Smells Like Chloroform


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Scene Title Smells Like Chloroform
Synopsis Graeme's just found his half-sister, and might have lost her already. And he doesn't even know why.
Date February 21, 2011

Outside The Nite Owl

There's a lot to think about, really. Graeme seems good for that. For making her doubt herself. Second guess herself. Feel bad for choices she's made. She has a lot of things to consider about life, the universe, and everything. A glance is cast back toward Graeme as he moves to leave after her, a faint smile that disappears the moment her back is turned to him once more.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out her car keys, making her way toward the sleek black car parked across the street from the diner. She presses the fab, the lights flashing as the doors unlock. "Thanks again for breakfast, Graeme."

The door swings shut behind him, and Graeme lets his skateboard, a longboard with black wheels but a neon and fluorescent decal on the bottom side, drop to the ground. One foot rests on it, pushing it back and forth, and he smiles, a bit. "Yeah, no problem." He pushes a foot or two to one side of the door, out of the way of most foot traffic, and grabs a parking meter to slow back down to a stop, still watching Keira. His half-sister. It's a concept that's taking a hell of a lot of getting used to.

Quietly, Keira opens the door of the car. She drives a nice car. Too bad she purchased it with money from drugs and gun running. Still, she has the status thing going on, in her own opinion. A final wave is offered to her half-brother, before she slips into the driver's seat, placing the keys into the ignition as she closes the door.

Back and forth a few times, Graeme uses the parking meter to go in a circle around it. He's not in a great hurry, all. Not really.

As she walked along the side of her car, Keira didn't see anything - or anyone - unusual inside it. So it may be a little surprising when she adjusts the rear-view mirror to catch sight of a featureless black visor behind her seat, just a heartbeat before armoured limbs reach around. One to restrain her arms with hydraulic-enhanced strength, the other to sweep a damp cloth up towards her lower face. Hey, smells like chloroform!

Keira's eyes widen at the sight of the black visor in the backseat. But really, she's got no chance to react. She's got no chance against the hydraulic suit, so all she can do is struggle and scream into the rag that's placed over her nose and mouth. Then, consciousness begins to blur, fade, until it goes black, and the featureless fellow has a limp gangster in his grasp.

Graeme turns around, finishing the circle he'd been skating in, in time to see that someone, someone is holding a damp cloth across his half-sister's face. At least, it sure looks like that, from what he can see, but it's all across the street, and he grimaces, pulling out his phone to snap a picture. May not be much, but it's something. To make sure he's not imagining it.

The unconscious gangster's dragged slowly from the front seat between it and the passenger seat - shoved into the back, the armoured form bleeds away for a few seconds into shadow before slithering towards the driver's seat. Formless blackness for one moment, and then before Graeme's eyes a figure clad in black, helmeted kevlar and ceramic flows into three dimensions in the driver's seat.

And pulls the car out of the space.

Graeme purses his lips. There's no real doubt that he's imagining it, but there's also nothing he can do. At least, nothing he can do at the moment. The parking meter is used to provide an initial bit of momentum, and Graeme sets off down the sidewalk.

It's not long before the car is gone… to whatever locale the carjacker is heading for.

Graeme's just found his half-sister, and might have lost her already. And he doesn't even know why.


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