Slaves To The Buns


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Scene Title Salves To The Buns
Synopsis A volunteer effort on behalf of the Linderman Group sets up in Prospect Park and employee's from various area's of the corporatiosn legal and less that legal affairs, plus volunteers and hungry people alike, all show up.
Date April 10, 2010

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is a 585-acre public park sitting square in the heart of Brooklyn. While the borough around this verdant region of lush foliage, tall trees and rolling hills is prospering, Prospect Park has become something of a ghetto within the city's bowels. Brooklyn has grown steadily following the destruction of Midtown, but not everyone in New York City can afford to live in Brooklyn, and those that cant have resorted to vagrancy across the city. Some brave the southern edge of Central Park on Manhattan, but the lion's share of mainland New York's homeless are here in Prospect Park.

Where once was a blossoming park pulling itself up from a nadir of abandonment and disuse in the seventies, Prospect Park has sunken back down into a state of disrepair and squalor. Tracts of forested land are laden with blue tarp tents, fire pits and makeshift shanty towns. The park is no longer officially maintained by the state of New York due to budget constraints, so the park's once pristine boat house and other facilities have been made into a makeshift homeless community, such as they are.

The Prospect Park Zoo, which once featured over seven hundred animals, was closed shortly after the bomb and the facility rests in decay in the park behind rusting iron gates and sturdy fence.

It's getting late on into the afternoon and the homeless of Brooklyn have migrated towards Prospect Park as word of mouth passes from person to person that the Linderman Group is trying to make an effort to help the residents who have been without electricity, the homeless who's shelters are being overrun by people who wouldn't normally take refuge there. It's really just a very bad situation that doesn't look to be remedied anytime soon since the snow has started falling once again.

A large white kitchen truck has taken up residence in one corner of the makeshift shanty town that the once beautiful park has now become with a generator running behind it to help power appliances within the van. Soup, buns, hot drinks, all of this makes it's way from within the double large windows where multiple individuals have all lined up to get a crack at a hot meal on a day when they might otherwise not. Two other vans sit on either side of the kitchen truck, one passing out warm clothing in the form of heavy sweaters and thermal undershirts, wool socks, gloves and scarves. The other passes out blankets that look like they belong in a shelter, likely feel like a scratchy shelter blanket but will provide a buffer against the bitter cold that the city has sunk into this April day.

Linderman employee's and other volunteers man the respective trucks dishing out food, clothes, blankets or transferring new batches of food from where it was cooked elsewhere to accommodate the volume of people needing help. Young, old, destitute, new to the street or grizzled veterans, they're all here.

"I still don't know why I have'ta be here." Comes a complaint from a short British man with wild blonde hair, he looks like he'd rather be else where. "I had plans, you know." Plans to lounge in front of the HDTV in his living room and have a few drinks, maybe some take out Chinese food. "But no… I have to be out here in the bloody cold, serving bloody soup to bums." Even as he grouses, he slops some soup in a paper bowl and hands it over to whoever is serving.

Roderick's bundled up in a leather jacket, a multicolored scarf in muted colors, fingers sticking out of fingerless gloves, his jeans baggy. His blonde hair is sticking out in various angles, making him look like he got out of bed like that… chances are he had.

Rain himself is helping in the food van, the man ladling out styrofoam bowls of soup and passing them out to the homeless that come to the window. He's got a bright smile on his lips as he works, sleeves rolled up and feet moving constantly. He gives each and every one of the homeless that he hands a bowl to words of encouragement as well, softly spoken statements, but every one of them has truth to it, the man really does hope and believe things will get better. He turns and takes another bowl from Roderick with a smile. "Come on, your'e helping people, giving and spreading some good will. That's got to be worth something.. doesn't it?" (Adjusting to just taking bowls from Roderick as per his pose.

Luke is even more paranoid of people than he was previously thanks to that idiot trying to capture him the previous day, but a guy's got to eat, and Luke is hungry and currently without cash. He's somehow 'found' a hoodie, and he's wearing it pulled up since people seem to be looking for him. Bah. He gets in line, tugging the hoodie more over his face. Hrmph.

