So Uncivilized


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Scene Title So Uncivilized
Synopsis An Evolved registration protest devolves into a fistfight. Some fists are more equal than others.
Date June 22, 2010

Elaine isn't fond of just standing there at this point. There's lots of arguing now, and that makes her a bit antsy. Really, it was fine when there was just protesting, but now there's spitting and anger directed towards people and not towards the ambiguous government. Really, she's not sure what to say, but she doesn't like just sitting there and watching them fight. "You guys are kind of defeating the point of a civilized protest."

"Hope you die is what I plan to do. And hell yeah. Strongest survive, but by the looks of you, it won't be long till someone takes a knife to you in the street. Maybe I'll takr your picture and put it up on the Hmanis First boards!" Muffin top smacks his buddy on the shoulder, pointing to Luke. "Freak a nature, right here. Telling us, evolve or die, natural selection. Only thing I wanna select is the stuff on the top of my pizza. They should round you all up and put you in that Ghetto they build on Roosevelt island. Keep you away from the rest of us so we don't have to share our air with you"

Elaine is getting into it now, coming over to say her piece and the two turn their attention to her."She don't like how we're protesting Frank. THinks what we're doing ain't civilized"

'Frank' snort, spitting on the sidewalk again. "Ain't civilized. Gee, George, I get the feeling she's with the freaks"

For a while, Evan has been content to carry a sign (Evolved Are People Too) along with a couple other teachers and several students, and leave it up to other people to run their mouths - but that latest comment from Muffin Top (George?) finally baits him into throwing back a retort. "Oh, yes, good idea— but why stop there? Why don't you just line them all up against a wall and have them shot, then you really won't have to share your air with them. Maybe you can even get rid of all the blacks and Mexicans while you're at it!"

Ok, this guy's pissing Luke off, not that it's especially hard to do. "And you know what? You have five seconds to live, I'd treasure it if I were you." and Luke gives the guy a nice crotchful of microwave energy. "There you go, congratulations, you've just won honorary membership into the Darwin Awards, for pissing me off." because microwave energy sterilizes, doncha know. "One less inbred bigot from Hicksville who can reproduce, I just made the world a better place."

Kelly may not know precisely what Luke did, but her head tilts and her lips curve, just a little. Psychopaths get amusement in the strangest of places, and seeing some random hick get hurt? That's definitely amusing.

"I'm not even taking sides!" Elaine states, frowning. "All I'm saying is that the /whole point/ in a peaceful protest is to not egg each other on to promote violence!" She's not a fan of the whole hate speech going on in general, but she'd rather not see any fighting break out if she can help it, but she's clearly fighting a losing battle, as it's clear she's about to find out.

The hullabaloo that has started up with Luke's words and actions can be heard easily and seen as George grabs at his crotch, starting to yell and hop around. "Frank! Get the cops! Freak just killed my prick!" A few choice swear words there, Franks not doing what he asked, though someone else is, moving off to get the cops. Franks making a pass at Luke, lurching towards the teenager as he was about to turn his tongue on Elaine. Instead, he's trampling right over her to get to Luke.

A grimace crosses Evan's face. Asshole deserved a good kick in the crotch anyway, he thinks, but now the shit's gonna hit the fan that much faster. Lowering his sign now, he glances around quickly, getting a bead on where his friends are standing and which direction will get them out of the thick of things fastest. Two of the students look less concerned - or less aware - of the potential threat against them, instead taking the opportunity to snap off a few camera photos.

Oh, please. Luke can handle a halfwit easily. When Frank approaches, Luke takes the initiative and punches him right in the face. Nyah. But then there's the troublesome thing about getting cops, and Luke moves off to blend in with the crowd. Damn cops. Not that he can't handle them too, but he's been tazed twice already in his lifetime. When, he can't really say, it's kinda blurry as to when, but it's not something you forget.

Oh yes, Kelly is definitely enjoying the show. She reaches into a jacket pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. One is lit, and she leans against a signpost to puff on it while she watches. She actually gives a full blown smile even. Unheard of!

