Sibling Awkwardness


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Scene Title Sibling Awkwardness
Synopsis The possible Ray siblings get to know each other a little.
Date December 20, 2010

New York Public Library

It's rather cold out in the city. The rivers are edged in ice, and what windows remain of the library are sheened with frost.

It's warmer in the depths of the library, beneath ground level, doors and heavy curtains sealing in the heat created by the generators and a handful of space heaters set up in the proper rooms.

There's a somewhat living room-esque area that's been set up in one office, a couch that's been gotten into the library somehow pushed up against one wall, a television and VCR set up, and a mini-fridge with a variety of beverages tucked into one corner.

The entirety - minus patriarch - of the presumptive Ray clan is having an uneasy reunion here tonight.

"I've got a friend of mine running some DNA tests," says Cardinal, leaning up against the edge of the couch in a relaxing slouch against the arm, "So, I… guess we'll know for definate soon."

The cold didn't hurt the trip as much as heat might, but Valerie was still rather exhausted when the two blonde women finally made it to the library together. She's curled up against the other arm of the couch, with a blanket pulled up around her despite the warmth, and a set of crutches leaning on the side. Usually she can get around just fine with one, but she knew they had to go a good distance today, so she brought both.

"I think we are— cause even if there was a statiscally valid reason he wanted us to think we were related, he would have know you were the type to test the theory before believeing it. I'm not— but theoretically he'd have nothing to gain by making you think you were related to us when you're not— unless he wants you to stop trusting him entirely— that's also possible."

Despite her weak condition, she stares off into space as she muses on this thought. "Anyway, we'll know for sure soon…" she repeats what the older man said with a soft tone.

Fingers tips are still cold from the trip to the library, so Kaylee is busy warming them, fingers cups in front of her mouth. She's ansty, fidgety and unable to relax. So she stands, not far from Valerie, maybe subconsciously protective of the weaker sibling. At least here there is some relief from the murmuring voices.

"I'm anxious to know," Kaylee admits softly. "I put myself in one hell of a position getting that DNA from Warren. No doubt there will be words when I get back to Joseph." She sighs softly with a grimace, hands falling away and tucking into pockets.

"Not my smartest move letting Warren convince me to go to his factory." She glances at Valerie out of the corner of her eyes as she paces away. "I don't think the Ferry would really understand the situation. All they will focus on is me in an Institute building. Not that I blame them."

"I wouldn't exactly call Warren one of them," Cardinal observes, rubbing against the nape of his neck, "Ezekiel isn't any more likely to trust the lunatic than I am…" He's silent a moment before admitting with a sigh of breath, "Yeah. yeah, I know, Val, but I've just been jerked around so much that I… want to be certain. You know?"

He looks between the pair for a few moments, smiling faintly as he admits - awkwardly - "I've never… had any family before. Not really sure what to do about it."

"It's good to be certain about things, yeah," Valerie says softly, voice a little different in person than it was when she projected herself. Her eyes are more tired, her hair less perfect. She projects herself as an idea mental image, and the reality isn't that different, but it's certainly different enough that the details are noticed.

"I never really had a family either— I mean I had dad, yeah, but… He was always focusing on other things all the time, but once he moved me up to Cambridge to live near his school I got to sit in on his classes whenever I wanted." That's not really a family activity, though..

Pausing, Kaylee turns towards Cardinal with an arched brows and an understanding look. "I have to admit, it's awkward. Especially, since both of you have had some sort of interaction with Ray." It's tough to really think of him in the terms of 'dad'. It was always Ray growing up. "A part of me is torn if this was a good thing or not.

"Though, I imagine it was all apart of some greater scheme." The words a touch bitter, which prompts her to give them both an apologetic look.

"But… I had mom's family, so… I guess I was fortunate there." It's not a brag from Kaylee, just a simple fact. Each of them having a different family experience. "Still doesn't prepare you for… well…" She smiles a bit and motions to both sitting there. "Especially, after all the lies."

"I shot him once, actually." Cardinal pauses for a beat. Perhaps that was awkward. Is it awkward? He glances to Kaylee, to Valerie. "It was his asshole future incarnation, though?" That didn't help. Still awkward. Quick! Change the subject!

