So, Dinner Tonight?


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Scene Title So, Dinner Tonight?
Synopsis Coren comments on Cassidy's 'Feminine Glow'. They discuss cases, having dinner, and the death of a detective. Coren decides to have his mysterious caller traced.
Date May 30, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.
The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

It definitely wasn't the news he expected to be greeted with when he got into the office in the morning. Detective Richard Myron, dead. Although Coren never personally met the man, at least no more than in passing, it's still a shock to hear about any officer dying. It is becoming a growing problem. It's with a heavy-hearted sigh that Coren drops into his chair, setting his mug of tea down and folding up a newspaper. Yes, it's a newspaper. His fingers are a little gray from the ink — fingers that have not touched a paper for months or possibly even years. The newspaper is promptly delivered to the waste basket with a bit of a huff. Pick up the news after so long and get greeted with that? Yeah, it will probably be at least as long before he touches another one.

There is a small smile on the woman's lips as Cassidy approaches their desks after a visit to the Forensics Lab. She flips through lists of names from the bike case she had been shoulder with, but a bit distracted by a thought. "Hey Coren." She offers brightly, she doesn't even look his way, she knows he's there. She drops the lists on her in box before dropping into her chair and holding a manila envelope that have been hidden under the papers.

She works at opening the clasp as she turns her chair to finally look at her partner. "Just got back from the lab.. Ms Nakano is really broken up about Detective Myron's death." She frowns a bit as she opens the envelope pulling out photos. "I feel bad I never got to meet the guy."

"It's a shame, that's for sure. I mean, we're short-staffed as it is, now we're short another hand," Coren says, head tipping to the side as he observes Cassidy. "I didn't know him particularly well. Think I may have seen him a handful of times in passing. We always feel bad when someone dies in the line of duty and we realized we never really knew him or her." He gives a slight shrug and keeps his eyes on Cassidy, watching her every motion.

Cassidy is quiet as she flips through the photos, which are nothing but graffiti really. She has this little smile on her face, her eyes darting over each picture of nasty Anti-Evolve phrases. But then she glances up at Coren and arches her brow. Eyes glances left, then right and back again. Brows drop a bit. "What?" She finally asks.

"Just admiring your feminine glow," Coren says. He takes a sip of his tea and begins to sort through some paperwork on his desk, eyes glancing across to Cassidy's desks and the photos. "That's Abigail's church, isn't it?"

There is a slight widening of Cassidy's eyes and then she narrows them "You're… not the first person to say that today." Her tone cautious, but she also hands the photos. A bit more subdued now she says. "Yeah, that's the place. She called me down there and asked if I'd look into it, off the record." She motions at them with her head. "Ms Nakano offered to take a 'look' to see if we can get an ID on someone." She gives look a different meaning in the tone she uses.

"Yes," Coren says, taking the photos and looking them over. "I had wanted to come down but was unfortunately occupied elsewhere dealing with a domestic disturbance. Some jackass beating up his girlfriend. Took officer Johnson with me. That was an unenjoyable way of spending half the day." Because all cops know the personality that goes with the spousal abusers. He hands the photos back, "Miss Nakano has an amazing talent for that. If only it could be used as evidence." He sips his tea once more as his phone begins to vibrate. He doesn't answer it.

Cassidy gives a heavy sigh. "Yeah I know. But, it's something. The Pastor doesn't want to do anything, but Abigail asked. And I owe her." Of course, Coren would know what she's talking about. "And of course, I've got brass on my back to get this stupid bike theft case done." She shakes her head. "Cops.. just should not have kids." Never mind she a fourth generation cop. "More often then not they seem to go bad.. and it's starting to look like the kid lied about it being chained." She drops the photo's on the desk.

"Wouldn't be the first time and certainly won't be the last. Some children are devious that way," Coren says with a bit of a snort. He takes a longer drink of his tea and goes back to giving Cassidy the once over. Of course, there are very few things that given women such a glow as Cassidy has, and he can't help but be curious. "So, who's the lucky man, anyway?"

Totally not expecting that question, Cassidy blinks and the looks embarressed. "What? Man? What makes you think I'm seeing anyone." She comments as blandly as she can. There is a touch of fear in the woman's brain, but nothing more then that. She can't seem to look at him as she turns her attention to her computer, punching up the bike theft case file.

