Sie Sind Verrückt


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Scene Title Sie sind verrückt
Synopsis Audrey and Cooper track down one of the imprisoned Loco's to find out who 14 is where they might find the rest of the gang. The answers are not pleasing.
Date October 11, 2010

Riker's Island Prison, NY

Big old island that's a prison!

Rikers Island. Home to people who shuffle through and become guests of the new York criminal system. One point six seven two square kilometers of correctional facility located between Queens and The Bronx. Men, women, even teenagers between sixteen and Eighteen find themselves here. It's here that Cooper and Audrey found two of the Loco's members who were captured at the Primatech incident had been sent to. Multiple counts of murder and a myriad of other charges, both men would be hard pressed to ever get out anytime soon.

Thomas Mercer, number 27, formerly a beat cop. Or so his record states. Dressed in prison blues, he's placed across the table in the interview room from Cooper and Audrey who have made the trek out here to interview him. Their visitors badges on, the two Homesec agents both veteran and new are regarding the man who's across from them. A file on the table, a notepad and pen, questions are being fired at him on this Monday afternoon. "Who is number fourteen?" Audrey's hair tucked behind her ears, elbows and forearms on the table. "And what happens if the leader dies?"

Today his feet ache like he's been walking for a long time, or standing too long. Damn these dress shoes. However, Agent Thomas Cooper isn't saying a word about it, not wanting to show weakness to the battle ax he is working with now.

Admittedly, he looks sharp dressed in his gray suit, with it's robin egg blue shirt and dark tie. The shined shoes helps round out that outfit, but he misses his old converse sneakers. They were comfortable and didn't give you blisters.

Cooper just stands back for the moment, notebook and pen in hand as he takes notes. "Any co-operation will be appreciated here and can't exactly hurt your brownie points." Seems he's playing a bit of the good cop today.

Thomas, the other one, folds his hands on the table, staring down at them with a very somber look, almost defeated. "My therapist says I should tell you what you want. And since there's no hope of me getting out, I agree. It's been about a year, over a year? They spent months de-programming me. I remember though. Fourteen… he's the one Mortimer cut the head off of, because Dutch talked to him. He thought Fourteen might be a spy. Then later, he met some guy in a clock factory, made him Fourteen. We never saw him around, he never came around, but after a few months, the rule was suddenly that if Mortimer dies, Fourteen is the leader. That's about the time we learned that the guy Mortimer met was Sylar."


Fourteen is Sylar?

Audrey looks to Cooper, masking the surprise that she has. There was a connection, sure, with the killings but not actually doing them himself. The folder is flipped open, the glossy pictures inside turned to face him. The bodies found, flayed in homage to the serial killer, and their declarations of the king is dead, long live 14.

'Why are they doing this? Is this to announce that this person passing themselves off as Sylar is now in charge?"

Brows tick up, Cooper a little less able to hide the surprise. Son of a bitch. His expression clearly says as he looks at Audrey, before he's scratching across his little notebook. 'Sylar =14' And various things like that.

Pale green eyes flick up from his writing to the gruesome images being laid out. Brows furrow a bit at a thought, Cooper can't help but wonder, Is it a copy cat if the guy in charge is that guy? Hmm.

"Whenever messages were written on walls, it was to send it to someone. We never tagged, the Locos don't work like that, we sent messages to specific people. It's always personal." Thomas looks down at the folder, not even showing a real emotional response to it. "If they're doing this, if Mortimer is dead, then they're trying to get Fourteen's attention. And it's only going to get worse. If the killings don't work, it'll turn into explosives, and god knows what else. I can't say who's in charge now, I heard most of us were killed at Primatech, the structure has likely completely changed by now."

"When did this person claiming to be Sylar, come in contact with Mortimer and where is this clock factory that he met Mortimer in? For that matter, who is Mortimer?" Audrey's scribbling things down, collecting the pictures and stuffing them back in their envelope.

"Mortimer Alex Jack, he's the leader of the Locos. Kind of crazy, used to work for Linderman, but I heard from the guys in here that he broke affiliations some time last year. He's not a person you want to mess with, he does this thing with his eyes, he knows how machines work, makes these crazy inventions and robots…" Thomas shakes his head, shuddering slightly as he feels something go down his spine. "He killed so many of us on his own, for breaking rules. We weren't allowed to steal or sell drugs, or make any profit. Everything we did was for fun, and his religious ideals."