Felix is not there to help. Far from it. Well, not in the usual way. He's in a dark overcoat, over a neatly tailored suit, and he's more or less got John Law written all over him. He's got an image of Liette in hand, and is canvassing among those waiting in line, as if trying to get someone, anyone to admit they recognize her. After one particularly vehement denial, he steps back as if for a breather, pushing his glasses up his nose in a gesture that is a hundred times more adorable when Hiro does it.

Dressed in a heavy wool overcoat, thick black sweater and a pair of worn denim jeans with a few stray smudges of old paint on them, no one who knows Robert Caliban strictly for his work as a Linderman Group publicist is likely to recognize him from his piece in Pause magazine. Wind tugs at ruffled blond hair and the scarf her wears around his neck for warmth, and although the weather this afternoon isn't as cold as it has been, the expression on his tired face is one of obvious discomfort.

Blue eyes rimmed in pink grow bright with recognition at the familiar sight of Felix Ivanov moving through the crowd and catch on the photograph he holds in his hand, but rather than approach the younger man he dips back into the cardboard box in front of him and selects the smallest sweater he can find for a small, dark woman with a toddler bundled in her lithe arms. Only then does he mutter something under his breath to the man co-operating the station with him and move around the side of the fold-out table on his way toward the federal agent.

"Because Mistah Lindahman sent you here and he pays yah bills" A portly woman working in the kitchen helping warm up the newest batch of soup in preparation for it to be shoved over toward Roderick and replace the quickly dwindling pot he's pouring out of. "What Mistah Lindahman wants, he gets, and you give it" Where does this woman work in the Linderman Hierarchy? Somewhere. "We need more buns!" She calls out the back end of the vehicle, pulling out a batch from a warming oven and double dutying the soup and plucking out hot bread to be tossed into a big bowl near one of the other volunteers.

Ina is present too and dressed warm, arm in a sling and nodding to the portly woman. "I'll let them know" Seems everyone from the spectrum of employee's is present and accounted for even as the dark haired woman gives a glance towards Caliban, Felix the fed and back into the truck. "I could tell Mr. Linderman you didn't think this was worthy of your time you know" Would Ina really do that? To the guy who helped her blood stay in her and not on the floor.

The look given the kids gives the impression that Roderick thinks he's clearly insane. "What?" Brows lift high on his head, before looking back to what he's doing, making a sound somewhat like a scoff.

Though his gaze snaps over to the portly woman as she gives a pretty damn good reason. "Yeah yeah… Fine." There is a heavy sigh as he splashed another bowl with soup and thrusts is at the kid. "Shoulda ready the bloody small print." Her grumbles quietly.

The threat from Ina, makes Roderick pause and he turns to look at her, giving a bland expression. "Is that suppose to scare me? Maybe if she had made it…" The ladle is pointed at the portly lady. But then there is a heavy sigh from the Brit, "I'm here ain't I? Doesn't mean I have'ta be happy about it."

Rain smiles to Luke as his turn in line comes up, and Rain turns his body towards Roderick, reaching his hands out for a bowl of soup. He glances towards the woman speaking and he snickers a bit at her statements. He helps her out as best as he can, the young man all over the van, doing what he can to help out. Bowls are passed out to the homeless and the destitute in a constant stream, buns handed out with the bowls as well. He turns towards Luke and hands him a hot bun to go with his soup.

"Keep warm out here okay? Thinks will get better soon." A bright smile is offered to him, a flash of teeth included before he turns for more soup, only to sigh at Roderick. "The good of the community? The joy of helping those less fortunate? It might sound sappy, but it's good for the soul friend." He winks at him, takes the next bowl of soup, and hands it out the window.

