Something Good In Her Name


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Scene Title Something Good In Her Name
Synopsis Rebecca meets with Alec to tell him the reason for Tallie's death.
Date August 1, 2009

Coffee Shop

It's one of many coffee places in the city, but nothing all the specific, other than it's on Rebecca's way home. She has been more alert since last Saturday, the night that someone tried to take her life. The night the someone else's life was taken. The phone that was found on Tallie only had one number on it. Rebecca took that number down and one week later, made the call. She /should/ have called sooner, but a weak will and a lack of nerves held her back. She explained who she was, but not everything. Only that she was NYPD and was looking into the death.

It wasn't technically a lie, because she has been scouring mug books and working with sketch artists trying to find the identity of the killer. When she reached Alec, she asked if they could meet and offered this location. She would be here at this time. He would have had time to check her out. She picks up a hot tea and sits down, waiting to see if he'll even show up.

Alec did look into her. Thuroughly. He doesn't like it when cops call, never has, sorta a paranoia of his, still… He's curious. He walks in, the very picture of apprehension and nervous tension. Not the sort geared towards himself but more like an apprehensive parent about to speak to the police about a missing child. He looks around curiously, pretending not to know her face.

Rebecca's keen eye for detail notices him come in and the fact that he's looking around. While she doesn't know what he looks like, it's apparent that he's looking for someone, so she stands. She takes her badge off when she leaves the office because she's not necessarily a cop, but she has a badge none the less. She glances his way just in case, he's looking for her. She did give him a brief description of her and what she was wearing. Either it'll register, or she'll wait for the right person to enter.

Alec spots her and heads over, offering a hand, "You said you have news? Of the investigation." Not one for small talk is he?

She slips her small hand into his larger one. "We're still looking." His directness catches her offguard, so a little flustered, she points to the chair across from her and sits. "I called because you were the only one listed in her phone, which is significant to me. Can I ask what your relationship was to her?" Rebecca isn't interrogating, so her tone doesn't come across as such, but she also doesn't know him from anyone.

Alec sighs and takes a seat, "She was my protege'." he answers quickly, "Sort of like… I don't know. She was my pet project, and also my friend. So there's no news at all?"

"I have to tell you that I was there when it all went down. To be completely honest, I was the target. She tried to save me." Rebecca blurts out probably a little quicker than she anticipated, but she needed to get it out. She does, however, quickly correct herself. "She did save me." She remembers holding the girl as she waiting for emergency services to arrive and hearing Tallie's last breath. She explains it all to him, as much as she can. Her eyes water, threatening to spill over as she speaks. "I'm sorry, I couldn't do more."

Alec grows very very still as he considers this, his eyes stareing at her harshly, "I always told her to be more selfish, less altruistic." he admits before looking away, his jaw set in a hard line. "Who did it? You're a cop, you must have /some/ idea."

Rebecca shakes her head. "No. I don't. I work for the NYPD, but I'm not really a cop. I just work forensics. I've already looked through mug shot albums, but to be honest, it was very dark. Trust me, I wish I could do more. Could have done more. Part of me wishes she'd have listened to you. The last thing I want to be doing is sitting here telling you that I was the reason she died." To be honest, she'd rather be the one who was dead than to have someone die in her place.

Alec frowns unhappily at this talk, "Great." he says softly for a long moment. "So basically my friend got killed for a woman she didn't know over something that was none of her doing and no one can figure out who or why?" he stares at Becca, "That's pretty much it?"

What more is there to really say for that? Rebecca bites her lip before she just nods. She really thought she couldn't feel more like crap than she already did, but it appears she was wrong.

Alec runs a hand over his face as he spots the woman's discomfort, "Dammit. Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you like that." he apologizes. "Just… I don't have many friends, two really, and she was… Important to me." he looks away, staring off into space, "I feel like I should be mad at you or rant about crime in the city or I don't know. I feel like I should be doing something, but I can't. I just build buildings, that's my gig. I /hate/ feeling useless." his eyes narrow before he glances back at Becca and pushes himself to his feet, "I still have to visit the bridge site today so I have to cut this short but do me a favor would you? Cure cancer or stop a few serial killers or create free renewable energy for the planet or something. She should mean something to more people then just me. She was better then that."

"I'm doing what I can to find her killer, because in the end, I have no idea if that means someone is actually after me, or if I was just a target of convenience for someone's next fix. Regardless, she's my top priority, regardless if she's anyone else's. And I'm not saying she's not." Rebecca nods. She doesn't mention the fact that she knew Tallie stole her wallet a few weeks prior, since there's no sense in blemishing the memory of the girl. "If I find something, do you want to be contacted?"

Alec nods his head, "Immediately." he states, "I don't care how small it is." he looks like he's going to say something more, but instead he turns and heads for the door, "Thank you miss." he says as he hurriedly exits. You know some dudes just can't be emotional in front of chicks. It's a total guy thing.

Watching as he leaves in a hurry, Rebecca looks down at her tea. It's cold. Honestly, she doesn't feel like drinking it now. She stands and steps out into the sidewalk, looking both ways before she hails a cab, something she's started doing since the incident. She takes another pair of glances, up and down the sidewalk as she opens the door to the cab, not seeing him nor anyone else following her as she slips into the seat and gives her address to the driver before he drives off.

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