Signing Bonus


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Scene Title Signing Bonus
Synopsis Adam takes Tamsine by the pub and surprises her by asking her to be more than a manager.
Date May 27, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Dim yellow light accents natural wood floors and rough brick walls, the interior design that lends to a warm and old-world atmosphere. While foreigners would balk at the notion of calling this place a pub, due to its strictly Americanized layout, the patrons here are comfortable with the level of decour being just European enough to accent the stout served behind the bar. Biddy Flannagan's is a local fixture here in the Upper East Side, a place of welcome respite for the thousands of upper and middle-class residents of the neighborhood to come and share a pint amidst a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Inside of the pub, it's hard to tell whether it's day or night outside, with thick burgundy curtains covering the front windows, and the deeper recesses of the pub near the bar shrouded in the smoky air darker still, creating a certain ambiance that lends itself to drinking.

Today has been an excursion. Adam picked Tamsine up in a chauffered car, they took a nice dinner where the conversation was pleasant. There's been some kissing, but it hasn't been heavy on it. He also had some nice flowers for her. But in the end, they both ended up on the upper east side outside of a small bar. Adam steps out of the car and says, "Well, this is it."

Tamsine looks at the exterior of the building and nods. A bar's a bar, after all, and such a place is one she's not that familiar with. "It looks … nice," she says a bit lamely, not sure what one says about a business recently purchased by one's new employer and/or boyfriend. She takes Adam's hand, to let him lead her into the bar proper.

Adam takes her hand and pulls her inside. The bar's been closed for the night at Adam's request. He glances around, "Well, be it ever so humble." he pauses as he glances around, "You can make any changes you want to the decor…it's a bit…franchisish. To be honest, there's not much European about it, or Irish other than some of the knick knacks." he pauses, "Could be, we do something with the decor…I don't know, what do you think?"

She glances around. "Hmm," she muses, reaching up to push a lock of red hair behind her ears. "Well. It's not bad, it's just… a bit bland. I think…" she turns in a circle looking at the space. "I don't really know bars, but you know how some put random pictures in different sizes, memorabilia all over the walls. Maybe something like that. Irish stuff. Stuff related to Irish stuff. Actors. Bands. Sports teams. Coats of arms. Beer paraphernalia from only Irish companies. Flags. And more brass, more polish. Everything mahogany and brass with touches of green here and there."

Adam listens and nods, "Well." he says, "That'll be on you. Set up the workers and we'll discuss a budget for renovating the place and redecorating." he pauses, "I've also made a decision." he sits down on a stool, "I want your name on the lease. You know I can't put mine…there's other options, but I think I want it down in your name. Really, we'll both be owners, but you'll be the legal one." he smiles playfully, "I suppose I'll just have to trust you."

Her face pales as he mentions putting her name on the lease, making those little cinnamon-hued freckles stand out all the more. "Adam… no, I can't… besides, don't you need this place for some… reason? You said you needed a business. I'm assuming for taxes or … something else." She doesn't say the words "money laundering." "Doesn't having me be the legal owner… defeat your purposes?"

Adam leans back on his stool. He shakes his head, "No, that's not why I needed it." he says, "Sometimes I'll need to store things here, have meetings. None of that means my name has to be on the lease. Hey, don't get so worked up. It's really just like you'll be a partner. I'll just be a silent partner."

She stares, stricken. She already put in her notice at work. She was counting on this new beginning, but this is something… more than she accounted for. "I … but… I don't know how to be a business owner. It'll be hard enough to be a manager, but to be responsible financially, I don't know, Adam."

Adam shakes his head, "Don't worry about the finances." he replies, "Trust me, you'll do fine. Most businesses are money pits in the first few years anyway. I'll take care of it. It's not about being profitable, I told you that. You have nothing to worry about." he smiles, "Think of it as an experiment. You can learn as you go and put your vision to the test." he pauses, "Just make sure it's clean, I don't like vermin."

Vermin. Tamsine laughs, some color coming back into her face. "Did you actually use the word vermin?" she asks, with a shake of her head. "I've never heard anyone say that, that wasn't, you know, like Pa Joad or Mister Edwards or something on Little House on the Praire." She actually giggles, and then covers her mouth, trying to contain her amusement.

Adam smirks a bit, he's been known to use words out of their time, that's who he is. After a moment, he says, "There'll be a corporation on the lease with you, some dummy name that I'll think up. That /is/ for tax purposes, so that you won't be legally responsible for all the costs, since it would seem wierd if you were able to come up with all this money on your own." he glances around, "I'll start looking for employees…you should too. We'll just have to both agree on any hires. That way, no one…undesirable will be on the payroll. We'll both have to like them. Sound good?"