The Fed looks a little different - he's cultivated a salt and pepper goatee, the glasses are heavy black plastic, and there's more gray than ever in the brown hair. He hesitates, glances around…..and then his gaze lights on Luke, and there's puzzlement dawning there. Perhaps a little hard to reorient on a possible new target - he's still got the image of Liette half-held out, as if to beg for alms.

Luke collects his bowl of soup with a frown as it's handed over so roughly, then the bun as well. "Hah." he replies to Rain. "I doubt things will get better any time soon." he glares upwards at the sky, then moves on, munching on the roll right away. Silly, you're supposed to eat that last so you can get all the soup up. Oh well. He's oblivious to Felix's scrutiny, fortunately.

"Agent Ivanov." Caliban's voice rings out clearly above the soft susurrus of murmured conversation and the wind rattling in the park's bare trees, most of them stripped of their leaves since last November. Booted feet crunch over brittle twigs and shards of broken glass that were once part of a beer bottle hurled at the vans by teens when they first arrived. The crush of people seeking clean clothes, blankets and steaming styrofoam cups of hot soup, however, put a swift end to any protest the local youths might have put up. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"No, you don't have to be happy about it" Ina strides towards the supply vehicle, off to bark requests for bread, surely there's bread in the van. She'd be passing out soup, give her a week and she'll be chafing to get out of the sling and slopping bowls around so that folks can get fed.

Caliban approaching the federal agent - she doesn't know he's one - brings about a little hint of curiosity but it's put to the side for now. Is there a situation brewing? Not? Maybe?. "Go help Miss Ina" The portly woman jabs at Roderick's arm and gestures to the exit out of the truck. "Carry the bread in, if serving the people is so distasteful. You need to be more like this young man here" She actually pinches Rain's cheek.

"Gawd your too cheery to be real." Roderick eyes the kid for a moment, until he's poked by the woman, he swats at her hand, but rather weakly, "Alright, task mistress." He angles a glare at her and drops the ladle back into the pot, before moving to follow Ina pulling on a pair of sunglasses.

He hops down out of the back of the truck, hands shoved into his pockets, Roderick moves to walk with her. "I'm to be your slave on the bun run." He doesn't seem all that put off by it, at least he isn't serving soup. His gaze moves along the crowd, until it stops on Caliban and then the man he's talking too. "What do ya think is goin' on over there?" He sounds rather curious, eyes narrowing behind dark lens suspiciously.

Rain sees Luke's frown, and then he hears the man's words. A soft sigh is heard from him, the young man's head shaking slowly. "Sir, you've got to keep positive… If you're nothing but negative no matter what comes along you'll be unhappy. Life can be really hard I know but…" And then the man is walking away. He sighs a bit and turns his head, looking around the inside of the van before his eyes go back out to the next person.

He hands off a bowl of soup with a few more kind words. He hears the call outside, his head turning, eyes scanning the people for the source. Now an eye is kept on the man who used the word agent, just in case there's trouble. The pinch to his cheek comes as a surprise and his head turns, eyes settling on the portly woman. "No… he needs to find his own reasons to do it ma'am. I knwo mine. I love to help people, to know that I could make their day a little better, their lives a little easier, if only for a brief time." He offers her a warm smile,t hen glances towards Roderick sadly.

Felix looks put upon. Caliban's just outed him to the whole place, and it might as well have been announcing that one Felix Ivanov is a card-carrying National Socialist, -and- has syphilis. "Mister Caliban," he says, politely if without enthusiasm, curling the image of Liette in a gloved hand. "Looking for someone who might've seen this girl. She's part of a kidnapping case," he says, lifting the picture again.

Luke snorts at Rain. "If you've gone through even half the shit I've gone through the past few months, you'd have a crappy outlook on life too." And… if only you knew. He moves off at this, kicking away some glass so he doesn't cut up his shoes. It'd be hard to steal some of those, after all.

A glance at the photograph yields nothing except a downturned mouth and a shake of Caliban's head. "Sorry," he says in a tone that, although sincere, doesn't sound particularly remorseful. Apologies of this sort rarely are. "You ought to try Covenant House. Youth shelters aren't as poor off even with the weather."

