Skinny Brickfront
Skinny Brickfront
Owner Abandoned
Current Status Derelict
People Come Here For… Shelter, security

The building is 14 feet deep and 50 feet wide. It was originally set up with a central stairwell and intended to have an apartment on either side of it. At some point a single family purchased it and renovated it to include a stairwell on one of the short walls, closing off one side of the central stairwell on the first and second floors to create two row-house-style homes with the third floor left open and connected.

Since the Bomb the building has fallen into disrepair and has been used by a variety of squatters, druggies, and drunks. In late 2010 Monica and Claire moved into the building and have since kept it clear of such riffraff. And in early 2011 Elisabeth, Jaiden, Ygraine, and Trask joined the duo.


  • Discovered by Nelly after being asked by Cardinal to find a property that _endgame might utilize as a safehouse outside of Midtown.
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