Singing 'Veronica'


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Scene Title Singing 'Veronica'
Synopsis Len stops by to ensure Veronica has a fun and safe trip. And to ensure she's going to come back.
Date June 30, 2009

Apartment of Veronica Sawyer

After being told that they could take a month's vacation, Veronica wasted no time getting out of Fort Hero. She left her contact numbers — the cell phone and her mother's number in California — with a note saying she'd give further details as to her whereabouts once she herself knew where they would be. She said a few goodbyes, but never managed to run into Len, and headed back to the city to make travel arrangements. Today she sits in the middle of her apartment packing gear: hydration pack, wet suit, rock climbing shoes, the like. She'll have to rent the kayak and surfboard down in Costa Rica, as hers is in storage somewhere in California, and she's not planning on heading there first. The point is to get away from the familiar, get away from everything known in her life, and simply be in a place where no one expects anything of her.

It's been a rough couple of months and Len was comfortable with the fact that his agents were going to be cut loose for a few weeks. Take some time. Unwind. Either relax or do something crazy, and hopefully not something stupid. He's done what he could to catch up to everyone before they took off. With all that has gone with with Veronica Sawyer, it's important that he check in with her. Would be a shame with someone of her talents to decide perhaps to disappear while on leave, so he drives up to her apartment building and parks his jeep, making his way up to her door. She hasn't left, at least her vehicle is in the parking lot. The cowboy raps his knuckles against the door as he waits for her to answer the door.

Veronica extricates herself from the pile of gear and clothing — aside from the wetsuit and hiking boots and the like, there most definitely is a teensy bikini or two in the mix — and manages to get to the door in a timely manner. She's wearing short shorts that say "Berkeley" on the butt along with a tank top. Her hair's up in a pony tail, and there's no make up on her fresh-washed face. "Hey, boss…" she says with some surprise in her voice, eyebrows raising as she swings the door wider. "Come in — did I do something wrong?"
f"It's not like I only come a knocking when there's something wrong, Agent Sawyer." he chides her with a grin. Len steps into the room and looks around. "Thought I'd come by to wish you well on your vacation, and let you know that I look forward to having you back when you're all rested." After he's nosed around a bit, he turns and looks at her, a grin on his face. "Looks like you've got quite a few things planned."

The agent smiles now that she knows she's not in trouble for anything. It was a 50-50 chance she was, after all. "Come on in," she says, moving to the couch to shove some hiking boots and a first-aid kit over to make room for him to sit. "Want something to drink? Beer? Soda? Water?" she asks. Her apartment, aside from the mess on the floor, is rather neat and well-kept — of course, all she does is sleep there, so it's not a surprise. "Most of the time I'm going to be out of range of cell phones and all down there, but I'll check in whenever I'm near a phone."

Len turns his eyes from her as he walks around, taking another look at where she lives and shakes his head. "Nah. Nothing for me. I'm just stopping by to see how you're living." Or making sure she's not packing /everything/ up and moving out. "How are you doing with everything that's happened recently?" he asks as he turns and looks at her again, tucking his thumbs into his front pockets.

There's quite a few expensive toys that don't seem to be going anywhere — a Blu-Ray player, a Bose stereo, probably 300 movies that have been classified by genre and alphabetized within the classifications. "You're asking me if I'm bailing on the Company, Len?" Veronica says, sitting on the arm of the white sofa, bare feet crossing at the ankles as she watches him. "I'm all right. I'm getting away from anything and everything for a while. Clear my head by doing crazy things that leave no room for any thoughts of any kind except 'holy shit why am I jumping out of this plane' and all, and when I'm done, I'm hoping I'll be able to process what's gone on and what it means. If that answers your question."

Len tilts his head down at her. "Actually, I wasn't going to even go there. I thought I would make sure that you've got your head on as straight as it can possibly be. I do look out for the well being of those who work for me. Some might consider that a fault, but I don't. I don't get good results from agents who have issues, if you understand my meaning. You seem to be doing well, all things considered. I just want to make sure that the kick-ass Veronica Sawyer who leaves is the same kick-ass Veronica Sawyer who comes back to me."

Vee raises her brows and shrugs one shoulder. "I don't feel particularly kick ass right now, but jumping out of planes and rock climbing can only improve that, right?" she says with a little bit of a smirk. "I'm okay. What about you? I … I didn't know anyone we lost, not personally. It's a bit sobering, of course, but I'll be fine." The near-death experience is less on her mind than the other issues she's already been struggling with, along with the secret of Winter's return that she's been carrying like a cross.

There's a shake from side to side of the cowboy hat as he smiles at her. "Nah." He has his own burdens to bear. Just because the divorce papers burned in the explosion, it doesn't make it any less likely to happen. "I'm doing okay. Plenty of time for Karaoke these days, right?" He loses that smile for a brief moment. "Just remember when you're out there jumping out of plans and nearly falling off cliffs that you are needed here. And you have at least one happy shiny face here waiting for you to get back, you here?" He finally curls the corner of his mouth up into a grin and reaches over and places a supportive hand on her shoulder, giving a single soft squeeze before he removes it. "Have fun, and be safe. And if you need anything, you know how to get a hold of me, right?"

She can't think of any other boss in her time with the Company who actually showed up at her apartment to wish her well. She smiles and hops off the arm of the sofa, stands on her tip toes, and gives Len a hug. "Thanks, Boss," she says quietly, her husky voice a touch huskier for a moment before she turns to kiss his cheek lightly. "Yeah. I have your numbers. I'll try not to break anything while I'm down there that can't be fixed. I'll have a margarita or two for you while I'm lying on a beach somewhere. You can sing Elvis Costello at Karaoke and think of me."

The hug was unexpected. Not unwelcomed, mind you, just unexpected. He gives her a soft squeeze in return and tilts his head into the kiss on the cheek, perhaps a small blush might have come to his cheeks if it was something that would be noticible on him. Luckily, it's not, so his manly dignity is still in tact. Len eyes her curiously, "Agent Sawyer, don't make me rescind your leave. There's only one Elvis worth singing karaoke to, and don't you forget it." The playful stern look is disbanded in place of a warm softer one. He walks towards the door, placing his hand on the knob and turns it. "See you in a month, Sawyer." The door opens.

"But that Elvis didn't make a song named Veronica, did he?" she points out and grins. She walks him to the door. "Thanks, Boss. It was nice of you to stop by. I'll send you a post card or something." She leans on the open door to see him out. "Tell Kayla I'm sorry, by the way," she adds.

A smirk at the mention of the song 'Veronica', which of course deserves the smirk. Len does give her a curious glance when she mentions Kayla as well as the apology. He doesn't ask, it isn't any of his business, but he'll pass the message along nonetheless. He dips his head. "Take care, Sawyer." He closes the door behind him, leaving her to her packing and her thoughts.

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