So Help Me God


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Scene Title So Help Me God
Synopsis Magnes bitches and moans, Abby bitches back, things get said and in the end, there's one less person allowed in the bar.
Date February 24, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

It's been a pretty long day of writing college applications and flying around to compuses now that he finally knows what he wants to do. Magnes has apparently grown a bit fond of at least wearing some part of a suit, possibly at the advice of one Tracy Strauss. When Brenda ushers him up, Magnes knocks on Abby's door wearing an unbuttoned black suit jacket with a dark blue shirt that says in green letters 'Meteor Freak' across the chest. For pants, it's just simple blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. "It's Magnes. I'm waving a figurative white flag, I just wanna talk."

Abigail's in her uniform, most of it. White short sleeved cotton shirt, the blue trousers and her hair bad in it's, becoming customary, braid wrapped into a bun. She hasn't changed yet, stopping by to get a cup of coffee, pick up mail and check in and pack on her lunch break so she was ready for later.

"come in Magnes" The cup in hand and opening the door and turning away so that she can head on back to her bedroom and start packing some things. "I hope you're in a better mood after the stunt you pulled at the Gala. You embarrassed me"

Magnes steps in, closing the door behind him before heading to the couch to take a seat. "I'm sorry about getting angry. I honestly wasn't angry about the guy. I admit I was a bit jealous, but that's not why I was angry. I mean, I saw this older guy being all fresh with you, then inviting you to meet him in private and stuff. I thought he might be bothering you, so I pointed out that you have a boyfriend. It was your reaction that made me angry, just telling me to shut up and stuff. You talk to me that way a lot, and I honestly don't like it. It makes me feel like crap and like you have zero respect for me as a person." he explains, hunching over with his arms resting over his thighs, then just sighs.

"Really Magnes, did it ever occur to you that all he did was touch my cheek, kiss my cheek and ask to talk somewhere private because we had business to talk about?" Abigail halts her way to her room to look over at him. "It occur that possibly he was my date Magnes? That we were there together? I'm sorry that you didn't like my reaction but you run off at the mouth at times and so very inappropriate. Even more, sometimes, it's about things that are none of your business. I was stressed enough last night that I didn't need you coming and doing that" There's a a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders. "I broke up, with the guy who I was seeing. I broke up a few weeks back Magnes, I said that I was dating because I didn't want to outright tell you no, I won't date you. That man? That was Robert"

"So you lied because you didn't think I could handle being rejected? After all the crap I've been through with women, especially losing Claire, you honestly think I'm too immature to handle a rejection? No wonder you won't date me, you don't even know me." Magnes shakes his head, something sounding almost like disappointment, though more in her than himself. "I don't know what's going on with you, that guy, or anyone else, I mean you don't talk to me about things anyway, you don't treat me like I can really be your friend. You don't even trust me. Whenever I ask if you need help, or if you wanna talk about something, you just say shut up and leave it alone."

He stands, now sounding as if he's getting things off his chest that's been bugging him for a long time. "I like to think I'm a good friend, Abby. I like to think I've changed a little, but if it's just gonna be like this forever, where I don't even get a chance to be a friend to you, then…"

"You say that I think you're too immature to handle a rejection but that you're not? Magnes, last night was very much an example of immaturity. Jealousy is immature. Envy is a sin of which last night, you had plenty. I lied to you not because I didn't think you could handle it, but because I couldn't believe that you had asked that of me again after I had told you no, that you were not my type. Magnes, you are not my type. I'm still finding out what I like, but you, are firmly in my friends pile."

Going to her room to pack is abandoned, but she does look at her watch to make sure she's not going to run out of time before Elias comes. "You want to be a friend? Then pull that load of horse crap that you pulled last night. Don't buy me a corset and think i'll enjoy it. When I say that something is none of your business then I'm quite serious that it is none of your business. I have so much on my plate right now it's not funny Magnes, not in the least."

The coffee cup is put down on a side table and she takes a few steps forward. "Last week my home burned down and if it wasn't for the good graces of the Lord and my Dah, my momma'd have more than just burnt arms and hands. I have a brand new job in an ambulance, I just graduated from my school. I have a crazy psychotic Russian who's employed by someone else, who's picking off Team Charlie's relatives, friends and people important. Want to know what else Magnes? Someone's put a price on my head and outside this building is someone assigned by Agent Parkman to watch over me so that said psychotic crazy Russian doesn't do a repeat performance or someone doesn't kill me. How's that Magnes, for why I haven't been talking much or asking you to do stuff?"

"What I did was immature, I was jealous, but I'm gonna keep insisting that I was only angry because of your reaction, which I guess is no excuse, since your reaction wasn't exactly unwarranted. I won't lie, you've always been a major source of frustration for me, which mostly involves how I've felt about you, and that isn't your fault either. I screw up with you a lot, I won't deny that, but it's not as if I do these things to intentionally screw up, especially that corset. All I knew about corsets is what I read in history books and what Melissa and Delilah have told me. But, this isn't about that, just…" Magnes takes a deep breath, sitting back down.

"That is what I want to hear from you, Abby. I mean, I'm sorry about your mother, and everything that's going on, but this is what I want to hear. I don't want you to be afraid of dumping your problems on me. We've known each other for over a year. And in case you're wondering, I'm not gonna go out and try to hunt down whoever is trying to kill you, but I do have contacts who can do a hell of a lot more than I can about it."

