just said 'no, I need low heels or sneakers', but she can just imagine how that will go over."

Lori says "You won't ruin your toes by playing violin, silly. Besides, you want everything to match up, for the makeup. Oh, that reminds me, let's see what we have to work with." She'll reach up and move to take off the glasses.

Ohgod, the glasses. She forgot about that. "Oh well, yeah, I h-!" She jerks in surprise when she feels Lori's hand reaching for the glasses, a hand jerking up to keep them on, "A!~ About that - I mean, I can actually put the makeup on myself - I, I don't use much. I, can go by touch -" She keeps a hand on her glasses, blushing sheepishly, "Sorry, I just.. have a thing about people touching my face…" It would end rather unpleasantly, that whole thing. "If I have the same colors for the makeup though, then there won't be a problem.. right?"

Lori, of course, isn't going to give up that easily. "Oh, come on, you can't wear those at your rehearsal! You look like I do when I'm trying to duck the paparazzi. C'mon, let me see what I have to work with."

She's going to feel like an absolute -SHREW-, but she's already cooperated with Lori on a number of things she doesn't normally. "Why not?" she sputters, "I-I mean it's just going to be a - who's going to be paying attention to my face? It's an audition judging my ability to play." She shakes her head, "Really, I'd much rather keep the shades on," she must be ashamed of her own blindness. How sad! "I don't like people touching my face anyway," she adds, a bit meekly.

Lori sounds disappointed. "But it's just makeup. And it's for your audition! That's special!" She tries to persuade. "You're a performer; people will be looking at your face.""

Kameron smiles weakly, "I'm really sorry, but.." She shakes her head, keeping a hand up to ward away any further attempts at touching her face or removing the glasses. "Really I'll handle the makeup myself, okay?" Kam doesn't sound like she's going to budge on this one though.

Lori's shoulders slump. Really, it's a little like kicking a puppy. "Oh, okay." She manages awkwardly. There's a decently long silence for a moment; she's derailed. "So…I've got some good picks here, and you were right on with the size; I'll add 'em to the delivery."

… god she feels like she really DID kick a puppy. She's a monster! "S..sorry," Kameron fidgets awkwardly at the pregnant pause. What a terrible friend she was. Sniffle. "Oh! O-kay that's, that's great! I can hardly wait." She is being honest on this as well - the prospect of new clothing and new shoes is surprisingly exciting. She wants to show it off!

Lori's bubble seems popped, though. She stands. "C'mon, we should get you home; you've got a lot of stuff to be ready to pick up." She's bad at hiding her emotions; it's forced cheeriness and it sounds like it.

She feels like an absolute heel. The worst person in the world possible. She's worse than a person than eats babies. "… okay." Kameron answers, a bit less perky for her troubled concern. If this is how Lori behaves when someone tells her no, it's no wonder everyone says yes! She slides her own shoes back on, getting to her feet, a hand automatically reaching for Lori's arm. It'd really suck if the poor dear had started walking already.

Lori hasn't left Kameron behind. But yes, someone's dolly has been busted. She heads with Kameron back out to the valet parking, waiting for someone to bring her car around.

It's going to be an awkward. Awkward. AWKWARD drive home. And probably a quiet one to boot, unless Kameron can think of something to break the silence. Or unless Lori decides to forgive her for..for what? Kameron didn't think she had anything to apologize for, but she sure -felt- like she did. Standing silently beside the girl,
Kameron shifts her weight while they wait, her mouth opening and shutting a few times in an attempt to say SOMETHING. She fails her conversation roll, several times.
It is, indeed, on the awkward side so far. Lori doesn't know where to go back at the conversation, and when the car arrives, she unlocks the door, letting Kameron get in, as she comes around to get in the driver's seat. She starts off to get to Kameron's place, driving the city streets.

As far as Kameron is concerned, this probably has ruined her chances at the audition too, nevermind the girl coming over in the future. "Um —" Anothr botched conversation roll. Lord, her social skills are sucking tonight. Maybe if she brought up a conversation not related to shopping? Politics? — admittedly Kammy hasn't been following that too closely, though there was some buzz around the apartments. Each topic she starts to discuss is dismissed again, as being inappropriate. Of course there is an EASY fix to the situation - all she'd have to do is tell Lori that she was one of the Evolved and what her problem was with her eyes — but she couldn't do that. "Well.." She still has to be polite, "Lori, really -you didn't have to do all you did today, so .. I .. uh.. just …want to thank you for that. And say I'm sorry for..earlier." She doesn't know how long it'll take to get to the apartment, but driving in awkward silence was really….. …. uncomfortable.

What's worse is that it is patently obvious to Lori that there's something Kameron isn't telling her. "It's okay. It'll give you a few more choices for outfits, and something nice for your audition." She reaches Kameron's apartment, pulling up outside.

So the audition was still on? Kameron sighs with relief - she had been worried for a moment there that Lori would cancel it out of spite. When the car comes to a stop, Kameron smiles, "Right. That'll be good." Because every girl needs more outfits - though she mentally reminds herself to try and practice walking in high heels or she'd wind up tripping down the steps and breaking her leg. Or worse. Also, she had to get a cane. Honestly that sort of thing she should have already had - she might still, if it was in one of the boxes she left packed. But when it's okay to, she pushes the door open, knowing the route to her apartment door by heart by now. "I'll let you know how the auditon goes." It's a promise.

Except that Lori really doesn't have a spiteful bone in her body. She looks at Kameron. "Sure." she says, still on the taciturn side. The only way she's able to interpret it is that Kameron's decided she doesn't want to be friends. Since she's not telling her something obvious. She waits for Kameron to be clear, and says "talk to you later."

Ah, misunderstandings. Lori thinks Kam doesn't want to be friends, and Kameron, only able to judge by Lori's voice, interprets it as the girl still being angry. "Y-yeah, of course." Kameron smiles earnestly, "Get home safely, all right?" She takes a step backwards, uneasy.

And with that, Lori shuts the door, with no further word, and drives off, once more into the city.

January 17th: The Least Likely Thing To Say
January 17th: How to Break a Hero in One Easy Step
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