Smack My Bitch Up


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Scene Title Smack My Bitch Up
Synopsis Finally, some girl-on-girl violence! Must be time for sweeps!
Date March 12, 2009

Moab Prison Facility - Yard

Time for the prisoners to get out and get their proscribed amount of exercise. It's actually quite pleasant; it beats Level Five all to hell and back. The tall blonde is there, at the moment just working out a little bit, doing her pushups. It beats doing nothing at all, and there's a very Sarah Connor/Linda Hamilton vibe to it.

The yard is always a small pleasure for Helena, because it puts her out in the air, and also, it gives her a chance to look for Alex, and (though she knows it's in vain), Peter. As usual she opts to pass those working out, those bothering to play basketball, and goes to sit down on the bench near the fence, her fingers curling into the chainlinks as she watches the men's side through them intently.

Of course, no one wants to be in Moab. And so like any prison, pecking orders develop. At the moment, comes one of the badasses of the women's side of the group, Tabitha. She's got her own group of loyal lackies, and seeing Helena at the fence, apparently decides that's easy pickings. They start towards her.

Helena isn't stupid. She has a good sense for watching her back, and thus far she's managed to avoid trouble. That's partly because Madison, one of the more elderly matron prisoners, has taken her in as sort of a surrogate daughter. And partly because the rumor of Helena being some kind of terrorist (?!) has also made the rounds. She's avoided fighting, though the fact that she has been so frequently seperated from the others has been noticed. Violence tends to end the culprits down in a lower, more miserable level, so Helena tends to avoid it. Besides, Hana and Claude taught her not to start fights. Just finish them.

Oh, there's violence…and then there's violence that you can't prove. Not easily, at least. Tabitha and three of her larger, butcher collegues start to approach. "So you been here long enough; what's your real story, Barbie?" one challenges.

Helena doesn't take her eyes off the men's side. She's been seen talking to a few of them. The redhead who starts fights. That one sort of underfed Italian guy who then disappeared. Most notoriously, the famous rapper, Shard. "Same thing everyone else is in here for." Helena says tiredly. "I broke the law, I'm Evolved, I'm here."

Tabitha nods. "Yeah. And then there's that terrorist talk, and you seem to know an awful lot of guys there. You just easy, Barbie? Lots of boyfriends over there? Or is there something else." She moves closer, while some of her goon squad moves to body-block so that she can't be seen as easily by the guards.

Helena doesn't answer the question. "Why are you here?" she counters calmly, instead.

Tabitha reaches out to hook her fingers, clawlike, into Helena's long hair. If she manages, she'll take a good grip to haul the other woman's head back. "Because I don't like outsiders, Barbie. You're on this side, that means you do what I say."

The fingers curl into Helena's hair, and her head jerks back. As Tabitha speaks, something unexpected happens - Helena's hand reaches up, fingers gripping tightly and digging deep inder the crevices of Tabitha's gripping palm, forcing their way into the meaty part of muscle just under the thumb. Helena torques her grip hard, rises, and slams the opposite elbow toward Tabitha's face. Don't star fights. Finish them. This is what ex-Mossad agents and the Invisible Man have to teach you. How kind of Tabitha's friends to block the view!

There's a surprised yelp, and Tabitha lets go in that moment, taking an elbow to the head. She stumbles to the side, but there's a hiss back from her, and the nails of her other hand lash out to rake clawlike towards Helena's eyes. The goon squad starts to move in, and then one of -them- yelps as they take four fingers stiff into one of their kidneys. From just behind her is Jessica.

Helena jerks her head out of the way, but not before those claws leave a trail at her temple. Ow! The momentum of Tabitha's follow through is used to help the kick to the back of her knee Helena issues to hopefully send her smack into the fence as Helena attempts to back away.

Tabitha's quick. Agile. And now that she's in a fight, she's in her element. She's taller than Helena, and probably stronger, too, if not as well-trained. She manages to move her leg to blunt the kick, and save herself from going into the fence. But now she's angry, and her judgement clouded. Stealth isn't on her mind now; just messing up a blonde. She punches out a fast left hook at Helena's temple, while one of the two goons moves in towards Helena's left to stop her from moving away in that direction, trying to grapple her. The other turns to swing a punch at Jessica.

Two-on-one? This makes it harder for Helena, but not altogether impossible. The grapple seems more likely to precursor some severe damage, and the best choice is not to get caught in that position. So she makes the choice, dancing away from the remaining Evil Stepsister and taking the shot to her temple. Even rolling with it, it makes her see stars and she hits the ground, trying to shake it off and scramble to her feet. By this time though, hopefully the guards have seen something. Woozy, Helena attempts to re-assess her situation, and attempts to shift so her back's to the fence to keep all her opponents where she can see them. "Niki!" she calls out, not so much for help as a warning.

Sure enough, guards are starting over already. Jessica's fighting calmly, with the air of the detached killer she is. She moves to the side fast, grabbing the outstretched arm of the punch. She shoots her other arm across it, breaking the elbow, and then reverses it, with a chop into the side of Goon #2's head. Goon #2 drops. Goon #3 can't get the grapple as Helena goes down, though she leans in towards her, still awkwardly trying to grab her. Tabitha, smarter, doesn't lean in…she steps up. If she's going to go in a hole for fighting, she's gonna make it count. She aims a sharp kick at Helena's ribs while she's still on the ground and scrambling.

Again, the training Helena's received so far comes into play - she knows the inevitable choice when someone's on the ground is to start kicking, and she moves to get away with that intent. It's fast enough to escape the grab, but not fast enough to escape the kick entirely, but the end result is that instead of ribs that are cracked or puncturing vital organs, she's going to end up with some significant, large black and blue.

What Tabitha ends up with however, is Helena suddenly clinging to her kicking leg, and teeth biting down visciously on her calf. Maybe the rumors are true…maybe Helena Dean is crazy!

Okay, sure enough, that was something she wasn't expecting. There's a loud cry of pain. And with Helena clinging like a limpet to her leg, she can't exactly get in a good position to kick again. "You crazy bitch!!" Tabitha shouts. Goon #3 tries to grab for Helena to pull her off, since she was already leaning in, and just gets Jessica's foot to her backside to propel her face-first past Helena into the ground. Tabitha hisses back at Helena, and falls, and does her best to tug, pull, and otherwise turn this into a catfight. Meanwhile the guards are almost on them. Jessica takes three steps back, and puts her hands up, in the "not hostile" position. Better than get tazed.

Helena pushes herself off of Tabitha and away and spits in disgust, rolling away so she's face down on the ground, doing her best to look wounded and vulnerable. After all, she's got scratchmarks and bruised ribs and she's so TINY, and has never, ever, ever been of any trouble to the guards, at least beyond her arrival. Trouble for Verse, maybe - but that's a one on one thing. Letting her hair hide her expression from the guards, Tabitha is given what Helena hopes is a feral smile with just enough 'crazy' in it to make the woman leave her alone.

The guards grab Jessica, and start to quickly drag her off. She's not hurt, and also seemed to mostly be defensive (the nasty kidney strike wasn't seen), so she's going to get hauled off to her cell. Tabitha gets tazed, a lot. The guards taze her till she's twitching, and she as the instigator is going to get hauled into a hole. Helena gets grabbed too, but she's banged up and little, and so she's going off to medical.

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