Snitching To The Fed


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Scene Title Snitching To The Fed
Synopsis Abby tries to get Felix's help to relay information to Leland that he might not otherwise believe from her.
Date June 29, 2009

The Nite Owl

Fel owes her. He owes her more than he can ever repay, because Fel can't heal anyone from the brink of death, let alone do it more than once. So he's prompt to meet her at the Owl at the time she names. He looks keener than ever, though he's got those weary shadows under his eyes, dressed in his severely tailored suit.

He's prompt which means Abby is early. A plate of nacho's with real cheese melted on them and chili furthermore on top. She's picking away at the plate of food, back to blonde, big ol milkshake in a glass with the metal mixing cup hoarding the rest for when she's in need of seconds. She's looking healthier than ever, than likely Felix can ever remember her looking. A few pounds put on does her good now that she's not burning them off faster than she can put them on.

So when the fed comes in the door, Natasha's directing him to the back far corner, with it's empty booths on either side, perfect for a quiet talk.

That's his favorite seat. No, honestly, really. His smile is thin, but not predatory, as he seats himself across from her without a word of greeting. Felix folds his hands neatly on the table, like a cat settling before the hearth, and looks to her inquiringly.

"It's not Teo. There's someone else in his body, taking control of it right now. I can't offer proof but when Detective Daubrey showed up at my place, I went and looked into it. Someone else is behind the wheel and doing what the camera's show Teo doing. I don't know how to prove it though"

Felix goes still. "You're saying he's possessed?" Felix says, quietly. "I suggested as much to Daubrey, but I wasn't sure."

"I've met two other body jumpers before. I helped kill one and another, I never saw him again but he impersonated a cop once. I'm saying that something is in his body and controlling him. I also know why the one controlling him went after the new Jersey cops. One of them gave my name to Logan and Muldoon. Apparently, in two months time he would have retired, and moved to India with his pension and the money he got off of giving out name" Abigail pushes over the plate of nacho's, an unspoken command to eat.

"Wait, this cop gave your name to Logan and Muldoon - that guy was the leak? Now, if what's riding him isn't Teo, then why did it care? Does this jumper owe you? Do you know him?" Fel obligingly takes a nacho and eats it, unhesitatingly.

"I know the jumper, It's farfetched tale, and no one will believe it. But I know him, and so do you. He thinks he owes me, but I owe him much instead" There's a grim line to her lips as she fishes one chili'd nacho out from the pile. "Do you want to hear it?"

One of Fel's brow lofts towards his hairline. "Try me," he says, in that arid voice. "I'm getting very used to believing six impossible things before breakfast."
"The jumper is Teo is well"

See if you believe that Federal Agent Felix.

Believe it, perhaps. Understand it, not at all. "That doesn't make sense," he says, simply. "Explain yourself. What's riding Teo's body is Teo? Is he insane?"

"No. What's riding in Teo is himself, ten years from now. I was patching him up after he and F..Mike got into a disagreement over something. Mike let it loose, I guess hoping it would upset me. I didn't lie to detective Daubrey, I hadn't seen Teo since the time I told him. But I got a message through to him and I met up with him. Somehow, in ten years time, Teodoro Laudani has an.. ability. And he's now here, right now, changing things" Another nacho is fished up by the blonde

Now Fel just looks perplexed, that double furrow between his brows. "Wait. This is one of the time travelers, but he's disincorporated, so there are two minds riding around in that skull, and the one with an extra ten years' experience is the one in the driver's seat? What ability does he have?" Fel has begun to pale, slowly. He already knows, in the back of his mind.

"I don't know Felix. I know he's at the wheel. I know that he's been.. he worked with Logan and hurt another friend of mine. I know that he's.. Far as I know, the ability is probably to hunker down in someone's body. Why, what do you know?"

"He's not on our side, is what you're saying," Felix says, ignoring the nachos. "I know we've had folks come back from this future, but I thought it was literal transfer of bodies,you know?"

"I think he's playing both. I think… he has a purpose for some of what he does, that there's a greater good but… He killed the one cop on purpose. The other two through self defense when they were trying to kill him. Whatever he's doing it's not our Teo who's doing it. It's this other Teo. But the cops won't care and they won't be able to tell if it's the truth or not. I don't know what to tell Detective Daubrey. I need to tell him something just…"

Felix notes, in that dry voice, "He's my room-mate. I can tell him that Laudani is possessed, and thus might not legally be culpable for what's happening while this other person is in control. Would that be helpful?"

"But would it stand up to the authorities Felix?" Abigail points out.

"It could. Evolved law precedents are very much in the process of being set," Felix says, rubbing unhappily at his eyes, like he's trying to fight off a headache.

"Would it be more believable coming from you? Than from me?" Abigail turns, digging into her bag for a bottle of advil before pushing it over to him. "Here, take a couple, it'll help" Normally it'd be a brush of her hand against his or just outright taking it, to get rid of anything he might be enduring.

