Skater Boy Meets Biker Girl


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Scene Title Skater Boy Meets Biker Girl
Synopsis The fans didn't ask for it, they'll probably hate it, but we're finally putting Skater Boy and Biker Girl in a limited series together! Watch as they fix up a house, have brief awkward conversations, and… that's probably it.
Date March 12, 2009

Staten Island

A rundown plantation!

Nobody ever called it a typical New york home, because plainly it really wasnt. It was a plantation house, in the proper southern style. Big wrap around porches on both levels, screen doors, even a shed out back big enough to pass for a small barn. That isnt to say the house is doing great of course, because frankly it isnt. The paint is peeling, the yard is a mess and the house on either side of this one were first derelict and more recently now just burned charr where a house had once been.

Out in the backyard, there was Elvis. Quietly futzing with one of the windows on the shed/barn/garage which had been knocked out sometime earlier. Now it had been replaced not with glass but a 1/2" section of stainless steel, which was just now being sealed up with a bit of caulk. Whilst it was no secret she was open to a room-mate, she certainly didnt -tell- Magnes about it herself.

Being a pizza boy, Magnes gets to meet lots of people, even with his socially awkward personality. He heard of Elvis looking for a room-mate through the grapevine, but he didn't know the place was this large, he expected an apartment. He also didn't catch the memo that Elvis is a girl, I mean… Elvis. He can only hope that his blood-encrusted sneakers don't care her off as he walks up, stopping a good 10 feet away. "U-um, excuse me, I'm looking for a guy named Elvis…"

Elvis blinks, leaning back to peer curiously at Magnes. Just in a hoody and a pair of jeans today, an odd feature to see her in jeans. "I'm Elvis, and I aint no motherfuckin dude. Dude."she sniffles some, before turning to spit. Letting the Caulk gun sort've hang from her wrist. "What you want homes?"

"Ah, well, uh…" Magnes is taken back a bit, stammering over his words. Girls are intimidating in their normal state, but this one is a tough girl. "W-well, I was told you were looking for a room-mate, but I think you'd want a girl, so sorry for bothering you." he says with red cheeks, beginning to turn around.

Elvis brows raise higher. "naw, its cool as long as you aint no pervert or get any funny ideas."She sets the caulk gun on the window sill, before finally stepping away towards the house. "Its sorta rough right now, but theres alot of space."admittedly, sorta might be something of an understatement."And whats your name?"

"I promise I'm not a pervert, and the closest thing to a funny idea I've ever had was kissing a girl on New Years so a drunk guy wouldn't win her first kiss in the auction…" Magnes explains, still rather bashful, but he has to express his personality so she knows he's not a weirdo! "Um, long story behind that, sorry. And my name's Magnes J. Varlane, professional Delivery Boy."

Elvis she nods softly to that, goodness Magnes looked like he was twelve all blushin and carryin on like he was. She slips through the screen door, and leads onward to the inside. There was a hallway here connecting the front and back doors, interrupted only by the door leading to the basement thats been fit flush with the backside of the upstairs staircase. Big tiled kitchen that must've looked new in the 40s, a study with a big sturdy desk she'd welded in the "study" off to one side. "Then theres a living room and a dining room. Pretty simple. Upstairs, you have a bedroom with a closet and a full bathroom. Its four bedroom actually, but I'm only lookin for one roomie right now."

Magnes looks around in complete awe as she explains, looking around in complete admiration of the house. "It's like Xavier's or something." Well, nothing like Xavier's, but let him dream! "It's a long way from a small studio apartment over a pizza shop, I didn't even have a bathroom. I've been saving up a lot of money, but this place looks really expensive, even if it's worn…"

Elvis mehs "Eight a month, four if you actually help fix the place up. I'll be honest with you dude, I need the rent money to pay for fixing this place up. Getting it sort've broke me, so either I can do this shit all by myself and it take like forever or I can get a roomie."she shrugs, almost ashamed she's unable to afford to just fix the whole place up. "Theres a basement too, but its nothing special. The Garage out back is mine, off limits unless I'm here. Your the first dude to come scope the digs out."

"You know, I'd take the offer for four, but…" Magnes runs his hands over the walls, then presses his foot against it, before lifting his other, then walking up the wall, and up on to the ceiling, standing upside down as he looks down at her while rubbing his chin. "I don't think we'll have such a hard time fixing the place up, it's not like we'll need ladders or anything. I'll pay the full eight and help you."

