Snow and Birds


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Scene Title Snow and Birds
Synopsis Eve corners the Ray Siblings bearing a gift and a warning.
Date March 24, 2018

Ruins of Staten Island

People had begun to spill out from the warehouse after the auction, leaving home less rich but with sweet gifts. Some left without anything at all but Eve, she wasn’t going to allow two of the guests to leave without she gives them her presents. And so Eve, hustling forward her shining red dress a beacon in the dark.

“Yoohoo! Ray and Kay! Kay and Ray, siblings by bond and grace of thy father.” She shakes her fists in the air and springs over to the siblings with a excited gleam in her eyes. “Ahhh you’ve gotten my painting. Congratulations!” Eve leans in to stare at Ray in the eyes. “Clues and strings that lead to places that we’ve been before or places that we never would. I must confess.. It is wildly entertaining to see that it wound up here in the auction.” Eve claps her hands at the wild turn of events.

The oracle also wags a finger in Kaylee’s direction, “You play a good game of raise the paddle. We shall play again.”

But she isn’t here to just congratulate Ray on his latest purchase, she carries that messenger bag along with her and she seems to have something in there for Ray. “I have a gift for you.”

“So why did you…” Richard’s question to his sister trails off as there’s the ‘yoo hoo’ from the prophet, and he straightens, breathing out a heavy sigh. He turns to regard her as she approaches, a single brow lifting. “You knew I would, Eve. I might not be in the game anymore, but I still collect…”

He brings a hand up to rub against the nape of his neck, gaze flickering to the messenger back and back, “…oh? If it’s drugs for Des, I swear to God, Eve…”

He isn’t the only one straightening at the sound of a familiar voice, Kaylee’s back tightens with lingering anxiety… Not as bad as it once was, but still the woman makes her a touch nervous. Though her whole body is trying to flee, the telepath turns an easy smile to the seer. “You as well, Eve.” She glances towards Rex, smile tugging to one side. “Though I am not sure I approve of your choice of company…” Though that might not be the only person she is talking about.

Forcing herself to relax, Kaylee does turn curious at the mention of a gift… With the seeress it could be just about anything.

There’s a chuckle from the woman and she shakes her head, “Even if we’re dead we’re not out of the game. DUN DUN DUN.” she grins and there’s a slight gleam in her eyes at that statement. The darker haired woman feels that important to say to the pair but the glances over towards Rex are given a light wave of a hand.

“He’s fabulously harmless darling,” in Rex’s accent with a wink and a flip of her hair. And that is something that Eve hopes is true. Though her choices in friends have always made people’s eyebrows raise slightly.

The oracle bends down on her knees and pulls out a rolled up painting she she smooths out on the floor for the pair to see.

There is a snowy hill, the white covering all over as far as the eye can see. Stars twinkle in the sky but are accompanied by the shining purples, greens and yellows of an aurora borealis. It’s light reflective in a frozen over puddle on the ground in the painting. There is a tree that sits on top of the hill, covered in snow without any leaves. There isn’t any sign of life in the tree, except for two birds. The first a raven who has feathers that are dark purple they are so dark, eyes staring forward as it opens its mouth in an inaudible caw. Sitting next to the raven is a lyrebird, it’s long curling tail up in the air as it leans forward as well, beak turned up towards the sky. Colored in turquoise and light brown shades.

The painting is overall very pretty with its vibrant colors and imagery. “I had a dream, this belongs to you Richard.” She hands it over to the man, “More for your collection.” A free gift, no strings attached.

The statement about the old man being harmless has Richard’s jaw tightening. “He’s murdered at least four friends of mine just for their power,” he replies tightly, “Including me. You can pretend he isn’t a monster all you want, Eve, but you’ll just be laughing as your friends die if you do.”

He knows she won’t listen. She never does.

The painting, then, gets a curious look over as he’s handed it. “…birds? Hnm. More metaphorical than your work usually is.” He flickers a glance up to Eve, “What do you think it means?”

