Soda N Tea


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Scene Title Soda 'n' Tea
Synopsis Katherine and Hugh take a break from their Company activities to sip and chat.
Date March 25, 2009


Hugh is not in his usual impeccably tailored black suit. The one that pretty much screams 'hitman for hire'. He's in drab and grubby clothes, complete with genuine Staten layer of grime, coming out of one of the offices where presumably he has reported that his search for Ethan has come up with precisely jack and shit. He's glowering like a gargoyle at no one in particular on his way to the breakroom.

Well, compared to yesterday when she was in the middle of this shitstorm of a riot, today has been rather tame. Katherine has spent almost the entire day going through the photos she snapped at the riot of evolved using and abusing their abilities, searching the registered database and adding those who weren't and need to be rounded up based off their tier. She has gone through hundreds of photos today, and her eyes are red and she's most definitely ready for a break, so she steps out of her office, nearly bumping into Hugh. Her first reaction would have been to tell him to watch where he's going, but then she sees him all grimed up and she cracks a smirk. "Your target must have really gone underground." she teases, at least glad she didn't get herself all messed up by actually running into him.

Hugh lifts a lip at her. It's not really a smile, more a flash of fangs, but he doesn't seem all that bad off. "You have no idea," he says, cracking his neck with a little cant of his head. "Dug himself in in bloody Staten. A more wretched hive of scum and villainy….." He trails off, snorts. "I need a decent cuppa tea," he adds. "You look like you've been hitting the stacks."

She has her jacket off at least, though she looks like she's about to castrate someone. She hates this part of the job. Documenting and paperwork, even if it's just data entry. She hates it with a passion. How come she can't just have some twit sit in her office and do all that work while she's out in the field? Katherine makes a face. "That riot was something else. But I will admit, it was the perfect opportunity to document quite a few evolved. Now, we just need to start tracking them down." 'They' meaning 'she' more than likely. She's definitely going to have to get herself a regular partner. Maybe a noob she can pawn off all the crap work to.

Like that guy. That unevolved guy, right there. Him. He laces hands before him, turns the palms out, stretches to bow his shoulders a little. "I wish. i'd love a nice clean bag and tag, rather than all this faffing about in the slums," he admits, eyeing her. "Anything real rare, any real prizes?" Like….the Evolved are pokemon, or something.

"Eh. A couple of superstrong types, force field girl, at least one flyer, though there were a couple more who flew but not on their own accord." she grins. Katherine leans up against the wall of the hallway. "Of course, this doesn't take into account any that died. Just the ones I could catch in action. Probably have to get with NYPD to compares photos with those they brought in to the morgue. Scratch 'em off the list. Then start going out." She's actualy a little envious. She would have loved to be brought in on Ethan's case. "Of course, as long as I don't hear from the US Postal Service for ruining a mail box full of mail that needed to be delivered, I can actually get some stuff done." Katherine was being shot at, and she needed a shelter. The mail box was handy.

Hugh purses his lips. "Interesting," he says, scratching his jaw at the few days' worth of stubble, before he continues on to the breakroom. Perhaps assuming she'll follow. "That was a right clusterfuck, wasn't it?" he says, as his boots leave grubby marks on the previously pristine carpeting.

She does indeed follow him into the break room. She was going to grab another soda. Her umpteenth for the day. "Freaking circus of violence is what it was. Gunshots, bad cops, good cops, abilities galore along with flying fruit and vegetables. You've never seen such a mess." Katherine pops the top off of the can and takes a drink. "It was exhilerating and terrifying at the same time." she grins, remembering.

"Sounds like a few days I've seen." he says, still amused, as he starts up the little electric kettle, rummages in the cabinetry for tea worthy of the name.

Katherine leans up against the wall as she drinks her soda. "What have you been working on?" she asks as she chuckles at his choice of drink. She really shouldn't, as her choice of drinks are soda and energy drinks with the occasional water thrown in.

"Remains of the Vanguard," he says, lazily, as he comes up with a mug that satisfies his discerning tastes. "And my evil twin."

There's a kerlunk when she tosses the empty can into the metal wastebasket and walks over and leans in for another. "Well, that seems like a shit job. If you need any help, let me know. Wouldn't mind getting out of this crap for a while and seeing what's going on out in the deep cruel world." she grins. Katherine opens her second can and takes a drink. "Seriously, if you need someone to watch your back, let me know."

Hugh slants a look at her, expression gone musing, as he waits for the electric kettle to burble and sing. "I'm not evolved," he says, bluntly. "What's your circus trick?"

She considers his question for the moment and shrugs. "I shape things. Here." she walks over to the coffee machine and picks up a styrofoam cup. She holds it for a moment, as Katherine considers what exactly to do with it. She shrugs and squints her eyes a little and the cup soon takes shape. First into the shape of a small balloon, complete with faux string attached to the end. Then she makes it expand into a much larger balloon. So big, that the styrofoam becomes paper thin and very fragile. When she stops, you can almost see through it. Of course, it only takes a touch of pressure to cave it in, and she chuckles, tossing it into the trash. "It /can/ be useful but rarely ever is."

It impresses him, which he doesn't bother to conceal. There's a touch of mocking applause. "Well, I feel inadequate now. That is interesting," he says, as the kettle begins to squeal. "No partner for you, then?"

Katherine shakes her head. "Nah. I occassionally team with Sawyer or Dahl, but no one concrete. Not yet anyways." She eyes him a moment. "I don't recall seeing you on any of the agent rosters though, or we'd have probably been paired up by now." she notes.

"I've been working on….solo projects," he says, obliquely. "Likely will for sometime. But maybe they'll let us do a bag and tag, test out and see if we might work well together." Tea's ready, and he scoops up his mug. "I'm back to the grind." With that, he heads back out, presumably to whatever little cube serves him as an office.

Katherine waves dismissively as he turns and leaves. "I guess we'll see." She does find it odd that this one isn't on any of her rosters. She may have to inquire about that. She tosses her empty can away, digs another out of the fridge and takes it back to her own office where she burns the evening away looking at photos.

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