Sleeping Over


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Scene Title Sleeping Over
Synopsis Niki celebrates Abby staying over, and then they both go out bowling. Kill some pins.
Date January 5, 2009

Niki's Apartment

Days off are good things. Niki's decided that "having a guest" is apparently a big enough occasion to dip into her car fund. She's procured a set of silverware, actual plates, and a cheap cookware set, so she can make dinner for the, Sure, dinner might only be Hamburger Helper, but it's still food. She's working on it at the moment, browning up meat in a skillet.

Futon shopping got derailed by the call from the police station to come in and chat and she had decided to go toss some coffee and food to phoenix to perk herself up. That didn't much help. She returned though to Niki's place with a taxi, and a little extra money, meant the sleeping bag, pillows (for her and for niki) were brought up by the guy. Hamburger helper permeates the apartment, and Abby's been quiet, reading the paper and occasionallya sking if help is needed.

Niki looks back over. "Nope. We're good. Should be ready in just a minute. I picked up a deck of cards. It isn't much for entertainment, but it beats staring at the four walls.

"Hey, I play a mean hand of canasta, or solitare, or there's crazy eights" Abby assures the woman. She abandons the paper to opt to lean against the counter and set out the plates, forks, knives. "I'm not excellent company tonight anyways. We should make a list of what it is that you need, and one of stuff you want for this place. Like a tv and a dvd player. That could while away a few hours when your not outside or working.

Niki looks curious, as she looks back to Abby. "Something wrong? I mean…you can talk to me. If you want."
"Just the police station Niki. SCOUT captain. I don't like him. Man trouble. Friends with high opinions and the like. Just, you know, one of those weeks. Defiantely one of those weeks. I think you've ha one or two of them before" Abby offers her a smile before bumping the older owman's hip.

Niki looks back at her, and laughs. "Yeah. I've had those. Sounds like you live a complicated life, though." She drains off the oil, and adds the rest of the ingredients to the skillet.

'More than you know" Abby answers, the corner of her mouth turning up. "I can heal. Bet you didn't know that" Her lips are pursed together, nodding her head up and down. 'And I think, for the first time, in a long time since I've been able to, I might be wishing I couldn't, that I didn't"

Niki blinks in surprise. "You're one of those Evolved people?" Liz told her about them, but Abby's the first one she's ever met. Or at least, that she remembers.

"They call me evolved, I call it faith healing. I don't think i'm evolved. Elisbeth knows. Was how she bounced back after getting shot" Abby reaches out and snatches at a piece of ground beef to nibble on, careful not to burn herself.

Niki just stares. "Wow…I…how does it work?" She looks back to dinner, a little flustered, and turns it down to simmer. "That has to simmer for fifteen minutes anyway."

"Give god his due, ask him, and… lay my hands on them. Was.. alot easier when I was a teenager. It's become a great deal complicated. Everyone just calls me crazy and, you know.. that officer today, he just.." Abby shrugs, a twinge at her shoulder which she's slipped out of the sling so she could flip newspaper pages. "It's all warm, and it tingles. nice. like a warm bath, and a good kind of pins and needles, when I touch the person"

Niki nods. "That sounds…wow. Why don't you fix your arm, then?"

'Ever have those times when, you don't want to tempt fate, or you want to do something, but it'd be selfish, and greedy? That's why. I did it enough, get out of the hospital, I might, in a few days do a bit more, but, I always worry that, think that it's selfish and don't do it more than I have to to be able to move around and do stuff" Abby's brows are pulled down into an almost frown. "Fifteen minutes. I love hamburger helper. I could eat a whole box in a sitting and then groan because my stomach is soooo big"

Niki frowns. "That's not good. You should fix your arm, Abby. If God gave you this gift, he probably wants you alive to use it. Kinda presumptuous to risk it, isn't it?"

Abby pouts a little, a shrug of her one shoulder. "I am alive, I am using it. just.. it doens't feel right" She narrows her eyes then, looking at Niki. "Or are you just wanting to see it in action?"

Niki shakes her head. "No. I don't want to see my friend hurt when she doesn't have to be." She sounds a little upset at the accusation.

"I'll think about it. Promise, deal? You have a week to hound me if I don't" She doens't like the soudn of the womans voice and offers her hand to shake on it.

Niki nods, and shakes Abby's hand. "Dinner should be ready soon." she says, quietly.

Abby nods. 'Smells good" She slips her arm around the other woman, one of those rare gestures of physical contact Abby gives out, hand snaking around to squeeze the woman in a sideways hug. "Sorry. If I upset you. I'm not doing good this week when it comes to people. Probably a good thin i'm not working, or i'd be like Huruma and slamming shot glasses into foreheads huh?"

Niki laughs a little at that. "I don't think we'd have a job too long at that rate."

