Sleep Is Hard To Come By


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Scene Title Sleep Is Hard To Come By
Synopsis Kaylee finally catches Robin at Grand Central Terminal, clears up a few rumors, discusses Buck's nightmare problem, and ends up with a new home.
Date February 12, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

Days bleed one into the other for the young telepath thanks to sleepless nights. It's leaves her tired and exhausted, coupled with the stress of the looming rescue mission, Kaylee feels almost like a zombie shuffling through her day. A large part of which is spent in the basement of the Remnant's secret hideout firing the weapons Raith sticks in her hands. Shoulders are slumped and sore from all the weapon's training, but at least the bruises have faded. Her blue eyes almost seem sunken and dark from the lack of sleep.

At the moment, however, Kaylee is making her way into Grand Central, with a soft dragging scuff of feet. She is there at least once a day to check on Alicia and it's that time again. It takes her a moment as she shuffles out of the tunnels to realize there is a bit more commotion then usual at the safehouse. Her gaze slowly lifts to see that the place is active. Brows dip down a bit as she watches people carry cots into another section of the large safehouse.

Still frowning she moves to the Pastor's room to greet the waiting canine. "Hey, Alicia." Even her voice sounds rough from exhaustion. Fingers rub at ears and scratches at the fur of her neck. "Very soon.. I promise." She murmurs.

Robin isn't exactly running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but he is supervising people who are. Wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt, he doesn't particularly look like he should be in charge but his orders and directions belie that.

Just as he's taking a break from getting cots and basic medical supplies sorted into a row of rooms, he sees a flash of blonde hair heading down a familiar hall. Taking a few steps, he follows her that a way. "Hey! Kaylee, how are you doing?"

Straightening from the affections of the dog, Kaylee glances behind her to Robin. "Hey Robin… Just who I was hoping to see." A hand lifts to slowly pull the knit cap off her head, blonde hair disheveled. After stuffing the beanie in her pocket, she tries to comb fingers through her hair. "I've been better."

"I see the seniors gave Dr Brennan and Megan what they wanted." There is a touch of worry in Kaylee's tone. "It's a hell of a risk to have the victims here, isn't it?"

"It's a hell of a risk having them anywhere, so I guess here's as good as any. At least we have the room and the supplies for them. I hope we have the supplies for them; the docs weren't real clear on what they needed." Robin runs a hand through his too-long hair, messing it up even further. He doesn't look too great himself, dark circles a clear sign of lack of sleep. "Heya girl." He leans down to pet the dog, then takes a seat on the cot. "Isn't this what you wanted too? The prisoners brought here?"

"Me? I wanted them safe without risking the network too much… It's a delicate balance." Kaylee admits, moving to drop heavily on the couch next to him and lets her hand trail along the dogs fur as she talks. "Most place can be moved if they are compromised.. but this place can't really be moved and it's an important hub." She huffs softly, leaning forward to rest her arms on her knees. "But the senior members must think it's worth the risk.. So who am I to argue it… I'm just a kid according to some and don't know anything."

There is no mistaking the bitterness in her tone, a hand moving to rub at tired eyes. The hand drops again and she gives the other a sideways glance. "So.. how many rumors about me have made it this far?" Her tone lacks any emotion really, as she expects nothing good.

Robin quirks a tired smile. "Rumors? I don't listen to many, but I've heard a few. You registered, got kicked out of McRae's for some reason that wasn't too clear, and have been plotting to bring Joseph and Colette home." He arches an eyebrow and asks, "Want to clarify any of that? And is there more I need to know about?"

"Yeah… I'm homeless." Kaylee comments with a small humorless smile. "I've been crashing where I can… I meant to look for a new safehouse to stay and help at, but… this stuff…. I've just been all over." She leans back on the Pastor's cot, propped up with her hands planted firmly behind her.

"I did register.. Never thought I would, but…. I want to go back to school." She actually flashes him a grin. "Law school… I needed to register… but… I didn't tell them I'm a telepath.. only that I can project my thoughts to others." A little shrug, as she doesn't see the big deal. "So yeah.. people are not happy with me about that and I understand that.. but it's a risk I'm willing to take."

"As for McRae… that is a bit tougher." Grimacing a bit, Kaylee's expression turning sad.