Ina cranes her neck a bit to look behind and down of Roderick, the look up. "I'm sure there's women who would be slaves to those buns" She gestures to the burly individual who's bringing forth a box with actual buns layered in the box, chilled from the ride over and ready to be warmed. "You're hands are pretty good too. Come on, lets get a move on before we have a riot like I've heard other places have had. Meet me back by the blankets and don't get any bright ideas" Another gesture off towards the truck and to deliver the buns quick while she heads off over the scraped cement towards the van that's passing out the warm blankets.

"Well aren't you a bright ray of sunshine!" Spoken to both Luke and Rain. 'You have a good day now you hear young man, don't you forget to head on over to the trucks and get yourself a sweater!" With that, she's moving across the truck to see what's taking the buns so long to get here, even though she only just send Roderick off for them. She spots him and someone else "Miranda! We need more hands!" She bellows in a way that only matronly portly women can manage to invoke. "You get on up in here, you come meet this Rain fellah. Right bowl of sunshine this one. makes you wonder where he grew up that he ain't doom and gloom like the rest of this city!"

Hearing her name, Miranda lifts a hand upwards to wave from where she stands at the trunk of a car where boxes of buns are being unloaded by a few people. "Whatcha need?" She yells back, though there is a look over people that gain a few studies before she blinks as she draws her gaze back. Work. Not that work. "Sure. .who's this fellow exactly." Point her towards this ray of sunshine.

The glance does not go unnoticed and Roderick flashes her a smug smirk. "Why thank you, Ina." His brows twitch upward at her, grinning, tone rather cheerful. "I'll remember you said that. Ta keep me warm on those cold and lonely night."

Stepping away from her, the Brit waves the burly individual on. "Come on, mate." He takes a box from the other so at least he looks like he's trying, cause in truth he doesn't want it to get back to Linderman that he didn't. He'd rather not go back to the streets.

The portly woman's bellow gets a roll of his eyes, good thing he's got the sunglasses on to hide it. Hefting his box into a better position, he murmurs more to himself, "Next thing you know he'll be fartin' rainbows too." Though he manages a faux smile as he sets the box on the floor in the doorway of the truck and pushes it further in. "Hello, Miranda." He offers brightly to a fellow employee. Then the smile drops away to look at the portly woman, "There's your buns, task mistress. Now I'm gonna go else where, you got plenty here." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder, and twist around to make a hasty retreat to the blanket van before he can be stopped.

Rain continues about his cheerful work, his task passing by quickly as he ferries soup, and buns, and ladles soup as well now that Roderick is gone. He does however, keep an eye upon Felix and his friend, eyes studying the pair, seeing the tension there between them. He never falters with the folks he's here to help though, always giving them kind and encouraging words, and not just repeating himself every time either. Bowl after bowl of hot soup and buns go out the window. The compliment from the woman brings a soft laugh from him and a shrug of his shoulders.

"I grew up right here in this fine city ma'am. Just have a better outlook on life than most I suppose." He winks at her, then turns back to the people at the window. "We're going to need… a lot more soup…" he comments over his shoulder. He looks around to a woman with two small children next to her and he frowns a bit, slipping them an extra bun out of sight of the rest, but in plain sight of those in the van. He offers her a little wink. "Take care of those two ma'am. They look like they're good kids." He smiles as she turns and walks away, then looks over his shoulder to check on the status of food.

"I'll try there," Fel says, with an odd docility. Like the last months've worn so many of his rough edges off….or merely exhausted that previously infinite supply of waspish venom. God knows the Fed looks like it's been ten years and not eighteen months since he returned to New York. He's still half-oriented on Luke….and there's that keenness coming into his face again, turning that way as fast as politeness permits. "If you'll excuse me, Mr. Caliban," he says, heading for Luke at a brisk, purposeful pace.

Luke was off just minding his own business when he sees someone heading straight for him, with intent in his stride. The remains of his soup bubble a bit and he regards the man distrustfully. Maybe he can throw the soup in the guy's face? It's at the boiling point now, after all.

