So Far, It's Co-inciding


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Scene Title So Far, It's Co-Inciding
Synopsis Investigations into the Sylar sighting at the Gala start off with Graeme
Date March 22, 2011

Homeland Security Building

Voicemails are impersonal. Terribly impersonal. But voicemails are generally Audrey's preferred way of communicating with people she needs to call down for an interview if Coopers not there to do it. And coopers not there to do it. Coopers checking out things for her and being her partner.

It's a Tuesday morning, she's still cruising on her third cup of coffee and the painkillers have long since kicked in and making it easier to sit in her chair. Only she's not in her chair in her office but instead in one of the generic rooms that litter the DHS building where people are brought to question, interrogate or otherwise casually converse with. The gratuitous mirror window, where on the other side one knows a video camera is rolling, microphones dotted in the room, Audrey's sitting in one chair while Graeme has been invited to partake of the seat on the opposite side of the table. Drinks provided, coffee in a paper cup that steams, bottles of water, notepad and a handful of folders, she's been here a few minutes but hasn't spoken to Graeme yet other than to greet him as she gets her things in order, maneuvering files, pens, cups just so.

Graeme sits, half-on the chair, half not, because it's just a chair, and simply sitting hasn't been the best of options for him at the moment. There's no clear unease in his posture, simply physical discomfort not made better by painkillers that the stubborn man still refuses to take, because after all, it's just annoying. Over a plain gray sweater that is only slightly lighter than the black jeans that Graeme wears, there's a sling, and some extra strapping that holds his right arm to his body and his shoulder still, a visible indication of the injury that he sustained.

In his free hand, though, a bottle of water is picked up, toyed with, opened rather easily, as Graeme looks at Audrey. Waiting for her to start.

"What's your given name, age, address and relation to Ms Soleil Davignon?" Audrey looks up, pen clicked to an active position as her eyes settle on Graeme expectant. Pinch faces, pale skin, freckles and a fairly blunt haircut that relegates her short hair to be tucked behind her ears lest it brushes against her jaw.

At the actual question, Graeme turns, straightening a bit. "Graeme Aiden Cormac," he says, answering the first part of the question. It's an honest answer, and if she wants to go digging for the name on his birth certificate, that's all well and good, but he's not going to bring that up. "502 Dorchester Towers, and Ms. Davignon is at the moment my landlady." Which would explain why he's got the same address.

"Landlady" Audrey glances over from where she's writing. "She claims you are her roommate" But the two are interchangeable, it's like Remi's name on the lease. "Mr. Cormac, could you relay for me the incident in the ballroom at the Corinthian starting from when you first knew that Ms. Davignon was in danger?" Others have come before, asked the questions to Remi at the hospital but it helps, to get a round perspective of what occurred, even if she herself was there. "Take your time if you need to."

Graeme nods, and tilts his head to one side. "Of course." There's a moment, pause, replaying things in his mind as he tries to figure this out. "I was talking with Remi, as well as with Jaiden Mortlock and Ygraine FitzRoy," though the two names should be familiar to Audrey already, "when someone came up to her, spoke in French a bit, and asked her if they could go speak in private." There's a pause, as Graeme looks straight past Audrey. "Except then, whatever … whatever illusion was covering her, it flickered for a minute, and we all noticed. Jaiden thought it best we attempt to get out of there." This time, the pause is longer, with space for Audrey to interject if she so chooses, because Graeme is simply trying to sort out what actually happened, amidst all the havoc.

"Did you catch the name of the individual who wished to speak with Ms. Davignon at any point." Audrey's opening up a file, flipping through some pictures and pulling out one. Of Eileen, all black and white and glossy, turned around for Graeme to look at. "Was this the individual who was speaking with Ms. Davignon when the illusion broke?"

Graeme peers at the photo, and shrugs. "She didn't give a name, no, and unfortunately I don't speak French, so it might as well have been gobbledegook that they were saying," he says, quiet, and then Graeme puts down the bottle of water to one side, picks up the photo to hold it at a better angle for viewing, before he nods. "Yes. But then she sort of pushed Remi back towards us, and we started moving towards an exit out of the ballroom. Or trying to. It was a little chaotic." And their intended exit, if anyone had been bothering to see, was a wall with a window. "I'm sorry…" he apologises for the pause, trying to make sense of it. "Then behind us, it… the midtown man, or something, I didn't pay much attention beyond that he was glowing, he was behind us and I was carrying Remi by then so we could move faster."

