So Far Beyond Fucked


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Scene Title So Far Beyond Fucked
Synopsis Liz fills Nash in on what's coming down… and gives him an out.
Date Sept 20, 2010

Central Park

The text went to Nash as soon as Elisabeth got the word that Abby'd been in the hospital. Abby injured. Everything borked. Need to talk. A place and time were included, and it's way out in the open in middle of Central Park, too. Just two old partners walking in the park. Elisabeth is wearing casual clothes, not her black uniform, trying to not draw attention to herself. A pair of tan slacks, a lightweight peach sleeveless blouse, brown slip-ons. She's just walking along with her hands in her pockets, pacing near the fountain and watching for Chris Nash. Worry lines are evident between her brows as she spots him and comes to a halt. Her first words, even as her ability reaches out to encase them in a silence field that literally mutes the world, are, "I'm sorry, Chris."

If there ever was a man who epitomizes the non-chalant attitude it would be Christopher Nash. His suit as clean and shiny as ever as he strolls towards his former partner. He approaches and hears her voice and he completes the distance between them with a few additional short steps. "Nothing really to be concerned about, Harrison. Really. All they have is Abigail, right? I'll try to talk my way out of it and see what happens. I can't promise that the others I've helped won't get a visit from Homeland, or someone from Law Enforcement. You might give them fair warning." Nash has already been going over his story, so either they'll believe him or he's done. His life as a cop would be over.

She watches him warily right now, her hands still in her pockets. "You said you wouldn't cover for any of us," Elisabeth says quietly. "What story are you working on?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Nash glances over at her and responds, "Sorry, but I am not letting Abby ruin me. I don't know what she's told anyone, but if she's pointed her finger at me, I'm going to point it right back. Say that as a favor, because of her history, you asked me to take care of her personally. I had no clue she had a way to beat the system. I did enough legit tests that it'll be a needle in a haystack if they go looking for others. Sorry to have to do it. I like Abby." He just doesn't like her enough to risk his career.

There's actually a smile on her face as Elisabeth takes in what he's planning. "Well, not quite the story you need to tell, but damn close." Taking in a breath, she says, "Abby's already had to talk to them. She's out on bail right now. She had no choice but to tell them who registered her — your name was on her paperwork. She told them that she knew you through me, and that she convinced you on the basis of the fact that she's healed a bunch of cops — hell, she used to be on the NYPD payroll for healing cops! — to look the other way for her." She watches him quietly. "If you tell them that you didn't know, it's going to make you look like a liar, unfortunately. And she was too doped up on pain meds to think to tell them she faked it — she cognizant enough to try to cover some, but…." She grimaces. "So here's what I'm thinking…. Admit you did it because of her history with the PD…. and hell, tell them that you felt sorry for her because of all that she suffered with her name on the registry as a healer. It's in the cop files that she was kidnapped for her healing ability and held hostage. I think they'll buy the sympathy angle and if you have a good lawyer — and I can recommend two — I think you'll get out with a slap on the wrist and not be allowed to do testing anymore and such."

Well, sometimes it's good to have someone who you can bounce ideas off of, especially when they're going to be lies. Nash nods his head with a grin, "Sounds like a good story. We'll see if I need a lawyer after I explain that to them." He kicks a small rock across the cement and it bounces off the lip of the fountain before bouncing to a stop. "Of course, if they investigate any other that I tested, we could be in for more than that. But for now, we'll see how this turns out. Obviously, I'm done falsifying tests for you and your crew."

Elisabeth nods immediately. "Absolutely." She doesn't inform him that he's already done the only ones that she needed to send. It was nice to have the option, but he's burned. "What I'm hoping is that they'll just pull a random sampling of all the people you tested. And since you're talking … what 6 out of two or three hundred? I'm kind of hoping they all slip through the cracks. But they've been warned. We'll find a way to work it out," she says quietly. "Any other of my people who're caught will not implicate you in any fashion." She grins a little. "It'll be entertaining — in a macabre sort of way — to see if they come up with enough people who falsified to assume that EVERYONE who's already been tested needs a retest because….. well, you know? If a statistically significant number are slipping through the cracks, what the fuck are they gonna do then to make it any worse?" She pauses. "And maybe I shouldn't ask questions like that just to tempt Fate, huh?"

Nash smirks at that. "Yeah, let's not push Lady Luck. We all know women can't keep their mouth shut. Present company excluded of course." He winks and asks, "So, how are things going with you? Keeping yourself out of trouble, I hope?" There's not been much communication, Nash being busy with registrations and his own caseload, and knowing that Harrison is always busy with something or other, taking in every stray that needs help.

"Mmmm. Yeah, you could say that," Elisabeth says with a faint smile. Saving the world, one fucking time travel crisis at a time. "Kicking in doors on Staten, making a lot of noise and mess. It's actually been pretty …. well, easy isn't the right word. Nor is simple. But …. I don't know. It's not so different, you know what I mean?" She shrugs. "My boss seems mostly happy with my work. My squadmates and I get along okay." She shrugs. "It's not unlike the cop shop, I guess."

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Nash nods his head. "Well, glad you like it. Glad there's nothing too intense going on right now too." He starts to move away from her and he turns back, "Look if things go bad with this, I'll do what I can to keep your people safe, but I have to do what I have to do, Liz. Just make sure to keep the rest of your gang away from me. Even if they don't pull me from registering, I'm probably going to stop doing them. This right here, tells me how easy it is to get busted doing something like this. Any more of your crew end up in the hospital and I'm really done."

Elisabeth nods slightly. "I appreciate all that you've already done, Chris. Seriously." She grimaces a little. "It was risky. We all knew it. But I don't want you to lose your career to help us. If the worst case hits…. burn me. As hard as you have to. Tell them that you think I might have manipulated you. They already know that my abilities have suggestion possibilities and if you were feeling sympathetic, I could have swayed you. Lay it at my door and I'll deal with all the fallout. I'll even cop to manipulating you that way if it comes to that, okay?" She will cover his ass as much as she can.

Nash nods his head. "Don't worry. I'll do what I have to do." A tone goes off on his phone and he glances at it. "Nice. Looks like the devil wants to see me. I guess this is it." He starts for his car, then pauses, looking back, "I'm not going to burn you unless I have no other choice, Liz. But don't worry, it'll be the last option I have." He turns and disappears around the corner, leaving her to do as she will. Whatever it is his fate will be, he'll find out soon enough.

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