Cellphone fished out of his pocket, maneuvered between his fingers and snapped open close to his ear, Caliban watches Felix's retreating back for the time it takes him to scroll down his contact list, select the name he's searching for and press down on the call button with his gloved thumb while coughing into his opposite sleeve. It's quieter behind the vans and likely more conducive to the conversation he's about to have, too, which is probably why he disappears behind them a few moments later with a look steered to Ina that says I'll be right back.

Miranda carries a box with her as she glances about, "So.. ray of sunshine?" Delivering the buns to where they need to go, the tall dark woman once again allows her gaze to take in those nearby, likely noting the darker colors of people's aura's, and pondering ways to make them lighter in some way. It's almost depressing to see in some ways.

Caliban ranks higher, she's not about to make any comment about him not pulling his weight when he doesn't look great, nor after the pointed exchange that seems to have happened over on the other side. Roddy doesn't get an easy job though when he gets to the blanket van as someone near the front of the line doesn't take the one that was offered to him, but instead, grabs the three waiting ones off the table and starts to make a break for it, heading straight for the pre-cog at a clipped pace.

There is no curiosity as the bigger man, Caliban walks off with the phone to his ear, none of his business. When he looks back, "Ah… damn," is the resigned gripe uttered from Roderick as he sees someone grabbing blankets and making a break for it. So much for chatting up the pretty lady, seems he as to do some of what he's paid to do. At least he's coming at Roderick, so the British man waits for the guy to get closer, looking all the world like he doesn't care.

Once the man is in reach, Roderick lunges for the homeless man, set on bowling into him, hands moving to latch onto the man. "Oi… Where do you think your goin' with all those?"

Rain continues on with what he's doing, his hands moving almost on automatic, ladle, grab bun, bring to the window, pass it out with a cheery comment. Most of his cheeriness is probably returned with grunts or uncouth comments, but he hopes some of it makes a difference. Then he sees the man moving for Luke and Rain calls out. "Hey! Sir! No trouble here. You take your trouble elsewhere do you understand?!" He glances back towards Miranda and smiles. "I'm guessing that would be me miss." He calls to her from inside of the soup van. "Mind hopping in here and helping us out? Hard to ladle, serve, and grab bread at the same time." he winks at her with a bright smile on his features, then turns back to the window, only to watch the man grab blankets and start to run. Rain's eyes narrow.

"People! Stop that man. We won't be able to continue to do stuff like this if people like that take everything!" That should get people's attention. They want soup and blankets and clothes, so hopefully it will galvanize them into stopping the thief. He is somewhat stuck in the van at the moment though, and he continues to serve out the soup, not pausing, just trying to make sure no trouble starts. His eyes go back out towards the man advancing on Luke with concern in his eyes, waiting to see if he listens and stops what he's doing.

Ah, but the blanket thief….that's by definition a local problem. Not federal. Fel doesn't even glance aside from Luke. "Excuse me, sir," he says, politely, once he's in reasonable hailing distance. "A moment of your time." For all that it's couched in courteous terms, it has the unmistakable ring of an order, even as he slips his hand into his pocket, comes out with a badge wallet.

When Felix's hand goes into his pocket, Luke's response is immediate. He hurls the boiling hot bowl of soup at the man and then takes off running. "Leave me the hell alone!" he snarls behind him, and if the guy brings out a gun Luke'll let him have a nice blast of microwave energy juuuuuuust enough to give him blisters.

Which Fel dodges, with perturbing speed. There's no gun, just a badge. "Hey," he says, nettled. "I just have a few questions." He does get blistered - no way to dodge that. But it doesn't deter him. Far from it. The Russian's lunging after him with inhuman swiftness. "Halt." Well, now it's gotten messy. And those not involved in pursuing the would-be thief are starting to turn their eyes that way.

