Sisterly Catchup


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Scene Title Sisterly Catchup
Synopsis Adisa comes to Bay House with a particular request about one of the Lighthouse kids.
Date February 22, 2011

Bay House


The old clunker turns a sharp right, wet mud flinging off the back tire as the Dodge Spirit spits earth from its tread. Lumbering it's way down the road, the radio blares loudly through the open windows. Clunking over a small hill, the Dodge rolls into the sight of the Bay House.

AwoooOOOOOOO Werewolves of London

The car comes to a stop, the white fence overcome with overgrowth now visible the brick house just behind it. The entire ride Brian has been unusually silent. Doing his best to offer a polite smile here or there, for the most part his features have been overcome with what seems like it might be grief. But if Adisa would ask or try to talk, the Lighthouse man would meet her with evasive muttering. His door flings open as he glances over to his passenger. "Mind hitting the lock before you close the door." Winters says somberly, undoing his seatbelt. The ignition cuts off, putting an abrupt stop to the Werewolves of London. Pulling the key out, Brian steps out before flinging the door closed.

Stepping towards the gate, he gestures for Adisa to follow him. It's stupid cold, his arms folding over each other to fight away the frigid temperature. The day is waning closer to evening, the sun starting to go down over the horizon.

Adisa tends to find silences daunting. Especially when she doesn't know exactly where she's going. Hugging a backpack that carries a tub of rocky road ice cream (that hopefully hasn't melted too much), her few attempts at conversation were thwarted by said evasive mutterings. Every so often, the eighteen year old girl checks her cell phone. Still got bars, but haven't gotten any texts. Either her friends are pointedly ignoring her texts, or they just haven't seen them yet. Or a mixture of both.

As the truck comes to a stop, Adisa is more than happy to hop out and lock the doors. "So like, um…like, what is this place?" She asks cautiously. It's a question she undoubtedly asked on the way here, but didn't get a straight answer to. "It's like, totally in the middle of nowhere. Do you even like, have electricity here and stuff?" She puts her backpack over her shoulders and starts toward Brian and the house.

Moving towards the house, Brian hugs himself tightly. Glancing over his shoulder, "It's our new safehouse for the kids." Samara must have told her about the kids. Even if she hasn't. Brian hesitates in front of the house, standing still after he murmurs about the kids. Turning some to look at the house, his brows knit. He glances down at the ground then back up, eyes welling up as he moves away from Adisa. Shouldering the door he goes to hold it open for his future sister-in-law.

Holding there, Brian glances up at the ceiling. His features seem tight, some kind of noise beind made in the back of his throat. "Generators." He explains dully, waiting for her to enter.

Greyish eyes slowly gaze over the house. Adisa crinkles her nose slightly. "It looks old and like…old. Totally old." What she's saying is, she thinks that it's old. "Safehouse?" She doesn't hear that word often. "For like, what kids? Like, kids in like, unhappy homes or something?" Sometimes it's hard to tell what she actually knows or if she really actually knows nothing. Smiling a little, she makes her way through the door and looks about. "Well, this is like, quaint, I guess."

Work has been the rule of the day for Bay House. Painting. Tiling. All in progress. All day long. The sound of the doors opening has a particular occupant snapping to attention. Her oversized paint shirt and dark coloured blue jeans are rife with streaks of yellow paint. Her cheek is strewn with a similar colour, and there are even hints of now-crusty paint cracking in her hair.

The paint fight had been swift. Sam had decidedly lost. It was a moment or two away from reality, an attempt to push the children to some semblance of joy. It had actually been fun. Even when they'd cheated and collectively snuck up on her. On the plus side, she'd gotten the wall finished after.

There's a brightness to her cheeks and smile as she spins around, still triumphant at the major work the kitchen had undergone through the course of the day. Her paint roller in hand and her hair still tucked under the bandana she'd been wearing the entrants are cast an honest smile brought forth by a busy day with laughter, joy, and fun.

