Soldier's Return


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Scene Title Soldier's Return
Synopsis A rekindling of an old relationship after reuniting after some time.
Date January 3


Curtis is kneeled down at a grave stone. It's a large gravestone. With a military eagle caved into the stone. The thing is a solid four feet high, with a marble plaque on the front and everything. Very expensive, and very military. Curtis is kneeled down in front of it at the moment, his knees in the grass. He's in full dress uniform at the moment. He rises to his feet with a light flex of his legs, and steps back a few feet before he snaps up a hard salute to his forhead, and stands at attention. He continues to stand at attention over the grave, his mind a mess of thoughts. Anger, remorse, sorrow, confusion. His memories whirl through his head, his memories, and those of Ash. The man knows who he is, but well… he's now lived two lives, and has the memories from both. He can remember being a child as Ashley Williams. He can also remember being a child as Curtis Autumn. He stands there, while his mind swims, and salutes his grandfather. The general, buried beneath his feet, is the reason he was gone, the reason he went into that deep cover. So, for now, it's that that he stands, a silent sentinel, hand raised to his forhead.

Her parent's graves are in California. Not really accessible when living in New York. However, Harmony just needed to get away from the library and somewhere where there aren't very many people.. At least not many people who think. There have been so many problems with Harmony as of late, and no one really in her corner to help her through them. She has never wanted to get away more in her life than she does now. The cemetery is good for getting away. It is quiet, and it has very low traffic of rambling minds. Just the place for the blonde girl to get away from being a ghost. It is a very light and quiet snow out in the early evening, and Harmony is dressed for the weather, dreading not having her radioactive ability to keep her warm. Her booted feet carries her through the snow covered ground, while her thoughts stray out into the area, broadcasting in her vicinity, because she can't really shut it off.

'This is.. much better. Sorta. And no one knows that I'm here, so.. I can take all these moments to myself.'

Curtis is unfortunatley, used to running an inner monologue these days. Ever since his deprogramming and the gift of his own memories back, his mind has been jumping all over the place. He stands there for a solid ten minutes while his mind calms and settles down. The thoughts that transmit don't really affect him, seeming to think they're his own, or Ash's, or however it works having the memories of two people in your head. He shakes his head a bit, and snaps his arm down before he steps forwards. He crouches down, and settles something down on the gravestone at the base of it, a coin of some kind, and then he straightens up. With his eyes on the ground in front of him, he turns away from his grandfather's grave, and begins to walk, stiff, measured strides away grom the grave, and right towards the lovely blonde who was once a part of his life.

A snuggle of her hands within her pockets, and a nosey sniff of her running nose. Harmony keeps her path, making her way towards the back of the cemetery where she is pretty sure no one will be at all. she is trying not to let her brain wander too much, as she hats imposing her thoughts on other people just as much as she hates for theirs to pop through her head. Along the way, the girl starts to pass the decorated soldier, and her bright green eyes wince, clenching herself as to not hear his mind on her way past. Though, something strikes her as quite strange, and for a moment it is as if she encountered a ghost. Harmony pauses, and her eyes narrow in a peer at the man she was in fact just going to walk on past. "Is that… Curtis?" She isn't sure. It has been years, and she was younger then. Though now, the girl is more of a woman that she had ever been.

Curtis is different, that much shows on his face when she gets a look at him. His left cheek is marred by a set of claw marks, scars running from just shy of his ear, down towards his mouth, but managing to not quite reach his lips. The right side of his face has a smooth clean scar on it from a blade wound, this one running from his cheekbone, down across his cheek, ending at his jaw line. And his eyes are different. He always had hard eyes, but there was also alot of warmth in his eyes despite the things he'd done and seen. Now… most of that warmth is gone. There's very little of it left. When he hears his name the man's eyes snap up and around, settling on the blonde woman before him. His eyes study her features, and it takes a few seconds for his braind to dredge up a name and for full recognition to dawn in his eyes. They widen slightly, and he just kind of … stands there, and stares at her, disbelief plain on his face. he lifts a hand up and rubs it acorss his features, and especially his eyes before letting it drop away. When there's still a Harmony in front of him he isn't quite sure what to do.