Clearing his throat, he shakes his head just a little bit. "I was… raised in an orphanage, so. Didn't exactly have a lot of family going on there. Just the penguins."

"He travelled through time?" Valerie has to ask, looking surprised and mildly impressed, then blushes and looks down instead. "If he had an asshole future version, and you have an asshole future version… you must be related." Cause that kind of thing runs in the family, right?

Maybe not.

"Kaylee and I are sweet past versions," she adds on, with a giggle that may be inappropriate. She seems to realize it may be, and follows along with that clearing of throat. "So… Penguins?"

Okay, so… Kaylee can't help but give the teenager an amused look, a hand covering a brief smile, before she can stop it. "Well…" She clears her throat once the smile is gone.

"Richard, that little fact might get you points with my mother," Kaylee offers blandly to Cardinal at the news. Not exactly the best way to assure the shadow morph. "He… left her so very bitter. Enough so she didn't tell me a thing about him, only spinning some insane story of a New York lawyer she had an affair with. Didn't even live in New York."

The telepath sighs softly and finally moves to sit next to Valerie on the coach. "So… is men and penguins a universal thing? I knew a guy who was all into them. Loved the movie Happy Feet. Even snuck me into the zoo once to sneak a peak at them as a date. "

"Not actual penguins," Cardinal replies with a roll of his eyes, waving a hand vaguely, "The nuns. Penguins. It's a… nevermind, they were nuns. Pretty fuckin' strict ones, too, as I recall…" His hand falls back down to rest against his knee, and he admits, "I did run into some penguins during the long winter. I guess they probably escaped from the zoo, or something…"

"You were raised by nuns? I had a nun tutor once, and a monk tutor once for that matter— but she taught me reading. I remember her being really strict. The monk was pretty cool, though," Valerie says softly, while she thinks back on her past. "Does that mean you're Catholic? I never really went to church or anything, even if I had tutors who were… but…" She looks toward Kaylee for a moment.

"I like the idea of being raised by penguins better, though!" It's a cuter mental image, all right?

"I didn't either… go to church." Her tone, however, is colored with amusement at Valerie's comment. "Then I started dating a Pastor." A smile tugs up at the corner of her mouth. "My granny is in second heaven right now," she adds remember the recent phone call.

"Though after my… recent…. indiscretion with meeting with Warren, we'll have to see if he can forgive me." She doesn't seem too worried. Kaylee lets her brows drop a little. "Speaking of our…. possible father and possible brother. Warren is working on a device for the Institute." She doesn't look at Valerie, only Cardinal who would really understand the implications of what she's saying. "It's to talk to coma patients. I got a good look at the plans… It has the potential of being a medical break through…. but you and I, Richard, know what it really means."

"Guilty as charged," Cardinal replies with aplomb to Valerie's question, scratching at the side of his cheek, "Lapsed, admittedly. I don't exactly attend church every Sunday, but… lately I've tried to make it now'n then." And of course he feels guilty about it, like the majority of Catholics. It's part of the culture!

Then, well. Business. A frown droops to the corner of his lips, drawing the muscles of his face tighter as he looks back to Kaylee. "Great. We're going to have to stop that… I can't afford letting Ezekiel get his hands on Edward's brain."

"Is Ezekiel what we're going to be calling the other you?" Valerie asks, tilting her head to the side as if she's finally starting to get that after the last mention of the name. It has to be other him, right? "So what are we going to do? I want to try to help him… I mean he may only visit every so often, but he's dad…" And she'd want to save him.

"Do you think we could talk Warren into… giving them a faulty version of the machine instead of helping them, and giving us the real one?"

"I know it's business and I'm sorry," her tone a touch sharp at first, but she sighs looking weary. "But… it's important that you know. I did… however, tell him to talk to you and he seems to have a plan to prevent them from getting into his head." The look that follows says that she has little confidence in it, but she confirms it for Valerie anyhow.

There was a a time that she would have easily given a solution of taking Warren out of the game by… less then savory means, but…

"We need to keep Warren on our side, especially with something like that. We might need that device some point." Kaylee glances at Valerie with a small smile, obviously wanting to help Edward as well. "It's also clear he's making robots, mentioning having a technopath helping him. Saw some of the prototypes skittering around that factory." It was kind of freaky, even now a light shutter running through her, arms folding across her chest as if suddenly chilled.

