Sine Spe



Scene Title Sine Spe
Synopsis Completely alone with only her thoughts, Delia tries to map something out in words.
Date January 27, 2011

In Bed, In Hiding

It's dark outside, too dark to be awake anymore but the light of the small pad at her fingertips is keeping her awake for just a few more minutes. Just long enough to get what is on her mind out. The floor around her bed is littered with crumpled pieces of paper, ones that she’d tried earlier to put together the old fashioned way but it just didn’t work. Her long fingered hands didn’t feel comfortable anymore, they didn’t feel like hers.

At first the progress is slow, one letter at a time before a single tear runs down her cheek and something bursts inside, letting all of those words rush out in a flood. Later, when she has the mind, she’ll go back and edit but for now she just needs it all out.

Dear Nick,

I know I said I wouldn't bother you any more, I'm not trying to now. I just thought that if you'd seen Brad's show that you might be wondering, or worried, either one maybe or even neither. It's okay if you weren't. I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay, I'm supposed to be writing this by hand and I did (most of it) before I realized that I didn't have an address to send it to. Silly me, huh?

Anyway, I got moved again and again, I probably won't be able to see Brad for a really long time. At least that's what the person I was staying with the other day said. I haven't seen Dad yet and now I'm not sure if I'll be able to. That person, the one I was staying with, left him a message but I'm not sure if he'll pick it up. It's just important to me to let someone know that I'm okay, that I'm not dead or that I've disappeared.

I hope I can see you again someday, you mean a lot to me. You saying you're my friend means a lot to me. I hope you're still wearing the medallion, I'll be trying to make sure that it protects you when you get into trouble again. If you only do one thing before I see you, just remember this; my mom used to say that love is the easiest thing you can give away and if you get it you shouldn't keep it locked up tight inside of you.

With Love,
Your friend always,

P.S. If you talk to Brian, can you tell him that I'm okay?

Staring down at screen of the iPad, Delia's finger hesitates over the done key for a long while before she finally relents and touches down on it. Right away she turns off the application and sets the flat device aside. She's not expecting a reply, Nick is likely busy with whatever trouble he's deigned to get himself into. Perhaps even too busy to read but as she lays her head on the strange pillow, Delia stares at the one lifeline she has to the outside world and lets loose a long sigh. It's a selfish thought, but it would make her feel better if he did read it.


Unless he did read it and just didn’t care.

Or even worse…


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