Sincere Apologies


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Scene Title Sincere Apologies
Synopsis Elle visits to start her investigation and apologize to Abigail for hurting her.
Date September 17, 2010

St. luke's Hospital

She should have been out already, but between the night with Caliban and before she was supposed to be discharged, something they gave her didn't agree with her and her temperature was fluctuating. The latter was quite obviously - to her - Her fault. The former, was something they gave her that had the blonde erupting in hives at some point and puffy lips. Such had been and was being rectified with drugs, and she was working hard to keep her temperature down.

The private room devoid of others in the meantime, whomever was staying with her gone to deal with coffee and food, Abigail remained curled up on her side, watching a movie on the small dvd player that someone had brought in for her, a stack of movies to the side. Bible beside her on the bed, she's watched as Patrick dempsey pranced about in a mini-kilt and tried to compete in a caber toss. Unaware of what might come walking into her room.

The door slips open, and in steps quite the familiar face. Elle Bishop, still brunette as ever, enters the hospital room. With her, she carries a vase that contains a large bouquet of flowers, and a gift basket containing a teddy bear, and plenty of chocolate. She hesitates near the door, frowning at Abby. "Abby…hey.." She frowns. "I wanted to come and apologize to you…" She keeps her distance, to avoid startling the woman.

Institute agent. If it was anyone else, she might panic that someone was here to drag her off and that Robert was wrong, she wasn't too public to abscond with. But if they were coming for her, they'd bring the white suits and coffins. Not chocolate and teddy bears and an ..maybe// apologetic look on her fact.

As hard as it is to tear ones gaze away from Dempsey's hair, she does, focusing on Elle in the doorway. "You made a pretty bizarre burn pattern on my back" Abigail offers, aiming for careful neutrality with the Brunette. "Fried a really expensive piece of equipment. How are you Agent Bishop? You survived the company falling it seems. You got out in time?"

Cautiously, Elle approaches, setting the vase of flowers on the table, and the basket of chocolate and teddy bears next to it. "I'm really sorry for that. Actually, that's another reason I came. What happened at the Nite Owl was the work of an empath, I'm pretty sure." She frowns, moving to sit in the chair next to Abby's bed.

Eyebrows raise at the question, and Elle Bishop nods slowly. "Barely." That's a lie. She left Fort Hero that day, dead as dead can be. "Daddy wasn't so lucky." She fidgets a bit in the seat, peering up at Abby.

Then, she sighs softly. The fact that she's not Company any more, possibly Institute, is going to have to come out anyhow. "I'm with HomeSec now. Actually…I had a few questions about the other day. I'm heading up an investigation on the incidents at the diner."

"I figured you were with Homesec. So I'd heard when I came to. Fried by Elle Bishop, a homeland agent. I'll answer what I can Agent Bishop. I try to co-operate with the authorities whenever I'm asked about things. I'm sorry about your father" There's no offer of her hand out to the older woman, just a press of a button to pause the movie so she can focus fully on the other woman. "How are the others from the diner? Were Tom and Natasha okay?"

"The only other injuries were a man who was stabbed by another man, who is in a room a few doors down from you, and the man who I zapped, who stabbed the poor kid." She frowns. "Everyone else was fine, though, just very shaken up." She leans back in her chair, relaxing for a moment. Then, she reaches out, pulling out a candy bar. This is unwrapped and offered to Abby. She feels bad for shocking the woman.

"Did you see anything suspicious before everything went crazy? Or perhaps, did you notice anyone who was calm compared to everyone else?" Elle tilts her head toward Abby.

"I saw.. empty coffee cups, I'm sorry" Abigail takes the proffered chocolate bar, taking a moment to look at it before slender fingers tear into the packaging and liberate half of it. The other half carefully held out to the other woman. "There was someone at the table behind you but… I can't remember who it was. There was the old couple …" There were more people, but she couldn't much remember. "I'm sorry Agent Bishop. How is the man who got stabbed and did you catch the one who did it? The stabbing that is'

"That's alright, you saw what you saw." Elle reaches out, taking the other half of the chocolate bar and pulling a tiny piece off, popping it into her mouth, all while pulling a card out of the pocket of her jacket. This is set on the table next to the DVD player. "If anything pops up, let me know." She then leans back once more, peering at the chocolate for a moment, before looking back up to Abby.

"The fellow who was stabbed is stable. We got him to the hospital in time, and he's been stitched up. He's just recovering, now." She takes another bite of chocolate, letting it melt in her mouth for a moment, before tilting her head toward her shoulder. "Didn't catch the guy who stabbed him, but he dropped the weapon he used. Hopefully, we will be able to trace him by fingerprints."

