Some Weird Shit


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Scene Title Some Weird Shit
Synopsis Keira passes on some surprising news to her BFF.
Date March 30, 2018

Tibby's House

There wasn't anymore rain falling but the halfway exposed part of Tibby’s living room was wet. It's why she kept all the other nice things not there, but covered under the part of the roof that still stands. There's a fire in a old metal barrel, pieces of newspaper and cardboard boxes have been fed to the flames to emit a bit of heat but the wind open space makes it difficult or impossible for the room to get warm.

Usually by this time Tibby is in bed, when it's too cold to do much else but curl up in a bed. Under the blankets, her feline friends keep her warm and currently. They are everywhere.

On the counters, in the stairway that lead up to the front door. All manner of shapes and sizes. All sorts of wild colored eyes and fur coats.

Among the felines, Tibby sits by the fire. Cross legged and having a drink of some old whiskey she scored a few years back. The guy said to let it ‘age’ more. Tibby couldn't tell the difference really at all so, whiskey it was. The burn of the liquor helping keep her warm, her mind beginning to go numb from the effects. She's dressed in a long sleeve dark green shirt and sweats. Her feet covered with fuzzy pink slippers. Bleached blonde hair a mess, maybe she napped recently.

Red embers flare up at the end of Keira’s cigarette as she walks up to the front door, her combat boots crunching on the torn up asphalt on the walk up to the house. She’s been out and about a lot recently, though she did bring a guy with an ability similar to Tibby’s back at one point. She still needs to introduce the two, they’ll either love or hate each other.

The door opens, and the shapeshifter slips into the house, scritching a few of the cats along the way. Her dog follows along behind her, ignoring the cats as if they don’t exist, save for offering a gentle chuff to one that crosses his path.

Spotting Tibby, Keira’s trajectory shifts, bringing her into the living room as she trails a long stream of smoke from the corner of her mouth. Settling into place next to her friend, she leans over, brushing shoulders with the tiny blonde — thankfully, with cloth between the pair, there’s no flickering of her ability. “G’morning, love.”

“Key ya been out and about aye?” Tibby replies with a nudge up to her shoulder to shoulder. Thankfully there are clothes but she's pretty use to the disorienting effect by now. Or as much as you could be. She takes another swallow of her whiskey.

“Had a meeting with that fancy fellow, real flash. John Logan.” Another swallow of whiskey and she's looking over to Keira with her green eyes. “He wanted to sell some guns, didn't find the buyer in enough time. Think that Zain cat, the other flashy doo.” There’s a wide smile from the tiny woman but she shrugs. “What the hell have you been doing?”

Keira smirks, taking a draw of her cigarette, before snubbing it out on the bottom of her boot. “I’ll have to look him up, then. Sure would be interestin’ to see what that fucker’s been up to.” She glances over to Tibby, brows raising slightly.

“So I got some fuckin’ news for you. Good thing you’re sittin’ already, this one might floor ya.” She suddenly has a huge grin on her face, pulling her phone out of her pocket. “You’ll never fuckin’ guess who I ran into at a bar th’other day. Don’t try to guess, because you really won’t guess. I’m just going t’show you.”

She taps the screen a few times, swipes once…then pulls up a picture of her and Caspian, selfie-ing it up for the camera. This is offered forth to Tibby, while Keira busies herself with pulling a business card out of her wallet.

Tibby’s eyes are on Keira’s, “He's not as cruel as they said he was back then.” It's true, she even liked the guy. And Tibby is content to sip on her whiskey as Keira goes on about news, Keira has stories and Tibby was always game for them. “Aye aye I ain't gonna guess then but if ya gonna tell me that you got knocked up I'm sending you straight to my-” her breath catches.

Green eyes looks from Keira to that photo of Caspian. Her shoulders shake as she reaches up for the photo. “What..” her voice already small sounding even more small and tiny as she sees that face. He's aged, so has she. But he’s aged well. He looks.. not tainted. Shaking her head in disbelief, eyes misty with tears in her eyes. “I don't.. how did this happen?” She's confused and happy.. and confused.

Tibby rubs a finger over his face on the photo and a tear drops to the picture. “Ah fuck man, what the fuck? There was just a bladdy shoe left! No body, but how!?” There's a choked sob. “Ah fuck he's probably looking for me. I should, Key I'm not as light as I use to be, ya know? I.. he might not..”

The shapeshifter relinquishes the phone as Tibby reaches for it, pulling out a small package from her jacket pocket, from which she pulls a rather perfectly rolled blunt. She busies herself prepping it for smoking while Tibby wraps her mind around the bomb that Keira just dropped.