Robin nods a little, "Registering is up to you, and law school is a pretty big deal, it's a big risk, but it's yours to take." He doesn't sound too approving but there's no disappointment in his voice either. He's neutral… as far as her registering goes. Scooting over to the end of the cot so she can stretch out, he reaching down to pet Alicia more. "McRae's might be tough, but you should probably clear that one up for me."

"My hope is that I can help the Ferry with a law degree.. " Kaylee smiles sadly. "Anyhow.. McRae……" She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as she tries to decide where to start. "Few months ago.. when I first came into the care of McRae's, a man name Peter Petrelli, showed up looking for shelter." The name Petrelli should be familiar as it's the president's last name. "He offered to help fix my illness, but it was his mother who knew who could help me. But she was in a coma. So.. I went to her and pulled her out of it."

Sitting up again, she runs fingers through her hair again. "She owed me a favor.. big time.. I saved her life. However… She's also a Company founder." Grimacing a bit, Kaylee lets her hands drop her lap limply. "Most of the people at McRae's have been in the hands of the Company… So they felt I was going to turn them over, when they found out I went to her to cash in that favor. I needed to know if I was wanted by the Company or Police… because of wanting to go back to school. She recommend I lie about my ability when registering and gave me an alibi for when I was in LA helping Adam kill one of the Founders." She looks almost disgusted when she admits that one.

There is a bit of hesitation before she glances at Robin, her expression almost fearful. "I would never do that to anyone in this network, I would never give up any of our safehouses. I know the Company is bad.. But I'm also Peter's friend.. and he's obviously involved with the Ferry, which means I can't avoid her." Glancing away, eyes going to Alicia who watches them expectantly, maw open as she pants, tongue lolling to one side. Some reason that makes Kaylee truly smile for the first time since getting down there. Being noticed the dog inches closer, demanding more attention.

"Everything I've been doing has been for the network, Robin." Her voice soft, barely a whisper.. "So why do I feel like I'm getting kicked around? Called a kid… stupid.. and idiot." The words trail off as she concentrates on giving Alicia affection and not think too hard.

Robin's eyebrows go up as he listens to the blonde's story, though he stays quiet until her words trail off. "I don't have much advice for you, Kaylee… you are young, that you can't help. If your decisions and actions are being called rash maybe you should stop and think about them more." He holds up a hand, "I know you're doing all this for the network, but you might want to slow down and move a little slower." He smiles just a little, "It might keep you from being homeless, at least."

The young blond can't help but chuckle, if it sounds a touch flat. "I always figured once you get pasted twenty one you were less of a kid.. just turned twenty three." There is a small shake of her head. "I dunno… maybe your right, but for once I didn't feel lost…. until McRae got upset. Then with Dr. Brennan and Megan jumping all over me… They just…. I dunno.. Not my place to talk badly of what happened. Just… take everything they say about me with a grain of salt and let me explain…?" A brow arches at him.

"This has been kind of my home away from home when I was staying with McRae, I'd hate to be kicked from here too." She glances around the room, slowly. "Especially when Joseph is back, I want to be able to be there for him…." She realizes how that might of sounded and her cheeks flush a bit.

Clearing her throat, she gives the safehouse operator a tight smile. "Right now though.. I feel like the world is crawling along and I have no choice to be slow. Soon though… very soon, we'll free them all and get them safe from the Company."

"I take everything with a grain of salt, Kaylee." Robin stands and stretches, leaning against the doorjam as they talk. "I hope Joseph comes home safe, though I can imagine the detox is going to be… severe." He'd use a stronger word but one escapes him at the moment. "Slow is going to be the only way to do things." He rubs both hands over his face then studies her seriously for a long moment. "I know you've been staying here on and off, and I've trusted you to keep our secrets safe." He waves a hand towards the hallway, "You can stay here, as long as you keep doing that."

There is relief at Robin's verdict, obviously she was worried about it, and Kaylee gives him a grateful look, "Thank you Robin and thank you for trusting me.. "

"It's gonna be hell for Joseph.." Kaylee agrees, eyes prickling with tears. "I know they are mixing Refrain with other drugs…. he…." her head shakes slowly and she climbs to her feet, "It's going to be hard on him…. very hard on him." Something catches her eyes and she glances over at a small table near Joseph's cot. A small box wrapped in cheerful Christmas wrapping has a fine layer of dust, a envelope with Kaylee's handwriting under it. She moves to brush away the dust carefully. He's been gone that long.

