Sing You To Sleep


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Scene Title Sing You To Sleep
Synopsis A late night phone call and some needed apologies.
Date March 29, 2011

Le Rivage: Ygraine's Apartment

& Blue Moon Cafe: Aric's Apartment

As he gets out of the shower, Aric wraps the towel around his waist and wrings out his hair. He walks into the hallway towards his bedroom pausing to look in the mirror. He grabs the blanket and begins to roll around in it like a dog. He has learned he does not like to stay dripping wet with his power because it hurts. It hurts a lot! As he gets himself dry, he rolls his eyes and says out loud, "I can't wait to be rid of this power."

"Alright, please pick up, please pick up." Graeme's laying in bed, in Ygraine's spare room. His phone in hand, he's been staring at it for a good bit of time now. Finally, he reaches, slipping the earbuds into his ears for the headset, and hits the call button. Because he really does owe Aric more of an explanation than that he's alright. Ring.

When his phone rings, Aric blinks and looks over at the clock. 9:30 pm. He hmmms and walks over to it and picks it up. He says in a thick southern twank, "City Abortion Clinic. You rape 'em we scrap em. No Fetus can beat us. Seymour Butts speaking." As he runs a hand through his wet hair to get it out of his face.

Graeme chuckles on the other end. "Aric?" he says, "Very funny, though. I'm sorry for calling you so late, but." Amusement colours the slightly southwestern drawl of his voice, and he curls his fingers into the fur of the teddy bear that he was sent. But the words are more hesitant than they usually are, paced deliberately and carefully as if he's afraid of what he might accidentally say. "That you?"

"Graeme?" His voice returns to that baritone he normal has as he pounces on his bed like a school girl. "You got the roses and bracelet? Are you ok? I had not heard from you and well…I didn't think that 'night' was bad…I rather enjoyed myself. I know I got a bit carried away and with your shoulder and all. Yet it won't happen again. Not 'til your fully healed." He blinks as the apples of his cheeks darken a few shades redder. "Sorry I am babbling." He takes a deep breath, "How are you."

Graeme's response is gentle. "It was wonderful, and the roses are gorgeous, and I'm sorta holding onto the teddy bear right now really a lot," he responds, quiet. "It was, and I'd usually whine a bit petulantly 'bout not getting to do it again until my shoulder and such, because that's less fun. I'm sorry I just left messages and didn't call or anything. Like I said, not your fault. They put in stitches again and…" the words trail off, as Graeme takes a deep breath. "The doctor put me on negation drugs for a week, like he'd threatened to originally. It's why I've been quiet and out of contact."

As he listens and sighs softly, "And you thought I wouldn't understand? I have had my powers shut off by someone who could will them on and off with his mind or something. I know going from Energerizer Bunny on crack to Timmy the Turtle without his shell sucks I would have totally understood. I mean…I do understand." His own voice growing soft and sounding concerned through the phone.

"I'm … glad you under— understand," Graeme says. "I just needed some time, time to get used to it myself before anything more comp— complica— complicated. I've been staying with a friend for a few days, because yeah." There's a muffled sound of frustration at this. "Fucking hell I can't even manage half the words I think to use. I didn't want to be a burden, or anything, Aric. I still have until Friday on the negation drugs." He sounds vaguely resigned.

"If you were a burden Graeme. I wouldn't be talking to you. You know my place is always open to you. Yet…I understand. If you want to stay with someone who makes you feel safer. I know my power can be a bit…unwelcoming. It has taken me months to just not keeping it on all the time. So I know that without your powers it could make it worse. No I get it." His voice is calm yet there seems to be a tint of his own frustration.

Graeme pulls the teddy bear a little closer to his chest. "It's not even that, it's— I end up saying things I shouldn't, less control, less everything, I'm staying with my friend because she knows enough about how I get with the diffic— difficulty and the— there are some mental health things that get really hard, for me, with negation, and that helps." He sighs quietly. "I feel so fucking vulner— vulnerable. I hate it."

Aric sighs, "Fine. Then I will come to you. I can bring you some soup and sweets. It is two of the best things when you're in recovery to getting better." He grabs a pair of sweats and takes off his towel as he begins to put them on while trying putting the phone tight to his shoulder blade.

