Social Butterfly


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Scene Title Social Butterfly
Synopsis Linus follows up on his promise to come see Quinn at work, and Quinn seems determined to get him to open up a bit.
Date August 17, 2010


The only thing that would look more out of place than Linus does as he steps into club Tartarus is.. well, Linus can't think of anything over the beat of the music and the jostling of bodies as he tries to navigate his way towards the bar. Looking as confused as pig in a space helmet, he finally manages to find the white light. The bar. His hands land against an unnocupied portion of the counter as he catches his breath.

It’s only the middle of the shortened service night at Tartarus, but regardless, Robyn Quinn – or as the voice over the speakers said as Linus entered, DJ Ravenfall – stands at the back of the stage in the DJ booth, handling the music, the mixing, the beatmatching with the utmost possible skill. The announcement – staticy, but stinctly her Irish accented voice, is announcing that it’s time for her to break from the Booth, and she’ll be at the bar if anyone has any requests.

The very same bar that Linus has just arrived at.

The very same bar she’s now making a beeline for, dressed in a solid purple corset, a long black silk skirt, fishnet leggings, a black choker, and calf high black boots. A far different ensemble than the had been seen in the other day. Stretching a she walks, it takes a moment before she spots Linus, a smile on her face as she waves. “Hey! I can’t believe you came!”

In his confusion over even being in this club in the first place, Linus doesn't quite catch that the voice from the DJ booth is Quinn's from the day before. In fact, he doesn't even react to it right away when the voice speaks to him directly. He had been staring very hard at something someone had scratched into the bar, trying to disappear amongst the other people at the bar. After a few seconds he looks up, his eyes focusing on Quinn. "R-Really? I told you I would, didn't I?"

Quinn shrugs as she reaches the bar, a smile on her face. “Well- I know, but it didn’t seem like you kinda place,” she says with a giggle, settling down on a stool. A motion is made to the bartender along with a nod before her attention is turned to Linus. “So! What’s up, Linus?” An elbow is propped up on the bar, Quinn leaning against her palm. “You picked a good time t’ stop by, since it’s my break.”

Linus' face is sort of locked in a mixture of a scowl and a grimace as he adjusts to the lighting, and just everything around him as he looks about. He raises his voice so that he can be heard over the new beat as another DJ takes over. "It isn't. I really have no idea what I'm doing in here. I've never danced in my life!" That's probably true. "But I'm a man of my word. I told you I'd stop by, so here I am." He offers a weird, weak smile. "Break, huh?" He looks like he was going somewhere with that, but is stopped when he realizes what Quinn is wearing. His eyes take it in, his jaw slacking a little.

“Really? It’s a lot of fun! The dancin’, that is. Though I don’t do it terribly much anymore m’self.” She shrugs, laughing. “Well, that’s pretty awesome a’ you, Linus. It’s fun t’ try new things, right? So try an’ have fun while you’re here, okay?” A drink is set down beside her, a dark red concoction that Quinn readily takes a long gulp of. “Yeah, break. Though I only get the one now that we have shortened hours. I’m glad for it, though, it gets right feckin’ hot up there.” Linus’ reaction hasn’t escaped her notice, but if she has any particular thing to say about it, she’s keeping it to herself.

It would be hard not to notice, with Linus literally going slack-jawed at the sight. He composes himself, chuckling. "Oh, I'm sure it is.. for people who have things like rhythm. Which I do not." He tries to get the attention of the bartender as he passes by, but is too meek in his approach and the guy just walks by to another patron. Linus sighs, then shrugs his shoulders before turning his attention back to Quinn. "Up there?" He turns his head, looking up. "Oh, wow. You do that? That's pretty awesome."

Quinn herself looks back at the DJ booth, as if to confirm that that’s what Linus is referring to. “Yep! I’m the club’s DJ. Didn’t you hear the announcement?” She quirks an eyebrow at Linus. “I’ve been doin’ parties an’ the like for years. I just finally got this job a few months back.” A pause, and a motion to the bartender. “What somethin’ to drink?” The bartender arrives, but Quinn doesn’t wait for Linus to place his order before continuing. “I do a lotta stuff music. You should see the spare room in my flat sometime.”

Linus turns a little pink that he didn't really catch the announcment, but it's hard to tell in the club lighting. "Oh. Um.. no, I must have missed it." When the bartender swings by, Linus leans over the bar to place his order and be heard. "Dos Equis." Then he's pulling his wallet out, pulling out enough money to cover it no matter what the guy prices the drink at. While the guy goes for the beer, Linus leans against the bar to talk to Quinn again. "Y-Yeah? Your flat? Check it out sometime? Uh.. sure, that sounds cool."