"So the woman pushed Remi, towards you, and the left you. At what point did the individual that person who attacked you, approach you. Tell me about that individual if you would Mr. Cormac, if you could. Since you were the closest to Ms. Davignon" Audrey reaches for her coffee as well as the picture, putting it back with her pile of other pictures. "As detailed as possible please, it will help us catch the individual who attacked her"

"Like I said," Graeme says, "I was trying to pay most of my attention to getting towards out. And except, the glowing midtown man wasn't the one to attack Remi. That… that person looked like a woman, at first, when they were walking towards us. Asian, about your height." It's clear that at this point, Graeme's put together the pieces, that Audrey had come in with the disguised Sylar to start with, but he's being polite about it, not mentioning that part. "She did something, my legs stopped working, and I fell. Jaiden got thrown a bit over, and then when we got back up, then they disappeared into something, reappeared really close to where I was, as a man." There's another pause. "And that's sort of when I got stabbed. Anything after that, you're much better off asking Jaiden," Graeme admits. "After that it starts to get fuzzy for me."

"So the asian woman, reappeared as a man, or was this the other individual who also looked like the midtown man?" Trying to clarify who Graeme was referring to.

"No, the Asian woman reappeared as a man," Graeme says, certain in his tone of things. "I honestly stopped paying attention to the glowing one when I got knocked over, and by the time that Remi and I were stabbed by … by some bone thing grown from his wrist, the glowing one was gone." He purses his lips. "Sorry, that's pretty much as much as I can tell you."

Which so far is co-inciding with what she's gleaned from others and what other members of the DHS who are doing the interviews have managed to get. "Have you come in contact with anyone not within your usual social circle, anyone on the street who was strange, someone come up to you at your place of employment at all?" Audrey's picking through her files, going for some notes.

"Ms, Davignon said that she had hired Redbird Security Solutions to come and oversee installation of security in your apartment. Which is an odd thing to do given the location of your home. Did something happen to prompt this?"

"She did what, again?" Graeme is genuinely and entirely surprised by this, and it shows. "I'm afraid that if something happened, it must not have been something that she felt it necessary to share with me." Graeme's tone shifts to pensive, curious, and his face remains the same. There's some muttering under his breath that he's going to have to talk to Richard, but then Graeme turns back to Audrey. "And no, nothing strange has happened, really."

He shrugs, a half-motion with his left shoulder that no matter causes him to wince. "Ow f—" He grimaces and picks up the water bottle. "Forgot I wasn't supposed to do that. Ow."

"Again?" Talk to Richard. Which means that maybe perhaps Remi's excuse of saw it in an Ad, wasn't quite true. "Have you had your phones go missing, any articles of clothing go missing, personal effects?"

Graeme tilts his head to one side. "Again. Colloquial figure of speech that I tend to use when I'm asking for clarification." There's a hint of social awkwardness showing, hidden behind a slightly droll academic tone, not quite lecturing. "I was unaware Remi'd had anything to do with Richard Cardinal." His tone would indicate that he's genuine about that statement, but Graeme doesn't mention what he has to do with the man either. "And no, nothing's gone missing."

"When most people say again in my line of work, it's not a figure of speech. My apologies for assuming it wasn't that but that Ms. Davignon had contacted them a separate time. The devil is in the details wouldn't you know" But graeme has something to do with Richard. She'll have to pass that along to Jane when she see's her. Another angle for the womans investigations. "What is your relationship to Elisabeth Harrison?" Audrey looks over at him, tongue pressed to the roof of her mouth as she waits patiently.

"And I'm a teacher, I use figures of speech when they're appropriate," Graeme says, tone now edging towards wry, and perhaps even amused. "It's alright." And then he pauses. "Ms. Harrison is a friend of mine, she lives in the same building," Graeme says, quietly, with a querulous note. Like he perhaps doesn't get why it's of interest. "She took pity on me when I'd just moved back here from New Mexico and didn't know anyone. I've been dealing with the relatively recent loss of my adoptive mother, and it's been good to have a friend." As if it could possibly be that simple.