Elvis nods softly, well ok then. She lifts her hand to half shield her face in a stage whisper "Ya'll aint supposed to haggle bout payin more, babe."before she simply extends the hand, and a soft little smile. "but fair nuff, the place is yours as soon as you can move in. Needs work, but there aint no roaches or rats at least so thats something."

"You don't seem surprised about me standing on the ceiling." Magnes notes with a perplexed raise of his eyebrow, not so much bashful at the moment as he is confused. He seems quite comfortable up there though. "I'll try and rent a truck to move my stuff, I hope you don't mind comic books, model kits, and uh, costumes. Wanna come up?" he offers, holding a hand down for her's. He feels rather confident while using his power.

Elvis licks absently at a tooth. "Well I noticed, but it aint like bein evolved is anything special round'ere."She pauses, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. Waving a hand dissmissively at Mag's offer before she gets down to business. "Naw none of that shit bugs me, but are you registered?"

"I'm not registered. I don't want Nathan Petrelli finding me and using my powers for evil or something." Magnes points out, his political views quite clear as he walks down the wall again, standing on the floor once more. "Will that be a problem?"
Elvis just smirks "Fuck, boy if you were registered there might be. Motherfucking cocksuckin government sonsabitches aint got no god damned business with what color my blood is, it aint like I chose to live by the rule of their mother fuckin law."She lets it drop there though, apparently eager to change the subject alla sudden." So uhhh, delivery guy huh? Truck company or, like what?"

Magnes nods in agreement with her every word, leaning against the wall, seemingly getting more comfortable with the rough around the edges biker-chick. "Pizza delivery, I'm an expert. I can deliver pizza anywhere in the city in 60 minutes or less, or it's free. As far as I know, we're the only long distance delivery service. But I was sort of kidnapped for a few weeks, so I'm a bit behind." he explains, a slight frown appearing briefly, then he points down at the blood-encrusted sneakers. "I need new skates or I can't deliver."

Elvis nods very slowly "I see, that sucks."she wasnt really sure of course, but sure she knew what was going down. She had originally wanted to go after Muldoon personally, but Teo didnt really want to play that game with her. Now it was over, and she was feeling somewhat reluctant to even hear about all of that mess. Regret perhaps, or something deeper. "If you need time to get your shit together, four hundred for the first few months is totally alright. I know pimpin aint easy, right?"

"Yeah, thanks. I'll try to give more than four hundred when I can, I just need to bounce back from the new skates, which I need for my job, and the moving guys I'll have to hire. Shouldn't take long." Magnes assures, this obviously being the first time most of that even registered with him. "Professional skates might run me three or four hundred, but I can't afford going cheap. When I get 'em, I'll show you the sky, alright?"

Elvis mehs "I dont fly, unless I'm falling. Thanks Mag, but its ok for real. I'm more into speed and loud shit than I am in flying, sure some chicks go in for that shit but I aint no motherfuckin chick right?"No, she was a biker chick. See, seperate classification entirely. "Anyway I'm gonna head back outside and finish up caulkin, I need to get the garage square before I lose daylight and I aint close to that quite yet. "

"Well, technically it's…" Magnes just shakes his head, laughing to himself, chosing to just let it go. "I'm gonna go and hire some movers, and get my stuff packed. I hope you don't mind if I get my cable and internet transferred here?" he asks, unsure, wanting to see what she's comfortable with first.

Elvis waves a hand dismissively "Cables already here, Only one phoneline to the house but internets cool with me dude. I'll get you a key a little later, all I have right now is one."she shrugs a touch, nodding across the hall towards one of the three empty bedrooms. "Anyway, you live here now so it aint like I gotta walk you out or nothin right?"

"It's alright, don't worry about that! I'm a chivalrous type of guy, I can see myself out." Whatever that means. Magnes turns around, waving without looking back, obviously trying to seem cooler than he actually is. He's gonna be living with a girl, which means he has to be really manly, or so he thinks. Lifting heavy objects, opening pickle jars, building entertainment centers… wait, how do you build an entertainment center? Oh god, it can't be as easy as a model kit, can it? He swallows hard, all sorts of thoughts racing through his mind, but he finally exits, yelling back, "I'll see you later!"

Elvis just shakes her head, chivalrous was exactly why she didnt have to worry about romantic entanglements at least. "whatever dude."is all she offers as she slips back down the stairs, and slips back over to the garage. Hoi, windows and the door yet to go. She could -just- finish this by night. Wonderbar.

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