“Don’t worry about that,’ Quinn remarks, a dismissive wave of her hand at the money Linus pulls out. “I get free drinks here. Well, sorta free. Some of ‘em come outta my paycheque, but I’m sure that’ll be fine.” The Irishwoman shrugs. “Yeah! Shame you didn’t get t’ meet Sable the other day, she lives the floor above me. We’re in a band with Magnes. I mention teh spare room a’ my flat because that’s where I keep all my instruments.”

Linus looks like he's about to argue, that he'll pay for it anyway, but eventually he shrugs and puts the money away. "Well, awesome. I won't turn that down. Especially since I'll really only drink one, anyway." He slides into a stool, rapping his knuckles on the top of the bar. "A band, huh? That's cool. I'm sure I'll meet her soon, though." He's quiet a moment, as if he's struggling to come up with something to talk about. But then he randomly blurts out. "What's the name of your band?"

Quinn laughs ruefully, shaking her head. “I wish I knew. We kind of suck at bein’ a band. But we’ll get it together soon. Once we do, I’m sure you’ll hear about it. The only time we’ve really played t’gether was when this place opened, we played a few songs.” Quinn shrugs, taking a long gulp of her drink – it’s actually almost gone now. “I do my own thing too, though, so I’m not sweatin’ us not quite having it together yet. We’ll get it, as long as Magnes doesn’t keep gettin’ himself hurt.” There’s a hint of annoyance in her tone at that. She lets that sit for a moment of silence, and then she raises an eyebrow at Linus, deciding to address the one thing she’s noticed through this conversation. “So. Why so nervous?” She has a few reasons for asking, really.

Linus gladly takes his beer when it finally arrives, taking a long drink from it while Quinn talks about the band and it's situation. He nods now and then between drinks before setting the bottle down on the bar. "I'm sure you're better than you think. Though I guess you know music well enough to be able to judge.." His leg idly pumps up and down to the beat of the bass, even though he probably has no idea what song is playing. "Nervous? Oh, well.. uh. The last time I was at a bar with a woman, I ended up spitting beer in her face, blowing up a bottle, and having three firearms drawn. I'm not.. I'm not the most social guy in the world, Robyn."

Quinn grins, leaning forward a bit “I know I’m great, I never had a question there. I say the band sucks at bein’ a band because we haven’t done much. Either I’m away from town, Sable’s got a broken arm, or Magnes’ gotten himself hurt.” She laughs, leaning back. “But like I said, we’ll get it!” The rest of her drink is finished, the glass slid a bit down the bar. “That… sounds like quite a night, but I know nothin’ that bad’ll happen here. I mean, I heard some guy started a fight on one a’ my nights off a few weeks back, but that’s the worst I’ve ever heard. So perk up, Linux.” A pause, and she points a finger at him like a gun. “Most people call me Quinn. Most. But thanks t’ my girlfriend, more people are callin’ me Robyn lately, so either works.”

"Well, I'm sure you already do, if you're so musically inclined.. but do some solo stuff. You know, in case Magnes loses grip on gravity and never manages to come back down, or something." He laughs, the picture of Magnes comically floating up in the air amusing him. "Yeah, still.. can't be too careful. It was probably a wrong place, wrong time thing. "Well I think that's a waste of a pretty name, not using it. So I'll call you Robyn, if you don't mind." He smiles, then takes another drink from his beer. He's had about half of it already, and judging by his slight loss of balance on the stool, he's downed in quicker than he usually would.

“Oh, Lord,” Quinn replies with a loud laugh, hand coming to her mouth, also highly amused by that mental image. “If anyone could float off an’ int’ the sun, it’d be Magnes. He’ll find life an aother world an’ blend right on in.” She laughs, shaking her head. “Robyn’s fine, an’ thank you.” She ducks her head, an appreciative look on her face. “That’s my plan. I have a studio an’ everything, Im in the middle of puttin’ t’gether something to record. It should be fun t’ get done.”

Laughs again as well before his bottle is brought back to his lips for another drink. "You're right. He probably would fit right in." He nods at the thank you, lowering his bottle to rest between his legs, lazily held in one set of fingers. "Hey, I'm pretty good with computers, if you want any help on that end. I could make your songs play on whatever website you wanted, too. Well, as long as it isn't like.. the Department of Defense, or anything. I'm not that good.

