Snitching on the Snitch


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Scene Title Snitching on the Snitch
Synopsis Abby makes a judgment call and calls in the least likely confidante — Veronica — in order to protect a friend.
Date June 1, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Ominous messages probably rate pretty high probably on Veronica's list. It was Abby's voice. "We need to talk, meet me in the alley behind Old Lucy's at Noon."

Come the appointed time, there's Abigail coming out from the basement. The police tape fluttering at the one end, and someone had eventually cleaned up Coren's blood. The red head was hauling crates up, and containers of alcohol, lodging them against the side door leading into the bar. Jeans, tank top, cardigan, hair in a french braid. She wasn't set to work tonight and she's already been down to the precinct to give her statement and do all sorts of stuff relating to Detective Shelby's case..

Veronica raises one brow as she makes her way under the tape and toward Abby. "I thought I heard Lucy's name in the news," she says glancing around. "Everything okay here?" She hasn't been to work yet today, and hasn't had the chance to read a newspaper, clearly. "You're okay, right?" She looks at Abby, looking for any sign of injury or trauma, a frown knitting her own brow.

No trauma, no broken bones, no bruises. For once it wasn't her who was in trouble. "Some guy shot a detective over there" The basement door is actually in the alley, one of those storm door type deals. "He'll be okay. Far as I was allowed to be told. Not really in their good books right now. Both think I turned my back on them for not healing him" Clunk goes another case. "So far, they got cops hanging out at work. two of them in the back of the bar, in case the shooter comes around"

"They don't know you lost your power? Or about… Case?" the last word is dropped so that any of those police don't overhear the word. Better for her agency if the cops don't know that Case is back around — after all, things would have been a lot simpler if the cops hadn't been on his trail the last time. "Just a random shooting, or was the shooter there for the cop specifically?" Veronica asks.

"It's not like i've been running around telling people" Abigail points out to the company agent. "It's not exactly something i'm happy with or proud" She disappears from sight and comes back with a small box of lindmans Kreik. Cheery flavored Ale! "Think he was here for him. you'd have to talk to the cops. But I didn't call you down here to talk about that"

"It's nothing you should be ashamed of either. But I think telling them you can't heal will keep them from being angry at you," Veronica replies with a shrug of her shoulders. "But what's up?" Her curiosity and worry are mixed as she watches Abby work.

"Magnes told me he's working for you guys" It takes her a few moments to work those words past her lips and as she looks up, it's utter dislike that she's said it. But she has her reasons. "I don't want him working for you guys. He plans to leak information, good lord only knows what else, once he's in a bit more. I don't want him winding up with a bullet in his head. Fire him, do whatever, just…" Don't kill him. Her hands are planted on the beer bottles, watching the company agent.

Veronica's eyes fly wide open at that. No sleepy bedroom eyes right now. "He what?" she says. "Who else has he told? And … leak information? Our information? Oh, God. I knew he was a liability." Her hands move up as if to tear her hair out in frustration. "If he's told you, who else do you think he may have told, Abby?" She takes a breath, closes her eyes and exhales. "Really, you did the right thing. It's better to know this now than for him to tell the wrong person…"

"Don't think he told anyone else, I kinda badgered him till he told me. Listen, really. I don't… He's a good guy, but.. I don't want to hear about his body found in some corner. Lordy he's going to hate me" SHe's nearly regretting it the moment she's said it.

"No… they won't do anything like that, I'm sure of it," Veronica says. Well, she's pretty sure of it. "I don't know… there's ways to make him forget he was ever with us, but even that — my boss now isn't a major fan of that, to be honest. What do you know of his plans to leak information? Who does he think he's going to give information to, for what end? He can't play both sides, Abby, that's… really really dangerous. That will get him killed. I mean, it's dangerous enough to do what he's doing anyway, I won't lie. God, he's such a kid." She leans against the wall, arms folding around her chest.

"H eplans to give the information to Phoenix. he was asking me for the name of someone and a number so he could tell them. I didn't pass it over, I told him to get out of my apartment about two minutes after he told me. Was all done on an eraser white board" Ohh yeah, Magnes is going to hate her. This is different than having someone come and ask you 'hey, what happened on that bridge'

"How did he live past puberty? Seriously," Veronica gives another exasperated shake of her head. "All right. I'll … figure something out…" She isn't sure exactly what route to go and it's clear. "Thanks for letting me know. I'll do what I can to make sure he's safe." The woman looks weary, and it's not even noon. "Anything else I should know?"

Abby shakes her head. "No. Not that I know of. You heard anything about Tyler Case?" Hopeful, ever so hopeful.

Vee sighs and shakes her head. "If they're looking into it… I'm not the one on the case. Sorry… but if I hear anything… and if we get him in custody, I'll appeal to my boss again so you and your Mike can do the Freaky Friday thing." She pushes off from the wall. "Well. Thanks for the call. I appreciate your help."

She pulls out her phone as she walks away, and speed dials Minea. "We gotta talk…"

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