Slayings Baffle Investigators

MANHATTAN — A pair of seemingly unrelated slayings in the greater New York City area has left local law enforcement puzzled and residents demanding answers.

Early Thursday morning, the bodies of Wong Man-King and Shiu Hung Hui were discovered in an alley behind Golden City Trading on Center St. by a witness who is asking to remain anonymous. Although there were "obvious signs of violence and trauma" according to one officer at the scene, sources close to the investigation claim no physical evidence was found to support the extent of the victims' injuries and speculate the individual responsible may be Evolved.

When asked if the incident was related to the murder of Graham Padilla, a known fugitive recovery agent and suspected member of Humanis First whose body was recovered from the East River late Tuesday evening under similar circumstances, the officer refused to comment, saying, "There are no clear suspects identified at this stage and investigations are ongoing."

No cause of death has been released for any of the victims.

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