Some Kind of Trouble


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Scene Title Some Kind of Trouble
Synopsis Found, evaded, and then sought again in a new form…. Trouble seems to be very much part of one young woman's life.
Date December 8 2010

Ruins of Midtown

It's a clear, cold, breezy day, the faded light of the Winter's sun still harsh enough to dazzle eyes, yet too weak to do more than slightly blunt the edge of the chill. The air has that crisp, sharp quality that carries sound as well as cold, though here, amidst the ruined edge of Midtown, that mostly just serves to draw attention to the desolate silence.

This far out from the epicentre of the Bomb, most buildings are structurally sound, though many bear the scars of years without maintenance even when they have not also been wrecked by vandals or looters… or by the clandestine violence of thsoe who come here to avoid the attention of higher powers.

Long since stripped bare of all the easily-found loot, and with most of the city's excess of refugees moved on to other places physical or spiritual, the Ruins now serve mostly as an occasional haven for those in trouble - or who fear that they might be so, if certain activities or interests are discovered. As a result, it's with a distinct note of surprise that one clandestine visitor hears shouts and cat-calls in the middle-distance. Crouched half-way up the internal wall of a fire-damaged shell's central stairwell, Ygraine FitzRoy inwardly curses herself for opting to relax with a bit of training and parkour after long hours spent on her bike doing the rounds of safehouses (and acting as a taxi service for Miss Diego). Getting caught in Midtown with a shopping list of supplies for the underground network is not exactly on her 'to do' list for the week.

Outside and half a block away, the small posse of gangers are not yet sounding like getting bored. Though far from the most dangerous people in the city, they have found that the fringes of the Ruins offer fine hunting grounds through which frightened targets can be chased. The thrill's mostly in the hunt itself - letting off an occasional round or two in the general direction of a fleeing figure, seeing the fear, stoking and feeding it so that the target feels constantly in danger. It's all a big game, and a source of future boasts and bravado… not that someone chased with guns and hunting calls is likely to see it that way.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, venturing out to Midtown on a personal dare and to throw off the feeling of being nagged. Yes, it's true that the streets aren't safe, even for adults. But Koshka had heard it too many times lately, and feeling the need to prove herself capable had taken her to the ruins.

At first, dodging notice wasn't too hard. One could say it was almost fun and exciting, far more entertaining than letting the discouragement of finding little of worth left in such a desolate place set in. It helped with ignoring the chill as well, putting focus into something besides herself. But the teen, smug and confident of her own immortality, pushed those limits too far.

Koshka had gotten too close to the gang without intending to. She hadn't seen them move, and when she went to pass by they'd seen her. Now the youth is on the run, feet pounding down a sidewalk spurred on by the sound of gunfire. She may be immortal in her own mind, but that won't save her from guns or the crazy dregs of society. She should have listened when she was told it wasn't safe to be on the streets.

Koshka, breath coming in gasps and panic marked plainly upon her face, turns down another street, shoes sliding on the asphalt and a hand going down to keep her from falling. Up again, a look is directed over her shoulder to see how near the persuers are as she lurches into motion once again. Too close.

After remaining motionless for a few moments, trying to assess the sounds echoing around her, Ygraine opted to push herself into action. Now, having hurried out of the stairwell and loped across a wall - so much clearer of debris and less likely to trip her, in many of these old buildings - she sinks into a crouch by a shattered window, staying in shadow as she peeps out into the watery light of the world beyond.

From her vantage point, she frowns down at the distant movement, then takes the risk of leaning around a little more to get a clearer view down the street. Ah. A fugitive. How marvellous.

Pulling back from the window, lest she be seen, Ygraine springs off the wall, taking the risks entailed in running flat-out through the building, moving to reach the side wall and slip out onto the exterior surface, so that she can thereafter see and interact with people outside. A crazy idealist might as well have a shot at saving a damsel in distress, after all.

Unaware that there could be help somewhere, or possible further danger, Koshka continues her fear fueled run. The look behind proved that she's not gaining any ground, and once seen means hiding is going to prove more difficult. Good thing she's still got a trick up her sleeve. And hopefully that trick will work.

The teen, without slowing greatly, jumps for the back of an old, abandoned car. Feet manage to catch the bumper and momentum drives her forward, but she doesn't gain as much as she'd hoped. Koshka is left to scrabble and pull herself onto the roof, losing more distance between herself and the gang, and the sounds of gunfire.

