Sleep Or Death



Scene Title Sleep or Death
Date September 9, 2009

The following scene may be considered extremely graphic. Just fair warning.

St. Luke's Hospital

When they come for you, it's when you least expect it.

She struggles against the binds that hold her fast as her assailants moves towards her.

The monsters of the night decend upon her, snarling and uttering jibberish that cannot possibly be understood.

She doesn't want to be hurt. She pleads with them. The light is bright as they blind her with it, holding her eyes open as shining that brightness directly into her brain. Her scalp feels like it's peeling away and she can feel their fingers at her brain, digging into it and scooping away the mess of gray matter, mingled with the blood. She cries, and pleads with them not to take it. She can feel her face, covered in tears and blood.

Struggle as you may, it's a futile gesture. Nothing moves, there's no escape. No getting away from her attackers as they stand around and comtemplate her future. She cannot understand a word they say, and yet the tone of their voice causes her fear.

She can hear her own voice, begging for release. To take away her pain. Their faces are marred with fleshy bumps, dark blue bruises and disfigurements as they stare at her. She tries pushing away from them with her feet, but they too are bound as she sees the flickering of electricity in the background.

They've taken away her brain and yet she can still think. She can still feel the fear burning within her. She can process the pain as it squeeze hard behind her eyes. She watches them as they take large rusty spoons and move towards her eyes. She can hear herself scream.

Her screams continue as she feels them digging those spoons into her eyes and plucking them out and everything goes dark around her. She should be dead. Passed out. The monsters have found a way to keep her alive through their torture. She can hear their taunting laughs and the torturous squishing sounds as they squeeze and play with her extracted eyeballs.

They do not give her the mercy she begs for. All she can hear now are her screams, her pleadings for mercy, for death, or both. She can feel the knife as it pierces her chest and deems to split her from her chest to her stomach.

She cannot seem to stop the screams. She can feel them pulling out organs from her insides, splattering as they toss them aside and to the ground. She feels the clamps next, and then the sound of a machine turning on and the humming of it as it seems to be warming up. The monsters grunt and flick a switch as she feels electricity flowing through her entire body.

They don't try to stop her shrieking. They seem to thrive with it, encouraging her to do so. Finally, she feels a needle piercing the skin of her arm as she can only pray that they've finally had mercy on her and sleep soon comes.

Sleep or death.

Sleep or death.

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