Snow Day Reunion


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Scene Title Snow Day Reunion
Synopsis Thalia and Katherine get reaquainted as weather conditions continue.
Date May 10, 2010

St. Luke's Hospital

She doesn't really have an alarm set on her phone or watch. So that's why she wakes up mid-afternoon in the closet that she's rarely left for the past two days. She.. well she didn't want anyone taking her place! But she had to go wash herself and brush her teeth and so there Thalia is. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a dark red sweater. Hair loose and flowing past her shoulders and messenger bag swinging on her shoulder.

She looks around the hallway, she doesn't know if she should find a new spot to camp out at. Reaching into her bag, she pulls a candy bar out and quickly takes a bite. Mmmm delicious.

Katherine has been stuck, as may others have been, at the hospital. She's at least been of assistance during her time here. She doesn't seem to sleep much, or eat much, not that anyone would notice. Everyone is in their own little world now. She just finished helping clean up after emergency surgery. Luckily, the hospital is one of the few places with emergency power.

If theres one thing that Katherine Marks cannot stand is being idle. So she volunteers pretty anywhere she can. She's walking through the hallway, looking for a place to clean up, grab a shower and a fresh pair of scrubs or something. She turns the corner and spies Thalia standing there, but only from behind so immediate recognition is not there and she starts to walk past her.

Did.. Did she leave her comb and brush in the bathroom?

The thought runs through her head and she quickly turns around looking down at the ingredients of the candy bar curiously she doesn't notice that Katherine is walking and about to pass her and so she bumps her shoulder into Katherine. Not really hard, just enough to maybe stop Kat from moving.

"Ah, sorry about tha-." She stops as she gets a look at Katherine. "June? I mean.. Katherine?" Eyes widen and then a wide grin crosses her lips.

A pause, then a flicker of recognition and Katherine offers a weary smile to Thalia. "Hey Thalia." Lack of sleep and decent food makes the mind not as quick to respond as one is used to. She leans back against the vending machine. "You're stuck here too?" It's not a small hospital, so it is not that unusual their paths have not crossed. She lets out a heavy sigh and shakes her head. "I hope this goddamn storm passes soon. Not that I'm not being kept busy." Maybe too busy. "How have you been?"

"Yeah, just moved back a few weeks ago and this is what I get." Thalia says with a chuckle as she leans against the wall. "I've been good though, just waiting for this storm to be fucking over and then I get back too.. well I don't even know what I would be doing but still."

A smile plays on her lips as she looks at Katherine. "How have you been? Remember everything now? About.. ya know.. life before June? I stopped by Antonio's the other day. They really miss us there." Us. The two were a good partnership weren't they?

Katherine wrinkles up her nose and shakes her head. "There are still parts that I don't recall, though I think there is a part of the old me that's coming back through. I shot someone last week, totally unexpected." She then realizes how that may sound, "I was helping a friend who's law enforcement. I used to be in law enforcement, before, I mean." She isn't sure exactly how to phrase that, so she leaves it for now.

She finds her eyes drifting down towards her dirty clothing, before she lifts her eyes to find hers again. "Anyway, whatever it was that I was, I'm not that person anymore I guess. So, what are you doing back in town? I mean, when you're not stranded due to blizzard conditions?"

"Shot someone? Heh, sounds fun." Thalia jokes and then she's tapping her foot lightly against the bottom of the wall. "I'm.. I'm happy you're getting yourself back." She smiles at her friend. "You know.. I had a few friends I think, before I met you. But you became my best friend." Thalia admits and she blushes kind of. She isn't use to telling people this, or letting them even think that she really trust or cares for them.

"I'm not sure actually. I.. I guess I wasn't done learning about my sister." She looks down to her bag as she says this, thinking of the diary and the writings that lay inside it.

Following her gaze towards the bag, Katherine tilts her head just a moment, perhaps like 'June' would before smiling and lifting her head back up and nodding. "I can understand that. I've been alone most of my life. I've no family, so I'm basically all alone. Those I've built relationships in the past, they've been taken from me when someone decided to shoot me." She hasn't really ever talked about what happened after she 'died'. If she were to be honest, she wouldn't know most. She lets a smirk play over her lips, "But, I cheated death, so it can't be all that bad, right?"

Perhaps Katherine senses Thalia's difficulty in expressing those emotions and she reaches out and places a hand on her shoulder. "I hope you know I don't take for granted all you did for me when I was basically out on my own, really no place to go." She blinks her eyes a couple of times. "I wasn't always that expressive, so I may never have actually said it, but thanks." A smile follows that, as she looks to the other woman.

"I.. Kath.. thanks." Thalia says and then she's hugging the other woman. Tightly and then she looks at Katherine. "I couldn't refuse a crazy girl some help, could I? I mean, that would make me a horrible bitch." She grins at Katherine and then looks down the hallway.

"When we get out of here. We should hangout more, I don't really have friends. And.. it'd be nice to have company sometime." She says and then she's stretches her arms out.

Grinning at that, Katherine nods. "I was a little crazy, wasn't I? I find it hard believing that woman was me. I guess I still find her somewhere inside of me now and then, but like I said, I think I'm starting get back to my normal self. You may not like me so much since I can count past 11."

She pushes herself off of the vending machine and starts down the hall. "I need to get myself cleaned up. Where were you heading?" It's as if she expects that Thalia will follow her. As she walks, she reaches out a finger and traces the divider on the wall that seperates the upper and lower portions of the wall.

"Nah, I still like you fine." She says with a grin and then she's walking in step with Katherine. "Ah, I just cleaned up. I don't know.. I'm just heading around." Thalia looks over at Katherine. "You go get cleaned up and we'll see each other soon huh?" The aerokinetic grins at Kat. "We can try to find some coffee here in this place soon after."

Katherine stops in front of the door to the locker room and nods. "I'd like that. I suppose I have been working far too hard. Maybe a little break.. with a friend.. will be just the thing I need. " She pushes that door open with her back, then pauses and smiles. "I'll see you in a little bit." Then she spins around to disappear behind the closing door, leaving Thalia out in the hallway.

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