So Wet Behind The Ears, It's Amniotic Fluid


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Scene Title So Wet Behind The Ears It's Aminotic Fluid.
Synopsis Magnes gets a verbal beatdown from his partner.
Date August 30, 2009

Office in a Television station.

Down boy. Sit. Roll over, baaaaad dog. Magnes partner is not a happy woman, not in the least. So when the rest of the cops come to start taking over the crime scene, Aude's giving Magnes the hairy eyeball and pointing to an empty office. She may be 5'5 and tiny, but when the woman is mad, she might as well by 6'8 for the waves of negativity that wash off her. "Varlane. Care to explain what teh fuck you were doing?"

Magnes takes a seat in a random computer chair, swallowing hard, nervous, anxious, terrified. "I, well, I was trying to find the rapper. I was asking the girl, I thought we were looking for rappers, not teenaged girls."

"Oh, you were trying to look for rappers. Newflash, last I looked, we don't stop searching room, to coddle girls in the hallway when he have a guy who's taken over a control room and breaking the law. We don't stop to ask how their day was and paint their nails and gossip about yesterdays Perez Hilton about gossip about how cute Robert Pattison's hair was" There's a set to Aude's jaw, an angry set and if her hair weren't slicked and held down by all manner of styling product, it might be a twee bit scary.

"All I did was touch her stomach to stop her and ask a question. But I won't do it again." Magnes lets out a deep sigh, hanging his head rather low as he looks at his shoes, then raises it back up to look her in the eye. "I'm sorry, I screwed up, I won't make any excuses and I'll do better next time."

"you touched her stomach. Precisely. You don't approach them and touch their stomach. Christ on a pogo stick, Varlane, what the hell were they teaching you in the academy. Surey they had a class on how to approach and handle people. I mean really, do you know how badly that girl can screw you over with a sexual harassment and improper behavior lawsuit because you touched her stomach?" Aude's arms are crossed, looking down at her partner.

"And you made a grab for me. You don't do that either. I wasn't in immediate danger, I don't know what that was, but I could have shot you Varlane, and then where would we be? You in the hospital and me up in IA with my gun removed and on paid suspension while they make sure it was a clean shoot. You don't do that again, do you understand, unless I'm about to get shot" Aude shakes her head. "I swear it's like you were trying to stop me from going after those girls"

"I was trying to grab you because of the big shadow monster. I was gonna fly us away from it until I realized you were the freakin' Flash and I can barely keep up with you on foot even with an ability." Magnes stands from his seat, offering an apologetic hand. "I wasn't thinking. And I don't normally use my ability on people without asking, I was just trying to get you out of there. But I promise it's harmless, you don't have to shoot me. And I'll remember not to touch girls in the future."

"Wake up Varlane. I'm not a helpless little girl. I'm your partner and the one with more experience. you're so wet behind the ears it's amniotic fluid and you're choking on the umbilical cord! You need to go back through all the manuals and shit cause damn. It was a shadow it was someone trying to distract us. You should have stayed there to see what was making it, while I went up the stairs, or gone up the stairs yourself with your ability, but grabbing me is not, and never will be the solution when there's an unarmed trio of females who are escaping. capture THEM. Not your fucking partner."

That said, Aude lets out a quick heavy sigh. 'I'll be nice, and not report this shit. But smarten up Varlane. Cause I'd swear, you went through like a crash course in frigging academy and skipped all the necessary little classes that teach you procedures and the like. What did you sleep through them? Cause I swear, if you get me shot, I'll come back from the grave and haunt your ass"

"The academy didn't exactly prepare me for today. I mean, I have an ability, but that doesn't mean I go out and fight supervillains every day. I was as freaked out as you probably were. But, thanks for not reporting this" Magnes smiles, which quickly turns into a frown as his head droops. "I was afraid, the shadow thing was scary, I'm sorry. I really will keep it together next time. Is there a way I can make up for today?"

Aude's shadow stretches a 'hand' up, putting 'bunny ears' over her head from Magnes's point of view.

'Wait, you mean to tell me, they pushed you through fast, because you have an ability?" Aude asks, incredulous look on her face and oblivious to the manipulation of shadow going on behind her.

"I don't know, really. I remember someone approached me about joining the academy, don't remember much about it. I don't know if I went through fast or not, I mean, I've only gone through once. I know it was hard, really hard, so fast or not, I didn't have some easy ride, I was hurting the entire time. I worked hard and studied and everything." Magnes spots the shadow out of the corner of his eye, a slight distraction he'd normally laugh at, but he's a tad afraid of offending his partner at the moment. "I don't expect special treatment or something, I wanna learn everything I can from you and the experience I get from this job. I mean, if they thought I was gonna get whipped into SCOUT or FRONTLINE, well, they came to the wrong person, I'm not a soldier."

So he has memory problems too. Fabulous. Didn't mater, not in the least. He wasn't going to be a problem. "I think you needed a few more months in the damned academy if you ask me. Get out there, and just watch the others working okay. Go work perimeter or something, just get out of my hair till they send us back to precinct for debriefing"

"Alright, I'm sorry again, I'll work really hard." Magnes assures, raising his hand to his head in a salute, then walks to the door. He looks down at her shadow for a moment with a curious expression, then just exits.

The shadow, of course, breaks off and slips into Magnes's own as he heads for the door. They say people never look up. They're wrong. It's down that people never look.

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