So That's Where You Are!


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Scene Title So That's Where You Are!
Synopsis It's Brian! But not Brian! But it IS Brian. Minea finds the wayward baby terrorist. With 'Amnesia'
Date February 12, 2009

Primatech Research - Break Room

Food seems to be forever available in the break room. So a late lunch it is for Minea after a bout of training. Freshly showered, her dark hair made darker by dampness and pulled back off her face. Racerback tank x 2, loose comfortable pants, sneakers, she's enjoying a meal in the break room. She's one of the very very very new trainee's to the company and as she drinks from a bottle of water, her eyes wander by habit to the inhabitants of the room.

The formerly newest Agent In Training, who has ceded his title to Minea, is making his way into the break room. The young man is in a white shirt with the sleeves torn off, and in a pair of sweats. He's a tad sweaty as seems to be commonplace for him lately. A little glance is cast over to Minea, though all she gets is a nod. He has a water bottle as well, taking a small sip as he enters, making his way in to take a seat quietly.

Brian's spotted and the look on Minea's face is one of pure perplexity. Someone's playing a joke on her, she's sure of it. Clone boy? A company agent? Minea stabs at her salad, and now and then darts a glance to Brian. Was he a plant, with the company? Was he a plant IN the company by Phoenix? her looks confirm that, no, seriously, it's clone boy, has to be.

Remaining oblivious to Minea's staring and thoughts, the young man goes to take a seat and take a couple of gulps of water. Brian sets his water bottle on the table, apparently he's not hungry right now. He just seems to be sitting… Being quiet.

"Fulk?" It comes from Minea, curiosity as to whether her eyes really were deceiving her. She had no issue using the name, she DID work with Christian on a assignment to gather information about them. Her brown eyes locked on his at the adjacent table.

"Winters. Actually." Brian says, looking over his shoulder to Minea, raising a brow at her. "I'm sorry I don't think I know your name yet. Brian Winters." He introduces. The look in his eye is genuine, he does not recognize the woman. At all.

"Winters" Minea echoes. Her brows furrow and fine lines crease her forehead. The look is what throws her off. "Do you have.. a brother? Because you look very familiar to me" She offers her hand though, to the other agent in training. "Minea Dahl"

"No." Not any that are related to him by blood, anyway. He tilts his head at her, does she know him? "You don't look familiar." He notes, a little frown tugging on his lips. Though he does take her hand, "Nice to meet you Minea. I had some.. memory problems. Amnesia type thing. So.." He gives a little shrug.

But his name is Brian. Amnesia. She doesn't know whether to laugh or whether to get upset. He's the missing Brian. He has to be. Company, affiliated with Homeland, Homeland took some of their people… "Your evolved?" More curiosity, fleshing out the Brian she knows with this one before her.

"Yes." He answers, a little pride in his voice. "I create more of me." He says, his eyes going up to watch her, hoping to see that impressed look he's been getting around her. "Self replication." He adds. "Are you?"

Confirmation. It's him. Impressed though, is not the look on her face. More a look like she already knew. "I've met you before. But you don't remember. I met one of you. I was assigned with a partner to gather information on a group called Phoenix, along with other terrorist groups operating within New York City. Except I knew you as Brian Fulk" It's nothing more than the Company wouldn't know.

"You knew me." Brian says softly, with a little frown. "My real name is Winters." He corrects, giving a sad shrug. "Well, then you would probably know that Phoenix abandoned me. Left me for dead." He informs her, his features depressed.

"Briefly" Minea nods. "Winters. I'll remember that. As for Phoenix abandoning you. I don't know. I was assigned to gather information, surveillance. Assignment ended abruptly when my partner died." There's another wrinkle of her forehead. "Getting deserted by someone, or a group… it's not.. endearing, no" Christian deserted her. Was going to desert her. "So they recruited you?"

"Goodman wanted me to work for.." He gestures to the building around them. "The only other life I have is a group that abandoned me and let me die, or a family that isn't really my family." Good as place as any, the Company. Brian gives a nod. "So. You knew me. What—.. Did I have any friends? In this group? Do you know anything about Jesse?"

Minea gestures to the chair empty at her table. "Some. I can offer you what I know. Might not be much. I interacted maybe once or twice with you and the others. You were all pretty good at hiding stuff, hiding from people. That and I was more support for my partner than actually getting out there and doing stuff. You can ask, but no guarantee's that I'll have the answers your looking for"

Standing up, the young man goes to sit next to Minea, placing his water bottle on the table. "I don't know where to start. I know Jesse Knight was with me. And that's pretty much all I know. He was taken in by HomeSec." Brian informs. "The rest of them, ran out on me. Goodman is pretty sure they didn't treat me very well."

'Ahh.. You call him Jesse. He went by Alexander, Telekinetic. Low level member of the group from what we were able to understand" Minea picks up her fork again. "Homeland Security has him. And they had you and Goodman recruited you as well" She's piecing things in her mind. "Agent in training?"

Brian gives a nod. "I'm supposed to get a partner and an assignment, I guess." Brian says, giving a shrug of his big shoulders. "Alexander.." He repeats, playing with the name in his head. "His middle name. He goes by his middle name." Hm. "He's the only person I know about." Brian says softly.

"Brought me in a few days ago. Recruited me from the ISA. Inauguration by fire. They tested me out by breaking into my loft and coming at me with darts" That brings a smile to her face now, a few days later. "You settling in here, despite the.." She gestures to his head.

"That's abrupt." Brian comments, tilting his head at her. "ISA? What is that? I've never heard of that before." To her question he gives a little shrug. "As good as I can. I mean." He gives a little shrug. "Maybe it helps that I don't remember. Less anger that way."

"ISA, division of Military Intelligence, yes, they do have some. Department of Defense. Abrupt…" Minea rocks her head from side to side. "They cleaned up after themselves. So they're forgiven" She stacks a few pieces of lettuce with her fork, regarding Brian. "You are a bit of a firecracker in the anger department aren't you? You need to find an outlet"

Brian blinks a little bit. "I don't think I'm a firecracker." He says, a little softly, but his tone is a bit defensive as well. "I'm not an angry person." He doesn't think. How can you be sure when a huge chunk of memories is missing? The last year or so, he has no idea who he has become. "Was I angry while you knew me?"

"Time I met you? Little. But it was a short time, and i'm sure that everyone who is in that group runs on a lot of stress and copes with things their own ways" Minea excuses him. She's not sure how to handle this Brian.

"It's not my group." Brian says with a shake of his head. "They left me for dead. I'm done with them. They weren't very good people, according to Goodman." He indicates, giving a little shrug. "At least in regards to me."

"I didn't say your group. I said that group" Nope, it's still the same Brian. "They're people, with ..a purpose and a goal and noble it may be, it's still illegal to act, when authorities would act. Except that Authorities are bound by red tape and rules and we have to go by the book, as opposed to them, who can act as they see fit"

Brian gives a little shrug. "I guess I was misguided. Trying to do a good thing. Now I'm actually in a position to do a good thing." He says, "Well, I should probably get back to training. It was nice to meet you Minea Dahl."

"It was nice to meet you again as well Mr. Winters" Minea doesn't bother to offer her hand again to him. "I'll see you around. Maybe we can spar a time or two" There's a polite inclination of the womans head to the young man before she swivels her attention back to her food before her.

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