Overtop the hand-print burn on her arm she'd put her own handprint, still refusing to live with some strangers mark. "Hi guys— " her lips twitch into a toothier grin, warm until Brian enters view— weakening her expression slightly with concern. Her eyebrows draw together somewhat, "I.. I'm making hot cocoa… don't worry, I used a recipe— "

Brian motions with his head over to Samara. "Sam's in there." He grunts to Adisa, closing the door behind them. The house is a ramshackle place, held together by Brian and Samara's hard work over the last few days. Looking just a little better every day. Locking the door, Brian turns some to face Samara. He gestures with one hand to Samara for Adisa. "Sam will explain it to you, if you have questions."

Glancing over to Samara, he waves a dismissive hand. "I'm going to bed. Come tell me when Adisa wants to leave.. or if she's staying the night." He gives a light shrug, turning some.

Adisa watches Brian leave before turning to Samara. In a quiet, whispering voice, she says, "Psst. Like, what's up with Quiet Quietpants over there? He hardly said like, two words to me on the trip over, and he like, totally doesn't seem as friendly as like, I thought he was!" She frowns. "And like, what's up with all the paint? Are you like, going for a 'Mother of the Nineties' typa look or something?"

Adisa looks around. Going back to her regular voice, she says, "And like, what is this place? Brian said it's some sorta…safehouse for the kids? Like, what kinda safehouse for what kids?" Yes, she's a curious one, this one. She wants to know why they'd have a place so far out and hard to get to.

"It's a home for kids who have nowhere to go. Evolved kids who lost their parents one way or another. We take care of them. Brian long before I came along." But the questions aren't all addressed; something things just take precedence.

Concern tugs at Sam's features, rooted deeper by the early-to-bed-time for Brian. "Addie.. can you— " she glances at the pot on the stove. "I'll be right back, it's been a crazy few weeks— " there's still kindness in her tone, that still present warmth. "Just.. hold up, okay? I'll explain everything when— " when she collects her thoughts.

Slow nearly stilted steps angle her towards Brian. "B-brian?" her eyes narrow slightly, concern sweeps across her face as she lifts a hand to caress his cheek. She frowns lightly.

Brian's gaze swings over to her. He's a little pale and looks like he might vomit at any moment. Looking down blankly at her as her hand goes over his cheek. Bringing his hand up to grasp hers he pulls it away gently. His eyes go to the floor as his head dips. "You should hang with Adisa." Brian mutters quietly, glancing over to their room. "I'll talk to you later, okay? Tell her I'm sorry." Brian offers, bringing her hand in front of him. He plants a brief kiss on the back of her hand before releasing it.

"Love you. I'm sorry. Have fun, okay?" With that, he steps to Samara's side and turns his back to her. Making his way to their bedroom.

"Oooh! I like, totally think that's an awesome idea. Like, totally totally." Adisa says, looking around. "You guys should have totally called me before. I totally would've been happy to like, help clean this place up." Though, of course, that's not her main purpose here right now. And they probably thought she'd be too worried about breaking a nail or something.

Looking around, Adisa says, "Yeah. Yeah. Sure. But ummm…I got some ice cream in like, my backpack. Can I like, put it in a freezer or something? I don't want it to like, go super musher. Ice cream soup is totally not as delicious as it sounds. Like, believe me. I've tried it." She does frown, however. A little glance at the quickly departing Brian has her…slightly concerned as well. Though it's not what is predominantly on her mind.

"A-a-are you sure? I don't.. I'm.. I'm here for you.." Sam nods slightly as her hazel eyes peek up at Brian. Quiet concern still edges her face, but she'll let it go for now. Later? Not so much. "I love you too," she says softly as he disappears. She lingers, staring at his back, several moments longer than she intends. Her arms are tugged around her as she turns on her heel to return to the kitchen.

She cranes her neck to peek back at Adisa. "Yeah.. It was all Brian. Lighthouse, I mean. It's all a secret, but it's good. And the ice cream can go in the freezer. Feel free to store it away."

"He'll be okay," she reassures herself rather than Adisa with a quick breath. "So." Sami's a little distracted despite her best efforts, but she forces a tight-lipped smile. "Why you here Addie? Like why the sudden interest in my life?"

Aside from the little bit of concern for Brian, Adisa turns her attention back to the kitchen. It's not that she doesn't care, just that she's got other things on her mind as well. As the freezer it mentioned, the ice cream is quickly taken out of the backpack and just as quickly taken over to and shoved into the freezer. "Lighthouse? What's that? Like…unless you mean one of like, those things they put up to guide ships?" She shrugs.