"No, no we wouldn't. Well no, no I would, if I used my gift for money. Maybe I could use you as my assistant, so when I need to sleep you can tell them "Back off! She needs rest!" or you could open my redbulls for me" Abby smiles at that htought, something that is just that, a thought.

Niki laughs. "I don't think I'd make a very good bouncer. I'm not very intimidating." Well, not like this, anyway. "All I've got going for me is height."

'Said assistant, not bouncer! I have enough bouncers. More bouncers than I need. With invisible leash's around me. Oh heavens i'm starved. This can cook faster. So. What do you like to do, when your not.. working, and sleeping, what does Niki do for fun hmm?"

Niki laughs a little. "Niki doesn't have a whole lot of fun." she replies. "Honestly, right now it's work and sleep. Before the coma, I was too busy being mom."

"If I ask god, to be selfish, patch myself up, want to go bowling? We can go after we eat. My treat. I need to do something after being called names and made to feel.. two feet tall." Abby looks hopeful to the older woman. "It is our night off and we're used to sleeping during the day.. "

The older woman blinks. "If it will get you to patch yourself up, yes. I will happily go shopping with you." She smiles. "I can take out my frustrations."

"Not shopping. I actually don't much care for shopping. But I like bowling. Throw a big huge ball of stone down a wood alley, and knock down some pins. Too busy healing people, working, and sleeping" She smiles again. "dish us up, i'll go do it"

Niki nods. She starts to split up the contents of the pan onto two plates.

While Niki does this, the other blonde in the apartment, is sitting down on the floor near the sleeping bags and newspaper. Cross legged, sling off. "Unless you want to see. Sometimes, it's interesting, other times, it's not. Not something for the faint of stomach. I can attest to that" She looks over, waiting for an answer either way.

Niki DOES watch, curious. "I would like to see." she admits. She walks over with both plates, carefully putting them down on the floor near where they're sitting.

She strips her sweater off, leaving just the shirt below, sweater tossed to the side. It's easy after that to carefully shit the wide neck of her shirt to drape ofer one shoulder. Bandage covering where they'd plucked the bullet and sewed her up. "Look ma! no hands" She offers up as a joke, peeling away the bandage. "Think I should have a scar? Guys dig scars right?" But with that, her hand resting across her middle and the other bent up to clasp the cross, she starts in on an our father. It's the third line in when it starts, the flesh knitting back as much as it can with the thread from stitches still present. She'll take care of those after. But it's done, right before Niki's eyes, all while thier food goes from piping hot to manegable hot.

Niki looks over, looking at Abby, really curiously. She watches, wide-eyed, as the wounds heal up. "That is…incredible." she says, after the healing is done. "Wow…"

Gonna need the food for sure now" she looks downa t her shoulder, touching it and then satisfied, covers her shoulder back up. "Comes with a price. Tires me out. more hurt a person is, the more I have to do, the worse. How I eat so much and stay so thin! I burn it alllll before my body can store it in my thighs" Abby grins to Niki. "So now you can tell elisabeth you've seen a minor miracle"

Niki laughs. "Wish I had that trick! Some of us have to work out for that! But here." she passes over the plate of food. "Eat up."

"You want the caffine addiction that comes with it?" Abby takes the food, both hands now. "I like doing it though. I really do. I like.. helping, taking away a persons physical pain. I like doing god's work. it's.. satisfying" Abby nods. "There was this guy once, when I actually you knwo went to school. He was in an accident, couldn't walk. It took me months. Month's of little touches, prayers whispered in my mind, and then finding some reason to shake his hand, or brush up against him. But.. He was walking, I think, I still remember that, It ry to remember everyone of them" Abby smiles then starts to fork the food into her mouth. "Glad I have it. Now. Bowling, and anything else? "

Niki laughs. "Why not? I probably have one without having the neat side effects." She looks back at Abby. "Eating, then bowling. I'm good with that. Feel good to do something normal."

"Normal" Abby answers. "Normal. Maybe I should take James Harvard up on…" Abby eyes Niki. "Wanna come ice skating with me?"

Niki laughs. "I'm from California, Abby. What in the world makes you think I know how to ice skate?" she asks.

You say, "And i'm from lousiana. We'll go. I have someone I know, how offered, if I had a bad day, to take me skating. He might be around your age I think. And you and I can both use just… a day skating huh? And no, i'm not trying to set you up on a blind date, just… Maybe i'm being selfish and goign to take him up on it, might as well go all the way and bring you""

Niki laughs. "All right. I'll go, and you can all laugh at me falling on my ass on the ice. Now eat up. We've got some bowling pins to go kill."

'you won't be the only one" Abby answers. "James can laugh at us. Then he can bandage our asses. He's a paramedic." But with thsoe words she tucks in, finishing her plate of of food. There's bowling to be had. And fun. And normalness.

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