Elaine is in the middle of the action. Or was, half-a-second ago, as Frank bowls her over to get to Luke. Given that Elaine's not terribly heavy, it's quite easy to knock the girl off balance and given she was already near the edge of the curb, she trips over it and goes down, catching herself narrowly on her arms. "Hey!"

Frank doesn't care about Elaine - doesn't care that his foot caught her in the thigh and because of that, Luke's hit doens't land but misses. What he does care is that when he gets his footing, he's taking off after Luke, trying to reach for a fist full of shirt so that he can return the favor.

Others though, incited and spurred on by the action, get in on it too. Someone makes a fist and swings it at George, who's still hopping about, screaming for paramedics, trying to undo his pants. Pro-evolved and anti-evolved alike are spurred on and start in on each other, not caring to a degree who they hit, mob mentality taking over. Even Kelly isn't left out, and someone tries to take a swing at her.

After rousing the shutterbugs with none-too-gentle taps on the shoulder, Evan does his best to make a break for it, the group dispersing in two or three different directions of necessity. Along the way, he spots a familiar-looking face in Kelly, kicking at the back of her would-be assailant's ankle - just hard enough to throw them off pace for a second. "C'mon!" he calls out to her, motioning further ahead. (Wait, is she smiling? And she thought he was nuts for keeping at his day job during the storm…)

Luke is a hardened delinquent, so even if Frank manages to grab his shirt and attempt to punch him, Luke will simply headbutt him. And considering how thick Luke's skull is, that should be a pretty hard hit without leaving Luke dazed. For good measure, he'll kick Frank in the balls as well.

Someone's throwing a punch at her? Kelly had intended to just watch, but she's not about to let some punk at a protest get the better of her. No sirree! She ducks out of the way, using the shift in body weigh to make it easier for her to bring up a leg for a sharp kick towards the stomach of her attacker. It's never wise to try to jump someone whose whole life is violence and death. Really, it isn't. Of course, her kick may not connect since Evan kicked at the guy's ankle, but it might! Just…not accurately!

With Frank's foot having kicked her in the thigh and the sidewalk giving her arms some nice scrapes, Elaine's more worried about the fact that she's /on the ground/ while a riot is breaking out. And it's every man for himself, it seems. Considering again that she's /on the ground/, she moves to try and get up without being trampled, so at least she can see the clearest route to get out. Scraped arms will have to be her defensive weapons!

There's some people pulling people apart, one person, a broad and heavyset woman grabs Elaines arm and yanks her upwards, attempting to help the young woman up and away from the small riot in the back that the police have noticed, been alerted to and are heading in that area with their sprayers of mace out.

Luke's hanger on taked the head butt with a stumble but blocks the kick to his nether regions, taking it in hip instead as he turns away, deciding that Luke isn't worth the effort and with the cops coming, opting to make like him and trying to disappear into the crowd. Kelly's attack is dodged thanks to Evan's well timed and unseen attack, the person going down as there's a gap enough in the crowd for the two to disappear off and make their escape as well.

Evan arches a brow. Well, that went better than expected! Still, it's good to know that Kelly was on the ball— not like the kids with the cameras back there, he'll have to give them an earful when they make it back to campus. (Not to mention the guy from the political science department, who made getting arrested sound like it was still the badge of honor it might've been back in the 60s.) Leaving the Sterile Bottom Boys to their own devices, he continues to elbow his way toward a more open area off in the distance.

Luke has been getting better at staying under the radar since he escaped from Moab, so like a ninja, he's vanished. Or, uh, he just snuck away, that works too.

When she misses her target, Kelly looks…annoyed. But it doesn't last long. She knows the cops will be there all too soon, and cops are not her friends, by any stretch of the imagination. So after a quick roll of her eyes, she takes off at a brisk walk, heading away from any sirens she may hear.

Thanks to the help of a stranger, Elaine is pulled out impending tramplization by the mob. Giving a grateful smile, Elaine hurries away from the group, making sure to get out of the way of others fleeing the scene. She'll have to patch up those arms, now.

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