Snippets Of Intel


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Scene Title Snippets of Intel
Synopsis Lazarro has a kid in the Ferry and Kozlow is WHERE? Huh?
Date Apr 28, 2010

Coffee Shop

Leaving the Verb, Elisabeth steps out into the cold with a thoughtful expression. A text goes out to Richard, asking him to meet her — his ability to travel is far less hampered by the current weather conditions than her own, not to mention less likely to expose the library if she doesn't go there much. There's a coffee place that's still in operation in spite of the snow and she heads there to meet him, a table in the back corner offering just enough privacy so her silence field won't be detected and just enough shadow to keep him from being too noticeable as well. She has a steaming cup of coffee in front of her as she waits, reading news on her phone's small screen.

The shadow isn't visible; chances are, he's clinging to the underside of the table as he used to when spying on her and Catherine. Cardinal's voice is audible, though, as he whispers beneath the table, "This view would be a lot better if you were wearing a miniskirt… damn unseasonable weather." Weather…

Well, now, that brings a smile to her face above the table. Elisabeth chuckles softly and pops a bubble into place. "It amuses me that all it takes is a few words and my imagination gets me all hot and bothered with the image of you under that table and me in a miniskirt and oops my thong's at home. There's going to come a day you're going to have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, lover." Her tone is husky as she replies, and Liz leans back in her seat to simply relax with her coffee. "How're you doing?"

"The first thing I plan on doing when I'm whole again is going back to stealing, and making sure you're out of underwear perpetually," Cardinal replies in a teasing murmur, "I'm alive, still. I met with Jessica, she's eager to get to work. What's up with you?"

"Not too much right now. But I think things are ramping up on the Vanguard soon. Real soon." Liz sips her coffee. "In the meantime, I ran into Colette Nichols at Cat's place this morning and told her you wanted to see her. She's been involved in the whole Liette thing, it sounds like. And she popped up with an interesting bit of intel I didn't want to send over the wires. Lazzaro has a daughter…. and she is apparently in the Ferry. That makes me just a tad bit nervous. Cat seems to be of the opinion that he's on our side — at least insofar as keeping the girl out of the hands of the government — but I'm more skeptical about that. I'm forwarding a picture to see if we can get a definitive ID on the smoke man who helped some people escape the Armory. If it turns out to be Lazzaro, we may have to consider how to spin that or whether it can be used to our advantage at all."

"Lazzaro…" A growled note to Richard's hissing voice, "…one of Kershner's fucking goons… and Catherine doesn't always have the best judgement in the world. I'll look forward to talking to Colette, finally— she's been damned hard to find, girl moves around a lot…" A lot…

"No… Lazzaro and Kershner are definitely not in a 'you work for me' kind of relationship. More like…. two barracudas swimming the same waters, working for the General," Elisabeth opines quietly, sipping from her coffee. "She'll be at the Garden sometime tomorrow, so if you can hang around there, you should be able to catch up with her. I also sent her phone number to your phone, so you can just call her if you want to talk some way other than face to face. I warned her that you wouldn't be solid for the conversation if it was in person."

"I can stop by the Garden," Cardinal admits, "It's not hard to get there for me…" The Garden…

"Good," Liz replies mildly. It'll keep him a little bit busy, too, if the arrest announcement goes out as planned. "It sounds like the Ferry's in quite the tizzy over this young girl. I gathered from Cat that there's a lot going on with her, but I didn't ask for details." She still refuses to ask for more details than she needs to operate when it comes to the Ferry. It makes her… nervous. To know too much. "You said you'd spoken to the guy looking out for her, but I gather there's been some rather large brouhaha. You might want to ask Colette about that too," she offers softly.

"Liette? Yes, she's… well, she's the presumptive daughter of one of the scientists at the Institute, so that'd be a major deal…" A whispered consideration, and Cardinal allows, "I'll talk to her about that, too. I don't know how clued in she is with the Ferry…" The Ferry…

"Well, she's got to be more clued in than I am, and …. I'm not sure Cat will tell you everything that's going on. Since Liette is the one who gave you the idea about the healing, it might be a good idea to simply keep tabs on what's happening with the situation." Elisabeth smiles slightly. "Anything you want me to do or that I should know before all hell breaks loose? It's probably going to be the next couple of days."

"Catherine has always had her own agenda, although I sometimes think that she doesn't even know what it is…" There's a pause, then, and Cardinal whispers, "You're putting that… plan into action, then?" Arrest…

There's a long moment of silence, and Elisabeth says quietly, "Yes. I don't see very many other options at this point. We've already tried to hit them twice, both times miserable failures. It has to end, Richard." Her tone is grim. "God only knows who he'll strike at next." And she hasn't even heard yet about the attack on Francois in his own home.

"Just… be careful," Cardinal notes, "I don't entirely trust Kershner to let you go afterwards, Liz." Shark…

Blowing out a breath, Elisabeth admits softly, "Me either." A faint grin crosses her face. "You be careful too — she knows you're alive, she knows you're vulnerable… I don't know how much about your injuries she may know … and she knows where we're hunkered down. She's already told me she'll keep looking the other way and make sure to redirect anyone else looking our way so long as we occasionally do jobs off the books for her." She crosses her arms and leans her head back, her coffee cup resting on the uppermost arm. "You're going to have to make them all think it's real, though. Charlie Team knows and you and Jessica know. No one else can know that it's fake."

"I won't tell anyone," observes Cardinal in a quiet whisper, "I'll try and keep them away from… trying to rescue you anyway, because I'm sure some of the others will be trying to…" Rescue you…

"The only people I'd be worried about would be the people who are already in the know. Except for my father. The rest of them, I don't think it should be much of an issue. I mean, I expect that there will be alot of comm traffic about the matter, but… I doubt you'll have to worry about any of them trying to get me out. Unless they think I'm a threat because I know too much and might turn state's evidence," Elisabeth says quietly. Her tone is not so much bitter as… resigned.

"It isn't turning evidence that's the risk, they may have telepaths or something…" A whispered sigh from the unseen shadow, and Cardinal says once again, "Just… be careful, okay? Ah. That reminds me. What's going on with Kozlow?" Sasha…

The query makes her tighten up a little bit. Elisabeth sets her coffee cup down, and she says quietly, "He's in a safehouse. Abigail said he definitely has the Evo flu and she'd been caring for him before she came down sick herself after the injection. He's… not in good shape." And Elisabeth didn't see fit to intercede, quite honestly. She verified that he was stable merely by text. "Cat probably knows where they have him, if you want to know."

"No," Cardinal whispers, "He isn't. He's holed up at the Corinthian; Logan has him tucked away in there." The Casino…

Elisabeth blinks. "What??" She shoots upright. Clearly she had no clue. "What the fuck??"

"You asked me to keep an eye on Logan," Cardinal whispers, "I've been following him around on and off… saw him bringing Kozlow into the casino." Linderman?

"No… there's no way Linderman got him away from us and turned him over to Logan." Elisabeth frowns. "I don't know what the hell's going on with that, but I'll try to look into it. Considering what's coming down the pipe at me, it might be better if you do it … or have someone else check into it. Like Kain or someone who has a decent relationship with that fucker." She has zero relationship with Logan. He needs to be in jail in her opinion.

"I don't have any real connection with the case… I can ask Kain," admits Cardinal, "I'll see what I can find out."

Liz smiles faintly and murmurs, "It'll be a good first run for him. If he actually wants all-in, now he can prove it." Because after all, we're building a criminal empire to murder futures here! Everyone has to pull their weight.

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