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Scene Title Shotguns
Synopsis Lexi and Seamus scout out places to do dirty dealings and discuss the shop's new employee and some of the past they're supposed to be pretending doesn't exist.
Date November 29, 2010

Hunter's Point Ruins

Seamus grunts as his foothold crumbles out from under him, and his hand grasps at thin air, just barely missing the piece of rebar above his head. His body swings out into open space, holding on by one foot and one hand, eyes on that concrete floor one story below. Gulp!

With a grunt, Seamus catches his foot on a hold again, and he pulls himself back towards the wall, catching his breath. "Whew! That gets th' blood pumpin'!" he calls out with a laugh, before hauling himself up, finally reaching the second story. "Nnnnngh, ah! Woo! What a view! Y'should see this, Lexi!"

Lexington, standing with two feet on the concrete below, looking up toward him with an eyebrow lifted. "Maybe if ya build me some stairs," she calls back up, her hands going to her hips. "At least we know it isn't easy t'get someone up there…" In the event someone wants to spy or sabotage.

Seamus snorts at her remark, and glances over the edge as the woman down below, standing amidst the rubble and litter of many campers and squatters. "If y'did as much work with your hands as you did with your jaw, y'could build your own stairs. Check f'r any more entrance or exits?" Aside from the two huge holes in the walls of this spacious room, on the north and west walls. Seamus leans over the window ledge, looking down and around, scanning the landscape. And he smiles, "Good spot, here!" he calls over the whistles of the winter wind through the cracks in the cement building, "Got few other good vantage points, lots of view from the second floor, but hard as hell to get up here. 'F we give 'em directions at the last minute, we'll be able to set up here, and have them not knowing about it til then."

"I like t'keep my hands soft, though," Lexi says back, as if her hands aren't already rough and callused from years of hard work. She does take a moment to look around for other exits, but comes back to that spot to call back up to him. "There's a few others off to the south, but they'd have t'be childsized t'use 'em." There's a nod or two before she calls up again. "I hired someone t'help work the shop. Just so ya don't pull a gun on her thinkin' she's a burglar. And I hate t'say it, but ya can't date her. I say so now, b'cause I think ya might hit me f'r sayin' so when ya meet her." Because it's no lie, Lucille Ryans is pretty. "But I don't want office drama."

"Yeah yeah yeah. Look, if y've got a tea party an' sewing circle y' need t' get to, y'can let a man do the real work around here," Seamus calls with a snort. Let's hope she doesn't take him up on it. She's got the keys. He begins to poke around the upper floor, kicking at walls and leaning through holes, making many satisfied noises. "What? Y'hired someone?" Leaning over the ledge again to peer down at Lexi, her "brother" looks quite put out. "Honestly? I haven't even met th' girl an' you're already cockblockin' me? Harsh, Lexi-lady. Real harsh. Whatcha gonna do to make it up to me, huh?"

"Sewing circle and terrorist society," Lexington says with a sweeping bow. "Yeah, after friday, I'm pretty sure we two aren't enough. She came in and needed a job. Her sister's in trouble and she's in a bit of trouble herself I knew I made the right choice when she mentioned she'd need t'get paid under the table." She smirks as he goes on, though. "And yes, I am. She's got enough troubles, see? And you're nothin' but a bundle've it yourself. And I'll make it up t'ya by not leavin' ya stranded here."

"In trouble, y'say?" Could she have said anything more enticing? Seamus picks up a rock, and turns to chuck it sidearm out the open window of the building, watching it curve sideways in the wind. "Now, we're just as good as gettin' people out of trouble as puttin' 'em in. Being in on her pillow talk could be very helpful…"

"Yeah. Her sister's missin'." And how could she not take in someone with that kind of trouble. "So, she might need to disappear sometimes. Especially if whoe'er 'disappeared' her sister's comin' f'r her next. I figure, what better place than with two people who know how t'hide." And it's true, if there's one thing they're practiced at, it's hiding from unwanted attention. "And if ya fuck her up, Seamus, I'm takin' a shotgun t'your balls, I'm not kiddin'."

