Smooth Criminal


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Scene Title Smooth Criminal
Synopsis Isis and Nicolas talk about their upcoming mission.
Date September 30, 2009

Siann Hall: Nicolas's Apartment

The large open area seems to be cluttered. The floors are covered by a plush off-white carpet and the walls are painted the same off-white color. An open archway leads into the kitchen opposite of the hallway that leads down to the bedrooms and bathroom. In the center of the room is a ceiling fan that circulates the air as well as provide ample lighting for the room. The center of the room is dominated by a large metal shelf that is filled with various electronic parts and components.

Along one wall is a large wooden desk that houses a bank of computer monitors, three laptops, a CB Radio and several other electronic and radio equipment. Above the desk is a large shelf that houses rows of computer towers that are all linked together. Next to the large desk is an entertainment center that houses a television with an expensive looking stereo hooked up to it and several video game consoles. Hanging on the walls all over the apartment are various posters that show various musical bands, movies and cybertech event ads. A single hallway heads further into the apartment, leading to the bedroom and bathroom areas.

Nicolas sits at the bank of computer screens and terminals, typing away at a keyboard, his eyes fixed on the screen that seems to be displaying random characters which scrolls up the screen at a steady pace. He reaches for a can of Monster, but finds it empty. He looks over at the can which stands by numerous other empty cans and empty Pixie Stix wrappers strewn across the desk. He sighs and stands from the desk, heading towards the kitchen.

Isis stands at the door for a long moment, looking down to her phone to check the address listed in her text message. "Here we go," she mumbles along a sigh, lifting her hand to wrap her knuckles against the apartment door.

her hair is a bit ruffled, untamed locks left in wild rivlets down her back. She's still dressed from her treck to and from Staten - a long, ebon coat reaches her calves, fitting around her waist to hide a clinging emerald shirt, a large teardrop shape cut free to accentuate her bust. Her bellbottoms flare down over a pair of heeled boots.

"Nico?" She taps on the door again, before leaning her shoulder to the doorframe.

Nicolas stops as he hears the knock, freezing in place as he watches the door for a moment. He then hears the voice and smiles, seeming to relax a bit. He tosses the empty can in the trash before he moves to the door and peers through the peephole. After he confirms the voice, he opens the door and looks at her. "Hey. You find the place alright?" He asks her, stepping aside to allow her entry.

"Sure did," Isis offers easily enough. She lets her fingers tickle across the door, tapping across Nico's arm as she steps inside and takes in her new surroundings. "Nice place," she comments, withdrawing her touch eagerly in order to unfasten the clasps of her jacket and tug the garment away.

Folding the long coat over her arm, though, she drops the pleasantries rather quickly. But, we all already know she's not prone to following socially ordered norms, anyway. "We need to talk," she states seriously, hazel eyes tending toward a subtle blue.

Nicolas smiles and nods, closing the door behind her. "That's good." He says as he looks around the room. "Thanks. It's not much, but it gets the job done." He says before he looks back at her, noting the serious look, the smile slowly fading from his lips. "Alright. Let's sit and talk." He says, motioning to a nearby chair. "Want something to drink?"

Isis plops rather ungracefully into the indicated seat. It has been a rather long evening. She lifts her hand to kneed at a golden brow, turning her fingers back to run through her hair before focusing her attention back to Nicolas. "Please. Anything alcoholic, if you have it." She flashes a quick smile and turns back to looking over the apartment. Finally, the question blurts from her lips. "Why didn't you tell me you were working for Adam?"

Nicolas nods his head and moves to the kitchen, returning with two bottle of beer. He opens them both and offers one to Isis as he sits across from her. "I didn't think that there was any reason for you to know. I didn't know that you worked for him so I wasn't about to give up a name that I didn't have to."

Isis resists the urge to frown at the beer. Do all men drink this shit? With a sigh she tips the drink to her lips. Its alcoholic, after all - it'll do. She sets the base of the bottle on her knee, turning her attention back up to Nicolas. "I guess I can't entirely blame you. I didn't tell you either…" Then again, she can be quite the hypocrite. "But, you kept something from me," she mumbles with a key of subtle annoyance.

She lifts a hand, though, batting off the words with a quick motion of her fingers. "Forget it. Listen, though - Why Adam? Why're you working for him?" This is the question that had bothered her most since she'd left the pub.

Nicolas looks at her and raises an eyebrow. "You kept something from me too. You didn't tell me you worked for him. It's the same thing that I kept from you." He says before he takes a swig of the beer and shrugs. "He approached me and offered me a nice sum of money. That's all. Purely financial reasons."

"As good a reason as any I suppose." She chooses her words carefully as she begins to peel the label from her bottle. "Do you know what he's up to? What he could want all this money for, I mean?" She tilts her head in a fashion that she looks up and aside from beneath the dark fan of her lashes. "I'm just a curious girl," she offers by way of explanation, lips tiled in a mischievous manner.

Nicolas shakes his head. "Nope. I don't. He tells me what I need to do and I do it. Less I know, the less they can pin me for if he gets busted." he smirks. "The number one rule for hackers like me."

Isis chuckles, a gentle sound on her airy tones. She certainly hadn't known what answer she'd hoped for. Perhaps it was best this way. "Smart choice," she says most thoughtfully, eyeing the lip of the bottle before bringing it back up for another sip.