"Umm…why am I like, here?" Adisa puts on a sweet little smile. "Well, um, you like, see, umm…so, I heard about what Koshka did. Like, how she…well, anyway. She's pretty bummed out, right? Well, umm…I totally wanted to get your guyses permission to see her and talk to her. I totally know that she like, is grounded and stuff, right? But like, the way I see it? You and Brian are like, her parental types, but I'm like, totally her sister type. And like, every grounded teenage girl who like, feels like, totally horrible for something, needs not only parental types, but like, a sisterly type to totally have around and like, you know, like…vent to, you know?" She takes a deep breath. "And like, I also don't get to see you a lot, so I was like: Where are you not-zombie-undead sister? Let's like, totally spend more time together now that you're re-alive!"

Suddenly a Sami one-breath explanation seems necessary. She inhales a deep breath in prep and then, "Okay Lighthouse is where we are right now with all of these kids it's Brian's project except not a project we're like a family and we look after these kids and love them and house them feed them clothe them try to get them into school and that's what we do that's what Lighthouse," gasp for air, "is."

That aside, Sam turns to the pot on the stove and skims off the crusties on top of the milk to pour the cocoa into a few mugs. "So you want to see Koshka. I don't think that's an issue if you come here. She needs to not go anywhere because she stole and she needs to earn our trust back, but she's a good kid. I don't see it as a problem overall if you hang out here?"

Her cheeks flush at the mention of not being seen often. "I'm around a lot. But busy you know? Like we were in D.C. for awhile helping a friend and then we had to get this place ready to move some of the kids in. And wedding plans. Lots going on." Her lips twitch upwards for a moment only for the smile to fall some.

"Yeah yeah. She stole and all that. Like, I totally get it. I was like, totally as surprised when I heard." Adisa says. "I was like: WOAH! You know? I'd like, totally never known anyone who'd stolen anything before, right? And like, blew my mind. Totally had to come over and talk to her, you know? Talk to her and be like, 'I'm totally here for you and like, we all support you in like, kicking this habit.' And stuff. You know?" Adisa throws in a little smile, as if to make her point.

There's a blank look on Adisa's face as she blinks a few times. The mention of D.C. throws her off a little bit. "You like, went to D.C. and didn't tell me or decide to take me with you? I'm like, totally baffled. I like, LOVE D.C., like more than you know. I like, totally would've stayed outta your guyses way until it was time to leave, too." It's true, too. She would've been shopping the whole time. "Like, at least let me help you with the wedding plans! And with like, the kids and getting this place in tip top shape! I wanna help!"

"My life is complicated, Addie. I'm not complaining, it's more complicated than I thought it would be, but— " Sami holds her hands out defensively, anticipating some objection, "— in good ways. We love it. I love it. I'm so blessed to be here and loved and taken care of. And I try to do the same. I'm not a good cook, but love is something I have a lot of. These kids, they're great. We look out for them, we take care of them, it's good." There's extra sparkle in her smile as she flushes slightly. "I don't have any power or control, and right now the kids they're— " divided. Between Bay House and the island. But Sam doesn't explain this. "There aren't many of them. But I could talk to Brian if you are genuinely interested."

Her teeth graze her lip and she shakes her head, "DC wasn't some joyride. We were helping a friend and more people would've just complicated it further. We do what we do to help people and love people. That's all."

She shrugs again as she passes the mug to Adisa, "Bringing others along isn't always possible. I'm barely able." And won't be in short enough order.

Crossing her arms, the younger Dunham sister lets the older one have her piece. "And like, my life is complicated too, you know? I've gotta live with Tahir right now!" Adisa grins. "But like, I totally got a job, you know? At a hair salon? So like, that's totally amazing." She says happily. "And like, of course I'm totally genuinely interested. I totally love working with kids. And working on like, a house to make it a nice home? Like, shut your hair! I love stuff like that!"

Clearing her throating, suddenly Adisa's demeanour goes a bit more quiet and subdued. "Um, Sami? There's like, totally something I need to show you, that like, might help in your decision making for letting me like, totally help. Especially with total secret agent man stuff, 'kay?" She takes a deep breath. "You ready this?"

