Small Damn World


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Scene Title Small Damn World
Synopsis Remi can be determined and willful. But sometimes, it's to everyone's benefit.
Date March 3, 2011

Le Petit Déjeuner

It's a good day for being sly and crafty. Which just so happens to be one of Remi's specialties. She's gone to her favorite bistro, and she's made two calls: One was to one Aric Gibbs, asking him to meet her here. The other was to her room mate, to meet her here. Both were offered the extra bonus of an extra special surprise waiting for them.

She wears her standard gear of designer clothes; designer jeans, a designer blouse, designer shoes, everything. The bistro, her favorite bistro, is small, cramped, but refined. Reminds her of France, brightly lit by the waning sunlight of the day. A coffee sits on the small table before her, the woman occasionally sipping at it as she waits for her guests.

Graeme wears work clothes as he walks in, having spent some extra time at the school he's been substituting at after his slightly unexpected break that morning. The black wool peacoat comes off to show what seems to be his favourite shirt, in a subtle shade of gray, one that he wears fairly frequently despite that he has no lack of choices, black jeans, leather converse. He's cheerful enough, overall, thoughts reviewing the lesson plan that he'd been given for the class he'll be covering tomorrow.

When he sees Remi, both eyebrows raise as he moves to join her.

A bit unexpected, yet Aric found the French woman interesting in an odd way. The fact she is a telepath and she doesn't know he use to be perhaps has him curious. He decides to meet her leaving a note for Liz where he was going as he makes his way into the Bistro, he pauses at the door to look around allowing his eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting.

Aric is dressed in a simple pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt with a yellow sun on it. There seems to be some very small writing on the bottom that can only be read up close and personal. (It reads: Aren't I one big fucking ray of sunshine?) His hair is tucked behind his ears, and he is has a pair of simple black K Swiss Sneakers on his feet. His eyes fall on Remi as he begins to slowly make his way into the bistro towards her.

As both Aric and Graeme arrive, Remi raises from her face, a smile forming over her features. "Aric! Graeme! I am glad zat you could both make it!" She says this cheerfully, extending her arms toward the two in greeting. "Aric Gibbs, meet Graeme Cormac. Graeme Cormac, meet Aric Gibbs." She offers a slightly enigmatic smile, settling back down into her seat, crossing her legs at the ankle.

Graeme sets his bag across the back of a chair, along with his jacket. There's a nod of greeting to Aric, and he offers his hand. At the same time, though, his gaze flicks over Remi's smile. Alright, spill, he thinks, with the usual certainty that she will catch it. What're you up to now? A grin is offered to Aric. "I like the shirt."

Aric cocks an eyebrow at Remi's introduction as he knows she will pick this up as he says, Why you sneaky little French woman. If I had known you would do this I would have at least done my hair and shaved. I look like a scrub. As he takes Graeme's hand he shakes it firmly but not too firmly to make it seem like he is over confident. As he moves to sit down and looks at his shirt, "Thanks man. It was a gift from a friend of mine."

As he sits back and runs a hand through his hair his mind wanders, Why he has beautiful ey… Aric's eyes snap on Remi as he closes his eyes a moment and takes a few deep breaths as his mind goes blank and dark. He opens his eyes and says, "Sorry…I can be a bit light sensitive."

Remi flashes a bright smile over to Graeme, batting her eyelashes. Then, she lifts her coffee cup, sipping it and looking like she's uninclined to answer. Thank you both for coming. I'm introducing you two to each other. Seeing the both of you together…I'm glad I decided to do so! She smiles to the two. "You two should get to know each other, oui? I am certain you will get along well."

Then, she's gesturing for the waitress to join. To Aric, privately, she adds: He really does have amazing eyes, doesn't he? I knew you would like.

Oh dear. Graeme flushes slightly, leveling what would be a glare — if it were not also amused — in Remi's direction. Right. This is going to be interesting. He settles in his seat, and offers Aric a smile. The smile lights up his eyes, and erases the few lines of worry from his face. He purses his lips, and to Aric, says, "I'm … sorry, Remi can be blunt about things sometimes. Though I guess you've figured this out already."

