Something For Everyone


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Scene Title Something For Everyone
Synopsis "Business" happens after the investment discussion, between Gillian and Leonardo, though it's not an exchange of currency. Hints of the risqué kind follow.
Date March 19, 2010

Financial District: Maxwell Development Headquarters: Maxwell's Office

Buttoning his white shirt up, Leonardo glances over at Gillian on his solidly built desk, then grabs his tie. "And that's the gist of what I learned from years of expensive sexual training." is the first thing out of his mouth, straightening the tie now. "Would you like some ridiculously expensive wine? Cubin cigar?"

With her hands behind her back, Gillian's putting her dark colored bra back on over the marred tattoo. What was visible under her clothes was considerably less put together than what was touched up to make her cleavage stand out. A bullet wound and surgery scar on her abdomen likely gained some note. She hops off to find her pants, pulling them back and buttoning them up. "I didn't even know they gave training. All mine was through practical experience." And by practice, she must have had a lot.

If not recently. "No cigar— but I'll have a little of the wine. Not too much, I have kids to look after when I get home," she adds, as she grabs her blouse from where it ended up on the floor.

"You can get anything if you can afford it." Leonardo notes, before something clicks seemingly on its own, and one of the walls revolve around into a small bar, that looks more like a bookshelf with wine bottles. He heads over, continuing to speak while he chooses which wine to offer. "You're welcome to visit whenever you like. There is something about a woman with raw experience than I can appreciate."

"Money's something I've never had in spades, that's for sure," Gillian says with a laugh, pulling the blouse over her head and pushing her arms through the sleeves. It takes a few moments of adjusting, then tucking back into her pants, before she makes her way over… barefoot. Boots can go back on last. "I admit I didn't come here expecting that, or even thinking it would happen, but— fuck I needed it. Thank you. For the insurance and the bonus."

"Yes, well, you're certainly less uptight than your friend. I put a few months into trying to get Eileen into bed, to no avail." Leonardo simply shrugs, pouring them both a glass of some ridiculously expensive looking red wine. The bottle is almost dusty, and he hands her over a glass. "And thank you, I do like the sample the various flavors of the city."

"Well, it is just sex," Gillian says, taking the glass that she's handed and actually having a brief moment to savour the smell. She's also standing a little awkwardly, but— that's what happens when just sex happens to be on a desk. And well, just sex at all, sometimes. "Never hurts to have a little sample, especially when it's benifitical for both." With that said, she takes a slow sip, and blinks, pulling it away. "Wow— yeah, I can't have too much of that. I imagine that sip cost more than my clothes."

"This was my father's bar, before I took the company from him. I imagine that bottle is around the twenty-thousand range, one of the cheaper bottles in this collection." Leonardo turns around to face her, starting to straighten his tie with one hand. "But I'd say you earned it. Certainly better than that meeting I cancelled. Something about hippies wanting me to cease construction that'll destroy some endangered species of rodent. The usual nonsense."

"Helping our own kind is a little bigger than the fuzzy animals," Gillian says with a laugh, taking another sip, before putting the glass down, and going to find her shoes. She did say just a little. "I enjoyed it too. I wasn't sure why Eileen needed me here, but I needed a good quick fuck on a desk just as much as we needed that island. I think we all got something out of it." There's a throaty laugh, as she winces while bending to get her boots, taking a seat in the chair she'd started in to put them back on. "Especially since there was nothing quick about that."

"I apologize, I was showing off and trying to make a good impression." Leonardo boasts, laughing after another sip of his glass, watching her put her boots back on. "If you're interested in learning even more skills money can buy, I could offer my address, if you feel like stopping by in the middle of the night."

"No need to apologize for that," Gillian says, pulling one boot on, then the other as she looks up and over at him, realizing he wasn't even really apologizing at all. He's not the modest type. And even admiting he was showing off. She'd not been, but— in some ways she was using him as much as he probably thinks he was using her. "I'll think about it," she says, sounding truthful, but coy and avoidant of a direct answer at the same time. It's made even worse when she grins, as she pulls on her heavy winter coat, "Especially in this weather. It's cold outside."

"And perhaps you could talk your friend Eileen into coming with you." Leonardo suggests with a straight face, heading to peer out of his window and grab the white suit jacket from his chair. "Don't worry, I can multitask."

"Oh you cad," Gillian says with a grin, and a shake of her head. "I doubt she would go for it." And she wouldn't really consider asking from the look on her face. Especially since… There's something more serious in here eyes for an instant, then she shakes it off and walks back over, lightly touching his face as if to slap him— but the baby-tap kind of way. "I better not end up on some 'I hit it' list on the internet." It's half a joke, especially since, well— there's no threat behind it at all.

With that, she walks away, toward the door, while adding, "I better go before Eileen thinks you tied me up— and didn't untie me."

"Don't worry, I'm someone who prefers to advertise by word of mouth. So, put in a good word for me." Leonardo smiles down at her, then watches her head for the door, where she'll find security waiting to safely escort her. "Call me any time, Childs. And by the way, my name is Leonardo. I understand the compulsion to repeatedly yell God, but I assure you, I'm just a humble business man. Have a nice day."

"And on that note, my name is Gillian," she says back, because she's not even sure he knew it to call her that. She says nothing on any words that may have come out of her mouth. "And you, Leonardo, are anything but humble," she adds over her shoulder as she opens the door, before closing it behind her, avoiding any looks from the secretaries, and making her way to the elevator.

Everyone got something. That's all anyone can really ask for in business.

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