"It's after curfew," Graeme murmurs, quietly, though he sounds disappointed as well. "I don't want you to get in trouble, or anything, please. But tomorrow, some time tomorrow? I have to ask her if, if you can come by, or maybe I'll come over there tomorrow, tomorrow night or something. I miss you too, but I don't want you risking going out after curfew. She's nowhere close to the upper west side, either, it'd be far, and it'd be a risk, and no." There's a pause, and a faint sigh.

Aric sighs as he forgot about the curfew and lays down in his bed in a huff. He throws an arm over his head and says, "Sorry I forgot about that. Well ask her if I can come by tomorrow then. I want to see your face."

"Yeah, I will," Graeme says, voice gentle. "Like I said, I'm sorry for having been kinda quiet the past few days." He leans back, crossing his legs on the bed. "I am." Graeme swallows, almost audibly. "I missed you more than I realised."

"Awwww. Well hearing your voice makes me happy. I am glad you're okay. I thought it might have been something I did yet well…besides that night in the shower." He chuckles softly, "I didn't think you were a fuck 'em and run kind of dude. I am really happy to see that is the case."

There's a smile that works its way onto Graeme's face. "The only thing that I regret in the— in the slightest about that night is that you're not going to let me do it again until my shoulder's better," Graeme says, a small lilt of amusement to his voice.

A soft smirk escapes his own face as he says, "Well…look at it like this. When you are healed properly and I get a doctors note it is ok. I will let you do it again…and again…and again….and again." He grins a bit bigger, "Just give me 10 minutes to rest in between." He begins to laugh a bit louder.

Oh gods. It's a good thing that Graeme's in the guest room and the door is closed and there's little chance of him being interrupted, because he turns bright scarlet. "You're gonna make me get a doctor's note?" comes the slightly incredulous, though amused, question.

As he nods slowly as if the man was in the same room with him, "Yep. Something tells me that you would go against your doctor's orders. I don't think you would lie to me but I want to make sure you're okay and fully healed before I risk that again. I don't want Remi or Liz pissed off at me because we had too much "fun"."

"Yeah, I suppoooose you're right," Graeme says. "Liz wouldn't forgive me, let alone you." There's another quiet chuckle. "I guess at some point, I'll have to be getting a doctor's note, then." Graeme stares at the ceiling. "I'd argue, but you're too pretty to argue with."

Aric begins to blush as he rolls over onto his stomach and says, "Your not bad yourself there Blue eyes. But thanks. I appreciate it. So do you want me to bring you anything tomorrow or you gonna come and see me? I will make you anything you want to eat?"

"I'll come over there," Graeme says after a moment of consideration. "And anything you want, but the pain meds and negation drugs have … they've sort of killed my appetite a little bit, so I'm not eating as much as I usually do." There's a grin. "So, you should surprise me. I'll call ahead and all to let you know when I'm coming over."

Aric nods and grins, "And I have this great foot massager. I am sure without your powers you're feeling everything. This will help get your blood flowing and break up the stress on the nerves in your feet. It is amazing. You will love it I promise."

There's a smile on Graeme's face. "Heh," he says, quietly. "It sounds nice. Not as nice as seeing you will be." There's the sound of a yawn, muffled but definitely distinct. "Damn it. I'm so not used to being tired."

Aric smiles and says, "Well why don't you crawl into bed and I will sing you softly to sleep?"

"I'm already in bed, in pyjamas and everything," Graeme says, with a grin as he settles back, "but I'd like that." There's silence as Graeme pulls one of the sheets up and over him, settling his phone on his chest and pushing the earbuds in. "I would."

Aric nods and hops off his bed. He grabs his six string and sits on the bed in an Indian Style manner, "I am not a professional but I love to sing. I think it is a great way to release your soul and share it with other people. So…I hope you like it. And drift off to sleep. I will sing a few song for you." As he sets the phone down on the bed, "I can't hear you because I need both hands to play." As he begins to play the guitar is a soft kind of jazzy meets pop song.

Graeme smiles. "'kay," he says, settling back into the pillows that are around him to support his shoulder and arm. By the middle of the first song, he's asleep.

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