Siobhan Delaflote
Siobhan Delaflote
Portrayed By Audrey Tautou
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Ubiquitous Vision
Age 31
Date of Birth August 8, 1978
Occupation Ferrymen Operator
Family Lillian DeMare-Delaflote (mother; deceased), Francois Delaflote (father; deceased)
Significant Other(s) Unknown
First Appearance Be A New Beginning
Last Appearance

Siobhan Delaflote is a woman of mixed irish-french heritage and a French national working with the _ferrymen.

Character History

Having lived with her ability since a young age, Siobhan has garnered much sympathy for those born "different" like she, and left France in 2007 for America in the hopes of offering financial aid to those struggling from the aftermath of the bomb. Instead, she found herself embroiled in the efforts of the Ferrymen.

Born into wealth, Lillian DeMare-Delaflote and Francois Delaflote passed away in a tragic plane accident during Siobhan's teenage years, just as she was discovering her own unique capability and struggling with it. She survives off of the money her family entrusted to her, money decades old that she now uses to donate to charitable causes and — privately — aid the Ferrymen network.

Evolved Human Ability (Ubiquitous Vision)

Siobhan's line of sight extends in a sphere around herself. This debilitating ability crippled Siobhan when she was 15, and after ten long years of struggling to learn to control the ability and adjust to the inhuman vision she possesses, Siobhan has learned to utilize this talent to the fullest of her capabilities.

With this ability, Siobhan's line of sight extends in every direction around herself, seeing not with her eyes but by means of psychic impression, allowing her to see with her eyes closed. Siobhan is incapable of "shutting her eyes" to stop perceiving the world, and still currently takes sleep medication and requires pitch black rooms to get rest.


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