As he sits back in his chair, he turns his eyes back on Graeme and chuckles softly, "It's ok. I assume since your her roommate and her friend it looks like that you know of her extra talents. She happened to come upon me in the mall and over heard a few things she shouldn't. I guess that caught her eye about me." He turns his eyes back on Remi as he smirks, "She is an interesting character….and has an interest in Buddha Meditation methods I know because I can kind of block her a little. Not full yet…some of the surface stuff." Aric doesn't go into detail but turns his eyes back on Graeme, "It's okay. Hell I have nothing else better to do today and besides Lizzie would be happy I was out of the apartment."

Graeme raises his eyebrows. "Six degrees of separation, right then," he muses. He glances at Aric, appreciative. "Small damn world, I suppose." Daaaamn. Well at least he isn't shy about things. The smile on Graeme's face grows a bit. "She's a good kid, though," he says. Talking about Remi as if she wasn't right there next to the both of them.

"You know Liz?" There's a truly interested note to his voice. "Aside from Remi, Elisabeth was one of the first people I met here." He pauses. "I've only been back in New York a little over a month, now."

As he cocks his head to the side in curiosity, Aric remains silent for a moment. A few surface thoughts escaping through his filter, That woman know everyone….I am gonna have to talk to her about this guy and see the low down. As he chuckles, "Well I am discreet yet I have grown a bit more…mature in a few things over these last months you could say. Liz is someone I have grown to care about and trust like a big sister." He laughs out loud which he has not allowed himself to do for some time, "A sister who would kick my ass in a second yet I guess you should know right away…I a," His he places a hand on the table. A small spark of electricity sparks between his finger tips as he chuckles, "Can be useful yet when it rains I don't get along outside too much right now in case I lose control. Yet I only lose control when I am emotional or in pain. So we are ok…no fireworks."

"That's Liz alright," Graeme says, nodding. "She's already threatened me with the kick my ass if I need it." He grins, sheepishly. "I'm glad for the no fireworks part," he admits. "Though well, at least you have something to show people, I guess." He pauses, turning a slightly deeper shade of red. "My ability doesn't …quite work that way."

Remi smirks as they talk about her like she wasn't thre, chuckling quietly to herself. "I figured zat you two would get along well." And you're both into boys, which means that Remi can make her room mate happy, maybe. "And I was right." She smirks, ordering a croissant when the waitress comes over. To Aric, she offers a smile. She's threatened me to not hurt Graeme here, if that's any indication. I hope you don't mind, I can't help but hear it.

Aric looks at Remi as he presses his lips into a fine line as he nods slowly, Keep my thoughts to yourself. There is more in there then you care to know…TRUST ME. Liz would most likely do worse to you if you went into my mind too far. How odd he knows so much about telepaths hmmm? As he turns his attention to the waitress he asks for a earl grey tea with lime, and a death by chocolate brownie.

Graeme's gaze flicks between Remi and Aric. He can more than easily guess the fact that there is some conversation going on, silent and unheard to him, so instead, he contents himself with watching Aric, and some rather interesting contemplation. Men and their mental images. After a moment of hesitation, he orders both a sandwich and a pasta dish, though seemingly chosen at random. "Perhaps you were, Remi." There's a slightly more sheepish smile as he continues to consider Aric. "Apologies for ordering so much more than either of you," he says. "My ability tends to come with a bit of a metabolic … cost."

Remi smiles warmly over to Aric. Don't worry about that. What I hear from your mind stays in my mind. I assume confidentiality with anything I hear in public. Usually. Then, she glances over to Graeme, smirking. "Graeme can run for a very long time." She chuckles, sipping at her coffee. "'E eats like a 'orse." She chuckles softly, going quiet to allow the pair to converse. She likes listening.

"I am sorry? Are you a speedster? I have heard of some people who can run at speeds like…well I read of one who was faster then the speed of light. She was a thief. I never got the chance to meet her yet only read of her existence." As he waits for his treat he leans back looking the man over a bit more in detail, his own blue green eyes looking down to his hands.