It takes a few moments for her to actually decide that it is him. The years have apparently not been to kind, given how weathered he looks at the moment. Though it is him, and she can't help but crack a smile with his response. "Curtis.. Oh my god, hi! I can't believe this, it's been like.. forever." Before, if it had been such a long time since she last saw him, he would have her jumping and tossing her arms around his neck, taking a long, passionate kiss. She was very much a bright and bouncy girl back then. She has learned much about emotional control since then, and is just a bit more mellow than she used to be. The smaller blond girl takes a step towards him, and she reaches out to hug him casually. "How are you? What are you doing in New York?" Though she always used to smell so nice, and that still holds true even now.

Curtis really does look at a loss as to what to do. He breathes in slowly, then lets it out, the stiffness slowlyf ading as tension is forced from his body. His mind also stills in an instant, the turmoil and chaos that was coming from him going calm. He looks her over, slowly, from head to feet and back up. "Harmony…" he murmurs softly, no longer used to the word, refamiliarizing himself with it. His lips press tight together, and he doesn't speak again until she steps forwards to hug him. His eyes flicker to her hands, as if assessing a possible threat before his arms lift and he wraps them lightly around her, hugging her, but loosely, casually as well. "It's been … awhile." he agrees, breathing in, then letting it out with a soft sigh. "Can't think of exactly how long at the moment, but a few years or so now…" He looks her over again before lifting a hand up to take his cap off and run his gloved fingers through his hair. "I'm stationed here at the moment…." he pauses, obviously searching for a way to answer the question of how he is, and ends up grunting softly and settling with. "I'm alive. You look… good."

She tries not to pick up those things from him, she really does. But there is just no stopping this temporary ability from doing it's thing. The most she can do right now is let it not show how much it is getting to her. It really isn't Curtis' fault, but that doesn't make it any easier, for both of them. There was a time when he could possibly view her hands as a possible threat. But that time has been delayed by the powers of Tyler Case. With all of her relationship problems she has been having as of late, the friends getting angry with her, abandoning her, and the confusion.. It feels good to receive a hug from his arms. "It's been about, oh.. 4 years. Wow.. that's a while. I honestly didn't think I'd see you again." The girl taking a step back to get a look at him. "Alive." she echos, "Well that is something. Considering all the craziness that's happened." she purses her lips, nodding her head. At the compliment, she strikes a little bit of a pose, "Thanks. You're looking pretty good yourself. Still as decorated as ever I see."

Curtis doesn't know that she's switched powers, doesn't know she can read his thoughts. His mind wanders a bit, back to better days, less violent days. When things were more peaceful than they are now. The times he spent with her. He pulls in a slow breath, then lets it out again, bringing his mind back into focus on the here and now. Curtis has had his life rearranged a bit by the man who wears Tyler Case's body as well, though he hasn't had his powers switched. He doesn't let her go either, instead his arms tighten a bit aorund her, taking the hug from casual to a friend huge, tighter, warmer. "Yes it has… been … going on four years now. And yeah.. the likelihood of seeing eachother again after all this time, and everything that has happened in the world." He steps back, finally releasing her from the hug, and looks her over as she strikes her pose. A small smile tugs at his lips, pulling at the scars on his left cheek. "I look terrible." He corrects with a slight chuckle. "Picked up scars in the one place I really didn't want them." He lifts a hand to run his fingers over his left cheek, then lets it drop with a soft sigh. "Lieutenait now…" he murmurs, flicking the rank pin on his coat. If she knows military ranks, which she might from her time with him, he's been promoted a few times. "And yes, you do indeed look good." he murmurs, apparently having appreciated the pose strike.

"Aw.." she offers to him sympathetically, her hand lifting, so that she can run her fingers down the scars, giving his face a closer look. "Well you still look good to me. The scars even add a bit more to that image you seem to carry around." the girl grins. She was a little forward before, not really afraid to speak her mind, while still maintaining a starry eyed dreaminess when she was younger. There is a layer of maturity with her now, making her flirting a bite more subtle, even when blatant. "You've still got the body of a god, so.. I doubt you have to worry about a few facial scars taking away from your appeal." She too remembers fonder times, a time where she didn't have anything else to worry about, save for the time when he would be shipped off again. "So.. you're a Lieutenant now? Anything um.. new with that position? I'm sure you're still very popular with the girls."