Without even waiting for a response, Adisa lifts up her right hand. For a few seconds, nothing happens. But then, all of the sudden, a faint glow can be seen. Gradually it starts to get brighter and brighter. Suddenly, it stops getting brighter. It stays at the point it is at, which is still easy to look at. It's as if her whole hand is glowing from the inside out. Sorta like E.T.'s finger, only with her hand.

"But it's not like that, Addie. It's just complicated. Busy. And I don't have any power, I just.. look out for the kids," Sami shrugs lightly as she pushes the mug a little closer to her sister. "I try to be there and love them whenever or however I can. And living with Tahir isn't the kind of complicated I've experienced." There's nearly a cringe at those words. Her fingers linger across her midsection a few seconds before dropping to her sides.

Sami's eyebrows knot together at the glow of Adisa's hand. SHe releases a breath slowly, clearing her senses while doing so. She dabs her lips with her tongue, moistening her dry cracked lips. "Does mom know?' she asks quietly while staring at the hand in question.

"But like…you're my sister, Sami!" Comes Adisa's response. "Sisters like, totally look out for each other and like, stand up for each other!" She states firmly. "And believe me, I had to tell him that like, having me around would totally be a good thing 'cause it'd like…be a bonus for his um, well, when it comes to lady friends! And he totally bought it!" She rolls her eyes.

But that's not the most pertinent topic of conversation for the time being. Most of the light drains from Adisa's had, focusing merely on the top joint of her index finger, which shines a bit brighter than her hand did. "Adisa phone Sami!" She says, before the light goes out all together. "No. Mom totally doesn't know. Neither does daddy, and Tahir totally doesn't know either."

"We do look out for each other, but sometimes.. sometimes the way we do that has to be different. I'm loyal to you, you're my sister. I will always be there for you to back you up. But sometimes the way we live that out.. it can't be accommodated in every way known to man." Again Sami toys at her lip.

"I won't tell anyone about your secret then— " she counters evenly. "But you should tell them. Mom and daddy can take it. God knows they can! After I died and then came back to life, I think they're ready for anything. Maybe. Well not anything-anything, but this kind of thing." She brings the mug of cocoa to her lips and takes a careful sip of the hot fluid. "And Tahir is like us. He's got a special talent too."

A look of relief covers Adisa's face when Samara says she won't reveal the secret. "Thanks, sis! You're the best!" She smiles widely, actually taking a sip of the hot cocoa that was placed in front of her. "Mm. You know, this totally isn't half bad?" She says with a little wink. "For a girl who has been like, dead for a few years…well, it's like, totally not as bad as I thought!" She says happily. "Tahir…you know, I like, seem to recall something about that? But I dunno…and we all totally know about you." She grins.

"You know…this whole, like, helping people with abilities? It totally seems like something else I've heard of." She looks around before leaning forward a little bit. "If you haven't heard of these people, you like, totally didn't hear about them from me. But like, have you heard of a group called like, the 'Ferrymen'? It's not like, gay people. It's not the whole like, 'fairy' men like, creatures out of a kids book or something. You know? Like…boat people. Ferrymen."

"We're connected to them. The Ferrymen and," Sami's hazel eyes roll slightly, "I know they're not some gay troupe. Don't worry about it." She waves a flippant hand at her sister, easing the emotions she feels about nerves and who the ferry are. "We're kind of the same, I think. Brian explained it to me once. When I was still invisible." Her grin eases some.

"Speaking of which… I need to get you back before curfew." She frowns lightly as she nods a little toward the door, "C'mon, I'll drive you home."

Adisa smiles widely. "Really?! Okay, so like, I've totally wanted to try to get ahold of them out here, 'cause I totally helped them out in Chicago. Long story. But yeah. Do you like, totally know of someone with them I could get in contact with? 'Cause I'll probably need their help to like, get a message to like, the Ferrymen in Chicago to tell them that like, I totally didn't drop off the face of the earth, you know? And maybe like, helping you guys out here can be my continued way to help them out?" Yes, she talks a lot sometimes.

Adisa sighs. "Fiiiinnnnneeeee. If I have to go back to the city. But like, totally leave that ice cream there. Do not touch! That's like, totally for me and Koshka alone, 'kay?"

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