Audrey's writing still, the name for the leader, the former leader who has either died or disappeared, that they know of. She looks over to Cooper, seeing if he has any questions.

There is a soft sigh from Cooper as he looks at his own notes, brows furrowing in thought. "You still haven't answered Agent Hanson. Any idea where this clock place is? Would be nice to know." A page is grabbed by two fingers before turning the page. "So… Sylar." Cooper presses lips together, eyes on his notepad. "Not the normal MO for the types of people he picks up. What did the other guys think when they first found out about it?" Who knows if these things were a whole… or the few.

"More importantly, I'd like to get a feeling on some of the guys in the group." He moves to stand next to Audrey, hands resting on the table. Those pale green eyes seem to be studying he other guy. "Who would be the most likely of these guys to rally the troops to do all that? One guy? Two of them? All?" he motions at the folder.

"You don't really think in the Locos, Mortimer thinks for you. In our normal lives, we're students, CEOs, homeless, slackers," Thomas looks over himself, then back up at the two. "Cops. But when you walk through the door, into the base, you're an extension of him, you think about your dreams, and then you think about what he wants. He encouraged us to follow our dreams, not to waste our lives settling. I have no idea where this factory is, he frequented lots of clock factories for parts. But I can tell you that if they're doing this, it's Mortimer's plan, he planned for everything, even after his death or disappearance. He'd have planned for me talking to cops by now."

There aren't that many clock factories really, if you think about it. It's easier to narrow down things. Like, a clock factory that's gone out of business as opposed to one that still functions. "You're not answering Agent Cooper. Who would have initiated the call for number fourteen, who would be the interim placeholder, until this Sylar individual could make contact." Audrey watches the former cop, not an ounce of sympathy for where he is and how he came be there.

Lips press tight at the answer, obviously not all that happy with it, but Cooper isn't giving up so easily. "Alright. So you're telling me there were no rumors behind his back? No talking behind the man's back?" He sounds unconvinced about it. "Come on… there had to be some whispers going on? I don't buy this hive mind stuff, not completely. To an extent yes, but on the outside, you all had to have had thoughts.

"Then you can give us some names? Others in the gangs? Names and numbers? Profession if you know it?" He gives a flick of his fingers as he straightens from the table, so that he can writing again. "Even if they might be dead now, never know what could help us." Cooper turns away from the man, eyes going to Hanson.

"Ten would have, but Ten died in Primatech. Policy was to never tell each other our real identities, but we did break the rules sometimes, it wasn't one of the hard rules. He was a military nut, short, had a bit of a Napoleon complex. He was our logistics guy, knew all about computers and strategies, one of Mortimer's favorites, likeminds, except the computer part." Thomas runs a hand over his face, looking more than a little stressed from the questioning. "His name was Jason Kyle. And then there was number 31, he's a doctor, he's probably still alive. He didn't usually do field work. Doctor Timothy Morrison, he's a heart specialist and his wife left him for focusing on his work too much. That's the weakness Mortimer used to get him to join, give him a better purpose in life."

Names are jotted down, possibilities, leads to find some of the current members, start bringing them in and see who all was doing what. "I think that's enough for today. If we have any more questions, we'll be sure to pay you a visit Thomas" They've got something to go on, better than sitting in a car and staking out known places that the gang/cult hangs out in. She makes a motion for Coopers to get any last stuff in that he might have rambling around in his brains, getting up from her spot so she can knock on the door so they can be let out.

There is a short nod of Cooper's head and a lop sided smirk. "Alrighty, I believe that's all I have currently as well." A smile is given to the inmate, before gathering anything else off the table that might have been laying there. "Thank you for your cooperation today, we'll be in touch again I'm sure."

Cooper pauses in mid step, turning on the heel of one shiny shoe and faced the guy, a brow lifting. "I should ask before I walk out that door. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Anything that might be a nagging there in your brain?"

Thomas suddenly states an address, one deep in the Rookery. "That's where our last base was located, but word in here is that there was a large explosion months ago. If FRONTLINE's moving in, he probably blew up the base and moved to our secondary in Midtown. But I don't know any specifics, other than it being underground. We keep a massive amount of security, this is his ability, it's not something you want to fuck with lightly."

There's a motion to Cooper to write it down, even as someones coming to let the pair of them out. 'Thank you Thomas. You have a good day now" The blonde homesec agent replied, mind already mulling over how this upcoming week is going to be divided. "Lets go" This to cooper.

Once the information is jotted down, Cooper gives the man at the table a small wave before following Audrey out again.

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