Chest and shoulders heaving with every breath, the girl turns to watch for the approaching group. Just a little closer. Too close for comfort, but still, they need to be closer. And then she can pull out her card.

The old, partly burnt-out, thoroughly-trashed wreck no longer has much spring in its suspension… but it does puff up a cloud of dust and ash around Koshka's feet and out across the road, motes sparkling in the sunlight - and helping to draw Ygraine's attention to her, when, upon reaching her vantage point she initially sees no sign of the previously-running girl.

Sidling up to the corner of the building, albeit several stories up, Ygraine frowningly peers down at the street. A stand of defiance was not what she'd anticipated.

Nor was it in the expectations of the gangers. Jokes and comments are explained, as they slow their gait, a couple of the smarter ones glancing around in search of potential trouble - though others shout out 'suggestions' that their quarry keep running, unless she wants to fight.

That cloud of dust is a good sign as far as Koshka's concerned. That little puff of dust and ash is repeated as the teen loses that nerve she'd temporarily gained. Bigger, and far more than should have come from the car. From above one can easily tell that it was Koshka herself as the cause for disruption, there's no way that her slight form climbing onto the vehicle could have caused that much of a dust cloud. It doesn't do much to the gangsters, iritating the eyes and noses of those nearest and slowing their chase and giving further pause those those who'd hung back originally.

For Koskha, it gives the means of an escape. She'd have preferred something a little… bigger, but you take what you can get. When the cloud goes up, to shower down and distract the gang, the girl bolts down the front end of the car and takes off down the next side street. She doesn't run far, finding a partially collapsed wall to crouch behind and press against.

As swearing, cursing, and no small amount of coughing and spitting comes from the directions of the gangers - along with raucous laughter from those further back, who find the appearance of their dirt-coated buddies amusing - Ygraine frowns down at the hiding figure, debating quite what to do. Not getting involved would clearly have its advantages… but there's all too much risk that as soon as they recover, the gang-bangers'll be all the more eager to get their hands on their intended prey.

Setting off down the side of the building, and hoping that no one else comes into view of her, Ygraine moves further down towards the ground… then starts waving, attempting to catch Koshka's attention.

Should her eye be drawn by the motion, the girl will see a figure - possibly female - in rather dirty black cycling leathers and helmet, crouched on the side of a building, a good thirty feet up from the ground… with no visible means of support or attachment.

Koshka, intent on making herself as small as possible, doesn't notice the waving at first. But some flicker of movement catches her attention and eyes turn toward the woman stuck up on the wall. Any normal person might think this strange, but the girl's already run into a monster under the city that talked to her. Why shouldn't people also hang off the sides of buildings like spiders?

Her face turns up, writ with wariness and her earlier fear, but Koshka doesn't move. She pushes herself further against the perceived sheltering of debris. Brows knit together in what could be translated as a questioning look, guarded but wondering what sort of trouble might have found her now.

The not-quite-spider dithers momentarily, then remembers some basic conflict resolution training… and reaches up to hastily remove her helmet. What's revealed beneath is a tight braid of dyed-red hair, snaking down under her jacket, and pale, worried, feminine features.

Pointing firmly to Koshka, Ygraine then points to the base of the building on which she crouches, before making an urgent, beckoning gesture. That done, she starts down the wall, apparently intent on meeting Koshka should she choose to comply rather than flee.

Blue eyes following the pointing finger, then dart to the pinnacle of shelter. She's considering moving to join the woman, not everyone has proven themselves as horrible as others. Even the monster wanted her to find somewhere safer. Koshka's attention returns to Ygraine and makes the decision, cautious as she may be.

Keeping herself as quiet, as close to the ground as possible, the teen crabs across the ground to the opposite wall. Feet remain under her and back presses against the wall as though she might become part of it. Her eyes turn up as she makes her move, watching the woman climb down the wall.

Once Koshka displays enough trust to make her move, Ygraine forces herself to at least attempt to project confidence and competence. Rising from her crouch, she strides rapidly down to only a few feet above ground level - walking on the wall quite normally, without apparent need for a Spiderman-style scuttle.

From the street around the corner, it sounds as if amusment and spluttering are turning to anger, the gangers' determination to catch their prey rising once more even as the dust settles.

"Fancy trusting a stranger?", Ygraine asks, her accent very definitely not local. She holds out one grubbily-gloved hand, inviting Koshka to reach up and take it.

Koshka looks toward the corner, as though it would be a difficult decision. Meet certain doom, or try to trust a spider. She's not Miss Muffet, and there's no certainty that she could pull off another distraction and get away from the gang bangers a second time. There's only a bit of hesitation as she reaches up to grasp hold of the proffered hand, looking up once more. "I'll trust you," she answers in reaching.