Then, she’s lighting it, glancing to Tibby with a faint smile on her face. “From what he said, he thought you were dead, saw a boat that looked like yours burst into flames. Didn’t wait around ‘cause he thought you were dead.” She holds the flame to the tip of the blunt, puffing on it a few times until the embers burst into life.

She takes a few drags from it to get it going, glancing to Tibby. “Dude was fuckin’ happy when I told ‘im that you’re alive and well and sharing a house with me.” She offers the blunt and Caspian’s business card to the smaller blonde, a small smile on her face. “You’re still fuckin’ beautiful, bitch, he’d be a fuckin’ fool to not scoop you up.”

A shaky hand takes the blunt and the business card. He has a real job? “God he was in college..” Tibby stares at the business card as she smokes from the blunt. “This is.. holy shit Key. Holy shit!”

“He doesn't know the me now,” Tibby looks troubled, “I'm not exactly just running the weed game anymore.” She was doing things that she had a problem with before they were separated. Using guns, killing.. if necessary. “I'll have to go see ‘him.”

There’s a large bundle of nerves in the pit of her stomach and the tiny woman shakes as she sits. Taking more of the blunt and closing her eyes. Head sitting on her knees. “I don't know how to feel.” Is Tibby’s conclusion. She is overjoyed, she's shocked.. her head is spinning. She wants to blame the liquor but she knows seeing it's Caspian. A part of her died when she thought he did.

There's a spark though. Just enough.

“What the fuck do I say? Huh? I mean I guess happy you're not dead but what the fuck!” Tibby looks over at her friend passing the blunt. “Thank you so bladdy much. A true mate, one of the truest bluest bitches.”

“I suck at th’whole relationship thing, the truest love I’ve fuckin’ had is an asshole I’ve been fuckin’ on and off for nearly half of m’life at this point.” Her relationship with Amadeus is…complicated, to say the very least of the situation. “So I dunno what you could say, really.” She shrugs.

Then, she grins. “Maybe ‘Hey, glad you’re not dead, let’s catch up? I don’t fuckin’ know.” She snatches some of that whiskey, taking a single gulp, before passing it back. “He looks good. Healthy.”

She leans back, resting her weight on her hands. “S’nothin’. I ain’t doin’ anything other than tellin’ my friend that I figured out her dead boyfriend ain’t dead. Don’t need praise for that.” Still, she leans over, wrapping her friend in a hug. The flicker happens, of course, but that’s standard for the two friends.

“Aye but you’ve had him there for nearly half, that's special Key. Where the fuck is that asshole anyway?” There's laughter and she's wiping her eyes, the laughter feels good among the shifting wave of emotions going on.

“I guess hello would do.” Obviously but it's just Tibby making this more complicated in her head. “He don't seem I don't know, fucked off or anything? A bit meaner?” Killing people? She has to know, she figures though that her feline friends will come in handy as she eyed his business card and snickers as Keira takes the whiskey and then passes it back after the hug, flickering and all. She's taking a swig too and laying her back on the hard floor.

“Yea well you're a real fucking friend and don't you forget it.”

Tibby’s eyes are on the flames as she takes another puff of the blunt and coughs a little before passing it on. “This is some weird shit.”

“You good otherwise?” She bites her lip, a change of subject might allow her time to really understand how's she's feeling. Currently, she's so happy it hurts. A nagging worry is at the back of her mind, does he still love me?

“There was a seven year break in there. Not like it matters. Saw the fucker the other day and fell right back into bed with ‘im.” Keira shrugs. “Can’t say I love him now. Don’t even know what he’s like now, it’s been so fuckin’ long. Seems like he’s gotten better, though. That stupid fuckin’ martial arts shit of his might’ve made him stop being such a shithead.” There’s definitely mixed feelings there. She’ll have to sort through those on her own, though.

“He seemed just as fuckin’ nice an’ sweet as always. Got a little choked up that you’re alive. He’s excited t’hear from you, I think. Don’t overthink shit, I know you’re trying to do that and you need to fuckin’ stop. Catch your breath, then fuckin’ call that man, he still holds a candle for you.” Keira offers Tibby a large grin, leaning back on her hands.

Taking the blunt, Keira takes a long draw, coughing slightly on the exhale. “I’m good, yeah. Got some people workin’ for me, movin’ shit. Business is pickin’ up, and I’m figurin’ out my next moves.” The shapeshifter grins, taking another long draw off of the blunt, cherry flaring to life. “Who’da thought that sellin’ food would be so lucrative? Whoever that thief is, they’re a fuckin’ genius.”

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