"I probably won't bring my stuff till after the rescue." Leaning down she sends some more dust into the air from the small red and green present, before turning to Robin again. "I'm staying with some of the people that are helping with getting them back, they are giving me some weapon training and we're preparing for this thing." She rubs a hand along one side of her face, she looks so very exhausted.

"It's going to be hell on everyone," Robin comments quietly, then changes the subject rather gracelessly. "Bring your things whenever you're ready to; just let me know when you'll be here full time." He flicks her hair off her shoulder, "Make sure you get some rest before you go in, and for fuck's sake be careful, alright?"

Giving him a tired smile, Kaylee says, "Of course, I'm going to be careful. Unlike what I'm sure people are thinking, I'm not planning the rescue. Colette and I brought in someone with experience." The young blonde gives a little wrinkle of her nose. "I'm not that smart to plan a mission like that…. but I trust this guys ability to make this thing work."

"As for rest… I've been trying." Kaylee admits with a soft murmur. "Nightmares and just.. worrying about what Colette is going through and worrying we won't get to them in time." Eyes close and she leans her forehead against the cool wood of the door frame for a moment as her emotions take a turn. Swallowing back the lump in her throat, head turning some so she can look at Robin, she says, "But I promise… I'll try to get more." Of course, she probably won't.

Robin smiles wearily, not well rested himself, between watching over Buck and organizing the supplies at the safehouse. "Sleep's hard to come by these days, isn't it? Take power naps if you have to, that's what I try to do."

"Very hard to come by," Kaylee admits with a small smile, turning back she picks up Alicia's food bowl, which gets the dogs undivided attention. "But.. doesn't help I have to stay where people can watch me. After taking a dip in the bay was kinda scary. I haven't taken another walk..but it still could happen." Reaching over to hook a hand around his arm, "Come on, tell me about how things have been with you, while I feed Alicia."

Robin grins a little, "I should have you stay at Buck's. He took a walk like you did… ended up tangled up in a fight before he really woke up." He leans against the door, watching with amusement as Alicia goes on point for her food bowl. "So now I keep an eye on him most nights and spend my days here. It's a rough schedule."

"I bet." Food is hunted down in it's usual place, Kaylee makes note to hit the store for more. "Eric was watching over me. I was sick for awhile cause of it. So he made sure I stayed in bed." Her tone says literally.. Glancing over to grin at Robin as she spoons the wet food into the bowl, adding a bit of dry afterwards. "So it sounds like he's dealing with this Nightmare Man as well?" She asks curious, spoon banging on the edge of the bowl to loosen the last bit of food. "I was saved by another dream walker and I haven't had the same sort of Nightmares.. I have more control now."

"As far as I can tell he's only had the one episode." Robin shrugs. "It's hard because he has other nightmares too. Ones he doesn't remember having at all. I want him to see a healer about those but I'm having a hard time getting a hold of one." His concern in clear in his tone and posture as he rubs the back of his neck, seeking to ease the tension there. "I've no idea what to do about this Nightmare Man, except hope he stays away."

The bowl is surrendered to a rather excited Alicia, "He has to get control of his nightmare. Find something to protect himself with in his dream…. something that means something to him." Kaylee watches the do wolf it's food down, her expression thoughtful. "Joseph it was Alicia… " She pauses, glancing up. "I've been in Joseph's nightmare. Buck needs something that he…. believes will help him drive back the Nightmare man." She sighs softly. "I wish I could help… but the times I've been able to help Joseph.. they have been flukes."

Eyes travel to Robin and she rests a hand on his arm, "With hope it won't be too much longer before the Nightmare Man is cornered." Her voice is soft, so that the conversation is only between the two of them. "Then.. maybe his nightmares will ease some." Her expression falls some, "But to do it.. chances are someone will have to die." The telepath bites her lip, but doesn't say more then that.

Deep down she knows this is why she's not sleeping well, fear of that battle to come… she wants to see Joseph and Colette safe first.

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