"Keep quiet. This'll feel bloody awful", Ygraine warns, her voice pitched nervously low.

Then the world… well, it stays just where it is. Sort of. It's just that down is no longer down. Gravity appears to have forgotten which way it should be pulling Koshka. Abruptly, and without any more warning than Ygraine's ominous words, up seems to have become down. It's not a matter of a gentle, sci-fi floating off the ground - instead, gravity grabs hold of every bit of the girl and pulls. Hair, clothing, internal organs, even her brain are all tugged up instead of down and she herself falls into the older woman's arms.

Fortunately, Ygraine is well-braced for impact, and holds on tightly, crouching somewhat as she takes the weight… and then tweaks gravity again, this time through 90 rather than 180 degrees. That results in another shift of everything about - and on, and inside - Koshka, but at least the wall can now provide her with stable footing.

In any case, Ygraine's not waiting to see if the girl vomits, recovers, or passes out - instead, she keeps a very firm grip on her, hauling her bodily towards the nearest empty windowframe above them, hurrying to try to get out of sight before anyone rounds the corner.

And there's really no way to prepare for that sudden and unpleasant shifting of perceptions. Up is sideways and down is on the Y axis. If not for Ygraine being prepared to catch her and haul her off, Koshka would likely be flopping about like a fish. As it is, uncertainty gives way for a desperate clinging to the woman, and a sick cast joins in the fear.

There's no time for the teen to think about any of that though. The pulling and urgency helps to keep her stomach from flip flopping further and Koshka manages to help somewhat in getting herself to the window.

Moving through the window is perhaps the weirdest thing yet. For that reveals that either Ygraine is doing some very swift changes, or else she's not changing the direction of gravity as a whole but doing something with their relationship with the wall itself.

For the Briton's method of moving inside is simply to swing in through the window and step onto the interior wall. In the middle, there's a truly bizarre instant of gravity not seeming to have a single definite direction, but once completed… the interior of the wall 'works' just as well as the exterior did.

Continuing to pull-cum-lift Koshka, Ygraine moves her further away from the window and from the shouts and movement outside. "How're you doing?", she murmurs. "Gonna hurl, or can we keep going?"

"Goin't'puke," Koshka manages in response as she's led away from the window. That transition from inside to outside really turned her understanding of upside and downside inside out and reversed. She makes good her word by retching, though nothing is actually expelled. Her pause is only that long before she's nodding again. Okay, let's get going.

The youth, rubbing the back of a hand across her mouth, looks toward the window and then to Ygraine. She's heard the voices also, and for a moment the disconcerting, dizzying change of directions is forgotten.

"They might break in and search this place, if they think you're inside", Ygraine murmurs worriedly, rather intently studying Koshka for a few moments. "Hmmmm. I'd go through this place on the walls, but it'll be easier on you if we move back to the floor. Less shifting around. You ready for another one? I'll put you back on the floor, we walk through, then we head out the other side if the coast's clear and find another place to hide. Or d'you need to rest for a bit? I can take you up high in here and we can wait to see if they get bored…."

"I'm alright," Koshka states, made a liar by the uncomfortable and very confused look to her. It mixes well with the unease of the adventure outside. "Let's just get out of here. I don't know if they saw where I went or not." And she's not willing to find out if they check around the corner she'd turned or keep going. Closing her mouth again, the girl braces this time, expecting an even worse experience than traveling up a wall and through a window.

In spite of Koshka's words, Ygraine worriedly studies her for a couple of moments longer. "If you're willing to let me, I could carry you. Spare you some of the effects of the shifts", she offers. "I won't be able to do it too far, but… I should be able to get us through to the far side."

It takes a moment longer, but the girl nods in the end. Might be safer that way. Easier. Hopefully less likely to vomit. Koshka can always keep her eyes closed and pretend she's someplace else. "Okay," she says, "but I'll run if I need to."

With the sounds outside getting closer, Ygraine nods, then moves to scoop Koshka bodily into her arms. There's another flip for the girl, as Ygraine herself becomes the thing towards which gravity pulls her… but with that done, it makes the rest of the trip somewhat less chaotic, at least so long as eyes are closed.

The older woman clearly does struggle a little with the weight of her burden, but not so much that she's unable to maintain a rapid pace through the damaged building. Moving to the opposite corner, she waits there for a few moments, listening intently, before stepping out and around onto the exterior wall, and hurrying down to street level, then across to and part-way up another building, ducking in through one of its vacant windowframes.