Graeme shakes his head, with a chuckle. "No, though I do know one," he says. "My ability's endurance. Activity, pain tolerance, et cetera." He rolls his shoulders, muscle definition showing through his shirt a bit. "I don't tire very easily, either." A faint smile plays on his face.

Oh my god…he has the stamina of an eighte… Aric's eyes shoot to Remi again when the apples of his cheeks turn a few shades of cherry as he swallows hard and looks at Graeme, "I bet that has to be awesome. The ability to stay up 'all' night and work or get stuff done without need sleep or rest. That has to be pretty freaking awesome to stay the least." As he takes a sip of his tea he cocks his head to the side and asks, "What do you do for a living?"

"It's a little less awesome with martial law," Graeme admits. Though sometimes he ignores the fact that martial law exists, but that's not conversation for the table. His glance rests on the other man's cheeks, his own deepening in colour a bit as well. "These days I spend a lot of time with a punching bag after curfew." Remi can attest to that. "I teach," he continues, "and coach soccer. Right now I'm just working as a substitute." Oh god I nearly said subbing. Graeme flushes. Though I mean, I do that too, but that's … not what I was trying to say.

As he nods now and again while the man is listening, he is sincerely interested…Remi would know that as he runs a hand through his hair before tucking a few loose strands behind his ear and says, "I know how you feel. I miss running at night or being able to meditate in Central Park under the stars. Yet sadly it is the way of the world we live in right now." His own mind wandering, Thank god for the gun range and being able to cook for Lizzie or I would go insane.

Remi turns a charming smile toward Aric. You could cook for Graeme and I, too! I'm sure Graeme would enjoy your company even more than I would enjoy the food. Then, she turns to peer at Graeme, offering him a small grin. Don't make me call you both out like I did with Felix. You'd better ask for a number by the end of the conversation, or I will totally do it again. Even if he already has my number. That doesn't matter.

"Yeah," Graeme says, "so it is. All we can do is make the best of it." As he says that, their food comes, two plates set in front of Graeme, one in front of Remi, and a plate with Aric's dessert thing in front of him. Unabashed, or at least mainly so if not for the slight flush still to his cheeks, Graeme grins, picking up his fork. "I miss the stars, in general," he adds. "There were so many more of them in New Mexico."

And then mentally, he chides himself. No, this isn't the time for that. Pleasant dinner, not personal issues, come on damn it. He looks at Aric, and his thoughts turn contemplative, with the thought of spending time distinctly after curfew with the other man, until they're interrupted. He looks at Remi. I'll get to it, alright?

Aric's own eyes fall on Remi as he wrinkles his nose at her and says out loud, "Since I am being told…I can do Mexican food yet Chinese is my specialty. I spent nearly 4 years in China. I don't make that crap you get here filled with MSG and salt. I make mine the way it is suppose to be made." He grins looking at Remi and then back at Graeme, "You can bring your supervisor too if you want. I can ask Liz if she wants to join us." Aric is not gonna have dinner with the man by himself just yet…that would one be too needy and two…his own trust issues right now filling his mind with doubt forces him to talk to Liz about the guy first.

"I would love to 'ave dinner with Liz." She giggles. "I wonder if Liz 'as gotten my gift yet…" She muses this to herself, before offering a flirtatious giggle, turning her eyes up to Aric. "I would love some Chinese food. It would be wonderful if you would come over and make dinner. I will buy all of ze ingredients, oui?" She grins over to Graeme.

Graeme levels a bit of a stare at Remi. "What, precisely, did she tell you, hm?" He nods, though. "I … that would be nice. I'm definitely a fan of good food." The drawl creeps into his words, a bit, and the slight flush turns a shade of definite red across his cheeks. "And Remi is right. It would be nice." He pulls out his cellphone from his pocket as he shifts in his seat, sets it on the table, and pays attention to his food. Regardless of Remi's threats, asking the other man for his number is … a little much. Even if he's considering activities that are a lot more intimate than asking for a phone number.

