Shouldn't Be Surprised


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Scene Title Shouldn't Be Surprised
Synopsis Eve is missing, the door is locked. It's a small world, and Gillian shouldn't be surprised.
Date March 13, 2018

Cat's Cradle

Long before opening time has come about downstairs, Eimi's up, not more than an hour after dawn. The paperback she's reading is in one hand, the piece of toast is in the other, and she goes over to knock on the door to Eve's room. She knocks a couple of times, usually enough to get attention if the older woman is there, and goes back out to the living room area to eat her toast, read her book.

It's a good twenty pages later that Eimi's brows furrow sharply and she goes to knock again, but there's still no answer.

So instead, the teenager goes down the stairs, out to the main area. When she still doesn't find Eve, she goes back to the stairs, down to the basement, and knocks on the door. There's music coming from the oracle room, faintly. "Eve!" Eimi knocks on the door harder this time, having entirely forgotten the why of why she's trying to find the seeress in Eve's absence.

"Eve?!" Knock, knock. The knocking turns into banging on the door and there is still no reply. And usually, Eimi would not intrude on the oracle room, doesn't much mind her de facto landlady's comings and goings, but she wants the company, and she takes the stairs back to the ground level two at a time without even teleporting.

It's only after she's checked the upper level again that she goes around, to the outside, to the little window into the basement and crouches down to look through it. There's a long moment of pause before the teenager teleports down and into the room, careful steps through what she finds to not disturb anything, and again, calling out, "Eve!"

But there is no response, and the teenager goes out the door, up the stairs, and stands at the top for a long moment.

Gillian's Brownstone: Elmhurst

It's some time later that she's gotten her bag, gotten her jacket, locked everything up behind her and gone out via teleporting through the upstairs window to a nearby rooftop. It's via the rooftops and without much use of the monocular to cover distances that Eimi mostly makes her way across the safe zone, looking down every so often to make sure she's going the correct direction.

And for the second time in a month she's on someone else's doorstep in the morning, knocking on the door. This time it is Gillian's doorstep and not Colette's; this time at least there isn't a monkey. She knocks on the door four times in rapid succession, takes in a deep breath and waits, looking in any windows that there may be, but staying on the porch for the moment.

Well, actually, there is a monkey. It’s just upstairs asleep with Hailey. Gillian’s the only one wandering about in this early morning, drinking from a cup of tea as she wanders around going over notes in her head. She’s worried about — a lot of things. Lene being attacked, human trafficking of Evolved, the monkey that’s threatening to poop in her house every day even if Hailey’s promised she’ll clean it up…

She hasn’t even had time to work on her new book, she’s spent all her ‘every hour a day of writing’ time writing journal entries. Cause one day, she might want to write a book about this evolved trafficking situation. One day it might have an ending to go with the beginning and middle that she’s fallen into somehow.

When the door gets knocked on, she puts down the cup of steaming herbal tea and steps over to peek out the window, covered by a small curtain which she pushes aside. She recognizes the girl, and unlocks and opens the door immediately. And assumes the worst. “Are you okay?” She tries to remember the name that Colette had said. Amy? No — she’s terrible with names.

Eimi's shifting from one foot to the other, hands shoved into the pockets of the jacket, and she nods, and then immediately shakes her head. "I'm… I'm fine." A pause, as the teleporter flickers to one side and back, nerves showing through. "But." There's always a but.

She takes a deep breath that is more shaky than steadying, and then just blurts it out, "But I don't think Eve is. And not just it's Eve, it's. I can't find her, and I…" she shakes her head again. The teenager's words are too fast, and too flat, and on the verge of panicked. Or at least very worried. "You should probably see," is the explanation that the teenager gives, before she looks to Gillian. "Unless, you know where she is?"

The immediate reaction to that is, “You’re friends with Eve?” Gillian shouldn’t be surprised— they all seem to know each other and she wouldn’t put it past good ol Eve to make young friends. She’d recently given the Lighthouse Kids the seers new address, even if they should not drink there. And this one seems to know the kids, so… “No, I have no idea where Eve is.”

She walks over to pick up her cellphone, checking for texts or messages, but finding nothing. “Damnit Eve what did you get yourself into this time…” Her friend probably had a dream and ran off to meet someone. Like that otter guy she kept talking about. “Let me leave a note,” she states, moving to grab a small marker and marker board and leave a message for those still in the house, so they don’t worry: Have to check on Eve. Will have my phone. Call if you need anything. - Gillian

Part of her wanted to write mom. But.

She gathers up her coat, wallet, keys and phone and returns to the door. “Want to tell me what happened during the drive over?” Like they are actually using her car.

"I live there," is the explanation that is given to Gillian when she asks about Eve. "I met Eve and she said I could stay in her loft. I like her, she's… she's nice." She swallows.

"Drive?" Eimi gets a bit of a questioning tone and shakes her head again, holds out one hand to the older woman, digging the monocular from the pocket of her jacket, and says, "My way's faster." Which would be why she hasn't even bothered taking the steps down to the street. And returning will be faster than Eimi got there, because on the way to Gillian's she had to stop several times and figure out directions, which streets were what. Getting back to Cat's Cradle, the teen already has landmarks of what the tallest nearby building she can see is, and an idea of several to use in between.

"I… you should see it. I'm not… I'm not really sure, but Eve's not there." And Eimi's way is definitely faster.

“Oh yes, you were a teleporter,” Gillian recalls from the monkey meeting and the question she had asked. The poor girl might have been the one stealing food, even. She fit the description. But with line of sight requirement, she couldn’t have stolen the big food supplies.

And she’d helped Hailey. And now Eve.

Putting her keys in her coat pocket, she offers out her hand. “I haven’t been teleported much. Should be interesting.” She remembers the few times she had been. They all make her think of Peter. And Kent.