Carefully, Kaylee crouches down, not easy in an outfit such as hers. Hands smooth the back of her dress. Head tilting as she looks over the painting, noting the subject matter. “Oh… how lovely, Eve.” Her voice is reverent at the other woman’s skill. “Especially, the sky…”

“I dunno, dear brother,” Kaylee looks up at Richard, with a touch of curiosity. “I wonder if the birds are you and… “ she seems almost a little hesitant to mention the woman he lost “… well, Liz.” When she mentions the dearly departed, she points at the lyrebird. Her shoulders shrug, “Not saying it is… but… it is a painting for you.” She points out, moving to stand again.

“But Rex is..” Eve trails off and shakes her head, “Oh! You mean the dragon.” Eve tilts her head studying Richards's expression. “Well then he's not to be brought around Gilly or Otter Eyes. That's for sure.” Those two friends had rather unique abilities. “Oh! Like Gabriel! He's.. is he…” Eve looks over her shoulder and lets out a chuckle. “He is. Oh wow, what a turn of events.”

She doesn't mention her recent trip to see Gabriel, and the maelstrom in her mind crackles and pops there for Kaylee if she so decided to ‘dive in’. Not that telepaths ever wanted to do that. Kaylee has actually been the only person to do so ever. Besides Peter giving her that command to leave when they were fighting. Dead or not, Eve is still annoyed at that particular night. Stupid Peter, that anger quickly turns into doubt and sadness. Poor Peter.

Tilting her head, she shows all teeth as she smiles at Kaylee, “Thank you Kaylee.” There's a slight red blush rising to her cheeks at the compliment. At the words of it maybe relating to Richard’s soulmate. “I thought the same thing when I awoke.” The thought of Liz makes her sad as well and it shows on her face.

“I think if this is for you. Then you will be reunited. Under pretty lights!” Eve smiles widely and nods at them both.

“I also have a warning,” expression growing tense as she allows the siblings to take the first painting.

“You might have spoken with Des about this,” Eve puts a hand on her hips, fingers tapping at her waist as she chew on her lower lip. “Someone is coming for you all. Raytech is in danger.” As cut and dry as she can make it and noticeably something she would rather layer under rhymes with no reason.

The mention of Elisabeth has Richard drop to silence, staring down at the picture for a long moment. He draws in a slow breath, then curls the painting back up again. “At least I’ll die somewhere pretty, then,” he interprets, his voice more than a little tight, fingers curling around the paper it’s painted on hard enough to crumple it slightly.

He takes a slow breath, glancing up to say something - but then there’s that warning, and he arches a brow upwards. She doesn’t often act serious, even when things are serious. A glance to Kaylee, a frown, then back to Eve.


A part of Kaylee wants to apologize for bringing up Liz, but she is distracted by the sounds of the woman’s mind. The odd sounds stir the darker parts of the telepath’s mind. However, memories of the last time she ventured into the seers mind still linger at the edges, even if fairly dulled and faded with the passage of time. It is enough to hold her back.


“She’s telling the truth,” Not that Kaylee thinks he doesn’t believe Eve, but something about how it’s said and the sound of the other woman’s mental voice makes her believe it. She seems rather alarmed at the idea of someone coming after Raytech. Why? Who would— ?

A glance goes to Richard before she turns back to Eve, Kaylee’s body seems to tense in rejecting of the idea that pops into the telepath’s head.

“Show me,” she says ever so softly.

There are more important things in this world then her aversion to what she just proposed.

Bringing up Liz makes her just as sad as she was the day she found out about her death. The seer’s eyes are downcast and she wrinkles her nose up. Eve isn't offering any other explanations about her painting. It only seems to be opening them up to more sadness which isn't her intent. Often though her intent isn't received correctly so she just stays mum. A moment of silence if you will.

The dark haired woman squints her eyes and nods her head as Kaylee makes that request. “Careful careful, take a look.”