"The glow of a woman is very distinctive, and is only caused by a few things. You haven't got a new pair of shoes on and your apparel is from your current wardrobe so that really only leaves one thing," Coren says. Well, two, but he's not about to accuse her of having sex. Now that would be an inappropriate comment. Clearly, however, she wants to dodge the conversation, so he'll respect that. "So, tell me about this bike theft case."

She stares at him for a long moment and then gives her head a bit of a shake. Of course she didn't want to talk to him about it. He's the last person she wants upset with her. He'd get a possible flash of a candle lit dinner.. or the sense of sitting on the couch watching a movie. But never a face.. or a name.

"Um.. Bike case." Cassidy says a bit distractedly. "One of the top brass' kid is claiming that his bike was stolen. They kid swears up and down that he had chained the bike.. Ms Nakano's sharp eyes caught that there was no shavings from cutting the chain, nor where there a chain. So… my next step is to hit up the pawn shops around that area."

Coren leans back in his chair, mug of tea in hand. Candlelight dinner. How romantic. He tilts his head at Cassidy's description of Rebecca Nakano's findings. "No shavings from cutting the chain, nor a chain itself. Of course, we're excluding the possibility that an evolved didn't go and walk away with it. If a person can walk through a wall, who's to say they can't grab a bike and walk away with it, chain and all?" He takes a sip of his tea. "On the other hand, one must question if that's more likely than the S.O.B. pawning his own bike for drug money." Who said anything about drug money?

"True. But I dunno." Cassidy murmurs a bit. "Can't assume everything is done by the evolved. So I'll check the pawnshops, with a picture of the kid and see. Cuase, the drug money thing seems a pretty good possibility. Not that I'm gonna want to tell his daddy that."

"Cases like these," Coren says, "They blow over. Or get swept under. Really depends on how you interpret it. The brass won't fault you for bringing the information to them. There will be harsh words spoken, but mostly just to the little twerp who filed a false police report. He'll be rather sore for a while, that's for sure."

Cassidy glances up at her partner, with a bit of a smile. She's thoughtful for moment then she looks back her computer screen. "Hey.. " She says suddenly with a brighter smile. "How about I grab something oriental foodwise and bring it over?" She realizes how it sounds and she adds quickly. "Been a busy week and we haven't had time to hang out like we did when I was staying there… " She trails off, no that doesn't sound right either. "Know what… never mind" She gives her head a shake, frowns a bit frustrated with herself.

Coren looks to be about to say something when his phone begins vibrating. Again. He pulls it from the clip on his belt and gives it one more glance before he he pulls the battery out and throws the phone into a drawer. "Chinese would be good sometime around ten?" He almost closes the drawer before pulling the phone back out of it and hooking it's battery back up. "You know what, it's about damned time I find out where this joker's calling from. Disposable, pre-paid cellular phone thought it may be, we can still triangulate a GPS location from the cell towers."

Watching the phone being tossed in the drawer, Cassidy nods. "Sounds like a plan." Her mouth quirks a bit in an attempt to smile when he pulls it out again and comments on tracking. "I'm surprised it's taken you this long to decide to do that." She really is. "I know I woulda been after that prank caller after the first two days."

"When do we have time?" Coren asks with a bit of a smirk. He pulls out a statement of calls and highlights the same number several times. Then he taps them each with his pen as he counts them off. "Forty-seven times. Since May fourth, when we argued about Staten Island," he recalls. "I think I might have a stalker." His tone is undecided, because he hasn't figured out whether or not he should be afraid or not. "I'm going to leave this with forensics and have them call your phone the instant it rings from that unknown number. Once that happens, I'll have them redirect the call to your phone so that we can try and keep them on the line long enough to run the trace."

Leaning over to watching him, Cassidy listens, giving little nods now and then."Sounds like a plan." She seems a touch concerned. she's of course been stalked, so she can help be feel a twinge of concern. "Maybe if your lucky it's only a solicitor."

Coren lets out a laugh at that before he knocks back the last of his tea. He folds up the statement around the cell phone and gets up from the desk, prepared to walk over to the elevator to get to the lab. "Yeah, a solicitor would be nice. Telemarketing at its best."

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