Miranda nods up at Rain when asked to lend him a hand in the van. Climbing up, she moves over near him, and murmurs, "You ladle the soup into bowls, and I'll get the bread and hand 'em out, hmm?" Unless he's tired of ladling soup, and they could switch. But as someone goes stealing blankets, she blinks, shaking her head, not raising her voice since enough are shouting already.

Three blankets go flying, up in the air when Roderick is grabbing him. Perhaps it's that there's been calm and order and fast moving lines at the trucks that seem to pave the way for no rioting when there's mention of someone taking something. A few people reach out, try to slow the guy down and a couple others take the fallen blankets and make off, lucking out in not having to wait in line for that particular handout. Good day for them.

A few near Felix wave their hand, even two spit at him and boo him as well. "Get off with you!" "Go leave him be! Go bother someone else stinking feds" and Luke making to leave. But there goes Felix, dogged persistence and with the words "halt" They're suddenly minding their own business again.

"Go away!" Luke's definitely in fight or flight mode right now, and fortunately he has a power that would probably be extremely useful in natural selection. Nothing like using pain to deter enemies. Luke's stress actually has him emitting a wave all around him, so that everyone close to him starts feeling discomfort. And the closer people are to him, the worse the feeling gets. It's strange how a guy chasing after him is causing this sort of reaction.

It doesn't stop Fel from seizing Luke's arm, at least at first, though he's already flinching with exaggerated nervousness from the others. "Stop using your power," he snarls, through gritted teeth, wincing at the stinging waves of heat.

"Why are you after me?" Luke retorts, wrenching his arm away. The waves subside somewhat as Luke struggles to control it. And it's not actually heat waves, it's the fact that he's literally cooking those around him, which is slightly different. Luke really knows how to make a person's blood boil.

"I've got questions. About Gray," Fel says, curtly.

"Well tough." Luke retorts. "I don't know anything. Haven't seen him in years." lies! And Luke goes off.

Once the blankets are out of the man's hands, Roderick is less inclined to keep the man there, though he's a bit unhappy at losing the blankets. With a scowl, he shoves the homeless man away, pointing a finger at him and then making a jerk of a motion telling him to go, "You bugger off. Find somewhere else to mooch off of if you can't be fair about it." See he can be charitable.

The action of the other side of the park, grabs Roderick's attention, though the shorter man has a bit of a problem seeing it, he cranes his neck, going up on toes to try to see, but seeing it leaving, he decides it's not worth it, so he turns back to the blanket van.

Rain narrows his eyes before he looks down at the crowd around the van, then points off towards Luke and the man harassing him. "Would you people please make sure that man sees his way out of the park? We don't want any trouble here and he looks about ready to bring some. I'd love to continue handing out soup, but if violence starts we'll have to pack up." He offers everyone a bright smile, counting on them to see the agent out of the area. He watches as the man gets souped, dodges, and chases Luke out of the area, a sad look on his face. "No respect at all… from a federal agent no less."

He keeps track of the man's name though, oh yes, he messed up a charity event, he shall know Rain's wrath… sort of.. if he can manage it… Rain's head turns, eyes settling on Miranda with a bright smile. "If that's what you want sure. I can ladle or pass out. make sure to you know… give the people a few kind words though with their food okay?" He winks at her, then steps back away from the window to start ladling out soup, handing it over to Miranda with that same happy smile still in place. Happier when he hears the commotion of Rod slamming into the thief, that earns a little grin from him. "Steal from a charity…." He mutters under his breath and then just continues to work on the charity stuff. "Why can't people just be peaceful and stuff? What's wrong with just letting a charity do it's work?" This is voiced aloud to the van in general.

"No problem." Miranda states lightly before turning to take a bowl that's been filled, putting a bun and spoon with it. Turning, she offers a friendly smile to a woman who steps up next in line. "Here ya go. They'll hand you something to drink next door.." Bottles of water to be handed off as they step to the side. To Rain, she shrugs, "Amazing what people will do when they're desperate."

