Someone Should Not Be a Mother


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Scene Title Someone Should Not Be a Mother
Synopsis A girl and her invisible friend engage in some long overdue girl talk.
Date December 6, 2010

Pollepel Island - Bannerman Castle

The morning light creeps through the window of the bare common room like tendrils of golden hair along the stone of the castle like cascades of Rapunzel's locks escaped from outside, glistening against that harsh stone floor. It's cool— for those that can feel it— against the skin, morning air crisp and a little bitter as it pinches noses, cheeks, and chins. Most of the people that have walked through this common room are dressed appropriately for the chill in the air. As one of the many common rooms, it's a buzz of activity itself with children playing, people chatting, and people generally trying to stay warm.

Along the window, however, a quiet soul sits alone in the windowsill. It had taken much effort to successfully rest here, staring out at the island itself. Samara Dunham cranes her neck to see the world below, the dancer in her elongating it naturally while she cants her chin.

She's been here for hours, since Paul woke up early today— right now he's just playing with the others, giving Sam some much-needed reflection time. Her reflections aren't wholly negative though. In fact, even in this relaxed state with no one to smile for, her lips curl slightly upwards as though enduring and basking in some secret delight.

The room itself is a flood of chatter, spiels of laughter, and the sound of footsteps, yet Samara's attention remains on that window, her hair curling gently around a single finger while she admires the world below.

Samara's reverie is interrupted by a pair of long, lean arms wrapping around her midsection from behind and a raspberry blown against the curve where neck meets shoulder.

"What's the story, morning glory?" Rue Lancaster asks sleepily, carefully nudging her friend enough for her to sit next to her in the window. "Fuck that is cold," she gasps, standing up quickly again only long enough to tug down the length of her Spider-Man sweatshirt over her backside to act as a buffer. "How's the babysitting been going?"

"Cold if you can feel it," Samara arches her eyebrows and shoots her friend a lopsided grin before sidling Rue close. It's nice to cuddle when possible. With a wink and another cant of her chin— this time to face her friend— she allows herself to shoot Rue a toothy grin as she draws her knees to her chest, hugging them tightly to her body. "You always wake up so beautiful in the morning, did you know that? I always envied that."

Samara's gaze moves towards the centre of the room, falling on the kids. "Good, I think. I don't know if I'm any good at it though. He's a good kid." She shrugs a little before turning back to the window. "The sun is glow-r-i-ous!" she annunciates dramatically as her eyes close gently. "There's something about sunlight that makes me feel… alive."

Blue eyes roll with a quirk of a grin. "My hair's a sparrow's nest, I've exhausted my travel bottle of moisturiser, and I've worn this sweatshirt over my other clothes like five days in a row now." Despite the initial dismissiveness, the compliment brings a flush to Rue's cheeks. She changes her tune after her complaints and rests her head on Samara's shoulder. "That means a lot, coming from you."

That ginger head lifts so she can crane her neck to look out the window and follow Samara's gaze. "Yeah, I know what you mean… And I think you're doing fine." She trails off distractedly, then thinks to add, "With Paul. You know I'll help anchor you at night if you need it, right?" Of course she does. The point isn't left open for discussion more than a beat.

Rue's slightly lopsided lips pull into a faint pout. "I met Quinnie's new girlfriend. I think I really fucked things up."

"Nothing is ever so broken you can't fix it. Ever," Samara states matter-of-factly while giving her BFF's hand a squeeze accompanied by a reassuring smile. "You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are smart. And she lost something amazing when she lost you. Don't you ever forget that." Her eyes blink slightly though as she chews on her lip. "What was she like? I saw her… the new girl. And Quinn saw me…" her voice changes to a sing-song tone, "Awkward~"

With a small shrug, she wrinkles her nose. "I know that you really care about her. Have you talked to Quinn alone at all? Sometimes honesty goes a long way… I dunno. Just a thought."

"Oh gawd," Rue wails at a conversational level. "Oh, Sami, she's so pretty, and she's not quite as tall as I am, which means Quinnie doesn't even have to get up on tiptoe to snog her," snog? "and she can climb walls, and she has an accent!" Such dismay. The babbling is muffled as she buries her face into her friend's shoulder.

Without the aid of a mirror, Rue's little mile-a-minute-meltdown looks like she's more than just a little schizophrenic. Hopefully enough word has spread that the unreasonably tall ginger can see and hear the girl in the mirrors. "And she's married, and they've got an open relationship," the words begin tumbling out again as fast as Rue can manage to move her lips to articulate them. "And Quinnie has a harem!" Oh the humanity! Her head lifts from Samara's shoulder with a gasp. "Oh no! I could never tell her that I still— No no! That would be pathetic!" And this isn't?