She wonders what ever happened to good old Kent.

Eimi grins, and nods. "Take a deep breath, count to…" there's a pause, a moment of thought as she stares at something through the scope, and says, "ten." Once she's sure that Gillian has taken a breath, she says, "It's pretty quick." And then teleports, closing her eyes as she does so.

There is darkness, but also a sense that they're enveloped by Eimi's ability even while there is no sensation of movement, and when they reemerge not quite ten seconds later, it's a few feet onto a flat rooftop. They've gone in the vague direction of Cat's Cradle, almost to the edge of Phoenix Heights, and Eimi says, "One more big jump and then a few little ones," but doesn't teleport again quite yet. More of a glance to the other woman to make sure that she's alright. "Eve is letting me stay in the spare room while I… while I figure things out and get things sorted."

When she can see again, Gillian’s still staring in shock, surprised at the kind of teleportation that she’d just witnessed. What happened if she’d breathed in while inside that darkness? The part of her that was always curious wondered what it had been, where it had been. And then how this girl would move if she’d boosted her ability. Would it have been like Kent, whose teleportation changed from locational to personal? Where he didn’t need to picture the location, just the person and teleport to them?

She’s still thinking about this when she realizes the girl’s speaking to her, blinking and looking back at her. “Eve’s good. She’s been one of my longest running friends. Gets in trouble at times, but she’s very good. Saved my life at least twice.” At least.

She has no idea if the woman’s vision hadn’t saved her other times as well.

“Your ability is very interesting.” She looks back at where they had come from, but shakes her head again before looking back. Very interesting.

There's a little bit of a grin, and Eimi keeps hold of Gillian's hand and nods. Rooftops have easy line of sight from one to another. And so that's the path that Eimi takes them on across the Safe Zone, until from the last one, they can see Cat's Cradle, then they're on the ground and Eimi lets go. "This way," and she leads not to the door to the establishment but around the side and to a window that goes to the basement, and then she takes Gillian's hand once again.

The last jump is small, it takes less than a second, less than the time that it takes to blink, far less than the time it took for the longer ones to get here.

Cat's Cradle

They're inside the basement of Cat's Cradle, otherwise known as the oracle room, the cushions and decorations left as usual, but Eimi doesn't let go of Gillian's hand. This time it's not so much for the potential need to use her ability, as for the reassurance that the contact provides. Near a black cushion, on the floor, are two syringes, each with a few remaining drops of a glowing liquid in them. Refrain, although the teenager doesn't know it.

"When I couldn't find Eve this morning I eventually came down here," Eimi says, quiet, flat again. "Like we did this time. The door was locked." She pauses, and then says, "Eve's not here, and the door was locked."

The last jumps are not as disorienting, thankfully. Gillian had started to close her eyes on the middle ones, though, just allowing her to feel and not question the darkness right now. She needed to find out what happened to Eve, not ponder this girl’s ability and it’s take on teleportation. Once inside, she recognizes the room immediately, listens to the girl’s revelations that the door had been locked, with no Eve in sight.

And then there’s the glowing liquid. The glowing blue liquid. It’s been years since she’d seen it, but she could recognize it anywhere. Refrain. The Blue Fairy. Cobalt. All kinds of street names that people had come up with over the years that all meant the same thing.

She steps away from Eimi to lean down, looking at the liquid, the syringes and shaking her head. It’s obvious she’s not happy by what she sees, at all. “Fuck.” If the girl knew her at all, she’d known that Gillian rarely cursed these days, since she’d become a professional and learned to use her words better. But fuck. “What the fuck did you get involved in, Eve.”

What did she do? Why did she do it? And based on the second syringe, who had she done it with?

Eimi simply stands there, tucking her hands into the pockets of her jacket and pulling it around herself for a moment, and looks to Gillian. She doesn't have an answer, instead walking over to the door to once again unlock the handle from the inside. Her brows dip, and she shakes her head and waits for the older woman to be finished looking around. "If it weren't for, for that," she says, flat, quiet, not much above a whisper, "It'd just have seemed like she'd gone somewhere." She pauses. "I probably wouldn't have noticed, but."

A pause, and Eimi offers, "I can take you back to your place." Since they left Gillian's car behind, "I… I didn't know how to… It was easier to show you."

“This is fine,” Gillian lies quietly, still wondering just how much trouble that her friend has gotten herself into this time. “She always seems to throw herself head first into something— I’m sure if it was going to kill her she would have dreamed about it and not done it.” Or so she’d hope.

But she has no idea if her friend’s precognition warns her about her own dangers, or just others. Pocketing the syringes and the drugs (in case there’s a raid), she holds her hand out to Eimi again. “Take me back home. I’ll make a few calls, see if she pops up anywhere. But let me know if she does, I’ll give you my number this time. Hopefully she’s just having a bad trip with someone. Hopefully someone handsome.”

Eimi is careful to lock the handle to the door of the oracle room behind them, a brief wave to the bartender as they exit, and she admits as they come to the street, "I'm worried." The teenager shakes her head, and adds, "Thank you. She'll be okay, right?" Worried about Eve, about the temporary stability that she's found, about everything, she doesn't say.

The return to Gillian's place is is done with a few more jumps, but no longer or disorienting ones, via the rooftops once again.

“I hope so,” Gillian responds quietly, frowning at the air once they were back to her house. She’d offer a room, but she’s sure the kid would be better off waiting for Eve at her own place. That’s one of the places Eve would seek out once she finished with whatever it was she was doing.

And now she had to dispose of or hide away drugs.

Cause she definitely didn’t want her daughters to come across them. “Thank you for the ride back. Be careful showing that off — people might start calling you to be their Taxi.” She knows she would have, back in the day. It certainly was a lot quicker than a car. “Be safe, kid.”

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