"If he is Edward's son… I'd have to wonder what he was thinking." Kaylee murmurs, head ducking with an embarrassed look for uttering that. "I'm sorry. That was… horrible of me to say. A part of me wants to think we should keep him thinking he is a Ray… but it makes us no better then Ezekiel."

"What? It's— oh, it's what I call him," Cardinal admits with a shake of his head, not realizing he'd spoken the name aloud, "It's my Christian name. I don't use it, and it feels weird calling him Richard or something…"

He drums the tips of his fingers over his knee, lips twitching into a grimace, "They gave him access to Hector Steel's prototypes, and there's no way of telling what he can make in there. I want to get Edward out of there…" Or kill him, but he's not saying that in front of Val, "…but it's ridiculously well-defended."

Richard. Valerie stays where she is leaned against the arm of the couch, curled up a bit with her legs up against her body under the blanket. "I wonder if Ezekiel ever met me," she muses in whispered tones. "Time travel doesn't necessarily mean he would… he might never meet have met me in that future he came from— I might not have been rescued." She cuts off the quiet musings with a shake of her head.

"I'd expect it to be if it's as scary as you guys make it out to be… It's probably one of those— game ending things." There's that sudden blush again, and she feels the need to explain, "I've been playing video games a lot, cause of Kendall."

Giving Valerie a smirk, she then leans over a little tilting her head towards Cardinal "Kendall is her boyfriend," Kaylee offers with an amused tone, giving Cardinal a knowing look.

"That's actually a good question. How much does this other you know about family?" she ponders thoughtfully, brows lifting a bit. "The fact that the Institute has Edward and I'm on the protected list… makes me think he at least knows about me, but Valerie here is a bit of a girl out of time."

"Anyhow, I'd like to see Ray out of there, at least to keep him out of the futur— Ezekiel's hands." Kaylee leans back on the couch with a sigh. "Somehow… though… not sure how Joseph and the council would take that sort of a risk," she adds with a grimace, a hand running over the side of her face.

"Kendall?" The name isn't that common. Cardinal's eyes narrow as he looks over to Valerie, his lips pursing in a tight line, "The illusionist kid?" It does make sense, she could have met him through the Ferry, after all…

"We've only been on one date!" Valerie says in that defensive fashion, but at the same time, there's a shy smile on her face as she curls up in her place on the couch. Comfy and warm place, where she doesn't ache much anymore from the long walk. A few blocks may not seem long to most, but to her…

"Yeah, he's an illusionist. He came to stay with us at Gunhill around the same time I did. He protected me after I got shot." With the help of an illusion Yoshi.

Arms cross over Kaylee's chest and her head nods. "That would be the one. He already knows not to disrespect Valerie." A mischievous look is sent Cardinal's way, with a smug smirk. "It's one of the few instances that being a telepath is worth it. The whole fear factor."

There is a moment before she adds, "But… if you want to have a… you know…. big brother to boyfriend chat…" Kaylee trails off with a grin, waiting for the protest from Valerie, who she is clearly teasing.

"The illusionist kid," Cardinal repeats as if to be absolutely certain, his jaw tensing slightly, "The one that got a box of condoms and lube for Christmas." He folds both arms over his chest, fingers drumming against one arm, "Mnm."

"He didn't?!" Kaylee gasps out, sitting up. Then brows drop into annoyed look. "Let me guess… Melissa?" No love is really lost between the two women, it's clear. "I swear to god that woman has no real tact," she murmurs, slowly settling back against the couch again only to break out into a laugh, hands clasping over her mouth.

It talks a moment, before she can drop her hands and comments, barely able to contain a laugh. "Maybe you should talk to him, Cardinal, just in case." Brows lift a little as she glances back at Cardinal, before biting back a chuckle.

"You use it for fucking someone up the ass." Ah, such bluntness to one Richard Cardinal. He doesn't quite think of her as his little sister - yet - so he can say things like that. He rubs a hand against his face anyway, muttering under his breath, "Yes. Melissa. Oy vey."