It's never that simple, but it explains why Harrison had her hands in it all and it was just because it was Sylar. "So you can't think of anything strange in the past few weeks. What about Ms. Davignon, why would this individual come at her? Did she give any indication at all. I'm guessing the heads up was from her Telepathy, that she managed to get a warning that way from the asian looking individual."

There's another hint of surprise on Graeme's face. Not as much as when Audrey had mentioned Remi having interaction with Cardinal, though, or perhaps simply that there was more thought before the emotion got to expression. "I don't know, I'm sorry," he says. A twist of a frown flashes on his face and he speaks again. "I think the girl, the one who pulled Remi aside, might have tried to warn her. Since later, the girl yelled that the Asian woman was going to kill Remi?"

"Have you seen the asian woman before, or this man?" Another picture is dug out, Audrey turning around a picture of Avi Epstein. The second that follows is a picture of Jane Pak, watching and waiting, hoping for recognition beyond the gala.

Graeme shakes his head. "The woman was at the party," he says, "but no. I haven't. I'm sorry, I wish I could be of more help." Graeme's shifted in his seat again, almost observing the agent as much as he is, himself, being observed.

"What about this individual" Her finger taps on Epsteins picture. "Anything at all Mr. Cormac will help us to figure out why this individual targeted Remi, why this other woman knew that he was targeting Remi and tried to intercept the attack. Anything at all, will ensure that Ms. Davignon can return to her regular life, without fear of someone coming out of an alley and ending her life before she can do what she was put here on this earth to do"

Graeme shakes his head. "I don't know," he repeats, words a slow drawl. "The man, he turned into the one that glowed, after being invisible and bumping into Ygraine, but I'm sorry. I've only been back in New York for a matter of just over a month and a half now, and I can barely keep up with the pace of city life as it is. You pass so many people on the streets in any given day, but I know I've never seen either of them before the party." He lets his words rush a bit as he speaks, head tilted to one side and eyes wandering over the room.

The pictures are taken back, tucked into the folder. "If we bring you to a sketch artist, before you go, could you sit and help them draw a picture of the woman who spoke with Ms. Davignon and warned her off of the attack? Before she changed" Adurey's got an idea still that there was a telepathic conversation that went on, given the nature of the ability and the display that went on after. Odds of Graeme admitting that? Low. Same for Remi likely. Because that means she wasn't truthful with her registration.

Graeme frowns, thoughtful. "I could try," Graeme says, "though I'm not sure how much help I'd be." He purses his lips, picks up the water bottle. "During while we were trying to get out of there," he says. "Someone else, they got in the way. Landed in front of me and seemed a bit full of himself. Magnes," Graeme says, deliberately pausing with a contemplative furrow on his brow. "Magnes Varlane, I believe. He also called the guy who glowed and disappeared into shadow by name. Gabriel?" Graeme is doing his absolute best to not sound overly certain of the details, with appropriate pauses to cue the retelling. "This was a little bit before I'd gotten knocked off my feet."

"I'm familiar with Varlane and he's on my list of idividuals to speak to" Low on the list, but on the list none the less. " Audrey looks down at her notes. 'For now. Mr. Cormac, that's all the questions that I have right now, but if anything else pops up in our investigation, I hope that I can call on you again?"

Graeme nods. For the moment, he's pensive, still shifting in his seat again. Hopefully, it gives the impression that he's been sitting longer than he'd like to, though he could so easily sit for a while longer. He tilts his head to one side. "Of course." There's a pause. "I hope you have a speedy recovery from your injury, Agent Hanson." He's been remarkably politic about not mentioning her presence at the gala so far, but the sentiment seems genuine enough, and he offers the DHS agent a smile.

"I fell off a 40 foot bridge into water once Mr. Cormac. A terrorist trying to gut me like a pig will be the last thing to put me down. I've done this job blind" She'll leave the last mysterious. "Someone will escort you out, I thank you for taking the time to come down here and we'll give you a ride to wherever it is that you need to" Audrey herself, seems genuine in as much as pinch faced scowly Audrey can pull it off. "Take care and take it easy yourself' Though she is prying herself from her chair gingerly, so she can make for the door with her files.

Graeme chuckles a bit. "Thank you," he murmurs, taking the still half-empty water bottle when he gets up. There's a lot for him to think about, and so, while he is escorted out, driven back to the apart-hotel, Graeme is quiet.

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