He takes them, washes them down with that coke. "So. You've lost your ability. Did it get switched - someone else is walking around with what you can do, now?" Felix wonders. "I've….lost mine, and gained someone else's. I almost don't want mine back," he says, grimacing at the bitterness of the pill.

"I'm.." The bottle is taken back, surprise that Felix got nailed too. "Someone is walking around with the gift I had but, I won't be getting it back. I tested negative for the evolved Gene Agent Ivanov. It was already tried to get it back to me. I apparently, should never have been able to do what I did"

Felix peers at her. "That must be a false negative. You healed me, many a time. And if it were purely miraculous, no one'd've been able to take it from you," he says. "Interesting. I wonder if this guy has made un-Evolved into people with abilities, nonetheless."

"I took two sperate tests. THe results as we sit here is likely sitting on some homeland agents desk and he's scratching his head trying to figure out if there is paperwork to be filled out to de-register. It's no false negative." She swirls her spoon around her milkshake glass. "If you want yours back, I can get a hold of the woman who helped try and give me back mine. I also have someone looking for Tyler Case. But the woman, she doens't need the person you switched with. She just.. fixes, if it's broken. I wasn't.. broken"

"I'm not broken. I have someone else's ability. I….in a sense, I am holding it in trust for her, so I shouldn't do anything to alter it. I'm looking for Case for multiple reasons myself," Fel explains, looking around for the waitress.

"Broken is just one word for it Agent Ivanov" Plainly spoken by the blonde. Natasha see's the look and heads on over to see what it is that the agent wants while Abigail sits quietly, picking at her food and biding her time till the red head is gone.

Felix gets his soda refilled. "Oh?" he wonders. He's still pale, clearly unhappy with all of this.

There's a nod. "more like, she can't fix what isn't wrong in the first place." But that's neither here nor there. "But, Tyler Case won't be able to fix me. But maybe he can fix you and whomever you're safekeeping an ability for. Just try not to get hurt. I can't help you anymore. God's not going to come and save your life again like he has in the past. This is it Agent Ivanov. No more miracles from me"

His smile is rueful. "You can always help me. You just won't be the miracle on tap, is all," he corrects her, tone gentle, almost fond.

"Yeah but if you get shot all to pieces…" That goes without saying. There's gonna be no miracles of that sort. "Just.. Tell Detective Daubrey. I don't know where Teo, jumper Teo is hiding out. I had to go over to Staten Island but he's been on Manhattan as well. He seems to keep moving and.." She leans forward "You can't tell him this part. He doesn't look like him right now. Someone changed him, physically."

All the color falls out of Felix's face at that. "Then I can simply tell him that someone who isn't Teo Laudani committed those crimes, and the image we have on film doesn't apply. How….how does he look?" He's almost stammering.

"That might, work" That might work indeed. Abigail's seen his current face. If he HAS changed his face once, it could be thought by the cops that it was changed the first time around. "What's wrong?"

Felix slowly describes Teo's current appearance. "Like that?" he says, with the air of a man hoping against hope that he's dead wrong.

That Abigail doesn't say anything, should be answer enough as she looks down at her nacho's, fiddling with one.

Abruptly, Felix slams a fist down on the tabletop. It's about the only expression of anger he permits himself, other than a hissed, "That little fucker was laughing up his sleeve the -entire- time." He pulls himself up quickly….and then forces himself to slow down. "Forgive me, Abigail. I'm sorry, that wasn't appropriate…I. I've encountered this version of Teo not long ago, I think."

The slamming fist makes her jump, clearly startled and draws attention from others in the Diner. Across the table comes Abigail's hands, closing on his. "It's not our Teo. Remember that."

"I should hope not," Felix says, and gently links his hands in hers. Trying to let the anger ebb away.

"What happened?" She's gonna need to start tallying up just how many people he's pissed off. Try and make amends. It's a tight squeeze of his hands in hers, gentle browns furrowed as she looks over at him.

Felix just lowers his head a fraction, looks at her from under his brows. "I promise, you don't want to know," he says,bluntly. "Just personal, not with earth-shaking implications."

"oh" She won't press. "I should pay for my food, and go. I got some studying I need to do. Stuff. Thank you for coming down Agent Ivanov"

"You're more than welcome. If there's anything else I can do for you, let me know," he says, with a faint sigh.

"Always Agent Ivanov" She pulls her hands back, digging in her bag again for money for the meal before gathering stuff. "just, just remember, it's not him. It's not the one we know. There has to be a reason for what he's doing. I can't imagine that ten years from now he's… this"

The Agent's face is grim, weary. "I hope not," he says, taking care of the tab unthinkingly.

"Put you're money away" Her own cash wedged under the plate for Natasha. She worked here long enough, she can do the mental math. 'God bless Felix, take care" And with that, helmet in hand, off the blonde defunct healer heads off, fastening the protective gear in place and with a call out to Natasha, heads out for the scooter that is inevitably secured out front.

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