"Hopefully you catch him. The last person who did this sort of thing was out at Summer Meadows and started a riot" Where people died and a lot more injuries occurred. "Hopefully the fingerprints will yield something. With the new registration, if they're registered, you'll get a hit" If they're registered properly to boot. "Is it possible that it was someone who was manifesting anew?" She offers up. "I've come across a few folks who manifested, not knowing, and done some pretty damaging things."

Elle would be one of those people who did some damaging things. In fact, she was responsible for the death of her own grandmother. The frown on the brunette's face suggests that she relates all too well with that statement. "I don't think it was a fresh manifestation. I can't remember a lot, but I know I saw two people walk out. One was the guy who did the stabbing. The other was someone else. I think it may have been intentional, because after that second person left, the effect left with them."

She sighs, lifting her head up to the ceiling. She looks stressed. Then, blue eyes turn back down to Abby. "Are you going to be okay?" Concern, from Elle Bishop? Wow.

"I'll be fine Agent Bishop. Hospital bill, what insurance won't cover, and with some luck my back won't scar up. I know someone who can fix what you fried but… I'd be out already if I hadn't broken out in hives from something. You didn't mean it Agent Bishop, you were under the influence of another evolved and I've had that happen to me before. I don't blame you for what happened, I blame whomever did it and I hope you catch him and he is held responsible for his actions. That poor man who was stabbed" More of the chocolate bar is offered out for her to nibble from. Little hard to not feel for the woman when she looks concerned and looks like she feels bad.

'Could have been worse, you could have hit me much harder. Why… did you hit me, I was leaving, walking away from you"

Elle raises a hand, offering a small smile as she declines the rest of the chocolate. "That's all yours. You need it more than me. I'm not the one in a hospital bed." She runs a hand through that freshly dyed hair of hers. "We'll be doing our damnedest to catch the person who did it. I've got a pretty good team for this, so hopefully we'll get this done." She says that with a frown, though, as if she's worried. She also says it as if she is the one heading up the investigation.

Elle blinks a few times, frowning at the question. "I…I don't remember a lot, just that I was terrified that you knew something about me, and that's why you were running. It was…hunter instinct, I think?" She frowns. "I was running on pure instinct. Some people choose flight. I choose fight."

"I'm a flighter. The Baptist in me" She looks like she might ask what the woman thought Abigail knew about her, but doesn't. Because then Elle might ask why Abigail felt the need to flee. "I forgive you. For electrocuting me. Have to say you pack more punch than a taser. Is that what it's like to kiss you?" She's trying to make a joke, put the institute/homesec agent at ease.

A small smile forms on Elle Bishop's face. "Sometimes it is. I do like to give electro-kisses." She chuckles softly, shaking her head. She doesn't go into detail about how a taser is vastly inferior to her, or how the last time she seriously used her ability on someone, it was Bryan, and his eyes melted into her hair. Nobody needs to know about that.

"Any particular reason you were running from me, if I may ask?" Elle finishes off the candybar Abby gave her a few moments ago, crumpling the wrapper and tossing it into the trash.

"Truth?" Abigail shifts, adjusting the bed so that she can sit up and face the woman proper. "Long day of just running around and there was something I saw outside the window right behind you. I thought I saw Sylar. I've had enough run in's with him that.. Fleeing like heck is really the only option. i realize how it was pretty much… the person who did this all. I'm sorry I ran"

Elle nods slowly, cringing at the name Sylar. She has history with that man, and she is still quite unsure of how she will react if she ever comes face to face with him again. She frowns a little toward the ground. "I can completely understand wanting to run from him. Don't blame you there." She shakes her head. "No need to apologize."

'Everyone runs from him" She murmurs. "Was there anything else Agent Bishop? Thank you for the.. I guess. apology gifts, you really didn't have to. Things like this happen, it's not like you did it on purpose and … just… You know."

Sensing the cue, Elle raises from her seat, straightening her dress suit. "Nothing else, no. If you can remember anything else," she gestures toward the card sitting next to the DVD player, "then please give me a call." She smiles softly, running a hand through her hair. "I wanted to, though. I felt really bad for that…" The smile fades rather quickly, Elle turning her eyes from Abby's. "I'm really trying to be normal."

"hard to be normal when everything you knew and was, is suddenly gone" Spoken like someone who knows what that's like, even if she doesn't know how it applies to the other woman in ways far more than the company. "Take it a day at a time Agent Bishop, and apply yourself to your case. You'll… get as normal as you're supposed be at some point"

Elle offers a small, genuine smile to Abby, the only smile of all of them that has reached her eyes. "Thanks, Abby." She reaches out, pulling the teddy bear from the basket, and setting it next to Abby. "His name is Gerald, for some reason. I thought he might help while you're in here recovering." She takes a few steps back toward th door, then pauses, smiling to Abby. "…And if you ever want to have lunch when you're out of here, give me a call."

Then, she's walking out the door.

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