Quinn blinks, looking thoughtful. “Think if I taught you a bit about music, you could help with production an’ the like? I mean, I know how t’ do some, but there’s a lot of technically computer crap I just don’t get.” She looks genuinely curious, her head canting to the side. “AQn’ a website would be nice! I could even pay you for it, if you wanted. I’d never really thought about anythin’ like that before.”

Linus looks baffled, his jaw dropping again, his eyes bugging some. "You never thought about it?" He laughs, slapping Quinn on the arm. Clearly, alcohol has a profound effect on the guy. "This isn't the underground music scene of the 80s and 90s, Robyn! Promotion is all online these days. You blow up online, then you land gigs locally, then you go on tour. And yeah, if you helped me figure out the music side of it, I could set some stuff up. Just float me a percent of the band's proceeds and stuff, or not, I'm flexible." Moments later his bottle is empty and on the bar, and he's wheeling the stool back and forth in a semi-circle.

At first surprised by the slap on her arm, Quinn grimaces, leaning back a bit. “I mean- I know that. Though I did grow up on the UK and Boston’s indie scenes….” She coughs, scratching her cheek. “But yeah, I know that. I guess I’ve been too worried about gettin’ things started before that, I guess. AN’ that Magnes would handle anythin’ like that, he’s that kinda guy.” She shuckles, shaking her head. A moment passes, and she extends a hand. “That sounds like a deal t’ me. I’ll let you know when I get t’ that step!”

Scooting off the stool, Linus takes the offered hand and shakes it. "I'm sure Magnes knows his way around a computer, but not like me. I may play video games for a living, but I've been wading through computer parts since I was born." Suddenly he loses his balance, falling back and against the stool he was sitting on. Half his ass lands on it, but not enough to keep him from sliding to the ground with an 'oof'. "Uh.. ow. I think I drank my beer too fast." He looks rather embarrassed, stumbling to his feet. "Maybe I should get out of here."

Quinn can’t help but laugh and giggle, shaking her head as offers to help him up. “I think you just need t’ keep an eye out for wayward stools. You gonna be fine t’ get home?” She cocks an eye brow, arms crossing across her chest. “If you not, you should hang around until you are. My break’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have t’ take off. Shame Nadira’s not here, she’d keep entertained right well.”

"Man, those stools will sneak up on you, for sure. I don't think anybody has ever asked me that question before. I don't drink very often." He rubs his ass, wincing. "Man, that smarts. I'll be fine, though. I'll call a cab or something. Besides, it was just one beer. It can't stay in my system that long. Nothing really seems to, anyway.. but at the price of hitting me hard while it's there." He shrugs at the mention of somebody else. "More people I have to meet? Trying to turn a geeky cocoon into a social butterfly?"

Another chuckle, and Quinn shrugs. “Just the kinda person I am, I guess,” is her reply, looking over to the bar and giving a wave of her hand, sending the bartender away when he begins to approach with another one of her red drinks. “Well, just makin’ sure. Never hurts t’ make sure. Some people are less comfortable gettin’ home with a little in ‘em than others, you know?” Hopping up from her stool, her hands find her hops, staring up at the taller man. “You wanna be a social butterfly? Cause I can totally arrange that.”

"Well, like I said, I'll be alright." Linus holds his hands out in front of him when Quinn poses the question, shaking them at the same time as his head. "Whoa, whoa, one step at a time. I'm lucky I haven't passed out being in here this long." He's turning red again. "You can get my number from Magnes, give me a call about that promotional stuff. Until then.. I'll let you go back to playing those funky beats, and I'll go get sober."

Quinn laughs loudly, reaching up and punching Linus playfully in the shoulder. “I’m just teasin’ you, calm down.” Taking a step over so she can lean against the bar, the musician looks up at him again, nodding. A moment pases, and she’s spinning around, gabbing the pen she knows the bartenders always keep on the other side, a napkin to with it. A few quick scrawls, and it’s offered over to Linus – her cell number written across it. “I’ll get your number from Magnes, but here. Gimmie a call sometime, we’ll hang out, hmm?”

There should be some sort of holy light coming down from the Heavens, shining on that napkin. For Linus it may as well be the holy grail. A girl, giving him her number? What planet is he on? Nevermind his obliviousness earlier that he missed the connotation of 'girlfriend'. She just gave him her number! "U-uh.. yeah, sounds awesome." He thumbs back towards the door. "I'm.. gonna go now. L-later."

“Have fun!” Quinn replies enthusiastically as she waves him on, a grin on her face. Hands fall back to her hips as she watches him leave, shrugging as she turns back to the bar. “’nother drink? I got a few minutes before I have t’ go back up…”

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