There, at last, Ygraine restores all gravity to its proper orientation and Koshka to the floor, resting her own rump on a wall and her hands on her knees as she leans forward to pant.

Keeping her eyes closed is exactly the thing Koshka does. It's far easier to ignore the stomach twisting changes of what's up and down without actually looking. Her eyes open again once all is returned to normality, as normal as anything is, and takes a peek out the window. Looks clear out there.

Sinking to the floor below the window, Koshka looks up at Ygraine. It's her turn to look worried, someone who risked life and possibly more because she can't take some good advice once in a while. "..Thanks for helping me," the girl offers quietly.

"Gawd, I need to work out more. I'm so unfit these days", Ygraine says with a breathless, rueful laugh. "And you're welcome. Assuming you're not some hideous serial killer or the like, that is."

Offering a gloved hand once more, Ygraine straightens up a bit. "Ygraine FitzRoy. Wall-crawler extraordinaire."

"Not a serial killer," Koshka answers with an amused, and relieved, quirk of her lips. Not quite a grin, not yet. "Just someone who should've listened to those who know better." She knows she should have listened, but she did get away, even if she had help.

"—Koshka Ruslan," the teen offers warily as she extends her own hand to shake the proffered one. Her real name, she should have come up with something believeably different. "That's pretty cool, what you did." Even if it was mind boggling.

Ygraine laughs, inclining her head. "A pleasure to meet you", she says, her accent fairly easily identifiable as educated and British. "But I have the impression that I'm not the only freak in the room. You can do something with small particles…?"

It might be the laugh, or the fact that Ygraine helped her, but Koshka nods in response to the question. "With dust and sand… things like that," she explains with a small shrug. "I just sort of… How'd you guess?"

"I was watching. I'm used to keeping an eye on how things move - how they should move, and how that can be… nudged askew", Ygraine says with a wry smile. "At least from a bird's eye view, what you did… it didn't look as if it was just chance. Too directed. And too broad."

The teen shrugs again. "It's about all I've figured out to do," she says. "Sometimes I can make it look normal. Sometimes it can be… more." The way she says 'more' it doesn't seem too likely she's necessarily meaning in quantity. Koshka's head tilts back, resting against the wall behind her. "Now that you know, you going to tell on me now?"

Ygraine frowns slightly, rather thoughtfully studying the youngster. "Heck, I only registered when they extended it to non-citizens - and even then, only so's I could get in and out of the country without being arrested", she says with a wry smile. "But… you've managed to keep it a secret, so far?"

"Sort of?" It's an odd time for a grin, but Koshka's expression takes on an impish look for just a moment. Oh, she's had no qualms about using her ability, careful to keep from being too noticeable, but she's certainly used it. The look falls and blue eyes turn to Ygraine. "Once, the first time, I used it and a lot of people saw. So I ran away."

Ygaine nods thoughtfully. "Mine… at first I thought I was hallucinating", she says with a rueful smile. "'Cause it couldn't be real. Petrelli's announcement about the existence of the Evolved was an absolute delight for me."

A chuckle, and she shakes her head. "Back then, I thought he was a real hero. Ah, well. Maybe he was, before the power got to his head. I don't know…."

"He's a moron and should be shot," Koshka states. Yeah, she's a real fan of the guy. "Everything he's done is just… he's stupid. I shouldn't be treated different than anyone else." There's a point where she's about to say more, then stops herself. She lets out a short exhale and presses her lips together sullenly.

Ygraine laughs softly. "Oh, I fear that he's a long way from being a moron. It takes someone quite intelligent to do this sort of damage", she says ruefully. "Stupid people can rarely do that much harm. It takes someone really bright to figure out how to screw things up this thoroughly."

Shaking her head, she ventures another smile. "As it happens, I agree with you about much of what's gone on being utterly wrong. And there are still a few people trying to stop things from getting worse - or to reverse what's already happened - in spite of the way that anyone who opposes the administration tends to get treated."

Koshka gives a small shake of her head. "He knows how to talk," she allows. But she's far from admitting that the man is smart by any other means. "But he's just.. He needs to be stopped. Liberty and justice for all, not for those who can afford it."

The teen tempers her opinion again, before it can get away from her, and looks up at Ygraine. "There are," she asks, unable to mask the dubious tone in her question. She'd heard some rumors, whispers really, since she's taken to the streets but never enough to follow. "There needs to be more people. I hate the way others just sit and let it happen. Like sheep, only sheep have more sense."