Curtis runs his gloved hand over his close shaven head again, a soft sigh leaving him as she runs her fingers across the scars. His eyes close for a moment, savoring the feel of her fingertips moving across his once smooth skin. His eyes open again when her hand leaves his face and he looks down to her eyes, meeting them, a smile on his lips. "The body of a god huh?" he asks, glancing down at himself, then back up, his little smile pulling into a smirk, though it does shift the scars on his cheek oddly. "Then I guess you've got the counter point to that one don't you Aphrodite?" He lifts an eyebrow up his forhead, then lets a soft sigh leave him. "No, nothing new really. More responsibility, more danger." He gives his head a slow shake, then pauses as his memories of his time as Ash flash through his mind. "Ehhh… sort of, and not really at the same time. Complicated." he murmurs finally, then begins to walk, giving her time to catch up and walk with him. "What brings you to new York?"

Harmony has to chuckle as he compares her to the goddess. She's been called that before, but she would assure most that it is just because she is blond. She has never really stepped outside of being confident in her looks. Never taking it too far as to think she is gods gift or anything. "Yeah.. I hear you." she sighs out at his explanation of there being more danger. The girl starting to move and walk beside him, stuffing her hands into her pockets. "And I know a thing or two about complicated. Trust me.. I'd give anything about now, to uncomplicate things. You.. may have noticed that I'm not as warm as I used to be, and usually, I wouldn't be wearing this much clothing. Buut.." her eyes roll a bit, "I had a bit of a run in with this dude named Tyler Case, and my ability got switched with this telepath guy. So I'm walking around hearing people's thoughts, wether I want to or not." Harmony lifts her shoulders in a shrug for a moment, taking a second to knock her shoulder against his while she grins, "So I'd watch the dirty thoughts." she teases him, with a chuckle of her genuine laughter. "I.. live here now." she mentions, "It is a change of pace from California. Still trying to get used to things."

Curtis turns his head, rather slowly at the mention of Tyler Case. Curiosity showing in his eyes, but that curiosity dims when he hears what happened, about the ability switching. There are very few people he knows of that can switch abilities. And in fact, only one comes to mind. "Uncomplicate things… would be nice. Impossible but nice. There's too much going on now. Terrorists, government, things are getting more and more out of hand by the day. November 8th…" he whispers, a shake of his head and a soft sigh. When she mentions being able to hear thoughts though, his mind closes up, and hard, like a door being slammed shut. His thoughts remain on the here and now, and only go to memories that the two of them shared rather than the random stuff that was flitting through his mind before. "Mmm, but dirty thoughts are often the only ones I have when I'm around you." He winks down at her, then lifts his eyes and lets them roam some, moving over the graveyard as his feet carry him along, past stone after stone, heading out of the military section and towards the civilian. "New York is … well… not California that's for sure. Quite a hot bed of chaos and stife this city. Seen alot of bad things in the past four years…" Since the bomb that is. His steps are slow, but measured so as not to out pace her. He lifts a hand up, and the back of one finger caresses her cheek, the material of his glove sliding against her skin before he lets it fall back to his side.

"Well.. I wouldn't say impossible." Harmony offers, keeping in good time with him. "Just difficult. My ability won't stay switched, according to a friend of mine, and I'm actually intending to do some pretty heavy things with it when it returns. I've had a lot of time to think about things and how they really should be, and I kinda wanna make a difference." She doesn't want to be pushed around anymore, is what it is. And she wants rid of this cursed telepathy. Used to be, when he would say stuff like that to her, Harmony would blush. Though she has gotten quite a bit more experience under her belt, and she has changed her girlish type ways a little bit. But there is still that hint of mischief in her eyes as there has always been. "New York is rough." she says outright, "Let's face it, it's just downright shitty, and half the time you wonder why you're even here, in the center of it all." She is blunt as ever still. As his hand lift to touch the side of her face, she smiles, a warm expression reaching over her lips. "But it has it's moments." she looks up at him, her eyes softening a little, and her hand reaching to lay against the back of his, at her cheek. "You know.. I don't think I ever truly moved on." she says, "I mean.. I've lived life, made some connections, and even broke a heart or two, but nothing quite like we had back then."