He pauses for a moment, then turns his head back in her direction. "Burns and all that aside, are your parents gonna be alright?"

"You are going to do nothing about anything Magnes. I disapprove of your super hero antics, and shooting people in the leg for me." SHe lifts a finger, jabbing it in the air in his direction. "I don't dump my problems on you because I don't do that to anyone Magnes. I don't open up to many people and i'm a private woman. And you don't have the contacts for this and the less you get involved magnes, the healthier for you becuase Tanya, was meant to be me. Someone screwed up there it seems. Teo's mother, Francois's lover, Felix's cousin, Cat's mom, the list goes on Magnes. These people are not Logan, and they will not hesitate to kill you."

"Again, you're assuming I haven't changed at all. Like Melissa said, I'm still emotionally immature, I get hung up on girls even though there's no hope there, but just because I'm emotionally immature, doesn't mean I haven't grown up in other ways. It's been a long time since I shot Logan, and Kazimir taught me a lot. People can say he was Peter or whatever all they want, but Peter is not Kazimir, and Kazimir was more of a father to me out there than my own has ever been." Magnes reaches into his jacket, pulling out his beaten copy of The Art of War. "I'm not some rash little boy anymore, Abby. You have no idea what kind of people I know or what I can do. I'm not super hero, and my friends aren't either. Raith will probably know what to do, he probably keeps track of these things. If anyone knows anything, Raith will. And Logan owes me too. I'm not gonna do anything rash, Abby, all I'm asking is that you trust me to at least try to help you. I'm not afraid of this coming back to bite me, and I certainly wouldn't do anything that would get you hurt. If nothing else, trust my insane freakin' fixation with you, that I will not get you hurt."


Just Wow.

"Raith is the one who was hired to KILL me Magnes. And Logan? I can see that you're forgetting what exactly it was that he's done." The art of war book makes no sense to her, she's not one to read things like that and she's still taken back by what's spilling out of his mouth.

"No magnes, you can't help. Not this time. I need someone who's emotionally mature and is not going to go yelling his head off. This is not some run of the mill person with less than honorable intentions. Sweet merciful lord I wish I hadn't opened my mouth. 'A ghost is not a father, an assassin is not.. you know what Magnes, I don't have time for this, I really don't. I have to get back to work, I have to teleport to Louisiana and get my parents squared away back here. I still have to pack, I just don't have the time for this. I don't even have the time to go out on a date, and I don't have the time to stand here and argue back and forth about your maturity levels in whatever aspect you have them." Abigail waves him away, heading towards the hall and presumably the door with the cross above in down that hall. "You can let yourself out"

"Raith was hired to kill you? Then this will be a lot easier." Magnes sounds as if he's dismissing most of her disapproval, heading for the door now himself. "Think what you will, Abigail. You honestly don't know me anymore, I don't expect you to ever know me or try to. You don't know what I've been through, what I've learned, none of it. And when I do get to the bottom of all this? I won't expect you to thank me either, I'm doing this because I want to, and because I can."

Still heading for the door, he adds, "And one more thing? You don't know Kazimir either, ghost or not. I know what he's done and tried to do, and I'm sure you do too, but you don't know him. Goodbye, Abby."

'Magnes J Varlane, you will stay the fuck out of this all, do you understand me?" She's backtracked, peeling towards the door.

"You will let others who are already dealing with Raith, deal with Raith Jensen. Do you understand me? You are not to put your hand in any of this. This is being taken care of by people with more authority than you and I don't want you going in and screwing it all up. Promise me right now Magnes, that you are not going to do a single damn thing about anything that I just told you about or so help me god"

"Or so help me god what? I know Raith, he's not some stranger to me. Do you have any idea how many times we saved each other's lives? How many times we've talked and eaten together? I will talk to Raith. Your lack of faith in me is completely irrelevant, Abby. I know what to say and what not to say." Magnes holds the door knob, staring down at her with a slight frown. "Melissa said not to let my fixation on a girl color my actions. I will not make this promise to you, because despite what you believe, I do know what I'm doing. All I'll do is talk, I know what kind of person he is, to the point that him being hired to assassinate someone isn't much of a surprise."

"Leave it Magnes. This is none of your business. Do you understand? Stop being a dog with a stupid bone about this. I don't WANT your help in any of this. I don't NEEED or DESIRE you're help in this. This is one of the moments in which like last night, you need to back off. I have my reasons Magnes for not wanting to involve you in this. You talk to Raith, that's it. No more Magnes. No more coming in my bar, no more dropping in for anything. I will easily be immature about this. This is something beyond you and involves more than me, and NOT you. So drop it Magnes and if I hear any word that you have gone and interfered in this.."She doesn't know exactly what she'll do.

"Some problems go beyond you." Magnes says, not elaborating, moving to head out the door and slide past her so he can go down the stairs. "Believe I'm immature, hate me, shut me out, distrust me, see me as your enemy. This conversation never happened, that's all I'm promising you. Goodbye, Abby."

'Goodbye Magnes. Have a good night" Abigail bites out, waiting for him to clump down the stairs before she's swinging the door shut with a bit more force than she really should. Poor Peter, pissed off partner for the next half of the shift. Poor Elias, teleporting a pissed off blonde tonight..

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