Slowly Acclimating


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Scene Title Slowly Acclimating
Synopsis Elisabeth and Hannah have one last chat before Hannah ships off to Annapolis.
Date November 17, 2010

Textile Factory 17

With the rioting itself over, much of the FRONTLINE squad's job has been far more low-key — back to what they were doing before Nov 8: backing up NYPD and the others in situations where they're called in. It's not as if the team is sweeping the streets right now. In point of fact, they've got too much training to get done. One of those training runs is about to begin, and Elisabeth is standing near the operations command center waiting on Emerson to appear. The plane is waiting to take her to DC.

She still looks weary — it's going to be a look she wears for a long while to come, apparently. The black BDU pants and long-sleeved shirt are not as flattering as they were a couple of weeks ago. Liz is slimming down a bit, too tired to really pay attention to eating properly. There's a cup of coffee held in her hands, and she looks up as Hannah walks in. "Morning," she greets with a small smile. "You ready for long days running around in armor, lady?"

Early mornings are typically part of Hannah Emerson's daily ritual, but today is a bit different, if for no discernable reason. Perhaps it's what looms ahead of her, perhaps it's linger efefcts of drinking and attempting to socialise the night before. Regardless she looks a bit more tired than previous times Liz has seen her, hands slipped into pockets of almsot stereotypical camo patterened pants - not actual BDUs, but the closest Hannah brought with her, and with blue beret still sitting on her head.

"I've been looking forward to it," she replies with a half cocked smile, eyeing the cup of coffee like a vulture might it's carrion prey. "To tell the truth, I've been hoping to see just how well I can handle the armour given my particular… advantage." An eyebrow is quirked, as if to say if you catch my drift, even though it's likely entirely unneeded.

Elisabeth notes the look and holds the cup out graciously. "Here… take it with you," she grins. "I can get another one." She tilts her head and says, "I'm interested to see what they put you through. Sixteen hours is a long-ass day, but from what I understand of your ability, having you go that route is the only way to test how well you'll hold up as well as allowing us to test how well the armor withstands that abuse."

Hannah looks a bit surprised when the cup of coffee is offered out, that half smile forming into a fuller one as she raises a hand and waves it dismissively at Elisabeth. "It's appreciated, but I can get my own in a few moments. I know how imporatnt that mornign coffee can be, I'd hate to rob you of it." Crossing her arms, a bit of a nod follows, Hannah looking a bit more thoughtful. "It's hard to know exactly how it will go. I imagine sixteen hours will leave anyone feeling tired, no matter what help they have." She smirks a bit, crossing her arms. "I do hope the armour is up to it, though."

Liz keeps her coffee cup with a smile. She offered. That was all that was required. "Well, I think that's part of what they're hoping to learn. If it's not…." She now grins evilly. "Let me know if the techs cry. The first time Ivanov tested his out, he literally sheared the stuff apart. They cried. It was cute. I've never seen grown men whimper like that."

"Oh my," is Hannah's surprised response to that news, mixed with more than a little bit of amusement as she lets slip a little laugh. "Well, I suppose we'll get to see how they handle 16 hours of continuous activity. Training or not, I… hate just sitting around. I'll be sure to put it through the wringer. Though I'm sure I'll feel bad should they actally cry over it." She chuckles again, hands folding behind her back. "Is there anything in particular I should be prepared for today, or is it simply basic training again?" That much is said with a smirk.

"It won't even be as bad as basic training. I want you to really pound on the armor with your endurance and your skills, but other than that — it's not like someone'll be yelling at you," Elisabeth grins. "I think you'll be fine. And then in the couple days that you're back, I'll put you on a patrol route and we'll see how you run."

"And here I fight it's a bit more motivational when someone is yelling at you," Hannah replies, only half sarcastically, if such a thing is possible. "Is there a chance of getting another armoured individual to spar with?" is next on her nonexistent list of questions, simply speaking things as they come to mind. "Not necessarily for immediate matter, I'm sure I should get used to the suit before I try anything so… complicated. But I would like to know how it moves in such a situation."

Elisabeth laughs outright. "If you like being yelled at, I'm sure someone will oblige. And yes, we can find armored people for you to spar with. Maybe we'll do that when you're back here — rig up a ring outside in the yard." So as not to destroy the building. "Usually I'd volunteer myself, but I doubt I'm in much shape to actually be a challenge. You've got a whole squad, though, most of whom have some experience in that kind of activity."

"Well, that's good to hear." Though she's not beaming, it isn't that hard to see that Hannah is excited by this prospect as well - the whole idea of pushing her limits, of testing this armour, it's all very much right up her alley, and she seems excited to push herself again. "And God, no. I have had enough of drill sergeants in my day. I don't mind being a recruit again, but being yelled out, instead of doing the opposite is never something that I will miss."

The blonde laughs. "I'm so glad I never had that shit to deal with," Liz admits candidly. "I don't know how you guys manage it." She looks around the operations center. "I wish you'd met the others. I think you'd have done real well with them." Michael and Tris and Ruth… God, so many gone. It makes her chest hurt. "All right," she says, shoving that away. "Any other questions I can answer for you before you ship out, Hannah?" Her style of leadership is tending to be pretty casual.

"I wish I had too," Hannah admits, looking a bit off to the side. "They asked me once before, to join FRONTLINE. At the time I put it off because I was too busy helping my family recover from things that had happened while I was overseas. In retrospect, I wish I had taken the offer then." Her eyes close for a moment, and she sighs. "Soldiers lost in battle always hurt the most. I can't say much, since I wasn't here to know them before hand, but I do know that, at least while I'm here, their sacrifices won't be in vain, Elisabeth." A confident smile spreads across her face, arms folding across her chest again. "No questions, m'am. I'm ready to go whenever I am needed to."

Elisabeth shakes her head immediately. "Don't, Hannah. Honestly, I'm glad you spent the time helping your family. You had your priorities straight." Elisabeth's own father got sent to the Adirondacks where he's now staying indefinitely because Liz doesn't want him in the city while it's under martial law. "And now that you're here, your head's in the game. Which is all I can ask. Go on with you, then. Get on the plane. It's a 35 minute flight, and they'll drop you at Andrews. A car will take you to the Naval Academy, and you're all theirs for the next two days."

A shallow nod is offered in response, Hannah’s hand rising in salute as she has been seen to do, a smile on her face as she does. It’s a bit more relaxed than before, though – if nothing else, Hannah seems to be slowly acclimating to the more relaxed way of doing things are the FRONTLINE base. “Yes, m’am!” …Slowly. “I look forward to returning, letting you know if any spirits were broken while I was there.” She does a half pivot, like she’s getting ready to leave, before she pauses and looks back. “I’m looking forward to serving under you, Elisabeth.”

There's a look of surprise from the new operations head, and Elisabeth says quietly, "Thank you, Hannah. I'm looking forward to working with you as well. All of you." She smiles just a little. "Get going." And she too turns to head back to her own work.

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