Curtis blinks a few times at the words that he hears come out of the sexy blonde's mouth, surprise rather clear on his face that she's saying as much to him. "Intending to do some pretty heavy things?" he asks carefully, his voice level and neutral as he asks it. "You do realize you've just told a US marine that you plan to do some serious stuff, and to /make a difference/ with your power, a power that I know what is capable of right?" He listens to the rest of what she's said, but now he's… well he's off step again. He's not sure what to do or say with what she's just said, and it shows. He looks down at her, stopping to turn and lift his hand, removing the glove and tucking it into his belt before he settles a calloused hand against her cheek, cupping it in the broad surface of his palm, fingers curling against her jaw bone. "New York is a shit hole, but it's the center of everything." And he says it with concern in his eyes as he looks over her face. "And yeah… we really had something…" It's said mournfully, the man missing those days, and his closed up mind leaks a little bit, sadness at not having what they used to have.

"Nothing crazy or anything." she assures him with a smirk, "I mean, I'm not gonna cause another Midtown disaster. I'm just.." Harmony's brows pinch together, "Gonna stop guys like Tyler.. who obviously have problems with the world and the way it is.. I wanna stop bad guys, before they really start. She could had stopped the future version of Cardinal, and she'll always regret that she did to it that day. Perhaps the term heavy things wasn't the correct usage of what she meant. She can then feel the touch of him against her cheek, warm and welcoming, even with the roughness of his hand there. Harmony turning to face him, her bright green eyes gazing into his. She doesn't have to read his mind to understand him at the moment, as she too has similar feelings. "Curtis.." she says his name, as if there would be more she has to say. Though she doesn't speak it, so much as taking a step closer, moving to take up the space in front of him, while her hands slip themselves to rest into his sides, drawing herself in closer, leaning in to places a slow kiss to his lips.

Curtis doesn't look all that reassured by her statements about not doing anything crazy, and just wanting to stop bad guys. "Harmony… we have enough vigilantes running around. We don't need more. They only add to the confusion and the chaos, not aid it. It would be easier to find, identify, and take down the bad guys if we didn't have groups like Pariah in the past, and more recently Messiah running around claiming to be helping and really just doing more damage." The fact that he was until so recently a devout member of Messiah is entirely besides the point, he was a completely different person, literally. He rubs his thumb along her cheekbone slowly, loving the feel of her skin beneath his digit. His spoken name earns a sad look from him, and he leans his head in, intending to just rest his forhead against hers as he has in the past, but finds her lips pressing against his own. There's no hesitation from him as he slides his free arm around her middle and pulls her body in closer to his, and lets his lips play against her own, a soft and tender kiss, with a close warm embrace, the man just enjoying the simple moment, his eyes looking down into her own as he holds her.

The thing is, stuff has happened to Harmony to give her this attitude. Not just the swap of her ability, but other emotional changes that make her pretty sensitive about what to do with her ability. All of which, she simply wants to forget about at this moment, as it really isn't going to be an issue for a few more months now. There is so much more she could say, but those words and those thoughts just get tucked away when her lips meet his in that tender and slow kiss. Her eyes drift closed, and her arms reach to pull herself closer, feeling his body against hers again after so long, the memories flooding back. The plush front of her body comes to crush into him, her nose dragging in his scent deeply into her lungs, while her lips pull the taste of him in. "Baby, I missed you so much.." she whispers out against his lips, Nothing else matters at the moment, save for him.

Curtis has had alot happen to him as well in his time. But his time as Ash has only reinforced his beliefs. His faith in the military to see things straightened out. Maybe not the government, but members of the military are not supposed to speak badly of the Commander in Chief. He has done some horrible things, and stopped even worse things in the time since he last saw the sweet little blonde thing that he's now got pressed against him. His arm around her middle tightens, not quite crushing her against him, but close. He's got a good hold of her, and doesn't seem intent on lettin gher go any time soon. He feels the press of her full bosom against his chest, and she can feel the slight shiver that runs along his spine in response as it rubs his body lightly against her own. He breathes in deeply himself, filling himself with the smell of her, a scent long absent from his life. And one he has missed a lot more than he realized. His lips part slightly, tasting her lips and mouth as she speaks. His teeth catch her lower lip, giving it a light tug before his mouth presses more fully to hers, claiming her mouth in another kiss, this one deeper, lips moving against hers, suckling at her lower lip when he can, his hand still on her cheek. That hand slides back a bit, fingers lacing into her thick blonde hair to hold her head in place so he can drag out the kiss, savoring the taste of her soft, sweet lips.