Seamus's smirking smile fades at the mention of someone missing a sister, and he looks downright sympathetic. "Fuckin' ouch. Rough. Any idea where she is? An' hey, 'course. 'Long as she's not hidin' out in the basement, we can offer her our closet upstairs if she ever needs it. That is, if you think she's the trustworthy sort?" Seamus raises his eyebrow, looking down to the redhead, trusting her judgment on that. Her threat just gets a loud laugh out of him, as he hunts for another good throwing rock. "Y'know…I remember gettin' th' exact same song an' dance from your Da. And I think I treated y' right, eh?"

"Me? Nope. And I suspect she's tryin' t'take care've it. Maybe when she trusts us more, she'll ask for help. But until then, we'll just be a place she can earn some money and come runnin' t'hide if she needs it. In the apartment." Which is to say… she just met the girl, she's not getting into the basement just yet. Lexi lifts an eyebrow at the laugh, though. The mention of her dad gets a certain amount of bittersweetness in her expression, but she smirks anyway, "He was a smart man, my Da."

"Hey, we're th' last folks t' press anybody for their secrets." Seamus wrinkles his nose, tossing a pretty hefty rocks up in the air, watches it spin before smacking into the palm of his hand. "She'll be safe wi' us." As long as she toes the line, is the unspoken rule. Cocking that rock back…Seamus pauses midthrow, looking back at Lexi, and his smile softens. "Gave all th' boys who came callin' on ya a real appreciation for not havin' holes in 'em, he did. I haven't needed t' fill his shoes in a while, now. Y'must be losin' yer charm, red!"

"Yeah, and sent them all runnin'. Ya know, I'm not sure ya menfolk aren't all just scaredycats." At his last words, though, she eyes him for a moment before she pulls the keys out of her pocket. "Oh, would ya look at that, now? Time t'go…" Twirling them around a finger, she turns to start walking off, apparently.

"All of 'em? Every single guy, y'say?" Seamus calls down in a sing-song tone, looking plenty smug himself for being the only one to not run away. "So what would that make a manfolk who didn't run away, then? …wha? Hey!" Jogging around the outside of the mostly-collapsed second floor, along the walls and keeping pace with Lexi. "Leave me here, I won't be helpin' y' move th' armoire out of the basement!" The one she just completed refinishing, and is blocking easy access to the liquor

Oh, he knows how to bargain. Lexi stops and peers up at him. "Ya know, it's blockin' you from the booze, too." But still, she's stopped at least! "And ya stayed, sure, but then, ya had Carrie as a shield from the shotgun." Meaning, of course, he wasn't actually trying to date her like the others.

"An' if y'strand me here, I'll jus' hafta stop by a bar on th' way home, t' refill my tank." Seamus grins, and he sits to swing his legs off the crumbling ledge, shimmying down to lower himself towards a large pile of rubble. "And? Even when that shrew wasn't there, I don't remember gettin' any barrels in m' face. Can y' say th' same for Rodster? Mister Scowlasaurus?"

"I'd get t'a bar faster than ya would," Lexi points out, complete with sticking her tongue out and everything. "Yeah, well, Rodney was tryin' t'get in my pants. Da wasn't too thrilled with that. Neither was I, come t'think on it. Besides, there was Emmy, too, so there were two shields."

"An' then what? Not drivin' home? With th' way y' sip at your beer…" Seamus lands on the floor with an oof, and gestures sipping at a teacup, pinky up, "I'll catch up with ya before you finish your first glass. An' hey now, what was wrong with Emmy?" Honestly, he thinks he did pretty right by her, even if she was mostly just a distraction at the time.

"I am perfectly capable've drivin' after a few drinks." Lexi steps over to give him a shove for good measure when he hops down, though. "I never said anythin' was wrong with Emmy. I liked Emmy, if ya recall. It's just a fact that when there was another girl hangin' around, my Da's shotgun wasn't gonna be pointin' at ya." and she really did like Emmy! They even hung out and everything. "Come on. Ya went and made me thirsty. Now I think we ought t'stop by and get a drink on the way home."

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