"Let's just say that she will use her sneaky ways and set us back up here or some other place if we don't sit down to some food." As he takes a bite of his brownie he chews it slowly and smiles to himself. The man has the body of a 21 year old athlete yet he loves those damn sweets. God another 500 sit ups tonight, he thinks to himself as he looks down at the cellphone and says, "My cellphone…" He makes it a point to block his thoughts the best he can as the image of him tossing it into the garbage in Central Park seeps through, "…it's kind of not working right now yet the card I gave to Remi has my business number and I check in with them a few times a day. So if you call there and leave me a message I will get it."

Aric closes his eyes as he begins to sing in Chinese. The ex-telepath is trying to hide his thoughts on something about his cellphone…Jane. He final opens his eyes and looks at Remi and thinks, Listen I am doing that for your own good. I use to be a telepath until I was attacked by someone and my powers were taken from me and I was given these. It is hard to explain and that is all I can tell you yet if you don't want me to get to know your friend I will understand but…I would like the chance. I am not a bad person… He looks at her and says out loud, "I'm not."

Graeme nods, tilting his head at the last statement aloud. "Of course." He grins, faintly. "She's wonderful at being sneaky." There's a pause. "If nothing else, I can always get a message to you via Liz, yes?"

Remi arches her brows, glancing toward Aric with a small, cattish grin. You assume that I care that you want your privacy. I don't care. I would be just as private about my personal affairs. I'm not about to judge you because of that. However, I must say that your story about having your abilities swapped…well, that interests me greatly. The woman offers a wink to Aric, before she turns a grin toward Graeme.

Aric cocks an eyebrow at Remi as he thinks, You are a dangerous one aren't you. As he turns his attention back to Graeme, "Yes…she knows how to find me quite easily. And pretty quickly…sorry for the issue. It's just until I get my new phone in…I have it on order." That is a white lie yet he does not say that, "Would you like real Chinese or Mexican since I heard you say your from New Mexico?"

Graeme shakes his head, grins. "Don't worry about it, really." It doesn't particularly matter to him, overall, though he's not overly keen on giving Liz another reason to tease him. "If anything, Liz has my number," he adds, in between having put away most of the plate of pasta with a white sauce that was in front of him. The last forkful disappears into his mouth. "Or you have Remi's. It's all good."

Remi smirks over to Aric. Only if you're not my friend. Otherwise, I'm quite friendly. The redhead quietly munches on her croissant, sipping down coffee in between bites as she glances between the two with raised brows. "Mmm, what I wouldn't give for some Parisian cuisine. Ze bistros zere…mm." She promptly spouts off into appreciative French, before she busies herself with her coffee once more.

Aric looks at Remi as he hmmms before he looks back at Graeme, "I do one French dish that I make rather well. It is Boeuf Bourguignon. Yet…" As he looks down at the dish and he offers gently towards Graeme with his own dish, "I could make a number of dishes…we could call it a Taste around the world?"

"Whatever you'd want to cook," Graeme says, "I'm sure would be wonderful. I … grew up in Buffalo, and came down to the city when when I was ten. Or twelve." He pauses. "Moved to New Mexico for college," he continues, "and I didn't really think about coming back. I've only been back a little while." Graeme grimaces, and looks distant. Not the time. "Seriously though. I like food. Whatever you want to cook."

Remi offers a bright smile to Aric. "Oui, zat would be wonderful." She tips her head toward him, before sipping at her coffee once more, glancing between Aric and Graeme.

It's that time again, Graeme.

"You two seem to be 'itting it off well, oui?" The woman offers a warm smile to the two, before raising to her feet, blowing a kiss to the both of them. "You two 'ave fun flirting and getting to know each other. Very cute together, by ze way— I would love to see you around more often, Monsieur Gibbs." Remi offers a warm smile and a wink to Aric. "By ze look of it, my 'orribly awkward room mate doesn't need any more assistance, so I shall bid you both au revoir, until next time."

She promptly puts down a bill that will be large enough to cover everyone's meal plus a tip, and plants a kiss on Graeme's forehead. He likes your eyes. Totally into you. I expect to see a dopey grin on your face when you come home tonight. Then, Remi is traipsing off out the door, leaving the two men to their own devices.

