Shovel Your Way Out Of The Dog House


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Scene Title Shovel Your Way Out Of The Dog House
Synopsis Michelle isn't happy with the end results of helping Doyle when Brennan comes home with a negotiation job AND a safehouse. But it followed him home! In other news, Brooklyn's getting snow!
Date February 8, 2010

Brennan Household, Brooklyn

"What do you mean un maison sûre?"

That had been the start of the argument in the Brennan Household hours ago. One that had prompted the husband and wife to hold it in till the Nanny could take the girls out for a night at Chuck E. Cheese and then a movie on a school night. They had swore when the children were born that all arguments or fights would be done with them out of the house. Even Marlena would have to be out.

The weather - and in turn Brooklyn specifically - has been suffering for Michelle's mood except for the two minutes where Brennan had done a stupid when the weather in the house started dropping. Rule number one in an evolved marriage: Don't. Negate. Your. Wife. It'd only made things worse. Much worse and everything he was trying to do was not calming her down.

"You said you were just going to go help treat the man, that was all Harve Patrick Brennan the Third" Michelle was bringing out the full name. The lithe womans hands were planted on the kitchen table, face as stormy as the snow and clouds and cold air that gathered in the air above Brooklyn. "Megan said you were going to help, aidez, and you did. I am fine with helping out in the summer meadows" Her accent was suffering for her anger and occasionally the french was slipping in. "But then you come home from work today and tell me that not only are you now going to be the liason entre le fait de quitter pour les affaires élaborées et dirigé une maison sûre. Que pensiez-vous?"

Brennan was faced off across from her, cup of coffee on the table and trying his very best not to negate his wife. This was not going to go well and the city would be banging on their door to know why his wife blew her top since she was a conveniently registered atmo in the area. Would it be wise to get the check book out now and put it by the front door? Call the lawer? Would they prefer community service? How do you say 'sorry, it was a love spat, I wouldn't buy her tampons' in legalese.

"Listen, it's not like I'm actually running it Mish. They'll have someone else, but I'll be doing stuff for the project out of that building. I can also, we can also volunteer our medical services out of it or in the project area, nothing really changes except that now, i'll put a suit on and go to a few meetings with this Praeger fellow or whomever he sends and just deal with negotiating, if there's anything to be negotiated, between the department of evolved affairs and the residents of Summer Meadows. That's all, no more than what I did before. I was the one present that had foot in the door with regards to them. I'm a negator too-"

"Oh, you most certainly are a negator. hwo can anyone not know when you shut off their powers at your whim!" She snaps back at him, a wave of her hand as if she could bat that fact out the door with just the movement. "Monsieur Harve Brennan, looking for a project, looking to save people. What next Harve? I won't let you take the girls down there after you come home nearly arrested. Merde Harve Brennan! I sat there wondering how I would tell the girls that I had to go down and get their father from out of Jail! Bail! Do you know what could have happened to your reputation!"

"I know exactly what could happen to my reputation. And right now, I'm one of the citizens who helped to quell the riot by negating the individual responsible. Not to mention that if the government makes good on their offer and with so very little strings, then it will be safe to bring the girls back there to help and learn how to give back to the community." Brennan lifts his cup to take a sip from the coffee that's long since gone luke warm.

"Why don't you just sign up again for the tours Hereve" Michelle shot back. "I'd feel more better if you were tromping about in the jungle of africa instead of tromping around in a broken city. It's a safe house Herve. What exactly are you planning on doing? At what point will it stop?" Her palm cracks down on the marble top. "Herve, you came home telling me about what some of those people were claiming. Hidden prisons! People with abilities that are kidnapped for what they can do because it is too dangerous. Herve, what if they want you to do more? What then? Will you just say yes?"

"I'll decide it when the time comes Michelle!" He finally thunders back. "I'll decide, and i'll ask you like I did just now. I committed to at least helping them negotiate and seeing if the residents of the meadows even want help from the government. This could be big Mish. This could be exactly what this city needs, to see people with abilities and without, working side by side to make a part of this city better, to see a section of this city that was abandoned and ruined, put back together. This is what we did when we worked with the borders, only we don't have guerrilla's coming in and trying to steal most of our supplies."

"But it's cost us a child" Michelle's palm cracks down on the table again. "I agree that we need to do more to help show that those of us with the gift, that we are not harmful-"

"Do you thinking dumping inches of snow on Brooklyn is going to help that Mish" Brennan interrupts, throwing a hand towards the window. "You're gonna stop up traffic for miles!"

"Don't you deflect! Don't you dare deflect!" Michelle's hand lifts, forefinger pointed at Brennan and the bob of her hair forward to bounce against her jawline as she comes around the marble island.

"Then don't bring the child into this. That child was lost because of a riot when we were passing out vaccines. The ferryman and this project were not responsible Mish. You can't blame them for that. There's someone out there to blame yes, but it is not them! It's not like I'm really running it Mish. They figure that someone knows the Ferry are involved and they'd rather have a public buidling that can be found out, if need be. Mostly I'm just going to be dealing with Praeger and his people"

"I don't like this! You didn't come and tell me, you didn't call Herve. It seems lately that you're just not calling, not consulting me" Michelle leans her lower back against the marble island, the bases of her palms curling around the edge, her voice kicking down a notch then two.

"Do you want me to tell them no? Do you want me to contact Grace and tell her that I need to pull out. Because you know that I will if you want me to" Brennan offer, turning around to mimic her pose.

"No! Don't you dare do that Herve, you'll just make me even more infuriated, plus de revers avec vous si vous tirez de cette affaire. They will blame me and then where will I be yes? They will look at me when I visit and I will always be wondering what they are thinking" Her palm rises with a quick chopping motion. "Non Herve. You will not. You have made your bed, and now you can sleep in it. And by that, I don't just mean this summer Meadows thing, I mean that you can sl-"

"In the spare bedroom, yeah Michelle, I know that" Brennan finishes for her. "I know" It'd be for one night, he'll come home with that square cut and red shiney for his wife to apologize, and with likely a lawyer if things were too bad come the morning. He grabs his cup of coffee, pushing away from the island with a shake of his head, considering the topic closed and dead for now. Even if she doesn't. It wouldn't be the first time they went to bed one angry at the other. Or the weather skewed because of his wife. This also wouldn't be the last time that this topic of conversation would rise between the two of them. "I'll be in my office, when the girls come home I'll take care of them"

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