The distraught girl grabs the invisible one by the shoulders, blue gaze meeting hazel. "Did they hold hands? Did they kiss? Did they do something cute?" The horror!! Rue suck in a tumultuous breath and raises one hand to press the back to her forehead. It would be funny if she were doing it in some conscious mockery of melodrama. But she's being legitimately melodramatic.

Okay, that just makes it hilarious.

Samara's arm wraps around her friend, drawing her closer as the sobs are muffled by her shoulder. She opens her mouth to speak amid the sobs, but allows Rue her meltdown, choosing to just hold her BFF instead, sometimes a gal just needs to cry. Finally as she's made to look at her friend, Sam's eyes widen and she shakes her head. "No. Nothing cute. Just… awkward. Mostly because Quinn like… denied my existence."

Sami's eyebrow quirks, "And they're really married? And what is an open relationship anyways? I Mean… if you get married shouldn't it be that whole idea of commitment to one person… call me old fashioned but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around an open relationship when married. I mean jealousy is bad enough— and I've watched it unfold— " she cringes, sometimes being invisible brings out the voyeur in her. "— in like non-married relationships… how does Quinn have a harem, anyways? Like… actually? Girls that faun over her?"

Her eyebrows tighten together, "Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned them at all. They were just at this meeting and then Quinn was staring at me and I was staring at her and I couldn't say anything even though I kind of wanted to. And then…" her cheeks redden as her lips curl upwards and a fan of fingers is pressed tightly over her mouth.

Rue takes a deeeeeep breath and tries to regain some hold of her previous composure. "Ygraine is married. To some chick back in England. And an open relationship means that she and Quinnie can date other people on the side or something?" Curls stick to lip gloss after a quick shake of her head, pulled away by finger nails that are in dire need of a manicure (in Rue's mind). "I know," she says before Samara can bring up another query, "I don't get it either. If I date someone, I want them to date me. Not everyone else. If I marry someone, I want them to be mine." Duh.

"I don't even know," Rue whimpers. "Quinnie's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard. How can I compete with this?" Another very deep breath. "Perspective, Lanny. You don't have chlamydia in your throat. Everything will work out fine." Her eyes lid and she sweeps her arms wide, thumbs and middle fingers touching as they circle back inward toward her body again. It's a zen thing. "Okay. Okay. I'm fine."

A smile is quirked and Rue squints at Samara. "And then what?"

"Yeah. Throat chlamydia… not fun…" her eyes shift, "… I'm guessing. I wouldn't know. But then, you know I wouldn't know. After the Tyler Reid incident no boy would touch me with a ten-foot-pole, Tahir saw to that," Sami rolls her eyes emphatically as she squeezes Rue tightly.

"Well. If you want to date Quinn you still could then?" Samara cringes a little at the notion. "Like I said, I don't really understand this whole open relationship thing. Maybe one day?" She offers a small shrug.

The persistence at the events of the meeting and beyond draw a brighter colour to Sam's cheeks. "It's so… I don't…" A slightly embarrassed chuckle emits from the back of her throat while she hides her eyes in the palms of her hands. "…I didn't think…" She lowers her hand and holds it up in a stop motion like she can pause her thoughts for a moment to collect them. She takes a deep breath and lowers it, while that same secret delight does its magic across her smile, "I… I had this dream." Her eyebrows crease together, "And it was kind of weird. And… I kissed Brian. I can't tell you how real it felt. It was… it was… " Her smile broadens into a toothy grin as her face reddens further. "Anyways… so after the meeting Brian starts this conversation about weird dreams and… we had like the same dream because of this dreamwalker girl." Her eyes flit away from Rue for a moment as her nose wrinkles, "I just…" her hand is combed through her hair. "He's sweet. And funny. And just fun…" her gaze turns downward.

Rue's woes are forgotten in an instant as Samara begins recounting the tale of her dream. Suddenly explaining why she couldn't handle sharing Robyn Quinn with anyone else is just unimportant. "You kissed Brian? In a dream?" Her blue eyes sparkle more than usual, giving her a look that's one part enchanted and one part imp.

Which may or may not be an enchanted being. So maybe two parts enchanted. Anyway!

