Someone To Be Proud Of


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Scene Title Someone To Be Proud Of
Synopsis Brooke admits to Kurt that she's still using. He offers his support and the two seem to grow a little closer.
Date October 6, 2009

The Verb

A simple but updated Bachelor suite with all the basic amenities. The kitchen is only separated by a floating wall and the coffee maker seems to be the focus point (and well used) in it's high tech, burgundy glory. The living room area is sectioned off from a double bed and dresser by a blue top sheet strung up and cut down the middle to function as a make shift wall. The living area itself contains a red futon and a computer desk area. there isn't a Television in the room but a multitude of electronics are somewhat organized to be piled near the computer desk. Two ancient but sturdy looking bookshelves contain a haphazard collection of literature (everything from fantasy to politics). A stacked washer and dryer is tucked over in the entrance way behind sliding doors.

This morning, it would seem that Kurt's flatmate is the first to rise. The smell of coffee is proof that she's figured out how to work the brewer, and Brooke smiles with self-satisfaction as she watches the dark liquid trickle into the pot. With that in the works, the blonde tugs a red dress out of the dryer, letting it pool on the counter top of the bathroom as she shuts herself inside to take a quick shower. It takes her no more than five minutes to wash up - it almost takes her longer than that to dress.

Kurt is a slow riser this morning. He wasn't out late last night but did slip down to the bar for a single beer. A loudish yawn can be heard from his makeshift bedroom area and the dark man pads out still groggy eyed and sniffs the air, "Oh coffee…" He drones and heads to the kitchen to grab a cup from the cupboard and pour himself a glass. Looking about from the roomie he sits down at the computer chair and reaches down to flick the screen to life.

Brooke emerges from the bathroom a short time later, a towel draped over her shoulders to keep her fashionable red minidress from soaking up the droplets from her still-wet hair. "Morning," she intones as she pours herself a cup of java. "I didn't hear you come home last night."

Kurt looks up from the computer and gives the woman a bright smile, "Morning sunshine. Yeah sorry I didn't wanna wake you up. I headed down to the rock cellar for a beer and got distracted by the next door neighbour and fudge." He sips the coffee, "She's the one with the really loud dog." He explains in case Brooke has heard the monster bark.

The blonde nods her head slowly, recognition only dawning at the mention of the noisy dog next door. "Did you have fun? I was just super tired yesterday for some reason." Absently, she scratches at the bend of one arm.

Kurt shrugs, "Yeah I guess. Just had one beer and headed back upstairs." He admits with a sheepish smile, "I'm not the bar hoping type I guess." Standing up he does look a little concerned, "You feeling alright? Not a cold or anything like that?" Then his face flushes, "Sorry you're the doctor."

Brooke is obviously touched by the concern. She smiles gently and then steps forward to wrap her arms around the taller man. "I'll be okay," she insists. Which isn't to say that she's fine now, but…

Kurt reaches up his arms to absentmindedly return the hug and politely kisses her on the cheek lightly, "Alright but if you need sudifed or something or if it's got something to do with the add…well you know stuff, just tell me." He hesitates on reminding her about her morphine addiction, she has been doing so well as far as he knows.

"It's hard to quit," is Brooke's only confession as she steps back from the embrace. "Every time I think, 'Okay, this is it. I'm done,' I start to fall apart… And I don't want you to see me that way." Blue eyes cast down to the floor, too ashamed now to look up at him.

Kurt stands up to look down towards the blonde and puts a finger under her chin to make her look up towards him if she lets him, "Come on heels, I had to show you how to do laundry." He wrinkles his nose like it's some horrible chore and winks to her, "I get it. I saw the people after the bomb hit, lots of folks fell apart."

Brooke's lower lip quivers with the effort it takes for her not to cry. "I used to feel invincible. Like there was nothing in this world that could ever stand in my way. And now, it's like the opposite is true. I feel so helpless. Do you have any idea what it's like to flip between such extremes?"

Kurt looks concerned as he drops his hand and shoving it in his pocket nods his head slowly, "Yeah, probolly not the same but I know how you're feeling." He admits and tries to give her a little slightly encouraging smile.