Tamsine nods slowly. She's not a hundred percent sure of this, it's clear. "I… nothing of your deconstructionism profession will come back to bite me, will it? I mean… if we're on paper and all. I don't want to be financially in trouble because of something that you're doing that's for 'the cause,' you know?" she says cautiously, not sure how to word it all without being offensive.

Adam considers this for a moment before he says, "You won't be responsible for the financials, that'll be what the corporation is for. Hell, even if this goes bankrupt, the bankruptcy will be on the side of the corporation. You'll be on the lease, it's not quite the same." he stands, "I'll work it out. Come on, Tamsine. I told you I'd take care of you, you don't think I'd put you at risk, do you?"

She bites her lower lip. "I … I know. But you've only known me a short time. What if you decide you can't stand the sight of me after a few weeks? Suddenly I'm your business parter and you can't just stop calling me, you know?" she says gently, taking his hand again as she looks up at him earnestly. "And if it's a cash dump… how do I get paid, if technically we're taking losses?"

Adam laughs, "I wouldn't worry about that, Tamsine. I'm going to enjoy your company for as long as you'll let me have it. I worry about the day you eventually decide I'm not the man for you. But.." he pauses, "I think you're able to keep the cause and professionalism in that case." he steps forward, "We'll make one of those promises that we'll always be friends, yeah?" he smiles, "Promise me.." at the question of money, "The corporation will issue payroll."

She nods slowly. "I… I guess… if I could see a contract and all, it'd make me feel better. To be sure I'm not accountable in the end, because… I have a hard enough time paying for my house, you know?" she says quietly. "I really don't know the first thing about business so I have to go on faith, you know? So obviously… I don't see you as someone I wouldn't want to be friends with."

Adam nods, "Alright." he says in reply, "I'll have my lawyer forward you all the paperwork. You'll have his number if you want him to explain it to you." he pauses, "I don't want you to worry about other financial concerns. I want to know what financial difficulties you're having and I'll give you a signing bonus, ok?" he pauses, "Remember, it's a signing bonus, so don't go on about charity or anything. Corporations give them out all the time."

"Not troubles, no," Tamsine says. "I don't need a signing bonus. It's just … you know. An expensive city, and social workers aren't exactly in it for the money." She doesn't mention the private school tuition for her late daughter, or worse yet, the cost of funeral arrangements, the money for which came out of her scant savings. "You think any of the patrons will be offended you have a Scottish woman managing an Irish bar?" she asks, changing the subject with a wink.

Adam shakes his head, not letting it go, "No." he says, "Don't put your pride ahead of good business sense. Corporations give signing bonuses, so you're getting one." he reaches over and takes both of her hands as he settles down on a seat, pulling her either on him or next to him, "As for the latter, if they've been drinking here, they really don't care that much about authenticity." he pauses, "Oh! And by the way, you'll be one of the number one bars in New York City for showing football-.." he pauses, "Soccer…I imagine a wall of screens."

"That makes sense, being Irish and all. We should try to order some banners, posters, pennants and such from whatever Irish teams there are," she says, looking down to her hands in his. She interlaces her fingers with his as she smiles up at him. "Fine. Signing bonus, but don't be … ridiculous. Whatever you'd legitimately give someone who you don't kiss…"

Adam chuckles,, "That's so unfair. I kiss all my business partners….in fact, I kiss everyone I'm in business with. My lawyer Paul and I? We start each meeting with a nice make out session." he smirks at her as he teases, "So..really, that's not possible, I wouldn't even know how to imagine giving someone a bonus that I'm not kissing." and with that, ,he kisses her.

Tamsine laughs and squeezes his hands, her laugh quieted by his lips. When they part, her eyes are a bit dreamy as she looks at him. "I think you might be too good to be true, Adam. Tell me, aside from kissing your lawyer, is there anything I should know about you that makes you less than perfect? Not that there's anything wrong about kissing Paul, but… you know. Most girls don't look for that in a guy."

Adam smirks a bit, "Nope, I'm absolutely perfect." he says. Then he quiets, "I've got my flaws like all guys. I've got a past, I…do bad things for a living..but, I try and be loyal to my friends. And when I get serious with a girl, I do my best do do good by her to the best of fmy ability. I hope we get serious..I know we're still feeling each other out and I know you still have layers that you keep around yourself..but I'm enjoying our time so far."

