So Whaddya Know About Prophetic Paintings?


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Scene Title So Whaddya Know About Prophetic Paintings?
Synopsis Cardinal calls up out of curiosity, to see what Abby knows about prophetic paintings of flames and burning buildings.
Date March 31, 2009

Telephone Conversation

It's sometime in the early afternoon that Abigail's phone rings. Curiously enough, it's Cardinal's phone number, and he's almost never awake and active during the daytime.

The cellphone is fished out of who knows where she put it. Fresh in the door from her doctors appointment, the redhead healer glances at the screen before it's answered. "Abigail speaking. You should be sleeping Richard" Nag. Polite nag. "Let me guess, you heard that I've been dishing out baked goods and want some too?" Thump goes the scooter helmet on her kitchen table.

"I had business this morning," Richard replies with a low chuckle of breath, "Good to hear you in a good mood, Abigail. Everything going alright with you down there?"

"Back from Dr. Yee's. She thinks I shouldn't have gotten the tattoo. Should have waited. It's.. going though. Better than yesterday, each days a bit better. Your not just calling to invite me down to the tattoo parlor again are you?" Off comes the jacket and shoes kicked off, everything being put where it should be, into it's proper places.

"I got a… kind've a weird question, really," admits Cardinal, hesitating, "Have you ever heard of… paintings, or drawings, that tell the future, Abby?"

"Yesssssssss" She knows of comic books that told the future, so it's not that big a leap to paintings and drawings. "I also know a man whom god lets him give glimpses of the future to" The unasked question of course now sits between them and the digital airwaves. Why do you ask.

"Seriously." There's a silent few moments on the other end of the line, before he murmurs, "Okay. Cat mentioned something about it in passing, but she's not answering my text messages, and I was… I was just wondering." Then he adds, "You aren't going with the — ah — break-out, are you?"

"Seriously" Abby murmurs into the phone. "Prophetic paintings? No ones said anything to me> Cardinal I'm not part of them. I.. I stand just outside a lot of groups and I heal. I'm not part of any one group. Just at the healing beck and call of them. They only pass me what information I need to stay alive and safe as possible. Whats the painting and no. Whenever it's happening, i'm not part of it. Cat's likely preparing and got a lot of stuff to do" She tried, gods glimpse isn't going to go fulfilled it seems. She'll just be there to help pick up the pieces after.

"Good. Good." A breath's drawn in, then exhaled in a stir of air against the speaker, "If you talk to any of them before things start, just—tell them to be careful, all right?"

Silence meets Cardinal's last words, half a minute or so. "Cardinal… whats the painting?"

"I don't know. It could… just be a painting, Abigail," Richard says dismissively, though he sounds a touch uneasy, "Even if it's not, I don't know what it means. But—just tell 'em to be careful, alright?"

He's not going to tell her. "I saw a prison, a fortress with razor wire explode, there was blue elctrcity, lightening, something. I saw Moab blow up Richard" It's quite, deathly quiet over the phone. Any good feeling she had from post Dr. Yee's now gone. "What was on the painting Richard? And what are you doing with it. Please tell me"

It's far, far away from Abigail's comfortable apartment that Richard Cardinal stands regarding an elegantly-framed painting propped up against a concrete wall. A fortress in shadow wreathed in flame that forms a phoenix, a fortress in light shrouded in smoke that forms a skull. "I don't know," he admits, quietly, "A phoenix, a skull. I'm not gonna try and interpret this, if it's — I mean, if it's even prophetic, it might not be. I've got a bad feeling about this, though."

She did too. Which was why she told Teo about what she'd seen, why she'd agreed to clear her next day. "I think they're going tomorrow. They asked me to make myself available tomorrow. I'm not going, I'm staying here. I tried to go, because of what I saw. All we can do Richard is just pray that.. what you see doesn't come true. What I saw, doesn't either. Seeing.. seeing the future doesn't necessarily mean that it will come true" her southern tones whisper over the phone. "Are you keeping it?"

"I don't believe in fate, or destiny," Richard replies dismissively, "But, hell, I've heard weirder shit recently… anyway. No, I'm not keeping it. I've got a picture, should be good enough. I'm not runnin' an art gallery here."

"Wait, before you pass it off. Wait till Thursday. Please? It may not make a difference and I don't know who your giving it to, but wait" Abby never asks for mucha nd she doesn't really have a right to ask anything of the man who pretty much kept her anchored to the real world in the hell hole logan kept her in.

"Thursday?" A bemused note to his voice, "Why Thursday?"

"Because it will all be over by tomorrow and no one can stop them. Tomorrow the future becomes that past for better or for ill Richard"

"I don't think I'll be meeting with him until after it all, don't worry," he murmurs, "He's just a collector."
"Okay" Relief swims in her voice. "Thank you Richard. was there, is there anything else?"

"Just wanted to check in, s'all," he allows, more easily, "Thanks, Abigail."

"Stay safe Richard. I'll keep a box of cinnamon buns out for you. Come by and grab them at some point at work. Shadow or no" He's left her with alot more on her mind and a choice as to whether she text's teo or not. "God bless"

"You too." *click*

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