Because of her powers, Harmony has learned how she should best keep her emotions in check. Never letting things slip for even a moment. It was something she didn't really have a hold on back as a younger girl. It has served to keep her at a distance from others, where she could be her wild and free self without too many hang ups. Though here and now, she finds that all of her zen-like ways come unraveled when faced with him. She forgets all things the moment she feels his body crushing to hers, and the delight of the shiver that travels through him, passing to her with their closeness. She feels, once again after so many years how strong he held her, and just how that made her feel, much the same as it did then. She forgets where she is, and just hangs on the fact that she is with him, letting that bring her all the comfort in the world. A groan given as he kisses her that way, giving back just as much passion with the massage of her lips over his, "I could go for feeling like this all the time.." she sighs against his lips.

Curtis lets the kiss linger on, taking his time to kiss her properly, especially after so much time has passed since the last time he did it. When his lips finally break away from hers, her lip slipping from between his teeth, he gives a soft and gentle sigh, almost at the same time as she does. A light chuckle rumbles up from his throat as he tilts his head and nuzzles at the side of her neck, kissing her just beneath the ear, then trailing soft little presses of his lips down the sid eof her neck before pulling away and whispering against her lips. "Didn't mean to grab hold of you quite so tight but… well, never could keep my hands off of you." He rubs his hand along her back, keeping her held close to him, up against the hardness of his form. His fingers untangle from her hair, trailing over her cheek and down her neck to her shoulder as he takes a single step back, giving her a bit of space. "Here I am grabbing you up and kissing you like that, and you've probably got a boyfriend, or even a husband…" he shakes his head a bit, looking slightly bashful, a smile, almost boyish, pulling at his lips.

There is certainly no ring upon her finger. None at all to be exact. Not even any of her own jewelry. And she doesn't so much as whimper a complaint to the kiss of his lips, or the hold of his arms. "I could never get enough of your hands on me either." she admits with a smile. Her eyes drift gently closed as his fingers travel up the side of her neck, into her hair, which she keeps just as soft as she always had. She likes having him hold like that, and as he moves, pulling back, her eyes lift, feeling a little regretful for a few seconds, "Mm. No. No real boyfriend, no husband. There was someone who was kinda trying for something but.. I think they just liked being 'friends', or something. I dunno. All I have is complications." she shakes her head. "You have no idea what I'd give for no complications." she says, moving in to take another step towards him, turning around and bringing her back to press into his chest, sliding his arms around her, pulling him in for warmth, and just the feeling of him holding her.

Curtis raises no objections to being used as a warmth post. Why would he? He gets a very lovely blonde snuggled back up against him. His powerful arms slide down around her body, one over her stomach, and the other one across her chest, holding her body back against his. He tilts hsi head forwards, nose brushing her hair as he inhales her scent, nice and deep. He mmmms, deep in his throat, letting her feel the vibrations as it shakes his chest a little. he holds her there, taking enjoyment from the presence of her, pressed back up against him, cradled in his arms like she was so often in the past. "No complications. Well… I couldn't promise no complications. But if you mean complications relationship wise? I could promise that. Just enjoying time spent with eachother, pleasant, fun, maybe even happy… time together." He presses a tender kiss to the side of her neck, then up behind her ear before he lightly nips the rim of her ear, then rests his cheek against the top of her head, his eyes traveling downwards. "And I could never get enough of the feel of you beneath my hands… soft skin, softer body…." he whispers it into her ear, his arms tightening a little bit. "We should probably however, find somewhere else to have our little reunion, don't think a graveyard is a proper place for it."

She realizes that things are indeed getting a bit heavy really fast, and it is something that she doesn't want to make the same mistakes with that she has in the past. She clears her throat suddenly and snaps out of it, stirring a little in his arms, "Ahem. Well, we'll.. have time for that later. We have a lot to catch up on. But if that kiss is any indication.. I have a feeling things will work out this time." she grins up at him, still remaining quite close and finally closing her eyes as she leans into him. It's a nice feeling, really, one that she hasn't felt in quite a while. A familiar warmth in the arms of the soldier who left for war. She told him once before that she rather like the idea of being a soldier's girl.

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