Skate For Charity


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Scene Title Skate for Charity
Synopsis At one fundraiser, a plan is hatched to put together another.
Date December 26, 2008

Guan Gong Temple

Though it is situated on a busy portion of Broome Street, the Guan Gong Temple is a place of incomparable peace and serenity. It has been well kept through the years, and there are several exquisite works of Chinese art housed within. Stairs on either side of the common room lead up to a lofted dining area that's set for roughly a dozen. Carved woodwork and lovingly tended plant life makes up much of the decor here, as well as in the modest kitchen and living quarters.

While the usual clientele of Guan Gong Temple don't partake in the celebration of Christ's birth, or in the commercialized secular rituals which have arisen from the holiday, that doesn't mean they completely ignore the season of gift-giving and donation-seeking. The day after Christmas finds quite a throng in the temple's courtyard, many of them Chinese, a bare handful actually associated with the temple; more are tourists, or individuals of Western extraction who came to make their contribution to a fund intended for those still struggling to recover from the explosion of 2006 — and especially to the Evolved minority seeking to retain their own basic human rights.

There are a couple of tables in the courtyard with simple, store-bought catering trays — unusual for the temple, but a concession to American expectations. Another table features the bin for donations. Around these pieces of furniture, people wander and chit-chat, admiring the carefully maintained landscaping. They even manage to stay out of it, as a rule. The temple itself is presently off-limits to the masses, individuals being allowed inside only a handful at a time — the better to preserve its interior serenity and beauty.

Bundled up in a powder-blue coat against the afternoon chill, Laura makes her way past the tables to a corner still relatively uncrowded, where she pauses to study a discreetly placed scuplture of fish and an oriental dragon.

Paul is out for a little tour of the holiday fund raiser he is smiling and meeting people, chatting them up, and trying to help drum up business for the cause.

Magnes has laid out boxes of pizza on one of the catering tables, different yet common toppings in each box. He's stuck around, mostly to see what everything is about. But he gets a bit uncomfortable with so many people around, finally deciding to find the uncrowded area that Laura has taken up. He doesn't say anything, he just awkwardly stares at the statue while wearing a small chef's hat and his skates as usual.

The pale-haired young woman glances sidelong at Magnes when he joins her in the corner, but remains quiet for a while. The thoughts behind her expression are an inscrutable cipher, and when Laura finally does break the silence, it's with a neutral and conversational question that gives very little of them away. "Get crowded out?" she asks sympathetically.

Paul wanders over toward the corner in question, he smiles at the two of them, a big wide open smile.

Magnes awkwardly nods, briefly looking to her face, then to the statue. "Yeah, I was just making sure everything was alright, and I wanted to see what they were doing exactly."

A glance past Magnes proves someone else is headed their way. Blue eyes peer at Paul, then flick to the pizza deliver boy. Laura's expression is just a little dramatically stiff — pretending to be put-upon. "Looks like you've brought the crowd along with you," the woman says, a teasing note to the words.

Paul chuckles softly, and looks over his shoulder, "I think you have a few moments before that happens, though not long, are you all enjoying yourself? Anything I can do?

"Ah, sorry." Magnes instinctively apologizes for the 'crowd', then shakes his head at Paul. "I'm fine, just wondering what this is all about, I don't really wanna bother anyone to ask."

Laura looks sidelong at Paul. "Well, he sounds like just the person to ask!" she states cheerily.

Paul says, "It's a fundraiser put on by the temple, its to help those who have lost their jobs and homes, both in the explosion two years ago, and in the more recent anti-evolved demonstrations. To help those who because of their racial diversity are being driven from jobs and housing."

Magnes gives that a moment of thought, then softly smiles at the idea. "That sounds awesome! Is there any way I can help? Well, other than with the pizza?"

Laura settles back to eavesdrop as the two discuss charity and volunteering, her gaze wandering back to the statue.

Paul nods, "Well they are accepting donations, Christmas is a great time for that. Also I've been moving around, making sure people know what they are giving to, and why it's important.

"I'd donate, but most of the money left over from bills, and there's not much of it, goes to what I'm saving up to buy my own place, and I spent all my money for this week on a present for a girl." Magnes admits with a slight redness in his cheeks, being honest even if it does mean looking a tad immature.

The exchange brings Laura's attention back to the conversation, and she grins at Magnes. "Sounds like you've got a good plan going," she says to the youth. "Me, I already chipped in my part." A good-humored grin stretches her lips. "Not like I had anyone to spend money on for Christmas anyway."

Paul smiles, "Well…I'm sure your girlfriend would notice if you skimped on her." He winks, "But you can still help out in other ways. You know we don't ask anyone to put themselves in the poor house, just to get someone else out of it."

"A-ah, girlfriend? N-no it's not like…" Magnes trails off, getting flustered and embarrassed, then just gives up and tries to move on with the subject. "Well, I'll do what I can, I'm good at delivering stuff, and skating, um, I guess I can skate for charity?"

Laura chuckles softly at Magnes' denials, but otherwise remains in the background for the moment.

Paul nods, "I'm sure we have some marathons coming up."

"I bet I could do marathons, or if I had like, a half-pipe, I could skate and do tricks, and maybe get donations for like every five tricks or something." Magnes muses, quickly bouncing back from his awkward moment, but still slightly nervous in his demeanor.

"You might even get someone else to go along," Laura points out. "Maybe at one of the skate parks or something." She nods to the two, then makes her way back over towards the tables.

Paul nods, "Very possibly, let me give you a card, you could work on setting the whole thing up."

"Ah, alright, I'll give you a call, I don't know much about setting up events…" Magnes smiles politely, holding his hand out while waiting for the card.

Paul smiles, "Don't worry about it, I'll be able to get the organizing done, if you can get the people."

"I'll do my best," is all Magnes says, and when he finally does get the card, he'll skate off into the distance, possibly going on another Delivery Boy adventure.

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