"…and then they came for me", Ygraine murmurs, cocking her head as she studies her companion. "Oh, I agree. Whole-heartedly. And I might even know a few people I could point you at, if you wanted to help. There's a campaign to mount a challenge to Petrelli's laws, using the Constitution and the Supreme Court. But that won't appeal too much if you were one of those impressed by people like PARIAH…."

Koshka levels a frown at the floor, considering. "They were too… They have the right idea, standing up and fighting, but went about it all wrong." Oh yes, she has thoughts on that, too. "Too much chaos. There's better ways to take over the government."
The teen gives a shake of her head and looks back to Ygraine. "What sorts of people," she asks. "How can I help?"
Looking distinctly thoughtful, Ygraine remains silent for a few moments. "I'm not going to put you in touch with any kind of resistance army or… organisation plotting a coup", she warns with a wry smile. "But I could certainly get you to help me put up some posters around the city for Liberty - that constitutional organisation I mentioned. But… tell me… do you have anywhere you can go for safety? Do you have a home that's safe, and so on?"

The warning is met with a mildly disappointed, if still impish, grin. Koshka can at least understand some of that without it being explained. "I can put up posters," she agrees. "Anywhere you want. Bus stops, librarys, under windshield wipers. Anywhere, no problem." Despite the simple-seeming task, she at least sounds enthused about being proactive; it's more than just ranting.

"I… sort of?" Koshka shakes her head. Griffin's place is temporary at best. And the monster under the city warned her away from the tunnels, despite telling her to follow them toward midtown. She's not sure what to make of that one. "I make do," the youth settles on, in casual confidence.

Ygraine offers a slow, pensive nod - though she's still smiling slightly. "We don't want any posters winding up anywhere that'll get us in trouble. We've got to be totally above-board. But tucking some flyers under wipers and the like, we should be able to do. And some help covering the libraries would be very welcome. Basically… anywhere that has a noticeboard and we can ask permission to stick one up, or anywhere that's meant to take posters…."

Even as she talks, it's pretty clear that she's thinking of something else. "I could possibly see about getting you a place to stay, if you wanted. No promises, but I might be able to offer you some shelter. D'you have anyone looking out for you at the moment?"

"Right," Koshka agrees with a nod, once again taking strides to control herself. "I.. It'll be tactful. And careful. No where you say not to go." This time she'll follow directions, no more adventures. For a while. She changes directions with the following question. The teen shakes her head, though she's grinning once again. "Just myself. Sometimes I find places to sleep, but that's it. I make my own way."

Ygraine winces slightly. "I… would you like me to see if I can find somewhere for you? I know of somewhere you would have been welcome, but it had to close down early last month, at least for a while…." Frowning pensively, she bites her lower lip as she eyes Koshka. "Have you had any serious trouble? Before today, I mean…."

The youth draws her knees toward her chest, arms draped over them while blue eyes study Ygraine. "Serious trouble," she echoes quietly, brows drawing downward. "My dad… he's a geneticist… told me to run when I… showed I had an ability. We were arguing and he was trying to trick me into registering and it just kind of happened. So I ran."

Though the story lacks details, Koshka's tone says she believes it's some kind of trouble. "I haven't seen him since, or heard from him. Just been me since I ran away." A pause. "I'll… I've kept quiet since. Got caught picking pockets a couple of times, but nothing happened and no one knows anything."

Ygraine blinks slowly, clearly more than a touch surprised. "Your… Dad - he told you to run? But he was also trying to trick you into registering? Ummmm. The cops - you've not been fingerprinted, or had your DNA taken for a compulsory test, or anything?"

"He… kinda got the more side of my ability," Koshka explains. She lets out a slow breath and lowers her chin to her knees. Details. "See, we had ice cream, and were trying to get back on speaking terms after arguing about the Registration. He wanted me to, so I could get a good job, but… Well it's stupid. It's as bad as being Jewish or whatever in the 1930's, and I'm not buying into it."

The girl lets out another breath, glancing up apologetically to Ygraine before she continues. "So I thought everything was cool between us, no one would bring it up again at home, and we went to walk off the ice cream. Then I saw he was leading me toward some clinic and he started babbling again about how I needed to register. And that's… well, you know. He told me to run after it happened." Koshka shakes her head and looks to the far wall. "Never been fingerprinted or had any kind of DNA anything."