After a moment her shoulders set back in a more resigned stance. "Have to admit I was surprised to see you there," she says more pleasantly, slowly allowing the tension in the room to fade away in exchange for more pleasant conversation and company.

Nicolas smirks and nods. "Yeah, you're telling me. I didn't know what to think when I saw you there, let alone being told that we have to do a job together." He says with a soft chuckle.

Isis chuckles. "Who'd have thought, right? About that…" She pauses and looks around, though. "I guess we should invite Benji-Boy if were going to discuss such things. Adam seemed pretty adamant about that little tidbit." She frowns most notably, sticking out her tongue like a childish girl at the thought of having to be babysat. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the Boss Man wanted to watch the two new members. "But, I was thinking about scoping out the first executive tomorrow."

Nicolas frowns slightly as he remembers about Benjamin. "Yeah. I guess so. You know his number? I'd rather go meet him. I'm not sure how I feel about him knowing where I live." He says to her with a smirk. "I'm free tomorrow, so I can come with you when you go check out the suit."

Isis nods and begins to dig out her cellular phone. "No, that's alright. I'm just going to scope the guy out. Watch his mannerisms. You should start to see what systems or nerdy shit you're going to need to work with in the bank." She flashes a grin. Nerdy she approves of, and so the word is said with only adoration. She pushes back to her feet, glaring down at her phone even as she lifts her chin for another deep swig of beer. She punches a few pads on the cellular device. "Meet 'im down at the Nite Owl? I could use a bite to eat."

Nicolas nods his head. "Alright. And I'm one step ahead of you. I got a password cracker program from someone I know. Other than that, I'll have to wing it." He says with a smirk. "Nite Owl sounds good. I can use some food."

The Nite Owl

Benjamin/Muscle Man is there by the time the pair walk up on the diner. He grunts alongside a quick nod to the team. "I think that means hello," Isis leans in to whisper at Nico's ear, playing the part of Neanderthal translator. She hauls open the door and leads the two men inside though, giving a polite wave to the late night waitress as she plops down into a booth at the back.

Nicolas follows Isis into the diner, smirking at her translation. "It's okay." He whispers back. "I know the language." He looks back at the man with no neck and nods back to the man, offering a grunt of his own as he slides into the booth along side Isis. He looks to the waitress and offers a wave as she arrives to take the new arrivals' order. "BLT on white with an Orange Juice."

"Bannabread French toast, a fruit cup, and a coffee, please," Isis chimes up happily. She looks quickly to Benjamin, however, painting on a mischevious-sweet expression. Her mood seems to tend towards the more lively, and dangerously so, all the sudden. "Business meeting. Mean you got this right?"


"I'll take that as a yes!" She elbows Nicolas conspiratorially, flashing a smile. "Anyway," she begins as they wait for the food to arrive. "How do we go about this?"

Nicolas looks to Isis after the waitress leaves and leans into the table slightly, his voice lowered. "I was thinking you take the suit's body and we both go in, you saying that I'm a new tech support looking over the security of the systems. It'll give me access to their system. Anyone gives us shit. You fire them or we remove them from the equasion somehow."

"What about him?" Isis leans in, matching Nicolas's secretive nature. "He doesn't exactly look… 'business suit' type," she notes plainly. "My body guard? Anyway, what're you going to do? Transfer the funds? Is that traceable? I hope you don't intend to make me strut of their with a suitcase o' money." She pauses, lips pursed. "Well, not that it would be my face on the camera." She smiles as the plate of food is slid under her nose.

Nicolas looks to Benjamin. "He could be your bodyguard, but we'd have to find a suit that fits him." He says before he looks back to Isis. "Yeah, I'll be transferring the funds after I find it. It is traceable, so I'll be removing any traces of the transfer or where the money went. I'll try to give us a window of 24 hours before the data updates and the money is noticed. Should give us time to cover all our tracks."

Isis nods her noggin' slowly, tapping her fingers on either side of her plate. She waits until Nicolas is served before plucking up her fork and stabbing away at a slice of strawberry, popping it between her lips. "Sounds like a good of a plan as any." She shakes her head and looks at Muscle Man. "Hold up. Benji-Boy, you gotta stay with my body." She lifts her fork and points fearlessly at the man across the table with the pronged utensil. "I mean it. Watch it closely. No harm, you hear me? I want this thing back with all goodies in good shape. No touchy feel and no bruisy ouchie." She wrinkles her nose and looks back to Nico with a tilted smile and a little shrug. "Solves that. Can't have Banker Guy runnin' round in my body screaming about body swappers. I've had it happen. It sucks." She wrinkles her nose and snags another bite of food.

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah, we could lock it in a room, gag it and put Benji on guard." He says before he takes a bit from his sandwich. After he finishes with the bite, he speaks again. "I think as long as I can get a half hour at the most, we should be fine."

"Then we're set!" Isis says cheerfully. She lifts her mug of coffee to offer a salute, but her smile suddenly droops. Too quick, she thinks. She was supposed to be stalling. She cringes a moment, but drops her face back behind her hair, covering her expression with another quick bite of her food. "I'll hunt down the executive tomorrow. Then we'll set something rolling from there." With a sigh the tension in her shoulders ease, her hazel gaze dancing from Benji to Nico and finally her plate.

Smooth move, Isis. Smooth move.

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