Small Epiphanies


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Scene Title Small Epiphanies
Synopsis When Remi calls Graeme, being back in the US, the story really does sound too outlandish to be true. But there's the benefit of the doubt, to some degree.
Date April 26, 2011

Dorchester Towers: Remi & Graeme's Apartment

& Siann Hall: Magnes' Apartment

Remi had an epiphany today. She finally realized that she hasn't tried Graeme's number; the ones she had for Jaiden and Ygraine before the whole deportation thing happened didn't work, but she hasn't tried Graeme. Maybe he'll still be reachable. If not…well, that just sucks, doesn't it? She's kidnapped Magnes' phone and locked herself in his room, hiding amongst the comic book posters and figurines and all of the strange decor that baffles her more than anything else.

Frowning, she dials the one last number she can remember. If she can't get a hold of Graeme, well…going by her old place would probably be a bad idea, in any case, if only because she's suddenly back in the country right after being deported! Illegally, too! The government probably wouldn't like that too much.

Early in the afternoon, Graeme's back by the apartment that he at one point rented a room in from Remi. So far, there's been no reason for him to stop using that as his legal address, even if he never actually sleeps there these days. His cell phone's on the table, and as he answers, there's a quiet barking in the background. "Graeme Cormac," he says, picking up the phone, with a faint motion to flip it open like he would one of the two burn phones that sit beside it at the moment. Unfamiliar number, and his lips purse. "Hello?"

There is a brief moment of silence as Remi just…listens to Graeme's voice. It's such a nice voice. She missed hearing it. Then, the familiarly-accented English is spoken, a thickly accented purr, almost. "Graeme," she murmurs softly into the phone. "Graeme, it's me." Blue eyes turn up toward one of the posters on the wall, a small frown of distaste creasing her brow. She misses her apartment. Her clothes, her things…the place her mother lived up until she died in the bombing of New York.

Surprise is evident when Graeme speaks again. "Remi?" Then there's a pause and slight ambient noise, as Graeme turns to look at the number that shows on the caller ID. "But that number's domestic. You're in France, weren't you?" The voice comes back to near the phone by the end of the statement. He'd known that she was deported, apparently. Via multiple sources, including some notice that was delivered in the mail about if he saw her, a number to contact due to suspicion of terrorist activities, and such other things. "Hey."

"I was in France, until…it is complicated." A pause. "Very complicated. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you, really, it is zat far fetched." The squeak of a bed can be heard as she lays back, staring up at the ceiling. "I am sure zere is a search for me and one Magnes Varlane 'appening in France and Canada. 'E snuck in some'ow, and used chloroform to knock me out. 'E drugged me, flew me to Canada, and zen brought me 'ere on a boat. Said 'e wanted a telepath, oui?" She frowns.

This story sounds so stupid, the more that she thinks about it.

"But it turns out, 'e is not ze real Magnes, but an…alternate one?" She frowns. "Ze nice one came to my rescue, with…I think 'is daughter from ze future, from what I gathered. Mon dieu, zis sounds insane." She sighs, shaking her head. This all seems so unbelievable to her. "Any'ow, I am 'ere. I did not want to be 'ere, 'onestly, as, no offense to you, I was quite 'appy in my estate, basking in ze sun rather zan worrying about going out for fear of being arrested and not deported." The displeasure is pretty clear in her voice.

Graeme just takes what he's being told almost entirely in stride. Which is impressive, really, but considering he's been dealing with dreams of the future interfering with his life as he cares about it already, the fact that there are people from the future or something of the matter doesn't throw him off, much. But it does take a little over a beat for him to respond. "Right. Wait. You just said that there are … two Magneses?" The tone of his voice implies that it absolutely can't be good, and his mind races through things. Nearly top on the list being that there are some other people who should have this information, given that even the 'normal' Magnes is dangerous and impulsive as far as he cares.

"Start again, would you?" Not that there being two of Magnes is going to add anything to the already full plate of things that there is to deal with. "There are two of them? And one kidnapped you, and one rescued you from the other?" Apparently, Graeme isn't really asking her to start over, though, since he's gone through and, in that drawl of his, clarified all of those points. "Right. Well, I'm glad to hear from you, an' all."

There's a mumbling of French for a moment. Then, Remi reverts back to English. "Oui, deux Magneses." She kicks her feet against the bed. "Ze one 'o sports a goatee and slicks 'is 'air back like an ass'ole, 'e is ze bad one. 'E is apparently sympathetic to Vanguard, and 'as an obsession with Eileen, 'oever zat is." Another frown is cast toward the action figures, the woman shaking her head. "Ze one 'o doesn't slick 'is 'air back like an ass'ole, 'e is…not as bad, oui? 'E 'as been kind to me, at least."

She sighs softly into the phone, rolling onto her belly and resting her chin on the pillow. "I miss my 'ome. Ze one in Dorchester, and ze one in Marseilles. It was nice zere. Zis place…I can't see New York ze same any more." She closes her eyes. "I miss you, and Jaiden, and Ygraine…and Liz, and everyone…but zis country doesn't want me 'ere. Zey wouldn't believe me…"

"Yeah. Not the same here, really, without you," Graeme says in assent. And in fact, her absence is one of the various reasons that he just hasn't been spending much time in the Dorchester Towers apartment, even if he is there now. "Maybe in a few days, I can come see you, or something. I can move around pretty freely right now…" Graeme's words trail off. "Jaiden's garage got raided, it's under government surveillance at the moment. Ygraine's gone underground. Liz is wanted as a terrorist in connection to some things, and on the run at the moment as well. The same thing, pretty much. For connection to…." There's a pause, as he lets that sink in, lets the sentence trail off because hell if he's going to say the word Ferry on an unsecure phone line to gods know where with gods know who listening on the other end. There's even a small part of him that wonders if Remi might still be in DHS custody, if it's some kind of trap or something like that. And so, whether or not he's seen them, recently, isn't a matter for consideration in the slightest, and so not mentioned. "And I got taken in by DHS for questioning again, but they let me go, pretty much."

The frown is almost audible in Remi's voice. "Zis place…it is 'orrible." She mutters this with a slow shake of her head. "In France, it was nice. I did not worry about things like getting caught and thrown into a concentration camp." She shakes her head slowly. "Per'aps one day soon, we can see each other. I miss you." She sighs softly.

"Do you know 'ow I can get a'old of Jaiden and Ygraine?" She pulls a pad of paper and a pen closer to herself.

"No, I don't," Graeme says. It's a white lie, but there's no hint of it in his voice, only on the frown that furrows his brow down. Thankfully, it's a phone call and she can't see that. "I haven't heard from them in a while. But … I'll see you soon. If you call this number, on Friday, I should know when I'm free. I'm working a lot, lately, will see what time I have off. You can meet Odin. He's my sister's dog. I'm watching him for … a while."

But far from sounding resigned, there's a small hint of affection for the animal in Graeme's voice. One more further reassurance of contact later in the week given, and Graeme hangs up the phone. For a long while after that, he sits at the table, before putting the phone back down, and grabbing his keys from next to it. He needs to clear his head.

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