She glances down at her hands. Most girls would probably want to hear that, that the handsome man kissing them wants to be serious, but it's that word that spooks this woman. "Thanks. I like you, too," she murmurs, her cheeks flushing with the awkward inadequacy and seeming childishness of that statement. "I'm sorry I'm like a little school girl at times. I just… you know… it's been a long time since I've dated. If you could even call my past dating."

Adam reaches up and strokes your cheek. "I'm patient." he says gently. "I like you a lot, Tamsine. I'm in no hurry. There's no playbook, no manual. We just do what feels ok." he brushes some hair back from her face. "We make up the rules as we go along. So." he says, "Got any rules for me?"

Those dark eyes stare into his lighter ones, as she tries to remember how to breathe. "Rules," she repeats. "Don't hurt me?" she says, then laughs and shakes her head. "I don't know, Adam. I don't even know what to ask. How do people date in 2009? The last time I had a boyfriend, I was't old enough to drive." She smirks. "How about… a question. You say you want to be serious. Does that mean we're… exclusive? Or are we still dating, testing each other out?"

Adam laughs a bit and leans forward, kissing her lips, ,"I'll do my best not to hurt you." as he listens to the rest, "I've done some research, mostly they just hook up." at the rest, "Well, if you want to be exclusive, we'll talk about it…but I don't think you're ready for that step yet, I'm not sure I am either. We're dating…you might even call us boyfriend and girlfriend. But…I think we're also still feeling each other out. Still seeing where we want this to go. Does that sound right to you?"

She nods, blushing a bit more. "All right. That's fair. I'm not sure I'm ready for that either. Not like I have a whole black book of guys that I rotate through for dates, mind you." She gives a slight snort at the thought. "Thanks for understanding, though. I'm sure … there are plenty of people with less layers that you can be with."

Adam chuckles a bit, "Layers make you interesting." he strokes your back, "Just be honest with me, Tamsine, about how you're feeling and we'll always find a way to work it out. We promised we'd always be friends, remember?" he slides his hand up her back a bit and considers, "Karoake. That's popular, isn't it? Maybe we should do karoake."

"I… you and me, karaoke, or the you mean here at the bar?" she says, glancing around. "Maybe like once a week or something, but I think it's more a … you know, one of those 'where everyone knows your name' kinda places. Except not in Boston."

Adam nods, "Perhaps…but everyone wants to pretend like they're some sort of superstar." he chuckles and pats her bottom, "I don't really do that. I'm a half decent singer, but karoake just seems a tad…gauche to me. But we're looking for a way to make regulars, that's one way."

"Right, so a once a week thing maybe, but not every night. Die hard stout drinkers don't want to have to listen to someone crooning Britney Spears while getting their Guinness on, do they?" she says with a smirk. "I … actually sing, too. And play. The guitar. But it's been a while." She blushes as if admitting some secret deviancy.

Adam considers that for a ffew moments as he watches her. He smiles a bit and leans in, kissing her again gently, then he says, "Then one night…you'll have to put on a show. And I'll have none of that.." he waves his hand, "Oh no, I couldn't. You will. It'll be a little showcase, we'll even offer a few other people. Like our own little concert."

Those dark eyes fly wide open again. "I haven't performed since I was … you know. Before I could drive." She hasn't done oh-so-many things since before she could drive. "But the other people, that's an idea. Live music. What about a piano? Ever heard dueling pianists? That could be fun. And don't make a dirty joke, I know where you're going to go with that…"

Adam chuckles and pinches her bottom, "Don't change the subject. You're performing too." he smiles softly and leans in, capturing her lips again, "You're really getting into this." he says, "I'm glad to see the bar has inspired you."

"I… we'll see." Why can't she say no to this man? Every cell in her body tells her it's not a wise move to go into business with someone she's just met … someone who's a murderer, no less… why has suddenly every fiber of common sense disappeared? She shakes her head and laughs. "Thanks for giving me something to think about. Besides myself."

Adam smiles, "Hey, like I told you before, you're doing me the favor. I don't want to run the minutae of the business." he pauses, "So…shall I take you home?" he questions.

She slips off the seat and to a standing position. "So romantic. Flowers, candy, and minutiae," she says with a wink. "I can't say you never gave me anything."

Adam smiles, "Of course you can't." he says as he takes her hand and leads her out of the place, "I brought you pocky, didn't I?" he pauses thoughtfully, "How do you feel about cats?"

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