Ygraine nods slowly, and very thoughtfully. "Was… he badly hurt?", she asks cautiously. "And did anyone see what happened to him, even if they didn't think you were responsible?" She wishes that she could think of more gentle ways to ask versions of 'so - are you wanted for maiming your father?' but she's failing to come up with any.

"People saw it," Koshka admits. "They saw us arguing and then me just beating on him. The dust, too. I …I don't think he was hurt bad. Some scrapes and bruises before I realized what happened. No one stopped me when I ran." One of those instances where her little tricks could be passed as a play of the weather.

Koshka's eyes tilt back toward Ygraine, hopeful yet not daring to hope too far. "No one knows I'm here. And.. you're the first I told my name to since leaving."

Ygraine can't help but smile at that, almost in spite of herself - though her expression otherwise remains distinctly serious and very thoughtful. "I'll… hrmmm. I'll have to see what I can do. Make a phone call or two, perhaps. Though I might need to see people in person. Try to find you somewhere you can sleep safely, at least."

"I'll be alright," Koshka replies with a nod. She understand how hard it is to trust someone these days. Look at herself. And as nice as having a safe place to sleep at night, she's survived so far alone. "I'll still help, if you want it. Just.. name a place to meet you."

Ygraine quirks a wry smile. "Well… if you're willing to trust me a little further, I can take you to my bike. Give you a ride somewhere. And drop you off with some fliers, if you're sure you want them", she offers. "D'you have a cell phone? Any way I can contact you?"

"I said I'd still help," Koshka says with a slight grin. "And as long as you don't go on walls or upside down or nothing, a ride would be good." To answer the other question, though, she shakes her head. "I can get one, or… something. I don't have one, though. Dad was weird and said I didn't need a cell phone." To which the teen rolls her eyes. Parents.

Laughing quietly, Ygraine shakes her head. "Well, be glad of that now, if you want to avoid notice", she says sincerely. "They're horribly easy to track. I can blow a little cash on getting you a prepaid one, as payment for poster and flyer distribution, if you like? That way you can get in touch with me if you need me."

Koshka considers, then nods after a moment. "More than fair," she says. "Especially after helping me back there." She offers another grin, small and still a little unsure. "Thanks, Ygraine."

Ygraine pauses momentarily, then offers her hand once more. "It's a deal, then. Now… shall we head to the bike? We can grab something to eat while we're getting the phone, if you're up for that. And I'll figure out how best to find you a bed."

Partially unfolding herself, Koshka nods and accepts the hand again. "Sounds like a plan," she answers, further unfolding and climbing to her feet. "Food is always something I'm up for." Truth be told, she seems more interested in that than in worrying over where she'll be sleeping next.

Grinning broadly, Ygraine nods. "Great. Pizza sound good? Or are you more of a burger kind of gal?", she asks, relieved that her tentative efforts to look after the youngster aren't backfiring horribly. As she talks, she gestures an invitation to start towards one of the building's exterior walls. Not being in a hurry nor trying to sneak, this time, she's quite content to let both of them use conventional means to get there.

"Both," the youth replies honestly. She starts to move as directed, with hands going into coat pockets and an easy grin coming about. "I'm not picky. Except brussel sprouts are gross." Koshka looks back at Ygraine. "But anything's welcome."

"I've always liked sprouts", Ygraine says with a laugh and a broad shrug, following Koshka. "And I'll see what I can do. Finding somewhere we can buy both a phone and food close together shouldn't be too hard in this city."


In the background, the bustle of a busy eatery provides a constant hubub and hum of noise, but the urgently impatient tapping of a finger upon the case of the cell might carry through rather more loudly.

"Bollocks", is the first word to go through to voicemail, followed hastily by "Sorry!"

"I… well. As you've no doubt guessed, I was hoping to get hold of you directly. And I hope I'm right in remembering that you're due to be around the city today…. I… could do with your advice."

Ygraine closes her eyes, trying to picture Barbara as if the Councilwoman were present, and to make sure to drop enough hints without - maybe - giving things away to anyone listening in. For her own part, she trusts to her accent and her use of this particular burn-phone number to identify her to the recipient.

"I'm fine myself, but I found someone whom I'd normally say was a prime candidate for us to look at giving some help to. Especially with Winter coming on. But I know how overtaxed we are at the moment. I've bought her a phone, so we can stay in touch. And I'm giving her a little work helping with putting up posters. But if you know of anyone able to offer a bed for the night, let me know."


Right. Here's hoping that the Ferry can still help a stray waif.

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