"That… doesn't sound very comfortable," is all Valerie manages to say, but she's pulling the blanket up closer, practically covering her face. Her mouth is covered, at least. Likely out of embarassment. This is probably a good time to ask what she's been meaning to ask since she got here. "Can I stay the night? It's warm here, and I don't think I can handle the trip back today— I won't be imposing on you, will I?"

"Richard!" That get's him swatted from the one of the siblings that spent a good five years in a time where you just didn't talk like that. Though notice Kaylee's cheeks don't color, she's not that innocent even if she is dating a Pastor.

With a huff she adds, sounding annoyed with the comatose man, "Remind me to hit of the book store, since it seems Ray missed a rather important part of her education." Kaylee at least can do that much.

Valerie's question has Kaylee glancing at her, with a small smile. "Unfortunately, my situation doesn't allow me to help her all the way back to the safe house and it's too much of a trip to the Speakeasy. Not that it's the sort of place she should be staying."

There's a quick grin that flashes across Richard's lips as he's smacked, reaching out with his other hand to ruffle over Kaylee's hair for a moment before pulling back — hesitating, as if unsure if he'd just crossed a line. Whether or not he has, he quickly recovers, head bobbing a bit towards Valerie, "Of course. We've got plenty've room here, even in the heated area. Not exactly the most comfortable in the world, but…"

"I've stayed in worse!" Valerie says, letting the embarassment of the lube situation wash away from her as she sits up a bit— then winces, and hunches over again. "I won't be a burden— and I'd like to look around a little bit, too. How'd you end up here? In the old library? I've been here a few times, but I never expected something this huge would have just been abandoned, even after what happened."

There is another half swat at the ruffling hand and a grin of amusement to the sorta oldest of them. Fingers comb at her hair trying to set right what he messed up, clearly not mad that he did it. "Good. I appreciate you taking her in til she's ready for the trip." Kaylee sounds somewhat relieved, moving to get to her feet again.

"It's got… history," admits Cardinal with a slow shake of his head, "Phoenix was here for awhile, and so were your— so were Edward's people, the Edward from the future. This is where they recruited me, actually." A faint, wry smile as he looks around the room, "Just made sense."

"Dad was here? This seems like the kind of place he would take up shop," Valerie says with a small knowing smile, and a flicker in her eyes of something else. As if she just got an idea. "Kaylee, you should come back and visit us before Christmas. I know you'll want to go and see Joseph again if you can, and spend Christmas with him, but we should spend Christmas together too." It may be the only time they're able to as a family— especially if they find out they're not.

The mention of Edward and the library has Kaylee glancing around her out of instinct with interest on her features. "Truthfully, I'm not sure I'll hear from Special Activities before…"Her gaze drops back to Valerie sadly, shoulders lifting a little. "So chances are I'll be around for Christmas. I'm not going to my mother's either." Glancing at Cardinal as well, brows furrowing as if she's realizing he might truly be family. There is a sort of weirdness to it, suddenly.

"Ah… anyhow." Kaylee trails off, looking in the direction of the exit. "It's a bit of a trip… And I'm sure Valerie could use some rest."

It is a little strange. Cardinal glances between the pair as if uncertain whether or not he's included in the entire family thing that was just mentioned. After a moment, he clears his throat, "Well— anyway, you can stay here as long as you need, Val," he offers, flashing over a wry smile to Valerie, "It's not the Ritz, but it'll do."

"This'll be my first Christmas with anyone except dad, or my tutors and nurses," Valerie says with a bright smile, announcing this, but leaving a lot out— like just how much she spent Christmases with her father, or what they did. "No trees, and I can't really get anyone presents, but I'll think of something." And she will have to scrounge for clothes, too, but a glance around tells her this place probably has a couple stashes.

A scarf is tugged out of the pocket of her jacket and slowly wound around her neck. "Well, then we certainly need to do Christmas." Kaylee confirms giving Valerie a smile. "All of us, even if I can't have Joseph there as well." That added for Cardinal's sake. "Results or no Valerie had it right. He wanted us to know for a reason." There is a soft sigh from here, lips pressing together for a moment. "Just wish I had a kitchen, I would cook dinner." Says the woman who ones knew the fast food places very well.

"Downside of not having a home anymore," sighed out as she zips the jacket up. Kaylee looks between both and smiles. "Let me know when. Til then, I'll leave you both to settle in."

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