Aric watches Remi leave, and swallows hard as he looks back Graeme and chuckles weakly, "Willful little spirte isn't she." He sips his tea and says, "Your welcome to the rest of my brownie if you want it. What I had cost me another 500 sit ups tonight. So…college. I went to NYU. What did you study in New Mexico?"

Graeme stares down at his food, a bit, picking up half the sandwich. "She can be. And determined, it would seem." He flushes a bit more. "Thanks." He grins. "I went to a small school, all male. I studied sociology, mostly, and went on to start my master's in education. Never finished, though." There's a hint of bitterness in his voice. "But it was enough to be a teacher, there." The second half of the sandwich is picked up, considered.

Aric nods as he cocks his head to the side, "Maybe the time wasn't right to finish. Maybe you weren't meant to finish there. Sounds like you ended up where you should be…or do you not feel that? New York City not your first choice?"

Graeme shrugs. "It's a little more complicated and a lot less pleasant than that," Graeme admits. "I ended up stopping after the Bomb went off, and such." He changes the subject. "What'd you study?"

Aric nods slowly as he listens and crosses his legs up into the chair into an Indian style position. "I went to school for business and…" He chuckles, "You might think it is stupid." He blushes slightly, "…yet my dream was always to open a book store that was kind of like a high class book store that focused on the super natural. So I minored in Occult Studies. I know a good deal on the various myths and religions of the world. I am not the leading expert yet I just made it into the top 100 in the entire United States." He looks into his lap as his hair falls into his face, "I know silly but I like that weird and unexplained."

Graeme takes a bit of a deep breath that catches in his throat, incredibly grateful that Remi isn't there anymore. Aric's hair falling into his face elicits a bit of an involuntary response from the other man, which he does his best to hide, picking up his sandwich. "It doesn't sound silly to me."

Aric looks up, his hair framing his eyes as he looks at the man across from him. His eyes peeking through the veil of hair as he says, "Thanks. I appreciate that man. Most think I am such a hippy because of it. I just find that kind of stuff interesting. If people of the world were not so ignorant and naive and took the time to learn about these cultures and their views. Maybe…they would find something else to fight about…I don't know." He runs a hand through his hair as he smiles softly to get it out of his eyes.

Graeme turns his sandwich over, taking another breath, moving his chair slightly closer to the table. His cheeks flush red. "Yeah. It's all interesting, for me," Graeme says. "Maybe we could learn to get past the fighting." He grimaces. "Even if it is worth fighting for." But the grimace doesn't last long, and he smiles again, running his fingers through his hair, blue eyes observing Aric with obvious appreciate of the other man's features.

Aric smiles a bit more as he nods, looking down at his watch before he sighs, "Graeme. I am sorry I am gonna have to run. I need to drop off something at the store and then head back before curfew." Aric stands up and extends his hand to him and says, "Even with it being under shady doings…I am glad Remi did this. It was a pleasure to meet you and I will set up dinner with us really soon. I will make a little of everything…Mexican, French, Italian and Chinese."

"Pleasure was mine," Graeme says, rising to his feet in order to shake Aric's hand, breath caught in his throat momentarily once more. There's a bit of a sheepish grin. "Even if my roommate can be insufferable, it's …" he shrugs a bit. "I look forward to it. Please tell Liz that I say hello?" He pauses. "And that I talked to my sister. She'll know what it means." He offers Aric a warm smile.

Aric pushes his hair out of his eyes and nods, "I will do that. I hope to see her tonight but more likely tomorrow." As he pushes in his chair, Aric looks into Graeme's eyes and would pay a million dollars for his telepathy right now as he gives him an odd wave and says, "See ya again." He turns as the apples of his cheeks begin to heat up and turn a few shades of red. Oh god please don't watch me walk away.

Thankfully, as Graeme sits back down, Aric can't see that he's watching him walk away. It's a nice sight, and Graeme purses his lips, quietly. Eventually, a smile creeps onto his face.

At some point, preferably before they all have dinner, he'll have to talk to Liz.

Aric looks over his shoulder as he turns his head slowly and says outloud, "Oh god he 'is' watching me walk away." As he makes it to the door, "Damn it Liz….you better pick up your damn phone. We need to talk." And Aric disappears out into the night to head back to her place.

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