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Scene Title Showoff
Synopsis As a promise to Adam, Simon reveals a secret in the wooded inland of Staten Island.
Date June 12, 2009

Staten Island

The drive is uneventful. Adam makes small talk from the back seat with Simon while a man named Michael drives and some nameless goon looks bored in the passenger seat. Eventually, some dirt roads and under develop trails heads into the foresty parts of Staten Island, where there's some semblence of peace from the crowded coast. Eventually the car stops along some gravel where there's some shed, apparently long abandoned. Everyone gets out of the car and Adam says, "So what did you want to show me, Sport?"

"Something your lap dogs don't need to see," Simon answers, looking over at the random goon and the driver. "No offense." Simon is wearing his typical clothes, opting or his jacket as well, under which the metal of his pistol hangs heavy. The kid turns and starts to skirt around the shed. "Now, don't flip out, alright? I've got a gun with me, but I'm not looking to revolt or anything. A promise is a promise, and you wanted to know what it is I can do, right?"

Adam arches his brow at the lap dogs comment, but stays silent. Boy's getting a big for his britches. Then he considers the pistol and quirks his face in an odd way, "Where did you get a gun, Simon?" he questions, "Actually…why do you have a gun?"

Simon pulls the pistol out of its hiding place, slow and steady so athat Adam's other men don't get the wrong idea. He lifts it and holds it between him and his sort-of boss. "I may be young, but I'm crafty," is his answer, given with a side of sly grin. "And it's really the best way to show off my ability. At least, the most dramatic." He readies the weapon to fire, just like he was taught. "I have really good aim, Adam. I mean it's really good."

Adam leans against the shed a moment as he considers Simon, "Well, that's good…been practicing then? I mean, if you wanted some time with a gun, I could have given it to you…but…" he pauses, "I'm not sure how to put this…I wasn't aware you wanted to be a gunman."

"To be honest, I don't, which is why I didn't ask you. I figured you might want to put me to work, and unless I have a very good reason, I'm not into shooting people." Simon shrugs lets the pistol hang at his side, danging from his fingertips. "Still, I figured it's important to be ready for anything. So I started practicing. It turns out these things are a lot easier to use than I thought they would be."

Adam arches a brow, "Alright then, show me." he looks around for a target. He pauses and notes a glass bottle on the ground that happens to be right side up. He pauses, "That's about twenty five feet." he says, "Why don't you give it a shot."

Simon turns to look at the bottle and grins. "That easy, huh?" Yeah, he's getting pretty cocky. It's probably not a great thing. The pistol is lifted aand his arm moves quickl and precisely, as if it has a mind of its own. His pulls the trigger and a shot rings out. Some birds fly out of a tree not far away and the bottle is reduced to shards.

Adam hmms to himself. He considers the shards, it was a good shot, but not terribly challenging. He turns back towards Simon a bit and says, "Well, that was a good shot, sport." he compliments. He looks a bit further for something to pick for Simon to shoot at. He narrows his eyes for a moment and then points to a tree much farther away, perhaps about thirty yards away. "Alright, clearly you think you've got the talent. You see that…what is that, a kite? There's something hanging from the tree. Shoot it."

Simon raises a brow to Adam and looks towards the tree that the other man is pointing out. Yep, there's something hanging there all right, and his eyes lock onto the target like some kind of organic tracking device. His arm shoots up and out, and a single bullet is fired. It tears through branches and leaves before hitting its target, causing shards of fabric to flutter to the ground. "So that's what I can do."

Adam lets out a low whistle, "Well, that is impressive, sport." he compliments again. Then turns back towards Simon, "So, you've the power to be a perfect shot with a gun, eh?" there's a momentary thought towards whether it branches out, "That's something you've got to be careful with."

"Tell me about it. Gun, fist, foot, whatever. I'm pretty good at hitting my target when I need to. That, and I, like, never trip anymore, which is awesome." Simon smirks and flicks the safety of the pistol on. "I wanted to show you because so far you've been pretty good at keeping your word. Thanks for that, Adam."

Adam nods a bit as he considers Simon quietly. He squats down on his haunches for a moment and motions for Simon to do the same. "Simon," he says, "I see something in you right now, that I think we're better off heading off the pass right now. Nip it in the bud, so to speak."

Simon is slow to follow, but eventually lands in a crouch, staring eye to eye with Adam. "Oh yeah? And what's that?" He doesn't feel like he has a problem or anything, although he dhas been feeling different lately.

Adam tilts his head, "You're going to get yourself killed, Simon." he pauses for a moment, "I see greatness in you. I saw it before, I still see it. What you've shown me is extraordinary. But, you're starting to think you're invincible. You're starting to get cocky. And people who get too cocky get killed."

Simon blinks and quietly eases his pistol back into the recesses of his jacket. Whereas once he may have gone straight on the defensive, he now simply mulls over what Adam has told him. "Well, I'm honestly doing my best not to get killed, which is why I don't advertise this ability to just anyone. Just so you know."

Adam nods, "And that's good." he says, "It's very good. The first part of staying alive is often secrecy. The second part is knowing your limitations. And knowing there's always someone better." he pauses, "Being an ace with a gun or a knife or a foot isn't enough. Two men alone could kill you, and that's just assuming you got the first shot off." he watches Simon, "Being a loner doesn't help either. I see that look. I often see that look in young men, especially Evolved. Because they believe that there's no way it can end. But it can, just like that. What you have isn't just a gift, it's a responsibility. It's also a bit of a curse. And I don't want you walking around with the idea in your head that just because you can do these things, that you have nothing to worry about. If anything, you have more to worry about. Because the minute someone gets an inkling of what you can do, they will either see you as a threat or a target." he pauses again, "And the company has already tagged you. So…they might already have an idea of what you can do."

"I've though about that. And if they know what I can do, then they've already made up their minds about what they're going to want from me. If they come knocking, I want to be ready." He pauses and lets out a sigh, then smiles. "I do appreciate what you're saying, though, but I want you to know I'm careful. I may now know very much about…much at all, but I'm learning to be cautious. Even around you."

Adam nods a bit, "Well." he says, "I think you'd be surprised at how much faith you can put in me." he stands from his squatting position and says, "You are the future, sport. Times are coming when a lot of other people who are the present will end up gone. Just the way of the world. Which is why it's ever so important that you heed my advice. But, I suppose that'll come in time."

Simon grins and rises as Adam does. He tugs on the end of his jacket idly, liking the feel of the firearm there. "Well, I like surprises," he says before stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "So what can you do, Adam? Anything at all?"

Adam smiles a bit at Simon for a moment, considering him lightly. "Me?" he questions with a bit of a chuckle, "I can live forever." he glances back towards the car, "It's an interesting thing."

Simon laughs and shakes his head. "Oh yeah? Must be convenient." His voice doesn't lend belief one way or another, though. He starts for the car, changing the subject as he begins to move. "I'm still looking into those mystery people for you. No luck so far, though."

Adam nods, "They appear to be hanging quite low." he says in response, "Which…" he pauses, "I imagine means there will be quite the storm coming." he gets into the car, so does Michael and unnamed goon, "Be careful, sport."

"I will be," Simon says as he gets into the car as well, eyeing the goons as he does. He doesn't trust these men at all. Maybe because they don't talk much.

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