"I don't wanna be a stupid, helpless junkie anymore, Kurt." One hand comes up so Brooke can hide her face in it as the first of the tears start to fall. "I want to be somebody you respect. Someone you can be proud of." Because to her, the opinion of someone who can only take her as she is holds more importance than that of someone who knows her past glories, or past sins.

Kurt looks down towards the short blonde and shakes his head, "Ah come on heels. I'm not the end all be all of opinions really." He tries to assure her and rests a hand on her shoulder lightly, "But I do respect you already and you've been doing so great how can I not respect you." He gives her his slightly droopy eyed smile and adds, "But you know if there is anything I can help ya with heels, just remember to ask. I'm not gonna bite your head off."

Brooke wraps her arms around Kurt again, tighter this time. "Just protect me." Whether from the world, or from herself, the distinction isn't made. "When you're gone, every little sound makes me jump. I get so scared, and I find myself another fix so that I don't care anymore about my fears." She presses the side of her face against his chest. "How can you respect someone who'd rather get high than cope?"

Kurt drapes his arms over her shoulders and sighs lightly, "Brooke…Brooke…Brooke. what am I gonna do with you." He says in a slightly teasing voice, masking his feelings with a jesting manner, "I'll try my best but you gotta stop that stuff hun. I could take a week off probolly and just work on computer stuff at home?" He offers and kisses the top of her hair lightly.

Brooke's head tips upward so she can give Kurt a wide-eyed look. "You would do that for me? You hardly know me, and you're willing to…" The hug is renewed with some fervour. "I think you are the nicest person I have ever met in my entire life."

Kurt blinks a this and shakes his head in protest, "Nah, there has to be nicer out there." He smiles though and doesn't mind the warm feeling she brings up in him, "Besides I'm so far behind on the computer jobs right now I really ought to talk to Ray about it." He works for the couriers but they all know he does other stuff.

"Maybe, but I've yet to meet them," Brooke insists. Finally, she pulls away from the man and retrieves her coffee, bringing it to her lips for a drink. "I think I'm going to take a walk today. I could probably use some time to think. I'll have my new cell on me, but I should be home before you get back from work." She doesn't expect him to take off without giving fair warning to the courier service. "Maybe when you get home, I'll try on the new outfit and shoes you bought me and I can finally try out that bike." She's always come up with some excuse as to why now isn't the right time. Maybe she'll actually go for it this time?

Kurt nods his head and ignoring his coffee heads over to grab the t-shirt left on his bed and pulls it on, "Sure thing heels." He says and half the time doesn't know what to do with her. Running a hand through his hair he then finally down the rest of his coffee and heads over to grab another cup saying, "You know if I'm being to pushy just tell me."

"You? Too pushy? No way." Brooke's still wiping away stray tears as she flashes Kurt a weak smile that lacks nothing in sentiment. "I'm not an easy person to get on with. You're doing a marvellous job, though."

Kurt takes a sip from the new coffee and chuckles lightly at this before heading over back where she is still, "I don't think you're that hard to get along with. You don't make to much of a mess and make coffee in the morning, best roomie I ever had." He smiles to her and reaches out to try and wipe a tear away from her face with his free hand.

Brooke plants a soft kiss on Kurt's hand as he comes near enough. "I wish I had met someone like you months ago. I'd have made some radically different decisions."

Kurt frowns ever so slightly and runs his hand through her hair if she doesn't pull away, "Well I can't tell you it's all be perfect in the end or give you a speech about how everything happens for a reason. But I can says I'll try if you do."

"Thanks, Kurt." Brooke lifts herself up on her tiptoes so she can bring her lips to his this time. The tingle of mint toothpaste still lingers even after a partial cup of coffee. "Go on, then." She squeezes his hand and then tilts her head toward the door. "You better get ready for work. I'll see you when you get home, okay?"

Kurt nods his head after lightly returning her kiss, still a little confused about this kind of affection. sure he likes her a lot but people don't generally like Kurt. "Yes Mom." He wrinkles his nose at her and downs the rest of his coffee, ignoring the temperature of it before heading to get work cloths on.

Brooke smiles faintly, wondering if she really is acting anything like Kurt's own mother. "If I get home in time, I'll try to have some dinner made. …But don't hold your breath or anything." On that note, she takes up residence on the futon with her brush to begin styling her hair.

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