And Eve closes her eyes, opening her mind to the telepath. That door that she always tries to keep closed, the one with the pounding whispers and echoes the destination, shouldn't be the destination ever. The crack though.. the crack in the door allows those sounds to swirl around Kaylee’s mind. I can see you, Eye to Eye. A woman’s voice.. Eve’s voice from a dream had not too long ago.

The woman tries to focus her mind though as Kaylee goes there, opening that door a bit more of a nudge, in her mind’s eye she looks over her shoulder at Kaylee and winks before Kaylee is plunged into the world that is her dream of Raytech.

The bodies of Sera and the ginger man.. Kaylee’s own body sprawled on the floor. Carnage, gunshots. The name Edwin would stick out louder than the other words that can be heard.

“Hello, Mr. Harrison. Let's talk.”

Is echoed in the real world as the vision ends and Kaylee is back among the waking. Eve’s voice doesn't like the person in the dream.. but she says the words just the same.

“Careful,” Richard murmurs, not that it’s necessary; Kaylee knows full well how dangerous it is to go poking around in certain peoples’ heads. He reaches out, a hand steadying her shoulder, waiting for results.

It is easy for her to decide to slip into the seer’s mind, with Richard watching her back. Kaylee is cautious and careful as she follows Eve into the vision. What she sees takes her breath away.

«Oh my God….» The words echo through Eve’s mind even though her hand covers her mouth at the scene. That action is repeated when she is back in her own body. Face pale, eyes haunted she looks at Richard. For once, she doesn’t ask his permission…. Fingers reach up to grab his hand and almost immediately, he can feel her ability threading through and adding that memory to his own. «I’m sorry… I need you to see this.» For a moment it will be as if he lived it himself, her fingers tightening on his, he can feel the trembling in hers.

Once her brother has the memory, she lets go and looks at Eve, “Thank you.” Kaylee looks worried for the lives of their employees… Des. “Hopefully, we have enough warning.”

“No birds this time, success!” Eve says with a clenched fist and she nods her head. “It is a bloody sight but better to see then nothing at all.” The whispers and echoes behind that door in her mind briefly scream for Kaylee, trying to fling words and images into the woman’s mind as the telepath exits Eve’s mind.

“I've been staking out your building for a few days. Don't you worry, Eve is on the case. Many cases.. all the cases.” She scratches her head and looks up towards the sky before regarding Kaylee and Ray with a worried look.

“Find Edwin and you find them all.” It's an assumption but one she's willing to bet is truth.

Richard’s brow furrows as Kaylee grabs the hand resting on her shoulder, and then all at once he stiffens— pupils dilating sharply as he stares back at her unseeing, the memory plucked from Eve’s mind replaying in his own in graphic if dream-like detail.

His own hand squeezes back against hers, lips parting to try and form words a few times before he shakes his head. “Stupid… fuck, we need to up our security,” he breathes out, glancing away and then back. A pause, before he tips his head, “Thank you. Eve. For the warning.”

“No birds…” Kaylee agrees with a strained smile, her mind having to try and ignore the screaming coming from Eve’s mind. Even if her own ability is curious and wants to explore this fascinating mind. “Thankfully…”

This new warning brings about a new urgency. “We should get going,” Kaylee says to her brother, moving to loop her arm with his. She’ll make sure that this warning will not be ignored like the Ferry council did about those birds. “No doubt I’ll be seeing you again, Eve,” is offered to the seer in farewell.

Shouldering her messenger bag the seer smiles faintly at the siblings. “I'm sorry the news wasn't better like babies or something.” Babies would be nice. Eve wrinkles her nose again and then pulls out a spliff from her metallic cigarette case as the pair begin to walk away. Her pale gray eyes studying their backs.

“Keep standing together!” She offers loudly as they disappear into the shadows, by walking though and not Richard’s ability.

“May the Goddess protect you, this won't be the last stand.” She whispers more to herself than anyone else.

This won't be the last stand. It's repeated like a mantra.

Maybe she's right.

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