The guy in the soup truck is ordering them around? It's one thing to say hey, stop the guys trying to steal blankets that everyone here might not even manage to get. But it's another thing for them to potentially loose their spot in line to do more than just spit or yell at the fed and Luke who are already taking off and in their wake, leaving some people with what look like bad sunburns.

No, that's what Lindygoons are for and there's a wooden spoon coming down right beside Rain's hand. "Out you go boy! You don't go ordering people to do that to no federal agent. They's just doing their job and we don't own this place! He's looking for a girl, didn't you hear? Poor girl, probably done gone and got lost in the shelter and he's just trying to get a family all back in one piece. For shame! Mistah Lindahman be tossing in his grave if he was dead and heard you do that" She points to the door. "Out you go now, you can go help unload that truck and join em back at the building to transfer the next loada food. You hear me now, go, get you"

She eyeballs Miranda to see if she's going to say or do anything before she's looking to the crowd and pointing with that spoon, Three people singled out, including the guy who threw his soup and was hoping to get more. "Naw, bunch you, you done go get outta here. You can't behave likes civilized people, you can go. Ina!" She calls out. "You get that roddy boy and you go see to those people, I think summa dem went and got burned by that boy. Boy got to get his power under control mmhh hmm" and then back to stirring soup.

Ina's grabbing Roddy with her good arm and toward the driving end fo the vehicle to grab a first aid kit and toss to Roderick. "Smile!" she offers him, taking him away from the blankets and towards the few people who are separating and looking at their skin all painful red and uncomfortable. "Hope you know first aid"

As he's grabbed and pulled, Roderick complains, "Hey hey… watch the jacket." Which he tugs at and straightens while she's digging in the van. Of course, then she tosses the first aid box at him, which he barely catches it, having to juggled it before it's snatched to his chest. He glances down at it, with a furrowed brow, a hand with silver rings and black painted nails, lifts to push the sunglasses up on the top of his head.

Baby blues, lift from the box to Ina, his brows shoot up high on his head, the box thrust back at her, "I don't know a bloody thing about patchin' people up. It's not in my job description." Though Roderick has a sneaking suspicion he's not going to be able to get out of it.

Rain gives a soft sigh as Luke and the other man run off. He shakes his head sadly, looking to the people at the window. He's no longer at the window though, so when that spoon comes down he yelps in surprise, spilling soup on his hand, which immediately turns red with the burn. He hisses in pain, but saves as much of the soup as he can, topping the bowl off and handing it to Miranda before he begins to make his way out of the van, looking positively hurt at being shooed out of it.

He doesn't whine or grumble or anything like that, but it's obvious by his face that he doesn't agree with the woman at all about the agent. He slips out of the van and leans back against it, wincing as he looks down at his burned hand. He pulls his cellphone out of his pocket, tapping in a quick text to someone before it's folded up and put back into his pocket, the young man then looks around, a bit confused as to what he can do to help now that he's been kicked out of the van.

There is no complains from Miranda at all to the woman's words as she smacks Rain's hand with her spoon. Dare there even be a half hidden smile lurking beneath the press of her lips together. Humming lightly, she returns to handing out the bowls to those in line once it begins to move again.

Rain has a van to go help unload so that the folks can keep getting fed. There's a heavy population out here as if the density of tents and closely packed human bodies might ward off the cold. It works for penguins in the Antarctic - yes, that god forsaken place - to get them through the cold dark days and nights.

Roderick gets just a roll of Ina's eyes and the first aid kit snatched back from him with her one hand as if she might go do it herself. But no, she's bringing him with her so that she can bark off little orders like some brown haired sling'd lieutenant and instructions on how to just offer them some creams and ointments for burns and all the like that they would need to protect it primarily against the weather. They want more help, and any who look like they need more attention are summarily escorted by other workers who brought vehicles off to urgent care clinics and hospitals.

The truck will be here for hours, food incoming from some unknown destination to be handed out to the needy, willing and the desperate by various employee's from all walks of the Corporation. Because that's just what the Linderman Group does.

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