Rue squeals high pitched and loud enough to draw the attention of others nearby, flailing her hands in front of her excitedly. "You like Brian! Aaahhhhh! A real crush! I'd forgotten how much I missed this!" Arms are flung around Samara and she's hugged. "Ahmigawd are you gonna start dating him? This would make like the best romance novel ever. It would be better than Pride and Prejudice! Better than Love in the Time of Cholera! Better than Wuthering Heights!" She bounces excitedly in her seat. "You'd be a better pairing than Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley!" Of course Rue knows Ginny Weasley's full name.

"Wait! I've got it!" Rue clutches at Samara's hands, staring excitedly and earnestly into her eyes. "It'd be a better love story than Mean Heat!"

The squeal has Samara reacting immediately, "Shhhhhhhhhh! Someone will hear you!! They can't hear me, but they can hear you!!" It's Samara's turn to shake her friend's shoulders. "Get ahold of yourself! I don't know anything other than…" her cheeks flush as her face is buried into her hands again. "I really like him. You know… after so long where only you saw me for me… he like… he sees me. Not like my reflection, but me. You know? Like… me. The excited, nervous, jittery gal I am. That's all." Her smile softens as a hand combs through her hair again.

She rolls her eyes at the comparisons, but the smile remains as she squeezes Rue in turn. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner! I just… it was a dream, you know? I didn't know it was real and then like… the support. I dunno." She's beet red again.

Rue bites her lip and tries her best to look sheepish. "Oh, they think I'm crazy anyway," she offers as a dismissal of Samara's concerns. "He likes you back, right? I mean, he must. He'd be stupid not to." She suddenly holds up one finger, expression making a play at being serious, though her eyes are just a bit too wide and the over-sell is obvious. "Bee tee dubs, I've seen him naked. Don't get your hopes up or anything, okay?"

"Guh! I swear you just like to make me squirm! You know me… too innocent for my own good… my first kiss was in a dream so it may or may not count…" Samara cringes slightly. "I think he does? I mean, like me back. He said he wanted to kiss me if it wouldn't taste like dirty old mirror." The comment actually makes Sami giggle, "He's just, like fun to be around. And hang with. And I just.. I feel alive."

Awwww! Rue puts a hand over her heart and lets out a little squeak. "That's so sweet! I'm so happy for you, Sami! And don't worry, if he does anything to hurt you, I'll kick him in the junk. I'll make Tahir look tame. But we won't tell anyone about it, so that you'll still get other potential boyfriends." There's a sage nod given to her invisible friend. "He won't admit he got beat up by a girl."

"Okay… don't judge me okay? I'm about to girl out which I've been dying to do for awhile but there was no one to girl-out with…" Sami's eyes flit towards the window and then back to Rue. "EEEEEEEE! I'm so excited! I'm sorry for being so selfish amid all of the Quinn troubles… Like… I'm on cloud nine, I can't help it!"

"This is way more fun than my trouble with Quinnie." Permission to girl-out granted. "I'm so excited for you!" Rue throws her arms around Samara again, hugging her tightly. "You are so lucky!"

"More fun or not, best friends need to listen when other best friends need to freak out about ex-girlfriends. That's what I'm here for; I am your stabilizer in all of this, but that's because I love you m'dear." Samara flashes Rue a big toothy grin. "You know… I really would appreciate it if you helped with Paul. I could use more sleep. 'To sleep perchance to dream~'" She rolls her eyes at the Hamlet quote; she'd never even gotten to study Hamlet in high school; she 'died before then.

A sudden thought occurs to Rue and she gives a soft gasp. "I can see Paul." Duh? "And he's totally not dead." She furrows her brows. "Did I get See Invisible as a cantrip or something?" The thought is dismissed in favour of a nod. "Yeah, sure. I can totally help with Paul. But you should probably let me anchor you. I mean, unless you wanna wake up on Liberty Island or something."

"Yeah… that wouldn't be so good," Samara shoots Rue a flicker of a smile. "Well your ability must be something different then? Something unique… just like you!" WIth another grin, she pushes herself out of the sill, crawling over Rue in order to uncurl herself. "Alright! I need a rest… any chance you want to keep a girl anchored while she snoozes?"

Rue pushes off the sill herself grabs Samara's hand. "C'mon. I wanna sleep s'more. We can curl up in my bed." Cuddle times! "We'll just let Paul know where to find us if he needs anything. He's able to handle himself, right? I mean, it's not like he's gonna get hurt or anything." Someone should not be a mother. Not until at least another few years of maturity, at least.

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